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Ramiel - The Fifth Angel

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C001a.jpg

06 C001c.jpg

06 C001e.jpg

Close-up of the Angel’s slit.

A stream of light starts to flow out.

SE <<Vsshhh>>

thewayneiac: Last week, on Neon Genesis Evangelion...

Xard: Ahh ep 6, how I used to love thee. Then Rebuild came and did terrible things to your coolness...

EvangelionFan: The appearance of the fuzzy forcefield reminds me of the spray can brush in MS Paint.

06 C002a.jpg

06 C002c.jpg


Aoba and Misato. Misato half-turns around and speaks.

AOBA:“High-energy reaction detected inside the target!”


WOMAN:“Eva Unit 01 has passed linear 83.”

06 C003a.jpg

06 C003c.jpg

06 C003d.jpg


Close-up of the monitor Cross-section of the angel.

AOBA (OFF):“It’s accelerating. It’s gathering mass!”

Kendrix: I wonder if the black/red outlined circle here represents the core. If so, it would be quite large, perhaps explaining Ramiel's above-average firepower.

UrsusArctos: I always had the impression that the core was at the dead center of the Angel, and that the outlined circle was just the reactor Ramiel used to generate the beam.

06 C004b.jpg


Close-up of the side of Ritsuko’s face.

RITSUKO:“It can't be!”

WOMAN:“Unlocking final gate.”

Xard: M-MASAKA!" I think one could make a drinking game out of the numerous instances Ritsuko utters the phrase.

Trajan: It's almost like her catch phrase isn't it?

EvangelionFan: A regurgitated side-angle from Episode 05. Speaking of regurgitation, here comes Unit-01 out of the ground:

06 C005a.jpg

06 C005b.jpg

06 C005c.jpg

The elevator doors open!


SE <<Vrrrrrr...GATAN>>

06 C005e.jpg

Eva 01 appears.

06 C006a.jpg

06 C006c.jpg

06 C006e.jpg

06 C006f.jpg

06 C006h.jpg

Super close-up of a giant body passing in front of the camera!

SE <<Vooo>>

ReiAyanami25: Is there a composite image available for this cut? Perhaps I should make one.

thewayneiac: You'd have to go back to the source material; there's pieces missing in our screencaps.

06 C007a.jpg

06 C007b.jpg

Unit 01 stops with a CLANG!!

SE <<Clang!>>

InstrumentalityOne: I always loved how Eva-01´s head jolted upwards when the lift stopped.

ReiAyanami25: Unit 01 does this in Episode 1 too. I wonder why? Perhaps it is the from the jerk of the lift stopping on its tracks.

06 C008a.jpg

06 C008c.jpg


Misato leans forward. She’s very serious!!

MISATO:“No, dodge it!”

UrsusArctos: Recycled from the end of the previous episode. "Dodge it?" How does an Eva bolted to the launch rails dodge?! They should've either retracted the Eva immediately or put the brakes on the launch rail before it reached the surface. Looking at how consistently Ramiel fires at the heavily-armored chest in the following shots (instead of shifting fire to the head and blowing it off), it was intent on destroying Eva-01's core.

06 C009a.jpg

06 C009c.jpg


Shinji is completely confused. He opens his eyes wide and blinks!


Kendrix: I like how, in defiance of so many shonen manga tropes, this battle is over before Shinji known what hit him; the narrative wasted no time with bringing about a humilating one-shot defeat. While he's past the constantly-reciting-the-instructions-phase, Shinji is still not quite accostumed to battle.

06 C010a.jpg

06 C010b.jpg

06 C010c.jpg

A spot on the ditch of the giant octahedron body (Angel) glints.

SE <<Glint>>

bigbadtyrant: Im'a firing ma lazers!!!

06 C011a.jpg

06 C011b.jpg

06 C011c.jpg

06 C011d.jpg

06 C011e.jpg

06 C011f.jpg

06 C011g.jpg

06 C011h.jpg

A building in the old city. The middle appears to swell a bit and then it melts through with a vsssh!!

SE <<Vssh!>>

NemZ: Really nice animation on that doomed building.

06 C012a.jpg

06 C012b.jpg

06 C012c.jpg

06 C012d.jpg

The beam scores a direct hit on the Eva!! Sparks fly!!

SE <<Bsshhhh!>>

06 C013a.jpg

06 C013b.jpg

06 C013c.jpg

The chest armor plate UP melting in the white-hot heat of the beam.

SE <<Bshrrrrsh>>

06 C014a.jpg

06 C014b.jpg

The Eva’s face wavers in the heat haze. Sparks fly in front of the camera.

SE <<Shaaaaa!>>

06 C015a.jpg

06 C015b.jpg

06 C015c.jpg


Close up of Shinji screaming.

06 C016a.jpg

06 C016c.jpg

06 C016d.jpg

The word “WARNING” flashes on the noise-covered monitor.

SE <<Alarm noise!>>

NemZ: That is a HORRIBLE font to put an emergency message in. It's barely readable even without being boiled alive.

06 C017b.jpg


Misato shouts, leaning forward. She’s in a panic.

MISATO:“Bring him back!! Quickly!!”

06 C018a.jpg

06 C018b.jpg

06 C018c.jpg

06 C018d.jpg

The gap between buildings. The Eva moves downward, still being hit by the beam. The beam automatically follows the Eva down.

SE <<Bsshhhhshrrrrr>>

06 C018e.jpg

06 C018f.jpg

06 C018g.jpg

06 C018h.jpg

The Eva disappears between the buildings. The beam goes down with the Eva.

At the end of the cut, the beam can be seen hitting the road, raising a pillar of flame. Fragments rise.

06 C019a.jpg

06 C019b.jpg

06 C019c.jpg

06 C019e.jpg


The beam, seen through the gap in the buildings. The angel stops firing. The skyscraper melts. The pillar of light contracts.

SE <<Biiiii dmdmdm>>

thewayneiac: In a strange blooper, the beam seems to be coming from the building rather than from Ramiel.

Fireand'chutes77: Maybe there isn't a "blooper" with the beam weapon after all. Much like tornadoes aren't all that visible until they begin sucking up dirt (or a light beam until you add smoke), the beam isn't visible until it "ingests" the material in the building and turns it to visible iridescent plasma.

UrsusArctos: Same impression, but I remember seeing a production drawing of the same scene that showed the beam coming from the building rather than Ramiel. Seems like someone goofed up early on, and the animators just carried through with the mistake. Strange. (Ah, here it is! [1])

Dr. Nick: If the beam is supposed to be normally invisible, they're not being consistent about it. I'd label this as a pretty straightforward blooper.

06 C020.jpg


Aoba and Misato

AOBA:“The target has fallen silent!”

06 C021a.jpg

06 C021b.jpg


Hyuuga and Misato. Close-up of her chest as she leans over and talks!

MISATO:“How's Shinji-kun?”

HYUGA:“He's alive!”

WOMAN:“High energy reaction in the circuits dropping speed rapidly.”

Missing Number

Shinji unconscious, surrounded by bubbles.

06 C023a.jpg

06 C023c.jpg


The Eva descends. It can be seen moving through the mesh.

IBUKI (OFF - SPEAKERS):“Unit-01 recovered and sent to cage 7.”

06 C024a.jpg

06 C024b.jpg

06 C024c.jpg

Ritsuko’s clenched fist, and Misato

She slides downwards and disappears.

MISATO:“I'm going to the cage. Take care of the rest!!”

SE <<Ga-shhuu vwiii.>>

WOMAN:“Relief squad, standby.”

MAN:“Prepare emergency cooling for the torso!”

WOMAN:“Second Assimilation team, hurry to Gate 7!”

Kendrix: One of the few scenes where Ritsuko shows concern over the pilots - or is she just nervous because they lost the battle?

NemZ: I really doubt Ritsuko's reaction is one of concern for Shinji unless you mean in a "it broke a crucial part!" sort of manner. She's not completely heartless, but when she's in a crisis mindset she shuts out any such complications.

EvangelionFan: And now Misato has her turn at riding the mini-elevator we first saw in Episode 01 C-188

06 C025a.jpg

06 C025c.jpg

Close-up of the feet of the locked-down Eva

They are locked.

SE <<Clang>>

SE <<Gyaan>>

06 C026a.jpg

06 C026b.jpg

06 C026c.jpg


The Eva inside the cage Its torso is melted The shutters close.

IBUKI (OFF - SPEAKER):“Unit-01 secured!”

MAN:“Cool the torso immediately!”

06 C027b.jpg

06 C027c.jpg

A graph scrolls downward.

SE <<Piiii>>

HYUGA (OFF):“The pilot's brain waves are unstable!”

06 C028b.jpg


Shinji, unconscious.

HYUGA (OFF):“His pulse is very weak.”

Ornette: This cut looks almost identical to the missing cut #022.

06 C029a.jpg


Close-up of Ritsuko’s profile. Hyuuga is further in.

RITSUKO:“Give the life support system top priority. Give him a heart massage.”


MAN 1:“Cooling of Unit 01’s torso currently under way!”

WOMAN 1:“Surface temperature has fallen to 6200 degrees.”

ath: As usual, somebody got Ritsuko's eyebrows wrong. I haven't counted (yet!) how many times it happens, but I bet that's the most common coloration error in the show. We need to create a page with a list of those errors one of these days...

By the way, did nobody point out in the OP commentary that they somehow managed to get them wrong even in the original OP, until they finally fixed them in Renewal?

thewayneiac: Um... is that Fahrenheit or Celsius?

KnightmareX13: Kelvin is always a possibility for the temperature measurement

thewayneiac: Hmmm... so I should subtract 273?

06 C030a.jpg

06 C030c.jpg

Shinji, unconscious.

He twitches.

(No need for ad-lib.)

SE <<Twitch shhh.>>

Kendrix: Before anyone asks how defibrilating in a liquid is possible, his suit is made of rubber, a fine insulator, which the outside of many cables is made of.

NemZ: I'm guessing the pads are probably built into those little green-tipped projections on either side of his ribs.

Missing Number


SE <<Beeeeeeeep>>

06 C032a.jpg

06 C032b.jpg

SE <<Piiiii>>

Hyuuga and Ritsuko.

HYUGA:“Pulse confirmed!”

Ritsuko turns toward Ibuki after Hyuuga says his line.

RITSUKO:“Force-eject the plug, quickly!”

WOMAN 1:“Surface temperature has fallen to 4800 degrees.”

MAN:“Prepare the parts for chest armor number 1.”

UrsusArctos: The background dialogue shows that Nerv is pretty snappy - they've barely recovered Eva-01 and they're already preparing to replace her chest armor.

06 C033a.jpg

06 C033d.jpg

06 C033e.jpg

Close-up of the entry plug,

the secured lock bolts. They revolve and are unlocked. The entry plug.

SE <<Gashan>>

06 C034a.jpg

06 C034b.jpg

06 C034c.jpg


The entry plug is pulled out.

06 C035a.jpg

06 C035b.jpg


Ibuki and Ritsuko as Ibuki talks!

RITSUKO (business-like):“Emergency LCL drainage!”


WOMAN:“Entry forcefully ejected.”

WOMAN:“Internal fluid vaporization rate, 10.5%!”

Translators Note: "Entry” here is short for Entry Plug.

06 C036b.jpg

LCL fluid is ejected from the plug.

SE <<Pshhhhh>>

06 C037a.jpg

06 C037d.jpg


An elevator rises beside the Eva. Misato is inside making a phone call.

MISATO:“It’s okay, just open the hatch. Hurry up!”

WOMAN:“LCL drainage under way.”

WOMAN:“Surface temperature has fallen to 1200 degrees.”

06 C038a.jpg

06 C038c.jpg

A hatch with large cylinders

They open with a “clang”! Smoke emerges from within.

SE <<Bsshhh... clang!>>

thewayneiac: Considering the temperature, maybe they shouldn't open it just yet.

Ornette: It's possible that the "steam" is because LCL has a lower boiling point than water (otherwise Shinji would have serious burns all over his body).

Kendrix: Then again, considering that one of their two available pilots is exposed to that temperature, hurrying the f*** up might not be such a bad idea...

06 C039a.jpg

06 C039b.jpg

06 C039c.jpg

The hatch of the entry plug opens.

SE <<Guoooooon>>

The cover moves upwards.

SE <<Vwiiiiiii>>

EvangelionFan: Do we know anything about the properties of LCL as a gas, or is it breatheable but otherwise inert like normal/liquid LCL?

thewayneiac: Here is a thread where the characteristics of LCL are extensively debated. (See also Episode 05 Cut 290.)

06 C040a.jpg

06 C040c.jpg

Close-up of the interior

The hook is fixed in place!

SE <<Clang!>>

06 C041a.jpg


Top down view of Eva. The entry plug is drawn out.

WOMAN:“Entry plug removed.”

WOMAN:“Checking for life signs in the pilot.”

06 C042a.jpg

06 C042c.jpg

06 C042d.jpg


The metal mesh of the elevator is in the background Misato looks worriedly down on the scene from the top of the catwalk. Shinji slides across the scene from the side, still inside his seat.

MAN:“Relief squad, hurry up!”

06 C043.jpg

Zoom-in. Shinji is slumped down. There are lines from a nosebleed on his face.

MISATO (Off):“Shinji-kun!”


KnightmareX13: After nearly being boiled alive and being knocked unconscious, all Shinji has to show for it is a nose bleed?

NemZ: I'm blaming an increase in pressure due to the heat for the nosebleed. Same thing happens when they increase the fluid pressure in ep19.

Additional Commentary  

FreakyFilmFan4ever: I'm not sure what it was about the Angel that caused Shinji's current nose-bleed. Especially since his earlier incident with Rei didn't result in any of that.

EvangelionFan: Looks like the obligatory nosebleed Shinji didn't get in Episode 05 Scene 05 has finally caught up with him.

Kendrix: Shinji's Synch ratio at this point wasn't high enough for him to sustain any physical injuries yet, but his psyche was still put though considerable strain - And perhaps reacted with a nosebleed. A nosebleed is something that you can get for 'mental' reasons.

06 C044a.jpg

06 C044d.jpg

06 C044e.jpg

The Angel is standing still in the middle of Tokyo 3.

Its shield descends.

SE <<Gogogogogo clang vwiiiii>>

Translator's notes: "Tokyo 3" is literally "New Tokyo City Number 3".

What the subtitles refer to as a “drill” is referred to in Japanese as the “shield".

Mr. Tines: Shield as in Tunnelling Shield.

Kendrix: I wonder if the "shield" thing means anything. Is there a japanese word for drill?

thewayneiac: They are actually using the English word "shield" ( シールド). When we were discussing whether to keep "shield" or change it to "drill", as most translators do, Reichu suggested that the A.T. Field light show at the tip was the actual shield. In Gurren Lagann, they seem to always say "drill" in English, so maybe there isn't an indigenous Japanese word. Does anyone here know for certain?

06 C045a.jpg

06 C045b.jpg

The Angel’s shield descends from above

The cylinder pierces the ground.

SE <<Viiiiiiii... bang!>>

thewayneiac: In another major blooper, Ramiel's drill is turning the wrong way throughout the episode. It shouldn't be able to pierce anything.

Xard: I always thought something about it looked wrong...

Mr. Tines: The tip isn't threaded at all; it would have to just brute force abrade. The sort-of-thread on the side could equally well be channels conveying debris.

thewayneiac: The tip isn't even physical; it's some sort of A.T. Field. At the episode's climax it shuts off.

NemZ: I've never liked the overtly mechanical form of the drill here... even for an angel that's just weird.

Additional Commentary  

ath: Well, it's Gainax we're talking about. Their "drills" are known to Go Beyond the Impossible and Kick Reason to the Curb, so...

EvangelionFan: Ramiel: Operation 'Phallic Motif' Engaged

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: Drill baby drill! Turns out angels are human enough to produce spiral energy.

06 C046a.jpg

Misato, a nurse and Shinji on a stretcher move along a hallway in the Medical Center.

SE <<Sound of casters rolling “garararara".>>

FreakyFilmFan4ever: The dark lighting makes this shot feel very claustrophobic, despite the wide-angle lens being simulated in the animation.

06 C047a.jpg

06 C047c.jpg

Misato walks alongside Shinji.
Dr. Nick: Now I'm imagining Misato quoting Mad Bull: "They won't get away with cooking a pussy."

06 C047d.jpg

06 C047e.jpg

06 C047f.jpg

While looking straight ahead, Misato comes to a stop. Only Shinji and the nurse continue to move forward across the screen.

Right after Shinji and the nurse disappear from the screen, the doors shut (completely).

SE <<Shuuu>>

FreakyFilmFan4ever: In both shots 46 and 47, I find it ironic how there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, only to have Misato be cut off from her only means of beating the Angel at the end of it.

06 C048a.jpg

06 C048b.jpg

The red lamp of the treatment room flashes!

The letters "Emergency Treatment" appear.

SE <<Piiii>>

Translator's note: It appears as "Emergency Measures" in the anime, but “treatment” might be a better translation for 処理 in this case.

06 C049.jpg


A shot of the outside of the treatment room. The light shines bizarrely red and bright. Misato stands alone, left behind in front of the treatment room.

FreakyFilmFan4ever: The wide angle lens and dark lighting now make Misato appear alone and trapped in her situation.

Kendrix: Misato looks rather helpless and small in this shot, standing all alone in the corridor. She immediately rushed down to see Shinji and followed the tray, but she was unable to do anything concrete. Maybe the helplessness she felt was what motivated her to do the best she could with the entire operation Yashima business.

06 C050a.jpg

06 C050c.jpg

06 C050d.jpg

Top-down of the emergency treatment room.

Shinji is placed into a coffin-like capsule (until it closes).

SE <<Sound of monitors (breathing, heartbeat) pi pi shu~~ haa~~ shu~~ haa~~ shu~~ haa~~.>>

thewayneiac: Note the cross-like marking that emphasizes the coffin-like appearance. Shinji has gone from the womb-like entry plug straight into a coffin.

Trajan: This shot always intrigued me, is medical technology advanced enough in Tokyo-3 where robots perform all the procedures? Because even with the sheer multitude of hospital scenes I never see any doctors or nurses milling about.

NemZ: Is it possible they were intentionally isolating him because they feared angel contamination of some sort?

Additional Commentary  

Xard: There's this Finnish classic rock album titled "From Womb to Tomb"... :D

thewayneiac: Is that album about socialized medicine?

Missing Number

Close up of electrocardiogram monitor.

SE <<Beep beep>>

06 C052a.jpg

06 C052b.jpg


The red light continues to flicker. The shield continues to drill a hole.

thewayneiac: As our translator pointed out in Cut 044, the script actually calls Ramiel's drill a "shield" throughout the episode.

06 subtitle.jpg


SUBTITLE:“Episode #06
Showdown in Tokyo-3”

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