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KEEL'S VOICE (OFF):“It seems you've refused to allow the interrogation of the pilot of Unit 01, the only one directly involved in the incident, Major Katsuragi.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir. He is very unstable, emotionally speaking. I believe that it would be unwise to have him here.”

MAN A'S VOICE:“Then, as his proxy, let us ask you, Major Katsuragi.”

MAN B'S VOICE:“In this incident, did the Angel not attempt to communicate with us, mankind?”

MISATO:“I find no suggestion of that in the subject's report. It is believed to have been an irregular incident.”

MAN C'S VOICE:“Assuming his memory is correct.”

MISATO:“There is no evidence that his memory has been tampered with.”

MAN C'S VOICE:“However, the Eva's AC recorder was not functioning. There's no way to confirm it.”

MAN D'S VOICE:“Was the Angel interested in the human psyche? In the human mind?”

MISATO:“I am unable to answer that question. Whether the Angels even have a concept of what a mind is, or whether they can understand human thoughts or not, is completely unknown.”

MAN A'S VOICE:“This incident has a new element in it, in that the Angel tried to take an Eva into itself. Is there any possibility that this may be linked to the predicted Thirteenth Angel and all Angels thereafter?”

MISATO:“Based on the pattern thus far, there is nothing to suggest such a systematic organization among the Angels.”

MAN B'S VOICE:“Correct! It is obvious that they have worked independently, so far.”

MISATO:“What do you mean, Sir?”

KEEL'S VOICE:“You are not allowed to ask questions.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir.”

KEEL'S VOICE:“That will be all. Dismissed.”

MISATO:“Yes, Sir.”

KEEL'S VOICE:“What do you think, Ikari?”

IKARI:“The Angels are beginning to attain intelligence. The time left to us is...”

UrsusArctos: This entire exchange becomes all the more ominous when the Thirteenth Angel does appear.

Dr. Nick: "The Angels are beginning to attain intelligence" part at the end is very odd, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dangling relic from a previous version of the script. Misato's line about the seeming lack of organization among the Angels is a bit puzzling too - sure, the Angels are attacking one by one, but the way the show handles the escalation of the monster-of-the-week action does make it seem like they're at least aware of each other and each other's failures, leading to evolution in their attack strategies.