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Number Third
Symbol Water
Appearance(s) Episode 01, Episode 02
(Manga): Stages 1~5
(Rebuild): Evangelion 1.0
Defeated by Evangelion Unit-01
Design Yoshitoh Asari

Sachiel (katakana: サキエル) is the Third Angel in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the first to appear in the 15 years since Second Impact.


Sachiel is a spindly, amphibious humanoid Angel slightly larger than an Evangelion. The Angel has an unusually lanky physique and exaggerated proportions, arms reaching below the knees, and elongated shins and feet, with the impression of leg length furthered by the absence of a head and neck. Like other humanoid Angels, Sachiel possesses a core located in the solar plexus region. Both of Sachiel's faces- the initial long-beaked one and the short-beaked one that grows after the N² mine attack, are made of ossified material and shaped like a bird skull, the long beaked face being capable of limited mobility. Sachiel has eyes with red irises deep within the eye sockets, which, in the long-beaked face, are capable of blinking.

Unusual among Angels, Sachiel possesses a respiration system based in the thighs and crotch, breathing in through gills in the thighs and exhaling through a nostril in the crotch. The gills also serve as underwater propulsion. Sachiel possesses blood of a bluish-purple color, making it unique among Angels for whom blood has been observed.

Sachiel's super-jump

While Sachiel is not a flight-capable Angel, it demonstrates an ability to make A.T. Field enhanced jumps while escaping attacking VTOL craft.

The Angel's natural weaponry are two red "lances" that extend from its forearms and can be energized to increase their destructive capacity. These are physical structures that serve as (or presumably fit within) the Angel's ulna or outer arm bone. Following the N2 land mine explosion, Sachiel developed a new face with the ability to set off cross-shaped explosions through its eye sockets. The explosions can be used against aerial targets such as reconnaissance aircraft, against fixed structures, or even be horizontally oriented (the horizontal version of this attack was utterly ineffective against Eva-01). Sachiel is also capable of altering its body shape and muscle mass, increasing its muscle mass when under strain. As a last resort, it can wrap itself into a ball around its opponent and self-destruct.

Design and Production

Original concept art for Sachiel

The more refined version of Sachiel's design ("Version A") depicts the "ribs" and "scapular carapace" as three separate units, although many cuts in the anime use a version ("B") where they form one combined structure. (This "Design B" is also used by Sadamoto in the manga.) One other discrepancy is that, in B, both right and left "ribs" possess an upper bone-spur, whereas in A this feature is only present on the left (and confirmably absent from the start). It has notable similarities to the plugsuits.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal presents an earlier concept for Sachiel's design, although it bears little resemblance to the final version beyond the basic "spindly amphibious humanoid" motif.


Sachiel first appeared out of the ocean, coming ashore just east of Tokyo-3. The JSSDF tried to stop Sachiel's advance, sending in a force of tanks and Heavy Fighter Jet-VTOL craft, but they fail miserably.

After advancing past the tank battalion stationed on the shore, Sachiel was knocked back by a missile barrage from VTOL craft- possibly simply in surprise. The Angel soon got used to the attacks and didn't even flinch. Instead of behaving like a stereotypical "rampaging giant monster", it shot down a VTOL that had attacked it with the attitude of swatting a fly, before avoiding the attackers with a huge A.T. Field assisted leap similar to limited flight.

The JSSDF eventually used their "last resort" by luring Sachiel to the region of Mt. Takanosu, and then detonating a planted N² Mine underneath its feet. This results in considerable damage to Sachiel, melting some 18% of its mass, but it is only a matter of hours before it regenerates the damage. In the process of regenerating from the N² Mine attack, Sachiel's original bony "face" structure is pushed towards the upper right of its torso as a new slightly more rounded bony "face" grows from the center of its chest. While this fails to stop Sachiel, it does slow down the Angel long enough for Nerv to prepare Evangelion Unit-01 to be sent into combat against Sachiel.

Sachiel appears to be capable of learning from its environment and upgrading its physical capabilities in response to external threats. After the Angel regenerates from the N² Mine attack, it develops a new ability: a long-range energy blast (which results in crucifix-shaped spikes of energy) which it fires from its eyes (on its new, more rounded face).

Sachiel does begin to attack surrounding buildings when it gets to Tokyo-3 itself (possibly because it was trying to get to Nerv HQ below).

Finally, Eva-01 was launched against Sachiel, but the Eva promptly fell flat on its face. Sachiel then grabbed Eva by the head, and broke its left arm. During this, Sachiel again displayed its ability to adapt, by instantly increasing the muscle mass of its own arm to increase its physical strength. While holding Eva-01 by the head, Sachiel then shot out its energy lance from its palm, impaling Eva-01's head and flinging it against a building.

However, Eva-01 then went into "berserker" mode, making a somersaulting drop-kick against Sachiel ending in Eva-01 ripping off half of Sachiel's ossified face. Eva-01 made a second rampage at the Angel, only to be stopped by its A.T. Field. The Eva regenerated its broken arm and eroded the A.T. Field with its own. Sachiel used its cross-blast weapon against the Evangelion, to no effect. The Eva proceeded to grab both the Angel's arms with its left hand and broke them with a sharp snap, then kicked it into a building, and followed up by charging into it. The Eva then broke off pieces of bone from Sachiel's exterior ribs and repeatedly drove them into the Angel's core, slowly cracking it. Realizing it was on the verge of defeat, Sachiel once more adapted itself to give its body a whip-like consistently then jumped onto Eva-01, wrapped itself around the Eva, and self-destructed. However, even this self-sacrificial attack failed to destroy Eva-01, which emerged from the destruction with only moderate damage.


Sachiel is named after a cherub and resident of the First Heaven. This angel is supposedly invoked from the south, possibly referenced in Sachiel's path towards Tokyo-3.

In addition, the name "Sachiel" is likely sourced from the Hebrew סכיאל (Sachiel), meaning "Covering of God."

In Other Media

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Manga Adaptation

While Misato retrieves Shinji by car, Rei pilots Unit-01 and confronts Sachiel. During this encounter, Sachiel is depicted as being fairly nimble; however, the Angel loses the ability of enlarging his muscles. Its battle with Unit-01 changes as well: after the berserk Eva jumps in front of it, the Angel uses its right lance to strike the foe once more. The unit stops the lance between its jaws, however, and hits Sachiel's face with his feet. The Angel gets his arm free from the grip of the Eva and starts slashing it against the opponent, which evades the attack by jumping away from it. After dodging more lance slashes, the Eva charges at Sachiel, who reacts by using its A.T. field. After restoring its left arm, the unit destroys the barrier, only to be hit by the enemy cross beam. The Eva deflects the attack, sending the Angel against a building. With another leap, the unit hits the Angel's core with its knees. It then proceeds to smash the core with its right hand, but it is captured by Sachiel's self-destruct attack. Even after being engulfed in the explosion, the Eva does not sustain any significant damage.

Girlfriend of Steel 2

In the PC game, Sachiel is part of the mass Angel attack...

Battle Orchestra

Sachiel is one of the playable characters in the "brawling" game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra. He's the first opponent in Unit-01 Story mode.

Petit Eva

Sachiel appears in one episode of Petit Eva: Evangelion@School. Here, it is portrayed as a giant monster terrorizing the city. While doing so, it is struck on the forehead by a bogey thrown by Unit-01, who is at NERV Academy at the time. Realizing what it was and where it came from, Sachiel rushes towards the school, demanding to know who threw the bogey at him. Unit-01 then decides to fight him; however, he is way smaller than Sachiel, who proceeds to repeatedly stomp on him. This continues until Shinji plugs Unit-01 into an outlet, which recharges him and increases his height until he is taller than Sachiel. Realizing that it cannot win, Sachiel tries to run away, but is grabbed by Unit-01, rolled up into a ball, and thrown far away. It is later found, now way smaller than it was, by Rei III, who washes it in a nearby stream and hangs it up to dry.

Angelic Days

Sachiel, much like the original anime, is the first Angel to be seen attacking Tokyo-03. It is double-teamed by Shinji and Rei in Units 01 and 00. After a brutal fight, Sachiel is brought down, but not before wounding Rei in the eye with one of its spears.

Transformers Mode "EVA"

Sachiel ends up being possessed by Starscream and mutated him to resemble his old body. He would be killed by Optimus Prime after using his Energon Axe rips out the Angel's Core.

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