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Shamshel's Assault (Part 2)

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
ID data for both of them appears.
Syon: If you look closely, you'll notice that Toji has two different birthdates. Kinda weird, isn't it?

Reichu: Kensuke appears to be from Yokohama (just southwest of Tokyo), whereas Toji is from Sakai (confirming his Osakan origins — see map). I wonder why these are listed as home addresses, though — the boys and their families are clearly living in Tokyo-3 now.

Mr. Tines: Both boys are shown wearing the same sort of winter-formal outfit as Shinji was in his ID photo back in episode #01, 016.

Gundampilotspaz: That this data is presented in both English and Japanese really places Nerv as a UN organization. Ah, the creators' attention to detail.

03 C241.jpg

Misato and Ritsuko behind the sidescreen.

Misato:“Shinji-kun's classmates?”

Ritsuko:“What are they doing there?”

Man (OFF):“Target has commenced movement.”

Woman (OFF):“It is advancing towards EVA-01.”

03 C242a.jpg

03 C242b.jpg

Quivering, the two of them look up. The sudden appearance of a shadow surprises them.

03 C243.jpg

The Angel floats in the air above the Eva as if she were hovering.

SE <<Sound of the Angel>>

Reichu: Wow, just look at this scene. EVA-01 on her back, legs apart, paralyzed with fright — and this enormous phallic tentacle demon is descending upon her. Oooohoohoohoo, is that H-doujinshi potential I smell again? "Give her all the juice! Give her all the juice! Thirty-thousand volts up her caboose!" It's not like Shamshel lacks a motive; Sho did beat the crap out of her brother/lover Sachiel, after all. ;;>

OMF: …That kind of went to a strange place.

03 C244.jpg

Shinji is all choked up.

03 C210a.jpg

03 C210a.jpg

03 C245c.jpg

03 C245d.jpg

Shamshel's whips of light heat things up and extend sharply into the foreground.

03 C246a.jpg

03 C246b.jpg

03 C246c.jpg

Eva lifts her left hand, cutting in front of the duo. Clod and a cloud of dust are whirled up.

03 C247a.jpg

03 C247b.jpg

03 C247c.jpg

03 C247d.jpg

Eva undertakes the whips of light with her bare hands, seizing them fast.

03 C248a.jpg

03 C248b.jpg

Shinji bears with it.

SE <<Warning sound>>

03 C249a.jpg

03 C249b.jpg

Eva holds out as her palms are roasted.
Reichu: And now, Shamshel's put a little sizzle back into her whips.

missing number

03 C251.jpg

The whips wriggle, burning her palms.

03 C252a.jpg

03 C252b.jpg

The two remain paralyzed with fright. Kensuke speaks with a questioning nuance.

Toji:“Why doesn't he fight?”

Kensuke:“Because we're here?…”

03 C253.jpg

Kensuke now speaks with conviction.

Kensuke:“He can't move freely because of us.”

Reichu: Then run, you silly bastards, run! It's not as if the shelter is really far off.

03 C254.jpg

Countdown clock UP.

Ibuki (OFF):“EVA-01 activation time remaining…”

Soluzar: It might as well say "Just enough" time remaining. There always is, unless the Eva goes bousou instead.

Reichu: Or unless "tragic and ultra-violent death" is written into the script… But this is the first half of the series, so we needn't worry about that.

03 C255.jpg

Misato with her lips tightly pursed. She is making a decision.

Ibuki (OFF):“… 3 minutes, 28 seconds.”


03 C256.jpg

Eva's hands grasping the whips, steadily being melted.

03 C257a.jpg

03 C257b.jpg

Shinji bears it out. The two people at his feet are what he's worried about.

SE <<Warning sounds>>

He turns to Misato's voice.

Misato (OFF - radio):“Shinji-kun, let the two of them…”

Reichu: Shinji's in enough trouble as it is; does he really need all of those noises in the background? It's like those video games where it beeps constantly when you're running low on life.

Soluzar: True. It can drive you bonkers in a video game, so it can only be worse in this situation.

Misato:“…into the cockpit!”

Beyond the lever, Toji and Kensuke are magnified on the screen.

Reichu: Hey, it's one of those pop-up windows from C-004! I wonder, did the system zoom in on them automatically, perhaps pre-programmed to do so on any civilians sighted nearby?

03 C259a.jpg

03 C259b.jpg

Shinji reacts with surprise to Misato's words.


03 C260a.jpg

Ritsuko and Ibuki in mute amazement.

Woman 2:“The protective suit is melting. Damage level A.”

Misato (OFF):“Once you've got them, make a temporary retreat. We'll regroup!”

Man:“Proton decay observed in the periphery of the ten fingers.”

Ritsuko takes intensive action, stepping forward hysterically.

Ritsuko:“What makes you think you can let civilians into the entry plug without authorization?!”

Woman:“Field interference potential has amplified 124%.”

Mr. Tines: "Protective Suit" — is that the Eva's armour?

Reichu: Here, at least, it seems to be referring to the plasticky stuff covering the hands.

Mr. Tines: And "Proton Decay detected" — that's seriously scary stuff — is another indication that Angels are not made of matter as we know it.

Reichu: What are the implications, exactly?

Mr. Tines: Proton decay — i.e. the ultimate instability of all matter — is a prediction of some Grand Unified theories. In real life experiments, there have been no observed candidate events, and the experimental lower bound for the half life of matter is something over 1033 years. If the Angel is causing observable levels of proton decay, then one possibility is that the proximity of its material with normal matter is having a catalytic effect to hasten the normally imperceptibly slow process.

Reichu: That's assuming Sho is made out of "matter as we know it" — but that's an item for later.

Mr. Tines: And just look at Ritsuko's arms and shoulders!

03 C261a.jpg

03 C261b.jpg

Woman 2:“Damage to the epithelium of both palms. Third degree burns.”

Misato looks over her shoulder, composed.

Misato:“I'm authorizing it.”

Reichu: It's kind of odd that Ritsuko treats this entry plug thing as a big deal, whereas the Vice Commander doesn't seem to have comments on it one way or another.

Soluzar: Where in He11 is Fuyutsuki? I thought he was in charge today?

Reichu: He's been remarkably absent since the actual operation started… "Ah, well, I've said my couple of lines for this episode." :goes to the employee lounge and watches cartoons:

Hexon.Arq: In the heat of battle, nature doth call.

OMF: Plus the old prostate's not what it used to be. On the other hand, maybe this is all part of (hushed tones) the scenario!

Reichu: :lol: Either that, or he's having one hell of a BM.

03 C262.jpg

Man:“No change in flight position. No change as yet in the area of inversed gravity.”

Ritsuko draws in her chin and speaks firmly.

Ritsuko:“You're exceeding your authority, Captain Katsuragi!”

Reichu: "Inversed gravity", eh? Together with the "negative gravitons" mentioned in the next cut, might this have something to do with Shamshel's method of locomotion?

Mr. Tines: Presumably, Shamshel utilises levity (i.e. anti-gravity) — she's certainly not using aerodynamic lift at the low speeds (or hovering) we see her achieving.

03 C263b.jpg

Woman 2:“Damage to the epithelium of both palms. Fifth degree burns.”

The Command Center is tense. Misato and Ritsuko glare at each other. All is silent save for Ibuki's voice.

Ibuki (OFF):“EVA-01's remaining activation time, 3 minutes.”

Man:“Discharge rate of electromagnetic waves, 0.7% and rising.”

Misato faces the front and speaks to Hyuga.

Misato:“Hold Eva on the current commands and eject the entry plug. Hurry.”

Woman 2:“Damage to the epithelium of both palms. Seventh degree burns.”

Woman:“Negative gravitons have amplified to 1280.”

Reichu: It's interesting to note that all of the prior translations treat Misato's dialogue as if she is speaking to Shinji. Ah, script comments are a wonderful thing to have.

Despite the way Misato and Ritsuko act buddy-buddy most of the time, there is some very substantial friction between them where work-related matters are concerned. The polarization between Ritsuko's cold professionalism and Misato's concern for human welfare is only exacurbated as the series goes on and Nerv's personnel find themselves in increasingly trying circumstances.

03 C264a.jpg

03 C264b.jpg

03 C264c.jpg

Shinji inside the entry plug.

The single pilot lamp is left in total darkness.

03 C265a.jpg

03 C265b.jpg

03 C265c.jpg

Toji and Kensuke in front.

The entry plug is ejected.

Hexon.Arq: "Everyone inside the giant talking penis! Hurry!"

HeWhoPostsStuff: In the manga, Sadamoto chose to make Shinji the "rebel" when it came to this decision, and not Misato. If nothing else, it made Shinji's next decision make a bit more sense, IMO.

03 C266.jpg

They both blink.

Misato (OFF - Speakers):“You two, get in! Quickly!”

Reichu: Toji: "How the hell do we get up there?"

Does this mean that there are loudspeakers on the Eva's exterior? I wonder why they've never tried blasting bad music as an anti-Angel tactic.

tv33: Worked on Noriega…

Reichu: Worked against the Martians, too…

Dr. Nick: …Not to mention the Zentradi.

thewayneiac: But for Angels they'd probably have to drag out the big guns and use MacArthur Park.

03 C267a.jpg

03 C267c.jpg

03 C267d.jpg

The pilot lamp is alone in the sheer darkness. The sounds of two people jumping in.

They cough as they speak.

Toji:“What the… It's water?”

Kensuke:“(cough) My camera!… My camera's…!?”

The lights come on. Both of them have pained expressions as they hold their breath; they are stricken with surprise.

Reichu: The look on Toji's face is simply priceless.

OMF: This whole scene has to rate pretty highly on the Suspension-of-Disbelief-O-Meter. First off, how is Nerv seemingly able to loop Eva's synaptic commands? How the hell did Toji and Kensuke climb up to the plug so fast? Why didn't all the LCL just spill out of the plug? And don't the two seem to accept breathing liquid awfully quickly? That said, it's worth it all just to get Toji inside the plug…

Reichu: I don't have any problems with the first issue: Considering that control of the Eva is (essentially) accomplished with cybernetic "modifications", why shouldn't they be able to do this?

03 C268a.jpg

03 C268b.jpg

The Angel is on-screen (and Shinji before it); Kensuke and Toji in front. The screen is sporadically jumbled with noise.

Woman (OFF):“Entry restarting.”

Reichu: Is the noise due to the presence of Toji and Kensuke? If so — another fun way to muddle up an already convoluted issue.

03 C269a.jpg

03 C269b.jpg

Shinji. The screen beyond him is jumbled with noise.

Woman (OFF):“LCL re-electrified.”

03 C270.jpg

Toji and Kensuke are still frozen with shock.

Ibuki (p.d.) (OFF):“An abnormality has occurred in the nerve system.”

02 C246a.jpg

FGC 01 C312b.jpg

FGC 01 C312a.jpg

Monitor. The display shows the abnormality in Eva

Ritsuko (OFF):“It's due to the incorporation of two foreign bodies.”

Man (OFF):“Revoking Eva's current commands. Plug transmission is top priority.”

Reichu: "Abnormality in Eva"… That's pretty funny if you take it out of context.

03 C272a.jpg

03 C272b.jpg

Ibuki and Ritsuko, the display superimposed in front.

Woman (OFF):“Interference is recognized in the spinal transmission system.”

Ritsuko:“Noise is getting mixed into the nerve pulses.”

Reichu: [This should be moved to a suitable appendix eventually.]

Reichu: Regarding the technicalities here, an interesting question has been brought up by RacingManiac at ANF: Why don't Kensuke and Toji partake in the Eva's pain, as well? I thought the answer would be straightforward — "Because they aren't wearing interface headsets or plug suits", along with the fact that they shouldn't be capable of synchronizing with EVA-01 (due to having no relation to the resident soul). The former doesn't work because the pilots undergo harmonics testing in #13 in the nude (no headsets OR suits). The latter fails because, in, episode #08, Shinji manages to thwart all known wisdom and not only synchronize with EVA-02, but beat his prior records with EVA-01.

Jinpun: I would guess that Toji and Ken are both synched, but at such a low level that it didn't make a difference. The fact that this was their first time in an Eva and they were scared, etc., would account for the lack of a high sync ratio. Since Shinji, in #08, has had more experience in an Eva and was trying to help, he was able to sync higher. Either that or the plugsuit does offer some sort of higher sync than perhaps previously expected, as there really isn't much diffentiating these three boys inside the plug other than the plugsuit and perhaps experience…

Reichu: And the aforementioned "connection to resident soul", which the series seems to make a big deal out of even though the concept is thrown out the window in episode #08.

RM asked another pestering question, as well:

"If the sync interface is so easily disturbed, as evidenced by something like Shinji not 'thinking in German', how would two foreign bodies entering the plug not interfere at all with bodily control? Sure, the sync interface was shown to be disrupted, but he still managed to stop the angel…"

I could try pulling something out of my arse… but instead I'll just shrug and admit I'm out of ideas at the moment.

OMF: Here's something to consider: Of all the pilots, only Shinji displays an instant "talent" for synching, so maybe Toji and Kensuke are only very dimly linked at this point, probably below borderline.

Reichu: Hmm… You may be onto something!

OMF: Either that, or our heroine, being more aware and in control of herself than are the other Evas, opted to not to synch with the two new people on board, thus sparing them the agony of combat.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Perhaps it'd be best to chalk these under the growing list of NGE occasions when "it happens cuz it's convenient."

03 C273.jpg

Eva's left hand. As the suit burns away, the bare hand becomes visible.

03 C274.jpg

Shinji straining.

SE <<Warning sounds>>


03 C275a.jpg

03 C275b.jpg

03 C275c.jpg

03 C275d.jpg

03 C275e.jpg

Eva pulls on the Angel's whips and chucks her away


Reichu: I love Shinji's improvisation. Though one has to wonder why he didn't do this minutes ago…

HeWhoPostsStuff: Cuz then we couldn't see the surprise beneath the gloves, of course.

OMF: Also because Toji had to get into that plug. Destiny demands it — as do the ratings.

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