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Dinner With Ritsuko

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05 C141.jpg

Outside Misato’s apartment. Night time.
Cody MacArthur Fett: It's interesting to note that Misato's apartment is not only the only apartment in the building that we see the inside of, but it's also the only apartment that gets any details added to it at all. Is this meant to show the depopulation of Tokyo-3, is it a biting commentary on human nature, or is it simply a case of the animators getting lazy? That's something you're going to have to decide for yourself.

thewayneiac: As was pointed out in Episode 03, it seems that Misato's apartment is the only one that is occupied.

NemZ: Oh, I’m sure at least one apartment somewhere nearby has been converted into an outpost for the children’s security detail.

05 C142.jpg

A nameplate reads “Katsuragi”

Ritsuko (OFF):“What’s this supposed to be!?”

05 C143a.jpg

Shinji ladles curry from a pot onto the rice on Ritsuko’s plate.

Misato is holding a can of beer. The side dishes appear to be pickles and edamame (green soybeans) from a convenience store.

BGM Start: B-16 (Rhythm Only)


Ritsuko:“You’re still eating instant food, huh?”

EvangelionFan: I love the use of bird's eye view for Misato's apartment here: even with her colleague and friend over for dinner, it still looks untidy.

05 C143b.jpg

When responding to Ritsuko’s lines, Misato talks while drinking beer in big gulps.

Misato:“Guests have no right to complain!”

05 C143d.jpg

Shinji turns to Misato.

Shinji:“Will you have some, Misato-san?”

Misato:“Oh, me? Aha...”

Misato sits forward and puts her hand on an upturned plate.

05 C144a.jpg

05 C144b.jpg

05 C144c.jpg


Super Cup Green Onion Roast Pork

She picks up the plate. It’s covering cup ramen.

Misato:“Heh heh”

SE <<Taking the plate off>>


Fireball: Ah, instant noodles. The food of champions! Saved my life from starving more than once.

thewayneiac: If cost was the problem, dried beans work too. If the problem was time, the ramen works better.

Kendrix: In Misato's defense, to my experience, instant noodles can be quite tasty.

thewayneiac: Yes, but she seems to treating them in a rather alarming fashion here.

05 C145a.jpg

05 C145d.jpg

Shinji and Ritsuko look uneasy.

Misato stretches the cup ramen out to Shinji! Shinji looks at it.

Misato (OFF):“Put mine in here. Looots of it!”

Shinji:“...Are you serious?”

05 C146.jpg

Misato seems to be having fun. She’s serious.

Misato:“It’s really good, honest!”

NemZ: she really thinks it’s good that way, why didn’t she make a cup o’ noodle for everyone? That’s a pretty big failure of hospitality.

05 C147a.jpg

05 C147b.jpg

05 C147e.jpg

The curry pot and ramen cup in front of Ritsuko.

Ritsuko also holds a spoon.

Shinji (OFF):“All right then...”

Shinji ladles in the curry.

Misato:“This tastes much better than store-bought curry ramen! Yeah. Heh heh heh...”

Ritsuko looks at Misato. Misato pulls the cup back after getting the curry. Ritsuko picks up a spoon too.

Misato:“...time to dig in!”

EvangelionFan: Using the curry pot and ramen cup in this frame was great way of showing off Ritsuko's slightly miffed expression.

05 C148a.jpg

05 C148b.jpg

05 C148e.jpg

Misato happily stirs the noodles then digs in with a slurp.

Misato:“The secret is to add only a little hot water! ♥”

05 C149a.jpg

05 C149b.jpg

Shinji and Ritsuko look doubtfully at Misato as she tucks in with relish.

They eat the curry at the same time.

K9Thefirst1: There are times when watching an animated production where certain expressions pop out. This shot is one of them: The way the animator's drew Misato's face as she's merrily nomming her toxic sludge food. I'm not saying that I don't like it, just that it sticks out. I like it in fact
Shinji, Ritsuko:“Ugh…”

Yuck! … Misato pays them no mind and keeps enjoying her meal.

K9Thefirst1: Another bit that sticks out is Shinji and Ritsuko's little "OH CRAP!" bolts. Considering who much of Eva steers from that sort of use of the animated medium, it's all the more notice able. ...Then again, it's absence latter on can show how far everything's gone to hell.

thewayneiac: Another example from this same sequence would be the "sick lines" on Pen Pen's face in Cut 154.

05 C149e.jpg

Ritsuko (mouth still full):“...Misato made this, didn't she?”

Shinji nods.


Ritsuko is a little angry.

Misato:“You can tell?”

Sailor Star Dust: Misato's delightful "Wakaru?" cracks me up every time. Mitsuishi-san's the best!
Ritsuko, speaks after chewing and swallowing
Xard: I guess the presence of many "animesque" elements throughout this scene are explained by the fact Junichi Satoh (director of Aria, Princess Tutu etc.) made the storyboards (credited as Kiichi Jinme). Platinum booklets specifically draws attention to this:

"The storyboards were done by Kiichi Jinme, a.k.a. Junichi Satoh, the same as for Episode Four. Rei's girlishly delighted look when Gendo appears and the comedy during the dinner scene where Misato pours curry into her ramen are distinctively Jinme's storyboard style."

Those of us who have seen man's own works propably go "ahh, figures" upon reading this.

05 C149g.jpg

Ritsuko:“Yeah, from the taste.”

Ritsuko UP

Ritsuko (TO Herself):“Ritsuko (to herself) “I can’t believe she can make instant curry* taste this bad…””

Her facial expression says "Misato’s scary…"

*tl note: [Literally “retort-pack curry”. It’s pre-cooked in a pack, all you have to do is heat it up. Messing it up is quite a feat.]

05 C151a.jpg

05 C151b.jpg

05 C151c.jpg

Penpen watches all this go on.

He withdraws quietly.

Ritsuko (OFF) (cheerfully):“Next time you invite me over, can you do it when it’s Shinji-kun's turn to cook?”

05 C152a.jpg

05 C152b.jpg

Curry and a can of beer at Penpen’s feet.
Reichu: Fear not, brave penguin. It won't be this bad forever.

UrsusArctos: He should have avoided the curry and eaten whatever little rice lay exposed.

KnightmareX13: It's an intelligence test: option 1 is to drink the beer and then eat Misato's cooking, option 2 is eat the food and then drink the beer...

05 C153d.jpg

Penpen looks at them with a worried expression.

He bends downward.

jetatomic: Penpen:"Is this edible?"

Sailor Star Dust: Heh. One of the few comedic sweat-drops in the series. Episode 17 with Asuka is the only other one that really sticks out in my mind.

05 C154b.jpg

05 C154c.jpg

05 C154d.jpg

He fearfully tries a mouthful.

Chew, chew…he stops moving.

05 C154e.jpg

05 C154g.jpg

Tatesen (vertical lines) appear on his face.
Reichu: Reichu: Here, we see an innocent penguin being cruely subjected to food poisoning by his merrily oblivious caretaker. And yet… this is one of the precious moments in the show that consistently gets a chuckle out of me.

Datenshi (at the animelyrics.com forums) described the phenomenon of tatesen as: “You know in anime when a character is feeling uneasy or unwell, a whole lot of of blackish lines are drawn on his or her [face], like this? (-_-

05 C154h.jpg

05 C154i.jpg

He topples over.
KnightmareX13: ...and Pen Pen fails the test; option one is the safer choice, by getting drunk Pen Pen's senses will be dulled, making the food taste less horrible.


05 C155a.jpg

05 C155c.jpg

Something falls with a thud behind the door.

Shinji wonders what it is. He turns out to see.

SE <<Thunk!>>

Dr. Nick: Even though this scene is such a huge cliche, I still find this rather downplayed punchline quite funny.

05 C156.jpg

Ritsuko relaxes with a can of beer in one hand.

RITSUKO:“Shinji-kun, you really ought to move. If you let this boor of a roommate influence you, your whole life will go to waste.”

05 C157a.jpg

05 C157c.jpg

Shinji replies, carefree.

SHINJI:“I'm used to it now.”

05 C158a.jpg

Misato is super relaxed (she’s drunk).

MISATO:“Misato “That’s right, Ritsuko! Humans have to use their power of adaptation! And anyway, if he moves …huh?”

05 C158d.jpg

05 C158c.jpg

She waves the can around and realizes it’s empty.
Xard: More Junichi Sato faces by Misato.

05 C158g.jpg

She sits up and sweetly makes a request.

(very sweetly) Shin-chan, could you get me another beer?

SHINJI (OFF):“Okay.”

05 C158h.jpg

She slumps back again and continues in a normal tone.

SE <<Sound of Shinji getting up>>

MISATO:“Going through all the formalities again would be a pain in the neck. Shinji-kun only just got his permanent security card, after all.”

05 C159a.jpg

05 C159b.jpg

Ritsuko suddenly remembers something.

RITSUKO:“Ah, I almost forgot!”

SE <<(OFF) Sound of the fridge opening.>>

BGM End: B-16 (Rhythm Only)

Kendrix: Ritsuko clearly disaproves of Misato's beer consumption... little scenes like these are what establish the reason/emotion // age apropiete/inapropiate contrast in our heads so much we take it for granted and make jokes about it, so that we'll be even more shocked when it all gets turned on its head.

05 C159d.jpg

05 C159e.jpg

She puts her hand in the bag at her waist...

RITSUKO:“Shinji-kun, I need you to do me a favor.”

05 C159f.jpg

... to take something out.

SHINJI (OFF):“What is it?”

05 C160a.jpg

05 C160b.jpg

05 C160d.jpg

Shinji’s arm, offering the beer.

RITSUKO (OFF):“This is Rei Ayanami's renewed card.”

Ritsuko takes out Rei’s card. Shinji’s arm stops with a jerk.

Kendrix: By now, Shinji has officially become Misato's beer delivery boy. Note how his motion and a good part of the funny mood stop at the mention of Rei's name. It must be weird, to hear someone mention what you've been brooding about all day.

05 C161a.jpg

05 C161c.jpg

05 C161d.jpg

With the beer in hand…

RITSUKO:“I meant to give it to her but I never got round to it, so… I’m sorry, but…”

Shinji stares at the security card. Misato takes the beer from his hand.

NemZ: What’s stopping her from dropping it off after dinner? Her motives here are quite dubious.

Fireball: I think she just jumped at the opportunity before she forgets to tell him again.

05 C162a.jpg

05 C162c.jpg

Shinji sits down again.

He looks at the card.

RITSUKO (OFF):“Could you pass by her place and give it to her before you go to headquarters??”

Shinji responds to Ritsuko with a faint smile

SHINJI:“All right.”

SE <<Sound of the beer being opened off-screen.>>

Kendrix: He immediately agrees politely. Shinji is a nice, friendly guy at heart, atfer all. (And just that is very soon going to get him yet another fangirl.)

05 C163a.jpg

05 C163b.jpg

05 C163c.jpg

Misato drinks beer. While drinking she looks at Shinji, thinking “Huh?”

MISATO:“Gulp, gulp…?”

05 C164.jpg

Shinji looks at the card.

05 C165a.jpg

05 C165 crop a.jpg

05 C165d.jpg

05 C165e.jpg

05 C165 crop b.jpg

Misato and Ritsuko watch Shinji as he stares fixedly at the card. A sly grin appears on Misato’s face.


MISATO:“What’s wrong? You’re staring so hard at Rei’s picture.”

Shinji panics.


05 C166a.jpg

05 C166b.jpg

Misato laughs at him with a smirk.

MISATO:“Ho ho, Shin-chan, don’t tell me you’re…...”

Kendrix: Not yet, anyway XD But of course, as in any anime, that sort of teasing always aquires a grain of truth if doesn't already have one.

05 C167a.jpg

05 C167c.jpg

Shinji, impatiently.


05 C168a.jpg

05 C168b.jpg

05 C168c.jpg

Misato snickers. She’s enjoying this.

MISATO:“No need to be all embarrassed about it. Now you’ve got an official excuse to drop by Rei’s house.”

Mr. Tines: first Kensuke and Touji; now Misato. Everyone's trying to pair them off.

05 C169a.jpg

05 C169b.jpg

05 C169c.jpg

Shinji sits down with a thump.

SHINJI:“Don’t tease me, geez!”

Ritsuko drinks her beer with an air that suggests she’s not going to get involved.

05 C169e.jpg

05 C169f.jpg

MISATO:“Nyeheheh, it’s so much fun teasing you when you get angry so easily!”

05 C169g.jpg

05 C169h.jpg

Ritsuko replies without missing a beat.

RITSUKO:“Just like you, huh?”

Misato is taken aback.

MISATO:“(ad lib.)”

Kendrix: Ritsuko, as usual, is used as a contrast to Misato's "Childish" antics.

05 C170a.jpg

05 C170b.jpg

Shinji looks at the card again, trying not to look too serious.

SHINJI:“I was just thinking. Ayanami and I are both Eva pilots, but I barely know a thing about her…”

05 C171c.jpg

05 C171d.jpg

Ritsuko speaks with a smile. (In order to hide her true feelings.)

RITSUKO:“She’s a very good girl. She’s just a little clumsy, just like your dad.”

She plays with her bangs with her fingers and looks away.

Reichu: Now, ordinarily I wouldn't think of Ritsuko as being especially attractive (by my own peculiar standards of feminine beauty), but, I must admit, I always found her rather pretty in this particular scene. Being dressed down and not wearing that awful lipstick can make a big difference. Now, if only she left her hair in its natural color, too!

Mr. Tines: There's a gaucheness to Ritsuko's behaviour in this whole scene (not just this cut), as if in describing Rei, the old jibe "it takes one to know one" applies. Perhaps she is trying to match-make as well.

thewayneiac: Interesting. You mean she's trying to eliminate Rei as a rival for Gendo by directing her attention elsewhere?

Sailor Star Dust: "To hide her feelings", eh? I suppose this is mainly in regards to Rei, but I'm assuming the relationship between Ritsuko and Gendo plays a part. I wonder if this means Gainax/Anno did plan for there to be drama between the three of them from the start.

Kendrix: This is one of our first glimpses at creepy!Jealous!Ritsuko. She's comparing Rei and Gendo - in fact, the two of them have a lot in common, not only their lack of expression and social skills. Many people overlook this. He's the only parental figure she ever had, of course he influenced her.

05 C172a.jpg

05 C172b.jpg

Shinji looks puzzled.

SHINJI:“Clumsy? At what?”

KnightmareX13: Awkward in bed, is that what you are going to say Ritsuko?

05 C173a.jpg

05 C173c.jpg

Ritsuko’s mouth is smiling but her eyes look lonely.

RITSUKO:“At living.”

Kendrix: At this point, she's wishing Gendo was a little less "clumsy".

Also, another of those powerful, iconic lines and a rather original way to discribe some socially withdrawn person's barely-existance as she doesn't understand how the world around her, those invisible rules of human interactions, and even how her own heart works, with all those things that some would caracterize as what makes life worth living passing her by. This might mislead one to think that Ritsuko is sympathetic to Rei, but that's her rational mind speaking, telling her that she shouldn't be jealous of a teenaged girl, but she's averting her eyes/lying through her teeth, as we later learn that she is not free of blame for what has been done to Rei and ultimately has an irrational hate towards the poor girl.

UrsusArctos: Ritsuko really seems sympathetic to Rei (and Gendo) at this juncture. And that line probably says a lot about Gendo's own living conditions. Well, maybe not as squalid as Rei's apartment, but I'm sure it's no more inviting.

Sailor Star Dust: A sense of pity for Rei (and Gendo), perhaps?

Cody MacArthur Fett: At first Ritsuko's statement seems to be a reference to Rei's rather insulated social habits, but the statement becomes much more frightening in episode 25 when we find out that Rei is borderline suicidal:

TEXT: "It frightens you, doesn't it?"

REI 3:
No, it makes me happy.
Because I want to die.
What I desire is despair.
I want to return to nothingness.

Additional Commentary  

KnightmareX13: Oh, that was a let down.

Eyecatch e.jpg

C.A.P.: EyeCatch: And thus, we now learn just a little bit more of who exactly Rei's character is. However, there is a catch; like Shinji, the audience still doesn't have a clear perspective on who Rei is. At this point, all that is made about her character is all based on observation, remarks of other characters, and what is already established from previous encounters, so it's fitting than we cut to commercial once that establishment grows. So, now that Rei is reinforced into the viewer's mind, questions now arises from Ritsuko's comment; for instance, is she correct? Is there more that meets the eye? Shinji has a reason to explore this possibility now, and when we return, these questions and more will be answered in a...unique way shall I say.
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