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08 C145a.jpg

08 C145b.jpg

08 C145c.jpg

08 C145d.jpg


The wake of the angel approaches, coming out of the background, beyond the fleet.
It rapidly comes closer, filling the entire screen.


08 C146a.jpg

08 C146b.jpg


The two children in the entry plug.

SHINJI:“It's here!”

ASUKA:“......Here we go.”

08 C147a.jpg

08 C147b.jpg

08 C147c.jpg


BGM Start: E-4 [EVA-02]

The tanker. Unit-02 still has the cover on it.
For a moment it crouches down, gathering its strength, then bursts into the air. The tanker sinks downwards.

SE <<Splash...>>

UrsusArctos: Eva-02 looks like a bedsheet ghost in this shot.

08 C147e.jpg

08 C147f.jpg

Immediately afterwards, the Angel crashes into the tanker. A large column of water shoots upwards. A still larger column of water shoots towering into the sky.


08 C148a.jpg

08 C148b.jpg

08 C148c.jpg

08 C148d.jpg

08 C148e.jpg

08 C148f.jpg


A shadow falls across the Aegis, and Unit-02 alights on its bridge with a thud.

CREW (OFF):“Waaah! Escape—”

SE <<Crush thud>>

The bridge sinks downwards. Unit-02 is standing with the cover wrapped around it like a mantle.

UrsusArctos: Ugh. How many people got crushed to death because of her stupid stunt?

Zusuchan: Maybe no one. This episode is part of the relatively lightweight Action Arc, which isn't as big as realism as the other parts of Eva. For that matter, I'm pretty sure that realistically speaking, the ships should have sunk as well!

UrsusArctos: That does depend on the size of the Eva at the time, doesn't it? For what it's worth, the "Aegis" mentioned is a Japanese Kongo-class destroyer with a 21 meter beam (maximum width), so someone with more patience than I can figure out the Eva's size and maybe its mass, assuming the same density as a human, versus the reserve buoyancy of a Kongo-class destroyer...

08 C149Aa.jpg

08 C149Ab.jpg

08 C149Ac.jpg


Asuka and Shinji, with Shinji in the background. They search for the Angel.

ASUKA:“Where is it?”

SHINJI:“That way!”

08 C149Ba.jpg

08 C149Bb.jpg


Close up of the time counter.
It ticks from "1:00" down to "0:59".

08 C149Ca.jpg

08 C149Cb.jpg


Shinji, in the background behind Asuka.

SHINJI:“We've only got 58 seconds left!”

ASUKA:“I know that! Misato!”

08 C150b.jpg

08 C150c.jpg


The view from the inside of the entry plug (the remaining time is also displayed). In the back columns of water shoot up and come towards the screen.

ASUKA (OFF):“Get the emergency external power supply...”

Mr. Tines: Misato, fire the Chekov Gun!

08 C151a.jpg


The Angel approaching over the water.

ASUKA (OFF):“...set up on the deck.”

SE <<Fssshhh>>

08 C152a.jpg

08 C152b.jpg


The group looking towards the camera.


The captain stands up and speaks.

CAPTAIN:“(Standing up) What is she going to do?”

08 C153a.jpg

08 C153b.jpg


Asuka and Shinji inside the entry plug.

ASUKA:“OK, we're going to jump.”


08 C154a.jpg

08 C154b.jpg

08 C154c.jpg

08 C154d.jpg


Unit-02 crouches down low.
The Aegis sinks downwards.
Unit-02 jumps.
The action raises up a column of water,
and the Aegis leaps upwards.

08 C155a.jpg

08 C155b.jpg

08 C155c.jpg

08 C155d.jpg


Unit-02 approaches the camera, looming towards it, leading to a close-up of its face.

UrsusArctos: The closeup is pretty cool. Overall, the whole scene is like a parody of something from a superhero comic/show.

08 C156a.jpg

08 C156c.jpg


A cruiser seen from directly overhead.

08 C157a.jpg

08 C157b.jpg

08 C157c.jpg

08 C157d.jpg

08 C157e.jpg

08 C157f.jpg

08 C157g.jpg


One of the cruisers.
A heliport on the deck of the stern of the ship.
The sailors flee, scattering.

*Shrieeeeeeeeek!* and other ad-libs.

Unit-02 suddenly lands.
It immediately jumps again.


08 C158a.jpg

08 C158b.jpg

08 C158c.jpg

08 C158d.jpg

08 C158e.jpg

08 C158f.jpg


Unit-02 throws off the canvas that it had worn like a mantle. Its bright red body becomes visible.

SE <<...FWISSH>>

08 C159b.jpg

08 C159c.jpg

08 C159d.jpg

08 C159e.jpg


Unit-02 jumps onto each ship, going from one right to another.


UrsusArctos: The ships in this cut actually have hull numbers! The first vessel in the background to have its bow armament crushed has 47 on its hull, identifying it as the USS Ticonderoga, the lead ship of the Ticonderoga-class cruisers and the first ship to mount the Aegis combat system. Ticonderoga and four others were retired in 2004 due to their old missile systems but all the other ships in the class are still around. The ship that we get a close-up of when Eva-02 crushes its turret has 61 on the bow, identifying it as the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Rammage. The Rammage, which is still in service in 2020, was commissioned in 1994 and would've been one of the newest ships around at the time NGE was in production.

08 C160a.jpg

08 C160b.jpg


Unit-02 jumps, with a ship's bridge in the foreground.

SE <<Vrrrmmm...>>


08 C161b.jpg


Front view of the Over the Rainbow.

SPEAKER A:“Reserve power supply in place!”

08 C162a.jpg

08 C162b.jpg


The socket being moved out of the helicopter from before.

SPEAKER B:“Direct connection to reactor established!”

UrsusArctos: You can't plug that directly into a ship's reactor. You'd have to plug it into the ship's turbogenerators, and those on a Nimitz-class vessel don't handle such large power loads. If real-world logic is to apply, the ship must have undergone a massive upgrade post-2I.

08 C163c.jpg


The deck crew escaping. A barrier rises.

SPEAKER C:“Evacuate the flight deck!”

SPEAKER D:“We are ready for Eva to land!”

UrsusArctos: A crash barrier versus a biological giant landing nearly vertically? Not the smartest of ideas, but better than nothing. For a change, the Sukhoi in the background has its outer wing panels folded upwards to save space. (O.T.R. N-03251 on the Sukhoi's vertical stabilizer looks like a shout-out or in-joke of some kind, anyone here recognize it?)

08 C164a.jpg

08 C164b.jpg


The captain and first officer. Misato, Toji, and Kensuke just stand there in the background.

FIRST OFFICER:“All hands, brace for impact!”

CAPTAIN:“This is absurd!”

08 C165a.jpg

08 C165b.jpg

08 C165c.jpg


Asuka and Shinji in the entry plug.

ASUKA (conc.):“Eva Unit-02, laaanding!”

Shinji's eyes are spinning round.

SHINJI (conc.):“*Shrieeek*

08 C166a.jpg

08 C166b.jpg


Misato enduring the impact. Toji, pressed against her, is in a state of supreme bliss.


Male chatter:“Uwaaa!”

UrsusArctos: I never noticed how delighted Toji was until the script pointed it out!

Mr. Tines: Contrast with Shinji back in cut 065...

08 C167a.jpg

08 C167b.jpg


The aircraft carrier, sinking downwards.

SE <<RrRrRuUmMbLe>>

08 C168a.jpg

08 C168b.jpg

08 C168c.jpg


The fighters on the tilted deck.
The mooring wires are stretched taut, then break.
(Small objects are sliding down the deck.)

SE <<Creeeeak

The fighters slide down, one after another.
It seems that an enormous amount is falling.


08 C169a.jpg

08 C169b.jpg

08 C169c.jpg

08 C169d.jpg


The fighters, one after another, run off and fall from the tilting deck.

SE <<Splash splash...>>

Unit-02 tries to balance the ship. The heavily tilted aircraft carrier regains its normal position.


08 C170a.jpg

08 C170c.jpg


Close-up of Kensuke with tears in his eyes.
He never puts down his handycam.

KENSUKE:“What a waste......”

ANNOUNCER A:“The target is rapidly approaching this vessel! (Bleeds into next cut)

08 C171b.jpg


The wave crest approaching!

08 C172a.jpg

08 C172b.jpg


Asuka and Shinji inside the entry plug.

SE <<Warning sounds etc.>>

SHINJI:“It's coming! 9 o'clock portside!”

ASUKA:“Switching over to external power!”

08 C173a.jpg

08 C173b.jpg

08 C173c.jpg


The socket connects.
The lock bolts drop.


08 C174a.jpg

08 C174b.jpg

08 C174c.jpg


Close-up of a monitor.
The display changes.
The timer disappears.
The warning noises stop,
and silence returns to the plug interior.

SE <<Beeeeeeeeep>>

UrsusArctos: As pointed out by NAveryW in this forum post, the power shifts from internal to external at precisely 0:07:00 in what is very likely a reference to Goldfinger.

Zusuchan: If that's the case, I wonder if there was some influence taken from James Bond when coming up with Kaji-our resident spy has often been compared to the British agent and not without reason.

08 C175a.jpg

08 C175b.jpg

08 C175c.jpg

08 C175d.jpg


Unit-02, bent over.
The power supply plugged into its back, it rises up.

ASUKA (OFF):“Switchover complete.”

UrsusArctos: Cool. I love the contrast between Eva-02's warm reds, oranges and purples and the cool blue of the sky, and how majestic the Eva looks at this angle.

08 C176a.jpg

08 C176b.jpg


Low angle of Asuka and Shinji inside the entry plug.

SHINJI:“But we don't have a weapon.”

ASUKA:“The prog knife will be enough.”

08 C177a.jpg

08 C177b.jpg

08 C177c.jpg


The progressive knife shoots out of a part of Unit-02's shoulder!

SE <<Vssshhh clong>>

08 C178a.jpg

08 C178b.jpg

08 C178c.jpg


Unit-02 takes the knife and holds it in readiness.

SE <<Shing>>

At the end of the cut the wave crest rises up.

SE <<Splasssh>>

08 C179b.jpg

08 C179c.jpg


Front view of Unit-02. It holds out the knife.


UrsusArctos: Looks like OP Cut 053 was derived from this shot.

08 C179d.jpg

08 C179f.jpg

The blade extends a bit and glows with light!

SE <<Bzzzzzz>>

08 C180a.jpg

08 C180b.jpg

08 C180c.jpg


The advancing wave crest.
The body of the Angel emerges.

SE <<Fwssshhhh

Line: I still have a hard time to believe this is an Angel...Look like a random huge whale fish to me...Too bad *shrug* He doesn't have this mystic and ominous feeling that his brothers did/do have.

UrsusArctos: Given the amount of damage it did to all those warships, I'd say it qualifies as pretty ominous already. The Sachiel-style Angel mask on its "forehead" does add a touch more creepiness to the design.

08 C181a.jpg

08 C181b.jpg


Shinji, with Asuka in the foreground.
Shinji is anxious, Asuka brimming with self-confidence.

SHINJI:“It's pretty huge!”

ASUKA:“That's what I figured!”

08 C182a.jpg

08 C182b.jpg

08 C182c.jpg


The Angel appears, kicking up waves.

SE <<Spsssshhhhssshhh>>

08 C183a.jpg

08 C183b.jpg


The captain, irritated.

CAPTAIN:“What are they going to do!?”

Misato, brimming with confidence.

MISATO:“Close range combat is the best way to defeat Angels.”

08 C184a.jpg

08 C184b.jpg


Unit-02 with its knife at the ready.

SE <<Sound of the prog knife — bzzzzzzz>>

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