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Marching Orders

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06 eyecatch.jpg



Kendrix: "Rei II" - Initially, the nummeration appears to be just a way to tie both episodes of the mini-arc focussing on the titular girl together, but as we later learn when a "Rei III" pops up, there is a bit more meaning to it...

06 C148.jpg


Close-up of a poster. “School is closed today”

SE <<Sound of evening cicadas.>>

TEXT:“No school Today Tokyo-3 Public Middle School 1 Principal”

06 C149a.jpg

Sunset, on the middle school roof.

TOJI (BACK):“They’re so late. We should be getting to the shelter now.”

06 C149c.jpg

06 C149d.jpg

The camera pans to show Touji, Kensuke and other students on the other side of the handrail

KENSUKE (BACK):“I snuck a look at Papa’s data.”

06 C150a.jpg

06 C150c.jpg


The other side of the railing Kensuke is seated checking his watch. Touji leans against the rail, looking bored All of them turn at the sound of birds flying out

KENSUKE (ON):“This is the right time, I’m sure of it!”

TOJI:“So you say, but they’re not coming out.”

SE <<Sound of birds calling, flying>>

06 C151a.jpg

06 C151b.jpg

06 C151c.jpg


Kensuke and the others’ point of view The trees beyond the roof start to move A launch gate appears on the mountain.

SE <<Gako—n zugogogogo>>

06 C152a.jpg

06 C152c.jpg


Toji and others are surprised, their hands still on the rail.

TOJI:“The mountain's moving...”

Kensuke stands up, looking happy.

KENSUKE:“It's the Evangelions!”

EvangelionFan: At this point, you'll be glad to know that Evangelion Unit-00 is responsible for the wasting of New Tokyo-3, and Evangelion Unit-01 becomes the host for the instrumentality of life on Earth. Clearly, excitement is the appropriate response to their appearance.

06 C153a.jpg

06 C153c.jpg

06 C153e.jpg


The center of the mountain. The launch gate shutters open. The giant head of an Eva appears

SE <<Zugogogogo>>

SE <<Vwiiiii>>

06 C154a.jpg

06 C154c.jpg


Kensuke and Touji lean forward without thinking.

The two of them:“Ohhh!!”

06 C155b.jpg


Eva Unit 00 appears next!! It’s holding a shield.

UrsusArctos: This shot is pure old-school super-robot show material. Of course, things don't stay that way.

06 C156b.jpg


Kensuke and Touji lean forward; the other students are behind them.

TOJI & KENSUKE:“Cooool~~!”

UrsusArctos: I can understand the other kids being excited about the Evangelions, but Toji and Kensuke? Hell, they've seen what Shinji goes through inside that thing. For them to be this recklessly enthusiastic - well, for Toji at least - seems awfully out of character to me.

06 C157a.jpg

06 C157b.jpg

06 C157c.jpg

06 C157d.jpg

06 C157e.jpg

06 C157f.jpg

06 C157g.jpg

06 C157h.jpg


The giant setting sun.

All of them (OFF):“Good luck--!! We’re counting on you-!! (other ad-lib)”

The silhouette of Unit 01 passes in front of the camera! Unit 00 follows it and passes by.

SE <<Gashan gashan gashan gashan gashan gashan>>

Male student chatter (about two people added.):“Ikari--!” “Good luck--!” “We’re counting on you--!” “Yo, Ikari--! Good luck! We’re with you all the way--!” “Fight, Ikari--! It’s all up to you! Don’t lose! We’re rooting for you, okay--?!”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: I forgot how many golden hour shots there are in this episode. These silhouettes are truly amazing. Is it just me, or can anyone else see how Eva Unit 00 appears to be "carrying the cross of Christ" as a silhouette following Eva Unit 01? It just visually seems similar to the events leading up to Jesus' crucifix in this one single shot.

Kendrix: This might be a relatively simple scene, but it shows that Touji has sucessfully completed his share of character developement for the Prologue Arc. This is why I liked that they lampshaded it a bit more in Rebuild's message box scene. We see that Touji has come to understand Shinji/ that the two boys are now truly his friends.

It's a bit unfair that no one cheers for Rei, tough...

06 C158.jpg


The Angel floating in the dark sky above Neo Tokyo-3, seemingly illuminated/

TEXT:“8:11 PM”

06 C159.jpg


The shield continues to drill underground.

Missing Number

Close up of Sign: "Danger, No Entry Zone"

Reichu: C-160 is saying to use C-9 from episode 02, with some specs on effects to apply.

06 C161a.jpg

06 C161e.jpg

Only one part of the mountain ridge is bright.

The mountain road leading up to Mount Futago Top down view of a line of electric cars. Their tail lamps are lit.

BGM START: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

TEXT:“Near Asahi Falls on Mt. Futago”

AOBA (OFF - SPEAKR):“Enemy shield has broken through Armored Plate Number 17. 3 hours 55 minutes until it reaches headquarters.”

06 C162.jpg


Close up of an illuminated light.

06 C163.jpg


A group of power transformers.

HYUGA (OFF - SPEAKER):“Transmission of electricity from Shikoku and Kyuushu complete.”

Woman 2:“No problems with the hub transformer system.”

06 C164b.jpg


Top-down view of a group of cooling machines

WOMAN (OFF - SPEAKER):“Please begin testing of all cooling systems.”

06 C165a.jpg

06 C165c.jpg


Eva 01 puts down the giant rifle Ritsuko and Ibuki stand in front of the camera.

RITSUKO:“It’s a precision machine so be careful with it, okay?”

SE <<Gakon>>

06 C166b.jpg

06 C166d.jpg

06 C166e.jpg

06 C166f.jpg


Top-down view of the positron rifle being set down from the forest onto a parking lot. Shinji’s lines start as the camera pans down.

TEXT:“Eva Positron sniper Rifle (Nerv Specs - Formerly Strategic SDF Lab's Automated Positron Rifle)”

SHINJI (OFF):“—but this weapons isn’t meant for field battle. Will it really work?”

RITSUKO (OFF):“We have no choice. We won’t make it in time otherwise.”

SHINJI (OFF):“We’ll be okay, right?”

RITSUKO (OFF):“In theory, at least. But we won’t know whether the gun barrel and the accelerator will hold up until we actually fire it. It’s never been fired...”

Five figures finally appear: (Rei, Shinji, Misato, Ritsuko, Ibuki).

06 C167.jpg


Top down view of Shinji; the shot is a little wide.

RITSUKO (OFF):“..at such high output before.”

SHINJI:“(-- pause --)”

Kendrix: Love the lightshow and the unusual camera angels Anno keeps using. Somehow, they're good for conveying tension.

06 C168.jpg


Three of them stand there silhouette-like, lit up by a back light (Misato, Shinji, Rei).

MISATO:“I will now assign the roles in today’s battle. Shinji-kun--.”


MISATO:“You’ll be the gunner in Unit-01.”


MISATO:“Rei will be in Unit-00, taking care of defense.”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: When I make my sci-fi action movie in the way distant future, I'm gonna use silhouette lighting like this.

Dr. Nick: They all suffered terrible tanlines due to this operation.

06 C169.jpg


Close-up of the side of Rei’s face.


06 C170.jpg


Close-up of Ritsuko side profile, with Misato behind.

RITSUKO:“This is because Shinji’s synchronization rate with Unit 01 is higher. For this battle we need higher precision than normal.”

Kendrix: So Shinji's synch rate was already higher than Rei's at this point.

UrsusArctos: Shinji's synch rate was unusually high to begin with, so it's no surprise.

06 C171a.jpg


Close-up of the light.

RITSUKO (OFF):“The positron beam will be affected by the earth’s rotation, magnetic field and gravity, so it won’t move straight. Don’t forget to...”

06 C172.jpg


Slightly tilted shot of Ritsuko. Close up of her face; she looks upward.

RITSUKO:“...correct the errors, all right? You have to fire an accurate pinpoint shot to pierce the core.”

Xard: I always loved the high-contrast shadows and use of violet and blue in this scene.

06 C173.jpg


Top-down close-up of Shinji; His words sound anxious.

SHINJI:“I’ve never practiced anything like that before.”

NemZ: Um... Isn't this EXACTLY what he was trained to do? We don't see him getting a hand-to-hand instructor (seriously, why not?) but centering the target is definately something he can do.

thewayneiac: I doubt if he has to compensate for all that with the palette gun.

Kendrix: Here, in this precise Moment, we're still dealing with Prologue Arc Shinji who has no clue what he is doing in Tokyo 3, and therefore clings to his training for guidance. Okay, Shinji never really stops clinging to others for guidance, but he improves GREATLY after this battle - He demonstrates much more of a will of his own in the subsequent episodes/his interactions with Misato and Asuka.

06 C174b.jpg

06 C174d.jpg

06 C174g.jpg


A side pan of the positron rifle on its side, from the top of the barrel. There are generator vans and other machines parked near the five of them.

RITSUKO (OFF):“Don’t worry. Just do it according to the manual and push the switch when the marks in the center line up. The machine will take care of the rest. One more thing, don’t forget that when you fire once, it takes time for cooling, reloading and changing the fuse before you can fire again.”

thewayneiac: Make up your mind already, Ritsuko! Does he have to compensate for all the magnetics and rotations himself, or does the machine do it for him?

06 C175.jpg


Close-up of the side of Shinji’s face

SHINJI:“Then what happens if I miss and the enemy fires back?”

06 C176a.jpg


Somewhat tilted shot of Ritsuko

RITSUKO:“Don't think about unnecessary things right now. Just focus on destroying it in one shot.”

Azathoth: Who put Ritsuko in charge of strategy?! That advice is terrible. Even Shinji isn't impressed.

Kendrix: Right, right, Ritsuko. Veeeery motivating. Just keep bursting all our bubbles.

ath: To be fair, she contemplated the possibility of using the positron cannon for another shot two cuts ago. (If I remember correctly she doesn't even talk about it in Rebuild.)

06 C177a.jpg

06 C177b.jpg

06 C177c.jpg


Close-up of Shinji. He is looking at Ritsuko When he turns his eyes to look straight in front of him, he hears Rei’s line and turns his eyes towards Rei

SHINJI (MONOTONE):“Meaning we’re in trouble, huh.”

REI (OFF - RIGHT):“I...”

Kendrix: He looks serious and stoic here, or at least tries to. This is definitely not the cosmic plaything we saw in the past episodes. The afore mentioned change is beginning.

06 C178.jpg


Rei, practically a silhouette, stands there dully.

REI:“I just have to protect Unit 01, right?”

RITSUKO (OFF):“Right.”

NemZ: Is Rei jealous here of his role as offense, or is she asking if she's under orders to try and survive as well as protect him?

Sailor Star Dust: I assumed Rei is following orders as usual instead of any jealousy. :shrugs:

06 C179.jpg


Closer shot of her. She’s expressionless.


06 C180.jpg

Five shadows appear on the ground of the parking lot.

MISATO (OFF):“It's time. Both of you, go change.”

The Two (OFF):“Okay.”

BGM END: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

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