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Breakfast at Misato's

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07 C001a.jpg

07 C001b.jpg


Panoramic view of NERV headquarters.

IKARI (OFF):“...Once again, I owe you.”

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“Not that you mean to repay me.”

thewayneiac: The man on the phone sounds like Kaji, and is played by his seiyuu, Koichi Yamadera, but it's far from certain that it's supposed to actually be Kaji. Kaji should be in Germany with Asuka at this point, or maybe even already at sea with Asuka and Unit-02. So it may just be an instance of economy in casting.

ath: First of all, I'd like to thank ObsessiveMathsFreak for sponsoring the translation of this episode. We haven't heard from him in a while, but without his support we would've been stuck here for who knows how long. Also, this is the first episode translated by our own Numbers-kun - and it looks really good. Enjoy!

Sailor Star Dust: Given the various scenes in Episode 08, I was under the impression that Kaji himself is in secret talks with Gendo here. Kaji being the go-between for Nerv and Seele fits this. (Skipping ahead to Episode 11, extra-canon sources like the NGE2 game confirm Kaji caused Nerv's power outage under Seele's order, too.)


The Commander's office. Ikari in silhouette, speaking on the phone.

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“About the materials they've been pressing for using the Freedom of Information Act...”

ath: It looks like they've turned off the lights in Gendo's office. Or someone at Gainax thought that adding random Kabbalistic symbols and trails from bubble chambers made the office look way more cool. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

imprimatur13: Freedom of Information Act? I thought that was just an American thing... Anyone know anything about Japanese law here, could shed some light on what exactly this covers?

Kendrix: Another example of Anno making good use of the visual medium to create atmosphere, by contrasting the mysterious conversation with with images of what is being referred to (such as the documents, or, in later episodes, the damaged EVAs being shown when repairs are being discussed) - much more interesting than, say, a near-static shot of the characters talking in a room.


An official document concerning the Angel sample that has been blacked out in many places.

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“I handled things by mixing in false data.”

TEXT:“First Interim Report Concerning Objects Referred to as Angels and the Human Instrumentality Project”

UrsusArctos: Without a translation of whatever is visible, it's pretty hard to say what's blacked out and why. Is it the real material or the fake stuff? A note on the biology terms here - Apoptosis is a form of cell death that is beneficial within certain limits (and indeed essential for the development of an embryo and differentiation of fingers and toes), while Apobiosis is a largely obsolete term referring to local death of part of an organism.

Kendrix: The reference to political statutes and the shots of the documents not only uses the screen to create a sense of what is being discussed like in a natural thought process but also creates a sense of richness and mystery for the setting and at least the appearance of information density, while the blackened documents alone convey the notion that NERV is hiding something and that something potentially shady or morally ambiguous is going on. Interesting to know that it was an angel sample - So team JA was trying to build more effective countermeasures, and the sample being referenced may, in fact, be a product of Shamshel' dissection.

07 C002C.jpg


The Commander's office. Ikari in silhouette, speaking on the phone.

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“Behind the scenes, the government is preparing legal action, but I expect that to fall through in the next few days. So, how about it? Shall I do something about a certain project as well?”

07 C003.jpg


Ikari lit from behind. Only his glasses are shining with light.

IKARI:“No. Judging from your materials, there shouldn't be any problems.”

Kendrix: Very sinister shot accentuating the scary shiny glasses and the angles of his face.


A document on top of the table. A still of a robot's head.

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“Then, I'll proceed according to the scenario.”

UrsusArctos: We hear that "proceeding according to scenario" line an awful lot, and not just from Gendo.

Kendrix: Because how could we have a deconstruction of the giant robot genre without deconstructing the idea of a giant robot itself?

07 subtitle.jpg


Episode #07
"A Human Work"

imprimatur13: Worth pointing out that the Nihongo/Eigo titles are straight translations for this one.

Anyway, the title is an obvious reference to JA (which appears immediately before). A "human", that is, "not divine" work. The true difference? Humans themselves are divine works, and humans have souls. However, humans cannot create something with a soul (outside of reproduction). Demonstrates the importance of a soul, and the failings of "superior" automatons. (Because one could make the argument the Eva's are human works too...)

Kendrix: This episode is at an in-between point between the prologue arc where Shinji is getting used to and reaching a level of acceptance for his new role, and the action arc with the often partially-comedic, one-off plots centered around a theme of cooperation ("The characters becoming one to defeat the enemy", as I believe it was stated in one of the DVD commentaries). It sort of finishes off the process of Misato and Shinji growing into a quasi-family, but also presents a 'monster of the week' scenario for Shinji and Misato to overcome through creativity and teamwork. Another relevant aspect about this episode is that it gives us a look at the larger world beyond Shinji's immediate circle and gives a little more time to the 'political' aspects of the setting, while also sparking Misato's suspicions about NERV and Ritsuko, something which is compounded once Kaji comes in.

07 C005a.jpg

07 C005b.jpg


The toaster on the kitchen table. Browned toast pops out with a “ding.”

SE <<(Sound of the timer)>>

SE <<Ding! Ker-shak!>>

Kendrix: So we get the morning sequence to establish the new 'status quo' after the events of the prologue act, in which Shinji is already relatively 'settled in' and comfortable at Misato's place. Note that Shinji already seems to have taken over the breakfast-making.

07 C006a.jpg

07 C006b.jpg

BGM Start: B-16 rhythm only [MISATO]

Close-up of Shinji biting into a piece of toast he's holding in his hand.

SE <<Chomp>>

UrsusArctos: If Shinji were a real person, he'd have a really small bite.

07 C007a.jpg

07 C007b.jpg


Likewise, Pen-pen biting into a fish.

SE <<Chomp!!>>

imprimatur13: I know it's just camera angles, but that fish seems QUITE surprised to find itself being eaten.

Reichu: The fish appearing in Pen-Pen's dish this episode appear to be of the species Trachurus japonicus, the Japanese horse mackerel. An entire specimen can be seen later, in Cut 097.

07 C008a.jpg

07 C008b.jpg

07 C008c.jpg

07 C008d.jpg

The kitchen. Shinji, with Pen Pen in the foreground.

The two of them eating breakfast. Pen Pen rises up and swallows the fish.

DevRei17: Amusing how Shinji and Pen Pen eat in sync. Perhaps foreshadowing? (I'm overthinking.)

imprimatur13: Huh. Well, if we want to overthink it, there are several possible reasons. For one, Shinji and PenPen are both looked at by Misato as objects of her nurturing. So, they're conflated from her perspective.

(There's also the alternative: That PenPen is secretly Gendo. This can be proven by the fact that the two are never seen in the same room together. It makes sense, because Gendo does secretly love Shin-chan, and would want to keep an eye on him at home. Not as if Misato can necessarily be trusted to do so, much as I adore her.)

Kendrix: I guess it's just supposed to show that they've gotten acclimatized to each other, as per that anecdote of pets and their owners growing more and more similar to each other over time.

07 C009a.jpg


The sliding door opens and Misato, just having woken up, appears. She's a mess! She's hunched over a little and scratching her belly.

SE <<Hssshhh>>

Kendrix: Still not a glamorous morning person.

07 C010a.jpg

07 C010 crop a.jpg

07 C010 crop b.jpg

07 C010b.jpg


Shinji and Pen Pen, with Misato's legs in the foreground. For a moment a look of disillusionment appears on Shinji's face, but he gathers himself and greets her. Pen Pen glances at her, but, since he's accustomed to this sight, he goes on eating his fish as if nothing has happened.

SHINJI:“Good morning.”

DevRei17: You'd think Shinji would be used to Misato's beer-guzzling home life by now? Surely Pen Pen would.

Kendrix: It's saying something that he's actually at a point where he'd express discontent (and openly complains later on) rather than being surprised he's even being tolerated.

07 C011a.jpg

07 C011b.jpg

07 C011c.jpg


In a truly vulgar manner, and without any sense of shame, Misato lets out a huge yawn. Her hair is disheveled and her eyes are bleary and drowsy.

MISATO:“Yawwwwn... (sighing) 'Morning.”

Sailor Star Dust: It's no secret that I'm a huge Mitsuishi Kotono fangirl. Misato's sloppy vs cheerful nature is spot-on in this sequence, props to the voice acting!

DevRei17: Kotono Mitsuishi brings Misato to life in only a way she can.

imprimatur13: Indeed. I personally happen to adore the sloppy side of Misato. Very endearing (and relatable).

07 C012a.jpg

07 C012b.jpg


Close-up of her hand pulling a tab open with a practiced manner.

SE <<Psshh>>

07 C013.jpg


Shinji with an expression of disillusionment.

MISATO (OFF to begin with):“*guzzle* *guzzle* *guzzle*”

FrDougal9000: It's a relatively minor cut, but I just love the expression on Shinji's face. In general, Evangelion is a show full of excellent character expressions that tell us exactly how the character is feeling, whether they're comedic and silly, solemn and quiet, or horrifying and distressed, while looking incredibly appealing and well-drawn at the same time. I'll make sure to note other expressions that catch my eye throughout the episode, but hats off to both Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (the character designer) and the animators who come up with these awesome faces!

07 C014b.jpg

07 C014c.jpg

07 C014d.jpg

07 C014e.jpg


Misato, first thing in the morning, chugging back a beer. She makes an ostentatious display of finishing her beverage. Misato, first thing in the morning, relishing her happiness.

MISATO:“Pwaaah! Kuuuuuu~! This is the way to start your day! ♡”

UrsusArctos: She must have rehearsed chugging the beer and yelling to the point of perfection, because she does it exactly the same way every time! Of course, this is a recolored and slightly altered version of cut 123 from Episode 02.

ath: If you look at this sequence frame-by-frame, you'll notice that they've actually reanimated it from scratch! They didn't feel the need to cut corners this early in the series, it seems. Oh, and they forgot to fix the Yebichu/Yebisu branding issue in the Video releases, so enjoy your hamster-themed beer one more time.

07 C015.jpg


Shinji, with the beer can in the foreground.

SHINJI:“Not with coffee?”

imprimatur13: From here, until Cut 23 (and Cut 31, too), Shinji seems to be acting very paternally... This brings to mind Misato's Case. The "not wanting to be a good girl" bit is here (and elsewhere) exemplified by her untidiness, and general "un-ladylike" behavior. Juxtaposed with Shinji talking down to her, with a disapproving look on his face; and the "still single" comment in Cut 021, and I think there're some nice parallels. Especially considering the continuation, where it shows that Misato equates Shinji(+Kaji) with her father.

07 C016b.jpg


Misato leans across the table to object. Shinji is unimpressed. Pen Pen is silently eating something.

MISATO:“It's been established since ancient times that the Japanese have rice, miso soup and sake in the morning.”

SHINJI:“You mean, established that Misato-san does.”

07 C017.jpg


Misato, annoyed, with Shinji's coffee cup in the foreground. Her face says: what a nerve this guy has!

MISATO:“annoyed sound* What's that supposed to mean?”

UrsusArctos: She looks a bit like an older Usagi in this scene.

Sailor Star Dust: It's gotta be Usagi's Sadamoto-styled hair bangs!

07 C018a.jpg

07 C018b.jpg


Shinji lowers the coffee cup he has been drinking from and speaks coolly.

SHINJI:“Making the breakfast this morning...”

07 C019.jpg


Misato averts her gaze with a look of embarrassment.

SHINJI (OFF):“Just WHOSE turn...”

ath: Oh, look. It's Tuesday!

Sailor Star Dust: The attention to detail in this series is excellent.

07 C020.jpg


Shinji, coolly.

SHINJI:“...was it supposed to be?”

Kendrix: So he hasn't completely given up on making her do her part yet - a battle he is not going to win.

07 C021b.jpg


A degree of sarcasm unusual for Shinji. Pen Pen is still eating.

SHINJI:“Misato-san, I think I understand why you're still single at your age.”

thewayneiac: Shinji must feel right at home here by this point in order to be comfortable enough to make that comment.

Kendrix: Even the script notes that he hasn't been this outspoken since before they first strapped him into the EVA.

07 C022.jpg


Misato suppressing her anger.

MISATO:“Excuse me for being coarse.”

Kendrix: Oooh, he hit a NERV(e). Which at this point seems like a standard joke about marriage expectations but we'll later see that there's more of a story behind it.

07 C023.jpg


Shinji's cold assertion.

SHINJI:“And a slob, too.”

Kendrix: He's even piling it on!

07 C024a.jpg

07 C024c.jpg


Misato is unable to formulate a comeback. Shinji's coffee cup is lowered.

MISATO:“S-shut up!”

SE <<(Left side) Clack>>

Kendrix: And she responds with all the dignity of a pouty four-year-old.

07 C025.jpg


Paying no attention to Misato's reaction, Shinji presses his palms together.

SHINJI:“I'm finished.”

Kendrix: But he maintains some minimum politeness, though it comes off as a snarky cherry on top in this context.

07 C026.jpg


Close-up of the faucet. A water purifier is attached to it.

SE <<(Sound of water)>>

07 C027a.jpg

07 C027 crop a.jpg

Misato, sitting cross-legged on a chair, eating bread, with Shinji doing the dishes in the foreground.

SHINJI:“Are you really coming to school today?”

MISATO:“(Eating bread) Of course. It's your career guidance meeting.”

imprimatur13: I do wish we could see what went on at the career guidance meeting... Sounds interesting.

In addition, I love the look on Misato's face here. Classic :).

07 C027c.jpg

She takes the bread out of her mouth and continues speaking.

Shinji is hesitant.

SHINJI:“But you're so busy with your work.”

MISATO:“It's fine, it's fine, this is part of my job too.”

07 C027d.jpg

Misato jokes around in order to hide her embarrassment.

Shinji, taking her words at face value, is a little bit shocked.

SHINJI:“...Your job?”

SE <<Sound of the water shutting off>>

Kendrix: Misato looks a bit like a dog in the above shot XD And here comes technique of having background sounds punctuate important changes in the conversation and the very lifelike dialogue, the way it goes from lighthearted to "oh" and never lets you quite forget that this is a semi-serious show.

07 C028b.jpg

07 C028c.jpg


Misato worries that saying this might have been a little bit thoughtless of her.

UrsusArctos: Amidst all the comedy, a hint of something else shines through. It's little moments like this that make this show brilliant.

Kendrix: Her inner tryhard is never too far behind the cheery bluster - this is a lot how awkward moments happen IRL, I mean at first she was just saying it so he wouldn't worry that he's being a burden, but she was kind of on autopilot here and realizes only too late that it could be taken the wrong way considering their past conversations and Shinji's whole complex about whether anyone really cares about him instead of just what they can get out of him; After all, he's spent his whole life so far being looked after by people who were paid to do it and though he generally tries to keep his expectations low, some part of him must have been hoping that maybe this time it would be different - it's only natural to have an undercurrent of frustration that he of course wouldn't express in a direct way because that would necessitate a more direct assertion of what he believes he deserves which still isn't that much at this point.

07 C029.jpg


The faucet, shut off. A drop of water seems like it will fall, but it does not!

SE <<(OFF – FROM LEFT) Front door bell>>


07 C030a.jpg

Once again, Shinji with Misato's legs in the foreground. To the side is Pen Pen (reading the TV listings in the newspaper).

MISATO:“Thanks for coming all this way. Yes, wait just a minute.”

Dr. Nick: So, is this the most creepily human-like thing Pen Pen does?

imprimatur13: I don't know what you mean by "human-like". Sounds quite species-ist to me... far as I'm concerned, Pen-Pen is possessed of superhuman intellect, much like Douglas Adams' dolphins.

07 C030b.jpg

In the background, Shinji gets up, carrying his backpack.

07 C031a.jpg

07 C031b.jpg

07 C031c.jpg


Shinji has reddened a little. The speed with which Misato changed her demeanor has put him in a bad mood.

SHINJI:“Misato-san, don't go out like that.”

Kendrix: On the other hand Misato seems to have made it into "Embarassing Parent" territory lacking the enchantment of first contact (soon to be contrasted with Touji & Kensuke who still very muh see her as "that cool hot babe" because they haven't lived in close quarters with her long enough to see her messier side or grow annoyed with it if they'd have seen it as a minor tradeof at first).

07 C032.jpg


Misato, with Shinji in the foreground.

SHINJI:“It's embarrassing.”

07 C033a.jpg

07 C033c.jpg


Misato makes a show of covering up her chest area.

MISATO:“Okay, okay.”

Kendrix: As per her usual pattern, Misato covers her doubt about having made things awkward with her usual playful/flirty manner which at this point probably just makes Shinji think that she doesn't take his concerns too seriously.

07 C034a.jpg

07 C034b.jpg

BGM End: B-16 rhythm only [MISATO]

Shinji blushing with Misato's uplifted chest in the foreground. He's feeling all kinds of embarrassment. He turns abruptly away.


imprimatur13: This is a great example of the disconnect between Misato's genuine desire to connect to/help Shinji, and the actual results of her actions. Here, she actually is trying to cover her chest, but it just makes it worse for him. Sasuga Anno, reinforcing his themes even in these small, seemingly trivial ways.

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