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An Encyclopedia of Evangelion Related Topics

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The cast of flawed and separate beings that makes Evangelion so compelling.



Nerv's Ultimate Multi-purpose Decisive Weapon; the synthetic-human Evangelions. The Evas have the power to save the world, but also to destroy it.



The enigmatic Angels are linked to the near-destruction of the world 15 years ago during The Second Impact. Now they have returned, and only the Evas can stop them.


Organisations, Events & Places

The Special Agency Nerv has been tasked by the UN with defeating the Angels and preventing Third Impact from wiping out mankind. But there is more to Nerv and its mission than meets the eye.


Episodes and Films

The original run of Neon Genesis Evangelion was broadcast as a 26 episode Television anime—later released on home video—which was followed by a series of theatrical films.


Other Publications

The Evangelion franchise has spanned multiple media since its inception, with multiple continuities and re-imaginings of the original series in existance—both official and unoffical.


Theory & Analysis

Since its release, the Evangelion fandom has subjected to series to extensive and in-depth analysis. The fruits of over a decade of debate and discovery are archived here.


Even after the Earth, the Moon, and even the Sun have disappeared, Evangelion fandom will remain...

Welcome to the Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan-Geeks Project

For the fans, by the fans, this site is devoted to -- you guessed it! -- Evangelion in all its incarnations. The focus is on the original anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, which has maintained a loyal base of devotees and continued to attract new fans since it originally debuted back in 1996. The "Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition" movies that have just concluded their run, naturally, are of great interest as well, keeping the fans waiting with bated breath to see just what surprises Hideaki Anno and his Studio Khara will unleash on us next.

In these dark times, on an Internet where devoted Evangelion sites and fora are becoming increasingly sparse, EvaGeeks is intended to be an enduring sanctuary for the English-speaking fandom. In addition to an active forum and news page, we play host to an expanding collection of local content, much of it original, which you shall find below. EvaGeeks is, officially, the new incarnation of the Evangelion Commentary Project website. Although, years later, some content still remains to be transferred looks like most of the process is finally complete.

The Eva Wiki currently has 53,655 pages and 642 articles, with a total of 39,731 images.


Originally launched by Reichu and various other at AnimeNation years ago, only four episodes, the OP, and the ED were tackled before the project, rather sadly, went into limbo. In the time since, there have been many queries and concerns about the future of the commentary. Reichu is well known as a procrastinator of super-Sadamoto proportions, and no one else has stepped up to take her place as leader, ...until now! Episode 05 and Episode 06 were opened to comments and edited into the new commentary pages, and now Episode 07 is complete as well. We are also proud to announce that Episode 08 is nominally complete as of July 2021.

Due to the fact that none of us are getting any younger or have much free time left in our increasingly busy real lives, Ursus had a mind to bring things to a rather hurried close. It may not be the best end to the commentary project, but it's an end, and that's an improvement over leaving things in eternal limbo. Like Quiddity half-jokingly said, we'd be waiting until 2060 to get the commentary done at the rate at which we were going, and it's doubtful that many of us would even be alive by then with the reduced life expectancy of millenials in the post-recession era, so bringing things to an end in 2021 means beating the old projection by 39 years (yay, progress!). Episode 19 has been opened in its own thread and all the remaining episodes are open in a "General Commentary" thread. Please take a look and feel free to comment! Don't worry if it takes a while for the comments to get added, because those threads are going to stay open for a long while.


Volunteers are free to recommend themselves. Probably the best way to do this is to get an account at the forum (which is a requisite to be an editor anyway) and post in the sign-up thread on the forums. This way, you won't have to deal with Reichu's typical flakiness, and there is a good chance that one of sysops will notice you. But, please, do not "volunteer" if you have no intention of actually contributing anything to the site aside from a user page. That's just lame, and we've had enough of it happening that we no longer enable userpages by default - we hand them out once we think you've actually contributed something substantial.

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Also, some external links that will help Scribe-Minions on their arduous journeys. These really shouldn't be on the main page, but things being the mess they are...