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Note: This page is about the Rebuild continuity. For the Seventh Angel of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, please see Israfel.

Seventh Angel
Seventh Angel
Number Rebuild: Seventh
Appearance(s) Evangelion 2.0
Defeated by Eva-02
Design Shigeto Koyama

The Seventh Angel (第7使徒) is an addition to the Angel pantheon introduced in Evangelion 2.0, a gigantic bipedal being that resembles a stylized clock.


CG model of 7th Angel's first form

The Angel's tall body is comprised of many sharply four-pronged, geometrically similar pieces. The head, atop a long "neck", possesses two Sachiel-like faces placed back-to-back, one longer than the other, resembling hands of a clock moving in opposite directions (each is moving to its left). A mock core is housed directly below the head; destroying this also destroys the head and causes the Angel to briefly disaggregate. The true core is located within a large red, four-eyed "pendulum" at the end of the Angel's "tail", an appendage that swings to replace the head, followed by swift reassembly. Two halo-like rings are situated on the Angel's "hips".

The Angel's main weapons are cross-shaped explosions and dart-like projectiles that leave inky trails, both emitted from the head after it briefly morphs into a dark cross. The Angel also walks on water by using its A.T. Field to freeze the fluid underfoot.


Eva2-22 C0750.jpg

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Due to the Angel's massive scale, Eva-02 must be sortied with flight capabilities (via S-Type Equipment) in order to pose a threat. With the assistance of a magnetic crossbow, pilot Asuka Shikinami Langley is able to quickly destroy the true core.


No official name has yet been announced. In the meantime, the Angel is often referred to as "Clockiel" by the English-speaking fandom, for self-explanatory reasons.

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