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Protecting the Earth

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07 C064.jpg


Unit-01 inside the cage.

IBUKI (OFF):“Unit-01 has cleared the cooldown threshold ---. Please shift operations to the second stage.”

07 C065b.jpg

Close-up of Shinji.

SHINJI (MONO):“Protecting the Earth... That's what Eva is for.”

UrsusArctos: The entry plug is explicitly compared to a womb here. Shinji's finally starting to figure what he's getting into...but the full significance of it eludes him until the bitter, bitter end.

ath: Here's Cut 328 from Episode 2 in all its Freudian glory.

07 C065e.jpg

07 C065f.jpg

07 C065i.jpg

(Insert the “eye” scene from episode two).

SE <<Sound of the inside of the womb>>

07 C066b.jpg


Only his eyes change.

SHINJI (MONO):“Just what is Eva...? The entry plug smells like blood...”

07 C067a.jpg

07 C067b.jpg


Interior of the entry plug. Shinji looks up. He looks into the camera.

SHINJI (MONO):“So why do I feel so relaxed here?”

07 C068b.jpg

07 C068c.jpg


Close-up of Shinji. He talks to himself as he looks through a book.

SHINJI (MONO):“--In the end, I don't know anything at all.”

Sailor Star Dust: I've always loved the sudden cut from 067 to here. (Funny how Shinji's finally giving that Nerv manual(??) a proper read, when you consider Episode 01...)

07 C069.jpg

A moving platform. Five people – Misato, Ritsuko, Ibuki, Hyuga, and Shinji – in a variety of poses.

They're chatting during a break from work. (Silhouettes with no mouth movement)

UrsusArctos: There's a strange mixture of real-world logic and a lack of it here. Manufacturing logic dictates that they should've built a stock of spare parts to go through in the event that the Evas were damaged. As we'll see later, Nerv wastes money in weird places.
RITSUKO:“What's the status of Unit 00's

bio-chest component?”

IBUKI:“Heavily damaged. We'll make a new one, but it will barely fit within our supplementary budget.”

RITSUKO:“I wonder if things will get a bit easier after Unit-02 arrives from Germany?”

HYUGA:“It might be just the opposite. It's not cheap to dispose of Angels that have been killed on the surface.”

MISATO:“This place really is tight when it comes to money. I thought the fate of mankind was at stake here.”

RITSUKO:“It can't be helped. Man does not live by Eva alone. It's going to cost money if those who survive are to keep on living.”

MISATO:“Budgets...! So, the Commander has gone to another conference?”

RITSUKO:“Yes, he's on the plane now.”

07 C070a.jpg


Extreme long shot of the scene.

IBUKI:“It's nice and quiet here when the Commander's away.”

07 C071a.jpg


Close-up of the tail of an SSTO aircraft flying at ultra-high altitude. It emits a deafening roar!


UrsusArctos: The "ROOAR" is ridiculous - at that altitude there should be no atmosphere, and hence no sound.

FrDougal9000: Hey, it works as a pretty decent joke when you consider the dialogue in the previous shot. I can deal with physics suddenly being tossed out the window for a second.

07 C072b.jpg

07 C072c.jpg


The interior of the aircraft, seen from the front. All the seats are empty. Just the head of a man (Ikari) can be seen in silhouette. At the end of the cut a door opens (revealing the shadow of a man).

SE <<Background noise – sounds inside the aircraft>>

UrsusArctos: This shot is a tribute to two of NGE's science fiction inspirations, 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Andromeda Strain. Comparison HERE.

07 C073a.jpg

07 C073 crop a.jpg

07 C073b.jpg

07 C073c.jpg


Ikari stares out a window with his arms crossed. The reflection of his face can be glimpsed in the window. The man comes up to him.

MAN (OFF to begin with):“Excuse me. As we're sharing this flight, do you mind if I sit here?”

SEELE-01: I only just realized that this is actually one of the few scenes in the entire series in which we see Gendo outside of NERV.

The only other times: In episode 5, he goes to see the remains of the 4th Angel; episode 12, in Antarctica; episode 17, in a train with Fuyutsuki (and even then, going into NERV); and some scenes in episode 21 (which pre-date NERV).

07 C074a.jpg

07 C074c.jpg


Long shot from the back of the aircraft. A news program is being shown on the monitor. The man sits down.

MAN (BACK):“(Once he has seated himself) So the revised budget for the sample collection passed without difficulty.”

IKARI (BACK):“The committee members think first and foremost of their own survival. They'll spend willingly to that end.”

MAN (BACK):“And their argument had been that no further Angels would appear. I have another piece of good news. Except for the U.S., all council members have approved the budget for Unit-06. Well, it's probably only a matter of time before the U.S. approves.”

UrsusArctos: To the disappointment of mecha fans everywhere, Eva-06 and Eva-08 (mentioned two shots below) had to wait until a whole new continuity to appear. That aside, the scheming that goes on between these two is couched in indirect talk and subtleties.

Dr. Nick: Definite shades of early installment weirdness in this scene, even though we're already in episode 7.

07 C075b.jpg


The man, with Ikari in the foreground. He is watching with his eyes upturned. His gaze is cold. The man holds a pocket-sized bottle of alcohol in his hand.

MAN:“They have an allergy to unemployment, that country.”

IKARI:“...And your country?”

UrsusArctos: Post-2008 this little bit of dialogue has turned painfully ironic.

07 C076b.jpg


Long shot of the aircraft interior. The faces of the two men cannot be seen.

MAN (OFF):“We will participate in the construction of Unit-08 onwards, as the second development project remains viable. However, there is the problem of a pilot not having been discovered...”

IKARI (OFF):“The Angels have appeared once again.”

07 C077a.jpg


Ikari remains looking out the window.

IKARI (ON):“We have no other option but to defeat them.”

07 C078a.jpg

07 C078b.jpg


Close-up of the man. He looks at his pocket-sized bottle of whiskey as he speaks. At the end of the cut he looks out the window.

MAN:“I, too, have no wish to see a repeat of Second Impact.”


Antarctica, an enormous crater, with the SSTO aircraft in the foreground. The color of the oceans has changed, and both ice and landmass have disappeared.

SHINJI (OFF):“... Then the Second Impact which vaporized Antarctica ...”

FrDougal9000: One of my favourite things about Evangelion is how the storytelling flows naturally from scene to scene; even though we jump to a completely different location and cast of characters, we're never left confused as to what's going on. That can be seen here, when we transition from the man mentioning Second Impact to Ritsuko telling Shinji about what really happened with the Second Impact.


A junior high school history textbook.

RITSUKO (OFF):“Right. In the history textbooks, it's a catastrophe that was caused by the fall of a massive meteorite.”

Dr. Nick: ADV's old home video releases of Evangelion actually dealt with certain text-heavy shots such as this by using "overlays", a curious VHS-era method of on-screen text translation distinct from the more well-known "hard-subs" (for details, see svenge's explanation, kindly preserved for posterity by the EvaMonkey).

Perhaps owing to the less-than-stellar image quality of that era, some viewers didn't even realize it was an American edit and were left wondering why these Japanese kids were using English-language schoolbooks. I've seen this happen on the forums.

ADV's translation of this page can be found here, in its full image-glory (plus some translator's footnotes).

(For those who, for whatever reason, cannot load the picture, click the "Additional Commentary" tag below.)

Additional Commentary  

Dr. Nick: Second Impact and the World Afterwards

1. Second Impact In the final year of the 20th century on September 13. 2000 a massive meteorite fell on Mt. Markham in Antarctica. More than two billion people in he southern hemisphere were immediately killed by the tsunami and rising water levels caused by the melted ice. This was the worst disaster mankind had faced in recorded history.

2. Upheaval in the Northern Hemisphere The Nations of the Northern Hemisphere also suffered severe damage from the flooding and chaos ensued. Two days after the fall of the meteorite on September 15. 2000, collisions between refugees sparked a war on the India-Pakistan border, and armed conflicts began all over the world. On September 20, an N-Bomb was dropped on Tokyo and 500 000 people were killed. Until the Valentine Cease Fire was signed on February 14. 2001, hostilities continued all over the world.

3. Transferring Second Tokyo The Temporary Government of Japan gave up on restoring the Tokyo that had been destroyed by the N-Bomb, and the decision was made to transfer the capital to Matsumoto City in Nagano. Construction of Tokyo 2 began in 2001. Redevelopment proceeded rapidly and by early 2003, Tokyo was fulfilling its functions as the capital. In 2005 a second transfer was approved by Congress. Tokyo 3 is currently being built in Fuji-Hakone.

1. First Impact This is also called the Giant Impact, a collision between a meteorite and Earth that resulted in the creation of the Moon. It is believed to of happened 4 billion years ago.

2. Fall of a Massive Meteorite The object which fell on Antarctica was less than 4 inches in diameter, a very small meteorite. However with an enormous velocity of 95% of the speed of light, its effective mass was more than 4.02 times 20 squared to the 10th. Fifteen minutes before its impact, it was sighted by the Mexican astronomer Ceimoa Nan.

(picture of Nan)

Ceimoa Nan (1971~)

Translation Notes:

  • "N-bomb" should be "a new type of bomb".
  • "Ceimoa Nan" should be "Seymour Nunn".


An extra edition newspaper (from 15 years ago). There are water stains, traces of patchwork, and so on.

RITSUKO (OFF):“However, truth is often suppressed. Fifteen years ago, mankind...”

TEXT:“Giant Explosion at the South Pole”

ath: From the Evangelion Encyclopedia, once again:

The Evangelion Encyclopedia:The newspaper Maiasa Shinbun, episode 7: The name of the Maiasa Shinbun (lit. "the newspaper of all mornings") that is used to show the official version of the reasons for Second Impact) is most probably the fusion of the names of two existing newspapers, the MAInichi Shinbun ("the newspaper of all days") and the ASAhi Shinbun ("the newspaper of the Rising Sun"). The head office address is the same of Gainax's.

So, MAInichi Shimbun (毎日新聞) + ASAhi Shimbun (朝日新聞) = Maiasa Shinbun (毎朝新聞).

07 C082a.jpg

07 C082b.jpg

07 C082c.jpg


The three on a moving walkway. Misato looks like she's gone away from the subject at hand.

RITSUKO:“...discovered in Antarctica the first object, humanoid, designated as an “Angel.””

07 C083a.jpg

07 C083b.jpg

07 C083c.jpg


Misato is averting her gaze. (She doesn't have good memories of the incident.) A wind blows at the end of the cut.

RITSUKO (OFF):“However, in the midst of the investigation, they set off an enormous explosion, the cause of which is unknown.”

SE <<The sound of a door opening OFF>>

Sailor Star Dust: This is why the scripts feel like such a treasure trove of information! Though various things can be inferred, it's nice to see what the script flat-out says about a character's thoughts.

07 C084b.jpg


Long shot of the moving walkway!!

RITSUKO:“That's the true identity of Second Impact.”

07 C085.jpg


Shinji, with Ritsuko in the foreground.

SHINJI:“Then, what we're doing is...?”

07 C086.jpg


Shinji and Misato behind Ritsuko, who is in the foreground.

RITSUKO:“To prevent the occurrence of a potential Third Impact... That is the purpose...”

07 C087.jpg


Misato's folder. The NERV logo is visible.

RITSUKO (OFF):“...of NERV, and...”

FrDougal9000: I can't help wonder if there's something similar to the Kuleshov Effect going on with this cut. It's just a shot of Misato holding her folder, but with Cut 083 implying her anger at Second Impact, it makes this shot look like she's angrily holding the folder.

07 C088a.jpg

07 C088b.jpg


Shinji and Misato behind Ritsuko, who is in the foreground. At the end of the cut Ritsuko takes notice of Misato. Without otherwise moving, she turns her gaze towards her.

RITSUKO:“...of Evangelion.”

07 C089a.jpg

07 C089b.jpg


Ritsuko looks towards Misato. Among other reasons, Ritsuko wishes to change the subject.

RITSUKO:“By the way, I understand that it will be held tomorrow as scheduled.”

07 C090a.jpg

07 C090b.jpg

07 C090c.jpg


Misato has been averting her gaze. She still feels something painful when Second Impact is discussed. Without otherwise moving, she brings her gaze back towards Ritsuko. She wears a serious expression.

MISATO:“I understand.”

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