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KEEL'S VOICE (OFF):“It seems you've refused to allow the interrogation of the pilot of Unit 01, the only one directly involved in the incident, Major Katsuragi.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir. He is very unstable, emotionally speaking. I believe that it would be unwise to have him here.”

MISATO:“I find no suggestion of that in the subject's report. It is believed to have been an irregular incident.”

MISATO:“There is no evidence that his memory has been tampered with.”

MISATO:“I am unable to answer that question. Whether the Angels even have a concept of what a mind is, or whether they can understand human thoughts or not, is completely unknown.”

MISATO:“Based on the pattern thus far, there is nothing to suggest such a systematic organization among the Angels.”

MISATO:“What do you mean, Sir?”

KEEL'S VOICE:“You are not allowed to ask questions.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir.”

KEEL'S VOICE:“That will be all. Dismissed.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir.”

KEEL'S VOICE:“What do you think, Ikari?”

IKARI:“The Angels are beginning to attain intelligence. The time left to us is...”

MAN A'S VOICE:“Then, as his proxy, let us ask you, Major Katsuragi.”

MAN B'S VOICE:“In this incident, did the Angel not attempt to communicate with us, mankind?”

MAN C'S VOICE:“Assuming his memory is correct.”

MAN C'S VOICE:“However, the Eva's AC recorder was not functioning. There's no way to confirm it.”

MAN D'S VOICE:“Was the Angel interested in the human psyche? In the human mind?”

MAN A'S VOICE:“This incident has a new element in it, in that the Angel tried to take an Eva into itself. Is there any possibility that this may be linked to the predicted Thirteenth Angel and all Angels thereafter?”

MAN B'S VOICE:“Correct! It is obvious that they have worked independently, so far.”

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KEEL'S VOICE:“Running short?”

SUBTITLE:“Episode #17 The Fourth Qualified Individual”

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NURSE (OFF):“The patient in Room 12?”

NURSE (OFF):“The emergency room patient from that E incident, right? She's been hospitalized here for a long time.”

NURSE (OFF):“I've heard her injuries are really complicated.”

NURSE (OFF):“She's still in elementary school.”

NURSE (OFF):“He's here again today, right?”

NURSE (OFF):“Yeah, he comes to see her at least twice a week. He's a good and caring brother.”

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TEXT:“Suzuhara Empty Empty”

NURSE (OFF):“Yeah, boys like that are pretty rare these days.”

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IKARI:“Rei, are you all right today?”

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REI:“Yes, Sir. I will go see Dr. Akagi tomorrow, and the day after I'll be at school.”

IKARI:“How is school?”

REI:“No problems, Sir.”

IKARI:“I see. That's good.”

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HIKARI (OFF):“Stand! Bow! Sit down!”

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OLD TEACHER:“Today's absences are the usual Ayanami, and Aida?”

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SHINJI:“What's up with Kensuke?”

OLD TEACHER (OFF):“Mr. Koike is also absent today,”

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TOJI:“New Yokosuka. Chasin' battleships again today.”

OLD TEACHER (OFF):“so the class in modern Japanese will be self-study.”

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TOJI:“A ship called Myoko, or somethin' like that, is in port.”

OLD TEACHER:“And finally, the student on duty today will be... Suzuhara.”

TOJI:“Yes, Sir!”

OLD TEACHER:“Deliver the printouts to Ayanami after school.”

TOJI:“Yes, Sir!”

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