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Ikari's guardian

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07 C035a.jpg

07 C035b.jpg

07 C035c.jpg


The front door opens to reveal Toji and Kensuke standing there.

SE <<(Sound of the door opening)>>

TOJI/KENSUKE:“Good morning, Ikari-kun!”

imprimatur13: What, in the name of all that is holy, is on Toji's forehead? It looks like straps for a bag, or something... I've got it! It's TOILET PAPER!

In all seriousness, it appears that it is actually common in some parts of the world (such as Nepal) for peasants to carry large packs using forehead straps. This would then fit right in with Toji's "country folk", Kansai-dialect-speaking persona.

(Thanks to Mr. Tines for the info)

Kendrix: Another part of this scene's function in highlighting the "new status quo" is to show how these days, Shinji apparently gets picked up by his new friends on a regular basis, and they generally walk to school together.

07 C036b.jpg

07 C036c.jpg

07 C036 crop a.jpg


Toji and Kensuke stick their heads inside, practically pushing Shinji, who is standing in the entryway, backwards. Peering inside, they waste no time calling out to Misato.

TOJI/KENSUKE:“(In a little bit of a loud voice) Well, we're heading off. See you, Misato-san!”

Kendrix: Granted, their motives for coming to his place rather than the other way around may not have been entirely pure. :P

07 C037b.jpg

07 C037 crop a.jpg


Misato sticks out her hand, with Toji and Kensuke in the foreground. Only her hand appears to greet them. She greets them with a friendly manner.

MISATO (OFF):“(In a beautiful and sensual tone of voice) Have a nice time!”

imprimatur13: She's so obviously enjoying their attention... Classic Misato.

07 C038a.jpg

07 C038b.jpg


Toji and Kensuke are profoundly affected by Misato's voice. Shinji gets angry, but doesn't know exactly why (in fact he is feeling something akin to jealousy). He urges them out in an irritated tone of voice.

SHINJI:“Let's go already!”

imprimatur13: Toji's tears flow like waterfalls.

Sailor Star Dust: Ahh, Excel Saga. Yet another anime with Kotono-san as the lead!

Additional Commentary  

imprimatur13: And what a wonderful job she did there, too! Lord, the woman is truly a treasure, able to switch between hyperactivity, sweetness, and near-comatose lethargy at the drop of a hat. Voiced a similar character in Fruits Basket as well.

07 C039a.jpg

07 C039b.jpg


Close-up of beer in the refrigerator. A can is quickly pulled out. (Her second already!)

07 C040a.jpg

07 C040b.jpg


Misato shuts the fridge with her rear end. She pulls the tab open with a “psshh.” She has finished her morning bath. There is a towel around her neck.

SE <<Thud (sound of fridge door closing)>>

SE <<Psshh!>>

imprimatur13: Apparently Misato bought her towel to match her refrigerator, so that she looks her best when leaning against it. And/or intentional color-coordination for the objects in the scene. Either way, nice.

07 C041b.jpg

07 C041c.jpg


Misato talks to herself holding her beer in one hand. She reveals her true feelings: she's actually a little pleased.

MISATO:“Sarcasm, eh...”

07 C042b.jpg


The three boys heading to school along a sloping road. They are talking about something or other as they walk.

MISATO (OFF):“Well, I guess it's good that he's loosening up and expressing himself more.”

07 C043b.jpg


Shinji smiling with the shoulders of the other two in the foreground.

SE <<(Sound of a push button phone being dialed OFF) Beep, boop, beep>>

07 C044.jpg


Close-up of Misato's face in profile. She holds her beer in one hand and wears a serious expression. She cradles the telephone receiver with her shoulder.

SE <<Sound of a telephone ringing, then the sound of a receiver being picked up immediately after the first ring>>


MISATO:“He just left. Please guard him from here.”

Sailor Star Dust: I love that subtle creepiness of Nerv watching the every move of their pilots. (I really like how Eva 1.0 reinforced that, with Shinji and the bridge scene.)

07 C045a.jpg

07 C045b.jpg


The “ding” of the toast popping out takes the place of a reply.

SE <<Ding!>>

UrsusArctos: Toasters replying on behalf of intelligence agents? Is Shinji guarded by Cylons from Battlestar Galactica? (BSG jokes or not, this little moment is pretty funny.)


The remains of the Angel from episode six in the midst of the city. Scaffolding has been erected, and the remains are in the process of being dismantled.

SE <<Construction noises – Sounds from the dismantling>>

07 C047a.jpg

07 C047b.jpg

07 C047c.jpg


Shinji, staring out of the window by himself. He notices the sound of a car.

SE <<The faint sound of construction in the distance, as background noise>>

SE <<The faint sound of a car>>

07 C048.jpg


Close-up of the front tire of a car speeding along ostentatiously.

SE <<Vrooom>>

07 C049a.jpg

07 C049b.jpg

07 C049c.jpg


The school courtyard, with Shinji in the foreground. A red sports car lands in a parking spot with a single ostentatious turn maneuver!!

SE <<Screeeech>>

UrsusArctos: Good lord. It's a miracle she hasn't had a serious accident yet.

ath: I'm too lazy to look for my copy of the Evangelion Encyclopedia right now, so EML's translation will have to do:
EML: In ep. 7, Misato reaches Shinji's school in a red (with black soft top) Ferrari 328 GTS (production date 1985, 3184.96 cc 4 valve V8 (90° V) cylinder engine). This sample has the driving place to the right, Japanese way. Even if not one of the most expensive Ferraris, it undoubtely is much more than the A310.

I'm sure I saw a few other Ferraris in another well-known TV series Misato's seiyuu was involved in...

imprimatur13: What happened to the famous Renault? This must be either a company car (well, considering NERV's budget, maybe not), or a rental that she took in order to complement her composed/cool image. Notice suspicious lack of dents.

07 C050a.jpg

07 C050b.jpg

07 C050c.jpg


Toji opens the window and leans out, pushing Shinji aside. Kensuke does likewise, filming with his video camera. Shinji is once again treated like an obstacle to be removed.

SE <<Sliiide>>

TOJI:“Oh!! She's arrived!”

SE <<Sound of a car door being opened OFF>>

07 C051a.jpg

07 C051c.jpg


Another close-up of Misato's legs as she gets out of the car.

SE <<Step>>

07 C052a.jpg

07 C052b.jpg

07 C052d.jpg


The woman comes to her feet with a beautiful motion. Misato's figure, clad in a suit, stands in sharp contrast to her appearance this morning. She wears sunglasses and carries an expensive-looking bag.

General male student chatter: (through 053):“Ohhhhhhh.”

07 C053a.jpg

07 C053c.jpg

07 C053d.jpg


Close-up of her face. With a cool-looking motion she removes her sunglasses.

ALL (stereo):“Ohhhhhh!”

Dr. Nick: The car lady pulls a Quattro.

UrsusArctos: Misato's cross earrings don't just go with the cross pendant - they nicely hide the fact that the pendant has its own, special significance.

FrDougal900: Maybe it's the lighting or the angle of the shot, but Misato's neck looks really long here. What's that French term used on Phineas & Ferb? Cou de crayon, I think...

07 C054a.jpg

07 C054b.jpg


The school building, with Misato's chest in the foreground. The male students are at the windows in a state of excitement.

SE <<Sound of the door closing>>

BOY A:“She's so cool! Who is she?”

BOY B:“Ikari's guardian?”

Male student chatter. (through 058):“”


Rei in the foreground, perfectly unconcerned. Behind, female students looking highly displeased. Hikari looks as if she has bitten into something sour.

BOY C:“What!? Ikari's got someone that gorgeous looking after him!?”

HIKARI:“What morons.”

UrsusArctos: After two episodes that were so heavily focused on her, Rei is seen for just this moment - and in the next episode, she isn't seen at all. Enjoy your two seconds of fame, Rei!

ath: From the introduction to Chapter Four of Shizo/Parano (many thanks to Numbers-kun for his translation):
Anno: Even in the midst of making Eva, I suddenly realized I had forgotten her. Her very existence. In episode seven, I remembered, and added a single shot with Rei. I had no emotional attachment to her at all. I think that was fine, because she didn’t appear in episode eight, not even for a single shot.

imprimatur13: I s'pose Hikari's jealous, 'cause of Toji.

Dr. Nick: Even this single shot of Rei is kind of meaningful since it shows her in Gendo's trademark pose.

Speaking of this so-called Gendo pose, when I was younger and more eager, I had the bright idea of trying to catalogue instances of anime characters sitting in that pose (Ed. note: link), be it a probable reference or not. Just for shits and giggles. It was not until later on that I realized it was a dumbass idea, since the pose is everywhere, from Patlabor porn parodies to Oliver Stone's W., and even in anime it's been around decades before Eva. It's the sort of generic thing that you can hunt for when playing a drinking game (a double shot for both the pose and reflecting glasses).

07 C056a.jpg

07 C056b.jpg

07 C056c.jpg

07 C056d.jpg

07 C056e.jpg


Misato sashays along with her bag in one hand. The perspective is that of the viewfinder of Kensuke's video camera. Following a noise, the camera suddenly zooms in on Misato. She notices Kensuke and the others. She flashes a peace sign towards the camera.

TOJI (OFF):“(Sighing) Ah.... Misato-san really is amazing. ♡”

(Slight bleed)

Sailor Star Dust: Gotta love when the script goes for the ❤ !

07 C057b.jpg

07 C057 crop a.jpg

Kensuke and Toji respond in turn with their own peace signs.

Shinji is deeply embarrassed.

KENSUKE (conc):“Mm-hmm.”

SHINJI (conc):“I'm not so sure.”

07 C057c.jpg

Toji, crossing his arms, is emphatic.

Kensuke signals his agreement while continuing to film.

TOJI:“What's even more amazing is that she's NERV's Chief of Operations.”

07 C057d.jpg

Toji and Kensuke look at Shinji with pity and and the same time coldly, as though he were a heretic.

Shinji (“huh?”) does not understand.

KENSUKE (conc):“Mm-hmm.”

SHINJI (conc):“I'm not so sure.”

07 C058.jpg

07 C058 crop a.jpg


Shot from inside the classroom. The boys have gathered at the window. Some are jostling with the others in order to get a look. The girls are perfectly unconcerned.

TOJI:“Good thing Shinji's such a baby, Kensuke.”

KENSUKE:“Well, he's certainly no competition for us.”

GIRL (Ad-lib):“It's just a counseling session but my mother had to dress up!”

GIRL (Ad-lib):“Don't you think she's silly?”

thewayneiac: Whoever ad-libbed that must not have been in the know.

Sailor Star Dust: Hmm. If you wanted to stretch things, perhaps it was a stepmom?

07 C059.jpg


Shinji, upset that the others can't understand his point of view. A close-up of Shinji in profile, with Toji leaning forward in the foreground.

SHINJI (MONO):“Toji and the others don't know -”

07 C060a.jpg


Shinji's perspective. Misato's back is turned as she sashays along.

SHINJI:“- what a slob she is...”

07 C061b.jpg

Toji looks up to the sky in a state of reverie.

Kensuke leans even further out in order to capture his distant subject.

TOJI:“Ohhh, if I had a girlfriend like that....”

07 C061c.jpg

Shinji is dealing realistically with the situation.

SHINJI:“I don't think you'd have an easy time of it.”

07 C061d.jpg

In the true sense of the term the other two are still more realistic than Shinji. Once again they gaze at him with pity.

TOJI/KENSUKE:“You just don't get it, do you, boss.”

Classroom chatter (through 063):“”

07 C062a.jpg

07 C062b.jpg

07 C062c.jpg

07 C062d.jpg


Shot from inside the classroom. The two suddenly step away from Shinji, crossing their arms. Shinji looks back and forth. The two suddenly raise their arms (both at the same time). Shinji looks at them confusedly.

DUO:“All right! We'll leave protecting the peace of the Earth to you! So you just leave Misato san -”

kuribo-04: Toji and Kensuke say the exact same thing at the same time, showing they are gifted with some sort of telepathy.

This show is really more cartoonish starting with this episode.

imprimatur13: No, it makes sense. Because... how?

I got it! They are both channelling the Great Spirit of Masculinity, and therefore are reciting his words in a possessed trance. Obviously.

07 C063a.jpg

07 C063b.jpg

07 C063d.jpg

07 C063f.jpg


Shinji gets whacked on the back with a “thump.” There is also, in their actions, a sense of the other two beating up on the thick-headed Shinji. The shot continues until Shinji reacts, lifting up his head. Shinji does not understand.

DUO:“- TO US!!”

SE <<Thump!>>


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