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19 C193a.jpg

19 C193b.jpg

Inside the tumbled shelter.

Unit Two’s neck.

MOB (OFF, people to the right):“Get the injured people to the sixth block!”

Background dialogue from people running around trying to escape (until cut 201)

(left):“Those who aren’t, hurry to the”

19 C194a.jpg

19 C194b.jpg

19 C194c.jpg

19 C194d.jpg

The defensive battle continues, even though known to be pointless.

Unit Two is inside, before Shinji, its system halted.

People are running in front.

(left):“Third shelter!”

MOB (A):“Over here!”


(C):“Hey! You! What are you doing? Do you want to die!? (until next cut)

SE <<(OFF explosion sounds, etc...)>>

WOMAN ANNOUNCER (right OFF tape):“Close the number 2 and number 2 blocks. Please evacuate promptly.”

WOMAN ANNOUNCER:“Dispose of the number 8 block. Cut off the entire route after 60 seconds. All hands, evacuate your corresponding section.”

MAN ANNOUNCER:“There’s a fire outbreak in the lower part of floor B! There’s smoke inside the operation! Open the designated section of road in the emergency closure.”

WOMAN ANNOUNCER:“No entry now for the number 7 route! Please use the 15th detour route on the right!”

19 C195a.jpg

19 C195b.jpg

Shinji looking at Unit Two.

SHINJI:“(alone) ...Asuka.”

KAJI (OFF):“Is that you, Shinji?”

He looks in the direction of a voice.

19 C196.jpg

Beyond Shinji, inside, Kaji holds a sprinkler.

19 C197.jpg

Kaji closeup.

SHINJI (OFF):“Mr. Kaji?!”

19 C198a.jpg

19 C198b.jpg

19 C198c.jpg


Shinji unsteadily looks in Kaji’s direction, and facing him, speaks.

SHINJI:“What are you doing!? At this place?”

Kaji is being calm.

KAJI:“That’s my line. What are you doing here? Shinji?”

Inside, the battle continues.

Shinji doesn’t have any faith or pride in himself.

There is resistance to his father in his heart.

Shinji is only looking down; Kaji rebukes this.

SHINJI:“(looking down) I, I’m not piloting the Eva anymore... Since I decided that...”

KAJI:“Is that so. (brightly) My side job became public. So I’m not stationed during battle any longer.”

19 C199a.jpg

19 C199b.jpg

From Kaji’s viewpoint.

Watermelons, the sprinkler’s inside.

KAJI (OFF):“Since then, I’ve been here watering.”

SHINJI (OFF left):“At a time like this?”

KAJI (OFF):“Because it’s a time like this.”

19 C200.jpg

Kaji’s feelings on if his life were to end and if he died here.

KAJI (ON):“Though I’d rather be between Katsuragi’s breasts, I don’t mind being here when I die.”

19 C201a.jpg

19 C201b.jpg

Shinji front.

He has an expression of not understanding his words (muttering)


19 C202a.jpg

19 C202b.jpg

19 C202d.jpg

The angel flashes.

SE <<パウッ>>

19 C203Aa.jpg

19 C203Ab.jpg

19 C203Ac.jpg

19 C203Ad.jpg

A direct hit to headquarters!

A large spherical explosion spreads.

SE <<(explosion)>>

19 C203Ba.jpg

19 C203Bb.jpg

19 C203Bc.jpg

Thanatos(through cut 239)

Incoming beams from inside; Kaji and Shinji face each other.

KAJI (OFF):“Right. It’s said that if an angel contacts Adam, who is sleeping underground, all humans will perish. That’s the Third Impact. It can only be stopped by that which has the same power as the angel,”

19 C204a.jpg

19 C204b.jpg

19 C204c.jpg

19 C204d.jpg

19 C204e.jpg

Shinji gazes up, hearing something. He feels sinful.

KAJI (OFF):“the Evangelion.”

He faces Unit Zero, which appears in the forest. (no left arm, its carrying an N2 bomb in its right hand)

SE <<ガッコオオオオン>>

SE <<(sound of elevator rising)>>

Shinji turns his face.

SHINJI (behind):“Ayanami?”

19 C205a.jpg

19 C205b.jpg

Shinji from above.

SHINJI:“Without a rifle?!”

19 C206a.jpg

19 C206b.jpg

Rei has a cool facial expression.

Pulls back slightly.

19 C207a.jpg

19 C207b.jpg

19 C207c.jpg

Unit Zero charges.

SE <<(running sound) vigorous running>>

19 C208a.jpg

19 C208b.jpg

Closeup of its hand. Holding an N2 bomb.

SE <<Running>>

19 C209a.jpg

19 C209b.jpg

19 C209c.jpg

Ritsuko from below.

RITSUKO:“She’s going to blow herself up!?”

19 C210a.jpg

19 C210b.jpg

19 C210c.jpg

Closeup of Ikari’s side.


19 C211a.jpg

19 C211b.jpg

19 C211c.jpg

Closeup of side of Unit Zero.

SE <<vigorous running>>

19 C212a.jpg

19 C212b.jpg

19 C212c.jpg

Angel turns around.

SE <<ヴズズッ>>

19 C213Aa.jpg

19 C213Ab.jpg

19 C213Ac.jpg

19 C213Ad.jpg

19 C213Ae.jpg

19 C213Af.jpg

19 C213Ag.jpg

An AT Field develops in the forest, beyond the lake, the shockwave turns it pure white.

SE <<(metal-like sound) カーンッ>>

SE <<(water spreading out sound) ズザザ>>

19 C213Ba.jpg

19 C213Bb.jpg

19 C213Bc.jpg

Closeup of the side of Rei, she jerks forward.

REI:“(shouts) AT Field, full power!”

19 C214a.jpg

19 C214b.jpg

19 C214c.jpg

19 C214d.jpg

Unit Two pushes the bomb directly inside the AT field, which stretches like vinyl.

SE <<ビキビキビキ>>

At last, its right hand extends into the AT field.

SE <<バシュン>>

19 C215a.jpg

19 C215b.jpg

19 C215c.jpg

19 C215d.jpg

19 C215e.jpg

19 C215f.jpg

At the moment the bomb collides with the Angel’s core, the angel covers it.

SE <<ギュワラッ>>

SE <<ガインッ>>

19 C216a.jpg

19 C216b.jpg

Inside the plug, strong line shines on Rei.


19 C217a.jpg

19 C217b.jpg

19 C217c.jpg

19 C217d.jpg

19 C217e.jpg

A pillar of fire inside the Geofront.

It thrusts up to the ceiling.

A shockwave and sphere of light spreads out.

SE <<ズドドドドド>>

19 C218a.jpg

19 C218b.jpg

Shinji bears with the force from the explosion.

SE <<バウッ>>

File:19 C219a.jpg

19 C219b.jpg

19 C219c.jpg

Bridge. Everyone’s back.

The monitor is white.

19 C220a.jpg

19 C220b.jpg

All are watching.

HYUGA:“Unit Zero is…?”

19 C221a.jpg

19 C221b.jpg

19 C221c.jpg

19 C221d.jpg

The flames flicker inside the angel and Unit Zero.

Unit Zero has lost both of its arms.

The angel is unwounded.

SE <<ズゴゴゴゴ>>

The angel’s arm extends, stopping where it pierces Unit Zero.

SE <<ザシュッ!!>>

19 C222a.jpg

19 C222b.jpg

19 C222c.jpg

Misato closeup.

MISATO:“(hurried) Rei!!”

19 C223a.jpg

19 C223b.jpg

19 C223c.jpg

Unit Zero collapses; it’s head is split in two.

SE <<Big impact>>

19 C224.jpg

Ritsuko and Misato are overcome with surprise.

RITSUKO:“What has she done?”

19 C225a.jpg

19 C225b.jpg

Closeup of Shinji looking at whats happened.

SE <<sound of flames burning (until cut 231)>>

19 CC226.jpg

The hands of Shinji, not able to do anything, in front of Kaji.

He talks, unconcerned, without looking at Shinji.

KAJI:“Shinji, I can’t do anything but water here. But there is something that you, and only you can do.”

19 C227.jpg

Unit Two’s torso, now an objet d’art.
Translator’s Note: This was quite the odd one. As far as I can tell that’s what the オブジェ means @_@

19 C228.jpg

Unit Zero, with its head in two pieces.

19 C229.jpg

Shinji from behind, looking down, beyond the sprinkler.

KAJI (OFF):“Nobody is forcing you. Think for yourself, and decide for yourself.”

19 C230.jpg

Kaji speaks, not looking at Shinji. (not in a forceful way)

KAJI (ON):“What you have to do for yourself now.”

19 C231a.jpg

19 C231b.jpg

19 C231c.jpg

19 C231d.jpg

19 C231e.jpg

Closeup of the side of Shinji.

KAJI (OFF):“You know, so you don't have any regrets.”

He elevates the determination in his eyes.

He slowly raises his face.

19 C232a.jpg

19 C232b.jpg

19 C232c.jpg

Flowing through the forest.

Cutting through the forest, headquarters can be seen.

SE <<(sound of light bullets)>>

SE <<(sound of cutting through plants, motion)>>

SE <<(sound of light explosions coming from the right)>>

19 C233a.jpg

19 C233b.jpg

19 C233c.jpg

Shinji running through the middle of the forest.

He is looking forward.

He is underneath glints in the cut.

SE <<(running sound)>>

SE <<(explosions from the left sound)>>

19 C234a.jpg

19 C234b.jpg

19 C234c.jpg

Explosions at headquarters.

SE <<ドバウッ>>

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