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The trap

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08 C245Aa.jpg

08 C245Ab.jpg

08 C245Ac.jpg

08 C245Ad.jpg



Close-up of a display bearing the schematic of the operation. The depiction goes on until the ships collide with the Angel and explode.

MISATO (OFF):“That's right.
We scuttle the two evacuated battleships along the line of the umbilical cable, setting a trap.”

UrsusArctos: Anno really knows his warships. These are the Iowa-class battleships Illinois and Kentucky, complete with their correct designations, BB-65 and BB-66. In real life these ships were canceled while partially complete, with the last Iowa-class ship being the Wisconsin. Also take note of the brief appearances of JMSDF Kongo, the Russian destroyer Udaloy, heavy missile cruiser Kirov and heavy aviation cruiser Novorossiysk on the screen. Novorossiysk is an interesting case, because it was severely damaged in a fire in 1995 when NGE was in production and scrapped in 1997, making it the only Kiev-class aviation cruiser/aircraft carrier not to survive to 2015.

08 C245Bb.jpg


Close-up of Misato.

MISATO:“Meanwhile, Unit-02 will open the mouth of the target.”

UrsusArctos: Bit of a plot hole here. Misato doesn't seem to have a video feed from Eva-02's entry plug and neither Asuka nor Shinji told Misato where Gaghiel's core was or had time to describe the situation, but she knows exactly where to shoot the Angel.

08 C245Ca.jpg

08 C245Cc.jpg

08 C245Cd.jpg

08 C245Ce.jpg

08 C245Cf.jpg

08 C245Cg.jpg


Close-up of the display.

MISATO (OFF):“The ships will rush into the opening, unleash a direct barrage from their main bow turrets, and furthermore self-destruct afterwards. This will obliterate the target.”

UrsusArctos: Like I mentioned previously, the map seen here representing the sunken city they're sailing over is that of Yokohama, when the fleet battle is supposed to have taken place over Ito in the Izu Peninsula.

08 C246.jpg


The captain makes the appropriate judgement.

CAPTAIN:“That's preposterous!”

08 C247.jpg


Misato speaks in a truly dispassionate manner.

MISATO:“Maybe it is preposterous, but it's not, I think, impossible.”

08 C248a.jpg

08 C248b.jpg


The captain resolves himself to it.

CAPTAIN:“(Soberly) ...I understand.”

UrsusArctos: All pretense of comic relief is over. This gentleman is an officer and a professional, and he stoically accepts the sacrifice that needs to be made to defeat the threat.

08 C249a.jpg

08 C249b.jpg


Large-scale bird's-eye view of the U.N. fleet.
Waves, fuel oil, and black smoke are present in the areas where ships have gone down.

SPEAKER MAN A:“All hands abandon ship. Repeat, all hands abandon ship.”

08 C250a.jpg

08 C250b.jpg


A frigate, with people in lifeboats in the foreground. Netting has been lowered for people to embark.

SPEAKER MAN B (OFF):“All frigates, move quickly to retrieve those adrift.”

UrsusArctos: Those are Hatsuyuki-class destroyers like the one in Cut 105. This may be an oblique reference to the 1990 movie version of The Hunt for Red October, which featured an evacuation where crewmen in orange lifejackets were rescued by the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate Reuben James. Would've been a far straighter reference if the ships were FFG-7s and not Hatsuyukis, however.

08 C251a.jpg

08 C251b.jpg


The captain, concerned for them. Kensuke and the first officer remain looking out at the water.

CAPTAIN:“But what about the Eva?”

Misato has faith in the children.
Toji is worried.

MISATO:“You don't need to worry about those two.”

08 C252a.jpg

08 C252b.jpg

08 C252c.jpg


Inside the entry plug, Shinji, leaning forward, is operating the levers instead of Asuka.

ASUKA:“Hey! Don't you operate my Unit-02 without permission!”

Asuka fights against it, raining blows down upon him. In contrast with Misato's sentiment, the entry plug interior is a state of utter chaos.

08 C253.jpg


Misato on the bridge.

MISATO:“The two of you understand the operation, right?”

08 C254a.jpg

08 C254b.jpg


Asuka pulls on Shinji's hair.

SHINJI:“We'll do our best.”

MISATO (OFF - RADIO):“I'm counting on you.”

08 C255a.jpg

08 C255b.jpg


The port side of a battleship, sinking with a *fwssssh*.

SE <<Fwsssshhh>>

08 C256a.jpg

08 C256b.jpg


Shot from directly overhead. The two battleships lined up with their bows already under water.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER (OFF):“The ships have opened their Kingston valves. They have started sinking towards point Z.”

MISATO (OFF):“Roger.”

UrsusArctos: The two Iowas get very cool shots as they go under, I love the gun turrets in the previous shot and the ripples surrounding them here. A Kingston valve is a sort of valve used to allow seawater to enter a ship - such as for use in boiler or wastewater systems - but it can also be used to scuttle ships on purpose. The announcer dialogue should have been several scenes prior because the valves were obviously open long enough for the ships to sink by their bows.

08 C257a.jpg

08 C257c.jpg


Misato, looking over her shoulder as she speaks.

MISATO:“Reverse the cable!”

Javi2541997: That defiant look of Misato when she makes an important decision, we will see it more often as the anime goes along.

08 C258a.jpg

08 C258b.jpg

08 C258c.jpg


The cable being wound back.

08 C259a.jpg

08 C259c.jpg


The cable, heavily arcing.
It stretches taut, and strains with tension!


08 C260a.jpg

08 C260b.jpg

08 C260c.jpg


Shinji and Asuka suffering the impact.



08 C261a.jpg

08 C261c.jpg


The Angel, underneath the water.
It is being pulled by the cable.

SE <<Vwooossssh>>

UrsusArctos: Like I said in Cut 211, that's a hell of a strong cable, not to mention the winch motor!

08 C262a.jpg

08 C262b.jpg


The cable winding around the bobbin.

08 C263b.jpg


The group, watching the surface of the water.

SPEAKER (OFF):“Eva has started surfacing.
T-minus 70 to contact!”

08 C264a.jpg

08 C264b.jpg


Unit-02, trying to somehow force open the mouth and get outside.

SE <<Vwooossssh>>

08 C265a.jpg

08 C265b.jpg


Inside the entry plug. Shinji is still on top of Asuka. Asuka is complaining.

ASUKA:“Hey. Stop touching me already! Get off!”

SHINJI:“But if we don't force its mouth open soon, we'll be killed too!”

08 C266a.jpg

08 C266b.jpg


Shot from within the Angel's mouth of Unit-02 inside it.

SE <<Strain strain strain>>

Unit-02 is trying to force open the mouth. The teeth are piercing its abdomen.

UrsusArctos: Eva-01 getting speared by Shamshel doesn't compare to this horror. Shinji and Asuka are lucky that their synch with the Eva is messed up, because having them react to being impaled by those choppers would have made the episode truly excruciating.

08 C267a.jpg

08 C267b.jpg


A sphere shining with light, with Unit-02 and the teeth in the foreground.

SE <<Creak creak creak>>

08 C268a.jpg

08 C268c.jpg


Misato and Toji leaning forward, watching.
Kensuke coolly continues shooting video.

SPEAKER (OFF):“T-minus 60 to contact.”

MISATO:“What's the status of the Angel's mouth?”

CAPTAIN (OFF):“It's still not open!!”

08 C269a.jpg

08 C269b.jpg


The Angel ascending to the surface like it's being reeled in.

SPEAKER (OFF):“Eva is rising towards the surface.
T-minus 50 to contact.”

08 C270a.jpg

08 C270b.jpg


The two ships sinking downwards!!
The cable is in between them.

SPEAKER (FEMALE) (OFF):“The battleships are sinking towards the target.”

UrsusArctos: Battleships are not hydrodynamic underwater. Real-life battleships that sunk would disintegrate, turning over so that their gun turrets popped out, their superstructure came apart, and their bulkheads imploded from collapsing air pockets. But I can forgive Evangelion for not paying attention to any of that if the results are cool enough.

Alaska Slim: Actually, the upright issue aside, I don't think any of that is a given. Not in the time frame the episode presents anyway. When it comes to the turrets the Iowa-class had clips which could have kept the turrets inside their rings. There are cases of older American battleships designs having done so at Pearl Harbor.

Now would they have fired? Most likely not. Even if they had, the velocity would have been so low I think we would have been waiting for the proximity fuses to go off.

UrsusArctos: Proximity fuses(VT) fuses don't operate underwater and were never used with USN battleship main battery weapons. Maybe the Iowas in NGE use Russian-style supercavitating underwater ammo, Type 91 diving shell style? But the point about turret clips is an interesting one.

08 C271a.jpg

08 C271b.jpg


The mouth of the Angel, a little more open than it was before.

SE <<Vwooossssh>>

Unit-02 uses its feet to brace itself.

08 C272a.jpg

08 C272b.jpg

08 C272c.jpg

08 C272d.jpg


The two look at one another, flooded with a sense of purpose.

SHINJI:“It's not working!”

ASUKA:“We don't have any time left!”

At the end of the cut, their facial expressions become firm.

08 C273a.jpg

08 C273c.jpg

08 C273e.jpg


Close-up of the levers. Shinji's hands, with one motion, after very briefly gathering strength, pull back the levers with a *clack*, changing the mode.

SE <<Ka-chack>>

Asuka grips the levers, placing her hands on top of Shinji's.

Sailor Star Dust: All my (battle) ships are sailing!

UrsusArctos: All my (war)ships started sailing as far back as Cut 009! ;;>

08 C274a.jpg

08 C274b.jpg


The Angel passes by a vessel on the surface!
(Under the surface of the water)

SE <<Sound of a propeller!!>>

08 C275a.jpg

08 C275b.jpg


Close-up of Misato, holding a microphone.

SPEAKER (FEMALE) (OFF):“The target has passed beneath Tempest!”

MISATO:“You won't make it in time. Hurry!!”

MALE (ANNOUNCEMENT):“The speed at which they are surfacing has further increased!”

08 C276a.jpg

08 C276b.jpg

08 C276c.jpg


Asuka has her arms stretched out towards the levers, leaning forward over Shinji's back. An indecent arrangement.

ASUKA:“Don't get any strange ideas.”

SHINJI:“About what?”

ASUKA:“Anyway, just focus your thoughts.”

SHINJI:“I know!”

The two are making a great effort!

08 C277a.jpg

08 C277b.jpg


Using all its might, Unit-02 tries to pry open the Angel's mouth.

SE <<Creak creak creak

The mouth starts to open by degrees.

08 C278a.jpg

08 C278c.jpg


Pan with the Angel remaining in place.
Finally, the battleship enters the frame!!

SPEAKER:“T-minus 20 to contact!”

08 C279a.jpg

08 C279b.jpg


Shinji and Asuka, holding down the levers in the midst of vibrations.

SE <<Holddddddding>>

08 C280a.jpg

08 C280b.jpg


Close-up of a lever, with both of their hands on it! With a series of jerks, the lever is forced back!!

SPEAKER (OFF):“T-minus 15...”

08 C281a.jpg

08 C281b.jpg


The bow of the oncoming battleship as it would be seen from their perspective!!

SPEAKER (OFF):“...to contact!!”


UrsusArctos: This may not be Anno's beloved Yamato, but he's sure taken care to make it look as magnificent as possible from a Yamato-style bow perspective.

08 C282a.jpg

08 C282b.jpg


Close-up of Shinji, by Asuka's chest, making a great effort.

SHINJI (MONO):“Open! Open! Open! Open!”

UrsusArctos: First his face was squished against Misato's chest, now his head's pressing into Asuka's chest right in the middle of a very serious scene. Episode 08 is more ridiculous than I realized.

08 C283a.jpg

08 C283b.jpg


Close-up of Asuka, making a great effort.

ASUKA (MONO):“Open! Open! Open! Open!”

08 C284a.jpg

08 C284b.jpg


The synchro-meter suddenly bursts into the red zone!!

SE <<Vreeeee>>

UrsusArctos: If the numbers at the bottom of the graph are synch percentages, Shinji and Asuka were synching with Eva-02 at above 100 percent synch!

08 C285a.jpg

08 C285b.jpg

08 C285c.jpg

08 C285d.jpg


Unit-02 inside of the mouth. Its lowered head is flooded with energy; it lifts it up. A light comes into its four eyes!


UrsusArctos: The moment we've been waiting for. The Eva's eyes glow and the Angel is doomed. Although it's awesome to see the goggles move and the eyes light up, it raises the question about why those moving goggles exist in the first place instead of exposing the eyes like on Eva-01. Eva-02's End of Evangelion and Rebuild redesigns make the goggles fixed.

08 C286a.jpg

08 C286b.jpg

08 C286c.jpg


Shot from the inside of the mouth. Using all its remaining strength, Unit-02 pries the mouth open.

SE <<Creak creak creak

Behind Unit-02, an array of gun muzzles points towards the camera.

UrsusArctos: Giant red mecha with glowing eyes and battleships pointing their guns straight on...this shot is awesome.

08 C287a.jpg

08 C287b.jpg

08 C287c.jpg

08 C287d.jpg

08 C287e.jpg

08 C287f.jpg


The mouth, opened wide by Unit-02!
A great battleship suddenly rushes into it!

SE <<Blam bam

The reaction produced by the ship coming to a halt causes Unit-02 to be separated from the scene.

SE <<Crack crack crack

Yet another ship appears in the foreground!!
It shows up enormously on the screen!


It forces the mouth wider! It penetrates inside and stops! The teeth are broken apart!

08 C288a.jpg

08 C288b.jpg


Misato gives the command!



08 C289a.jpg

08 C289b.jpg

08 C289c.jpg

08 C289d.jpg


Close-up of the main battery firing.


UrsusArctos: The angles and general appearance of the main battery guns firing in this and the two following cuts brings to mind similar shots of the battleship Yamato's main battery firing in Space Battleship Yamato, a classic anime which Anno is a huge fan of. Of course, the irony is that he has lavished a Yamato moment on two World War Two vintage American battleships, but big beautiful warships are big beautiful warships, no matter who builds them!

Alaska Slim: If he is making that homage, then part of irony I see is that these ships are of the same class as the Missouri-- the ship upon which Japan's treaty of surrender was signed. Mr. Anno isn't exactly the most gracious about WWII; as his "There was another war; we took Hawaii" in Gunbuster demonstrates. Still, if he was able to put that aside to give these proud girls a warrior's due my hat's off to him.

08 C290a.jpg

08 C290b.jpg

08 C290c.jpg

08 C290d.jpg


Direct frontal close-up.


08 C291a.jpg

08 C291b.jpg

08 C291c.jpg

08 C291d.jpg


The sphere of light, with the main battery in the foreground. The guns fire!!


08 C292a.jpg

08 C292b.jpg

08 C292c.jpg

08 C292d.jpg

08 C292e.jpg

08 C292f.jpg

08 C292g.jpg


The Angel with the two battleships in its mouth.
Its body expands unevenly, then EXPLODES!!

SE <<Boom boom boom

UrsusArctos: Eat your heart out, Chief Brody. That being said, no seagulls are going to feast on the remains of this marine monster, it's well and truly gone.

08 C293a.jpg

08 C293b.jpg


An enormous column of water rises up, with the deck of the aircraft carrier in the foreground.

SE <<Rumble RUMBLE>>

SEELE-01: Thank goodness Eva 02, incapable of moving in water, managed to be blasted out of the sea to land exactly on the ship's deck!

UrsusArctos: And unlike the last time, it didn't send the entire aircraft carrier hopelessly off-balance!

08 C293c.jpg

08 C293d.jpg

08 C293e.jpg

08 C293f.jpg

08 C293g.jpg

A shadow appears on the deck as a falling noise is heard.
It gradually grows larger, until Unit-02 lands (badly damaged).


08 C293h.jpg

08 C293i.jpg

08 C293l.jpg

It collapses, the energy drained from its body (limp and shapeless).

SE <<Clank clank
Vreuuuuu clunk>>

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