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Missing number.


Panoramic view of the harbor. The fleet are entering the port.

UrsusArctos: The text here says "New Yokosuka, formerly Odawara". The choice of Odawara as a port for Tokyo-3 could be something of an error in geography, because it's very low-lying and should've been flooded by post-2I sea level rise, as ASW_Canuck points out in this forum post.

08 C296a.jpg

08 C296b.jpg

08 C296c.jpg


Ritsuko and Misato seated in the back of a U.N. Jeep. Misato is leaning back, exhausted.
The side of the enormous aircraft carrier. Here and there damage from the battle can be seen.

RITSUKO:“(Looking up at the aircraft carrier) Quite the spectacle, once again...”

MISATO:“I should have considered underwater combat.”

RITSUKO:“Oh, this is a surprise. Are you reconsidering your actions? (Looking at Misato)

MISATO:“It went fine. We even collected valuable data.”

RITSUKO:“That's true.
(Saying this, she leafs through the report)

08 C297a.jpg

08 C297b.jpg


Ritsuko, leafing through the report.
She spots something. Her expression becomes serious.



RITSUKO:“This really is valuable.”

UrsusArctos: This moment is overshadowed by all the action that came before it and the revelation that came afterwards and is all but forgotten - but its terrible consequences hit ten episodes later.

08 C298a.jpg

08 C298b.jpg

08 C298c.jpg

08 C298d.jpg

08 C298e.jpg

08 C298f.jpg


Toji, in the middle of the gangway, watches Unit-02 being lowered by a crane. Kensuke is filming video of it.
There are enormous tooth marks on Unit-02's abdomen.

SE <<(Sound of the escalator) Vrrn vrrn vrrn vrrn>>

Asuka comes quickly down the escalator. She looks around, searching for Kaji. Toji takes notice of this.
Shinji, squirming, comes down the gangway (wearing the red plugsuit). Toji is rendered speechless. Kensuke turns the camera towards him.

TOJI:“M-matching outfits...... (Speechless)

KENSUKE:“That's just sick.”

Sailor Star Dust: Love how they repeat this joke in Episode 9 :D

08 C299a.jpg

08 C299b.jpg

08 C299c.jpg

08 C299d.jpg

08 C299e.jpg


Ritsuko and Misato inside the Jeep.
Ritsuko is looking at the document. Misato is draped against the seat, facing upwards.

RITSUKO:“Their synchro values set a new record.”

MISATO (No mouth movement):“For just seven seconds. The danger of the situation probably gave them an unexpected strength.”

The vehicle stops and Asuka leans forwards, entering the frame.

SE <<(Brakes) Screeech>>

ASUKA:“Hey, where's Kaji-san?”

Misato suddenly brings her head back up.

MISATO:“He ran off ahead of us.
(She raises her head)
(From OFF to ON) He's already back at HQ, the idiot.”

08 C300a.jpg

08 C300c.jpg


Kaji, speaking as he turns his head.

KAJI:“My, that was an eventful voyage.”

UrsusArctos: Ryoji, old chap, you'll make a splendid Brit. You've got the art of understatement down pat! ;;>

08 C301.jpg


Ikari. The trunk case sits on his desk.

KAJI (OFF):“Was this, after all, the cause of it?”

UrsusArctos: More confirmation that ol' Gaggy had a sloppy "radar". If this was what the Angel was looking for, it was right on top of its prize and didn't realize it!

08 C302.jpg


Extreme long shot.
The two are in silhouette.

SE <<(With a sense of being OFF) Sound of a key card being used, followed by the sound of the operation of various key locks, and finally a prominent activation sound>>

08 C303a.jpg

08 C303b.jpg

08 C303c.jpg


Kaji, with the back of Ikari's head in the foreground.

SE <<(Sound of the case opening) Vsshuuuu>>

When the case opens, the lighting switches from normal lighting to illumination from below.

KAJI:“It is already this far restored.”

Kaji looks into the case as he speaks.

KAJI:“It's frozen in hardened bakelite, but it's alive. (He lifts his gaze) Without a doubt.”

UrsusArctos: The lighting from below adds a nice, sinister feel to the scene.

Line: Boohoo! What are you guys plotting smiling sinisterly like this, I wonder? *chuckles*

08 C304a.jpg

08 C304b.jpg


The "glass" in the case on the desk seen from above.
Slowly track up.

KAJI (OFF):“The keystone of the Human Instrumentality Project.”

IKARI (OFF):“Yes.”


A human within the box-shaped glass.

IKARI (OFF):“This is the first human being...”

08 C306a.jpg

08 C306b.jpg

08 C306c.jpg


Ikari, illuminated from below.
He lifts his head as he speaks.


UrsusArctos: And with that smirk, he delivers his bombshell revelation.

08 C307a.jpg

08 C307b.jpg

08 C307c.jpg

08 C307d.jpg


Pan over from a close-up of the rear end of a girl eating. Shinji and Toji are gathered around Kensuke's desk.

SE <<Sound of a chime, background chatte>>

TOJI:“Really, despite her looks, I just couldn't stand that girl.”

KENSUKE:“Well, we won't be seeing her again.”

TOJI:“The boss has no choice in the matter because of his job. I feel for you, I really do.”

The sound is heard of the door being thrown open, followed by the sound of it being snapped shut.

SE <<Clatter snap>>

Toji and the others look in the direction of the sound.

Zusuchan: The script specifically notes that the rear end of a girl eating should be focused on. Naughty, naughty.

08 C308a.jpg

08 C308b.jpg

08 C308d.jpg


The three, aghast, Toji in particular. He leaps to his feet, screaming, and points.


UrsusArctos: There's no beating the way Toji literally falls over before springing up and yelling! And Shinji...I don't think I've ever seen that look on his face! ::D

08 C309a.jpg

08 C309b.jpg


BGM Start: B-17 rhythm only

The view from the front podium.
The entire class looks towards the camera, dumbfounded.
(Their faces look a little bit captivated)

SE <<The sound of chalk against the blackboard)
Chk chk chk>>

Classroom chatter:“...”

08 C310a.jpg

08 C310b.jpg

08 C310c.jpg

08 C310d.jpg

08 C310e.jpg

08 C310f.jpg


The back of Asuka's head. She is writing on the blackboard (as she writes, her face is hidden and cannot be seen)

SE <<Chk chk chk chk>>

When she has finished writing she spins around to face the direction of the camera, surveying the room. In a cute manner!

08 C311.jpg


Toji, aghast.

08 C312.jpg


Kensuke blinks.

08 C313.jpg


Shinji, dumbfounded.


Asuka in front of the blackboard.
She is haughty, but cute.

ASUKA:“I am Soryu Asuka Langley.
Pleased to meet you.”

Sailor Star Dust: Isn't there some issue where the date on the chalkboard is incorrect, considering the next episode?

UrsusArctos: I took a look at the timeline and you're right, this is where things get fuzzy in figuring out a proper timeline for events. The next episode and the battle against Israfel apparently happen on September 11, 2015 but the date on the chalkboard says September 21.

Line: And to finish, I like pretty much this last scene with the poor guys and Asuka smiling flamboyantly at her poor targets :D

Additional Commentary  

SEELE-01: Waiting for Episode 22, when we'll see this scene revisited again and again and again and again and again...

Javi2541997: Classic scene of "I am Asuka. Pleased nice to meet you!" So cute but this is exactly the same scene which appears when Asuka is confronting her past and inner feelings with Arael at Episode 22.



To be continued.

BGM End: B-17 rhythm only

Zusuchan: I would like to point out that even though this episode is both far less serious and far more lightweight than Eva normally is, it still features a lot of subtle character moments that will hit differently and seem quite meaningful when compared with further information acquired during the rest of NGE. Besides from just how much of Asuka's character is already slightly revealed here when looking back and how her actions seem so much sadder (for me, at least) on a rewatch once you know the reasons behind her psychology, there's also the table scene, which in hindsight also features some interesting nuggets about the relationships of Misato and Kaji.

Of course, by and large, it's still a remarkably fun and entertaining episode! But like the rest of the Action Arc, there are subtleties to be observed...

UrsusArctos: I would dispute the "action arc" label for this episode in the collapsed comment below, but I don't deny it has its subtleties (and delicious warship fanservice!) But now, on to Episode 09...

Additional Commentary  

UrsusArctos: I have argued on the forum that this episode is actually the end of the "Jo" section for NGE and the end of the four-episode "Expansion block", with some characteristics of the coming four-episode "Action block" of the Action Arc. Why do I argue that this is still part of the "Intro"? For one thing, this is the last time an Angel battle ends with an introduction or a bond of some kind being formed, and the last Angel battle of genuine consequence for the characters prior to Bardiel in Episode 18. Also, Ritsuko's statement about Shinji and Asuka having achieved their highest synch ratios ever sets up a tragedy that comes out in full with Bardiel, the first Angel of the Downfall Arc.

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