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A halo (天使の輪, tenshi no wa) is a ring of energy that appears in association with (usually directly above) Angels and Evangelions in the Rebuild continuity. The only Angels that have not displayed halos so far are the 7th (although the halo-like rings on its hips might qualify) and the 10th.

Some of the appearances seem arbitrary, but in general the halos accompany feats of levitation or other assisted movement, or manifest at moments when great innate power is unleashed. Gendo is seen to levitating over what appears to be a device similar to a halo in Evangelion 3.0.

Halo Appearances
4th Angel preparing for powered jump.
5th Angel rising into combat configuration.
6th Angel approaching center of Tokyo-3.
3rd Angel cutting through ceiling with halo.
3rd Angel ascending via halo.
Halo-like rings on 7th Angel.
Red halo over transformed 8th Angel.
Multiple halos over "boosting" 8th Angel.
9th Angel preparing for a powered jump.
Mark.06 descending to Geofront
Mark.06 descending to Dogma.
The quickening Eva-08.
Concentric halos appearing under the AAA Wunder as it launches.
An awakened Eva-13 with two Halos
Eva Mark.09/Vessel of the Adams in flight with Halo
Mark.09 landing on the Wunder; halo visible.
Mark.09 landing complete. Halo vanished.
A circle underneath a levitating Gendo.

In Neon Genesis Evangelion

The halo motif is put to limited use in the original series. Most notably, one forms over the head of Eva-00 as it transitions into a giant Rei, moments before self-destructing.

In tradition

Halos are a Christian visual motif associated with angels and holy figures (such as Jesus Christ). Before they were stylized into a floating ring, they appeared in art as a circular aura from behind.[Source needed]