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The 10th Angel appears in Evangelion 2.0. Its initial physical appearance and abilities are based on Zeruel but it is extensively redesigned and serves an entirely different thematic purpose.


The 10th Angel is over twice the size of an Eva, with a fleshy, arthropod-like body over which a large dark green cowl of undulating prehensile ribbons is draped. When the Angel first appears, the cowl is folded up, giving the Angel a mummy-like appearance. Two of the ribbons are much longer than the others and serve as its primary melee weapon, capable of being coiled up into piercing drills of variable circumference; the Angel also uses them to prop itself up when standing. The face -- modified from the original Zeruel -- conceals two red eyes and a mouth containing a tripartite jaw and a biting tongue-like appendage that can grow to massive size. Two sets of interlocking "teeth" flanking the core are capable of closing down to provide additional protection to the organ if needed.

The Angel's A.T. Field is extremely strong, capable of protecting it from multiple point-blank missile collisions with no effort. It can also extend multiple layered barriers outward, which can forcibly push foes away along with making any effort to breach the Angel's field that much more energy-intensive. The 10th Angel's other energy projection abilities are much the same as Zeruel's, albeit more powerful. Gendo notes to Fuyutsuki that the 10th Angel is more powerful than predicted, and the Angel is capable of breaching all the armor layers of the Geofront in a single shot as well as instantly shooting a hole right through the pyramid of Nerv HQ.

The Angel enters the Geofront and is confronted by Mari in Eva-02, but all of Mari's conventional attacks and weapons prove ineffective. Mari deliberately pushes her Eva into a "beast" mode that transforms it into a bestial form that is capable of biting and tearing through the 10th Angel's layered A.T. Field, but is incapacitated by a direct strike from the Angel's cutting arms. Eva-00 charges the Angel with an N2 missile and succeeds in breaching the Angel's layered A.T. Fields with the help of Eva-02. The missile fails to make contact with the Angel's core as the "teeth" protecting the core close down and protect it. Eva-00 is scorched and blackened by the explosion, which leaves the Angel unharmed. Eva-00 is subsequently consumed by the Angel.

Upon devouring and absorbing Eva-00, the 10th Angel contains the Eva's core within its own, and the Angel's intrinsic pattern is replaced by that of the Eva's. The Angel's body reconfigures into the form of a distorted human female with ghostly white flesh accented by gray markings, abnormally long and gaunt arms, and lower legs that terminate in stubs. The humanoid arms replace the primary cutting ribbons but can be instantaneously reverted as need dictates. The battle against Eva-01 proceeds much as the original battle against Zeruel, with the Angel shooting off Eva-01's arm but being battered severely in the process. The Angel also employs two additional ribbons when it battles the reactivated Eva-01.

The awakened Eva-01 succeeds in deploying energy beams of its own to destroy the 10th Angel's A.T. Field and then bisect the Angel, cutting open the "teeth" protecting the core and causing the Angel to partially explode, taking it out of combat. After being taken down by Eva-01, the humanoid extension of the Angel's body becomes a homogeneous mass of ribbons. Eva-01 forcibly extracts Eva-00's core and kills the 10th. Its body fluid reforms around Eva-00's core in the form of a giant red Rei, which then fuses into Eva-01. Thus the Angel has effectively been absorbed by Eva-01, but whether Eva-01 received a Fruit of Life as in NGE, or anything equivalent, is not yet known.

In contrast with the other Angels, the 10th is never seen deploying a halo[1], and a rainbow appears well in advance of its death, when Eva-01 delivers the crippling blow.

10th Angel
10th Angel appears, in an echo of the 4th.
Closeup of 10th's face.
Deploying arms against Eva-02.
Four arms used against Eva-01.
Red eyes.
Being attacked by Eva-01's offensive use of A.T. Field.
Note the gray body patches and stubby legs.
Eva-01 plundering 10th Angel's core.


The 10th Angel appears over Tokyo-3 and lays waste to the city's defenses in short time. It effortlessly breaches the Geofront, then unfolds its body and enters.

Mari Makinami Illustrious deploys inside Eva-02 and confronts Zeruel within the Geofront, attacking first with rifle fire and then attempting a melee attack with a Thunder Spear and the right shoulder pylon's needle gun. None make a dent in the Angel's defensive power, and as a result Mari resorts to activating Eva-02's Beast Mode. Despite this boost in strength and mobility, the Eva is still unable to breach the Angel's A.T. Field and is severely damaged by the Angel's counterattack.

Eva-00 attacks with a large N² missile, and, with Eva-02's aid, the Angel's field is finally penetrated. The attack is again ineffective, and Eva-00 loses both arms in the explosion. The pilot makes no attempt to resist as the Angel extends an appendage from its mouth and devours the Eva. The 10th Angel subsequently grows a humanoid body and, due to shifting its pattern to Eva-00's, gains the ability to bypass the automated self-destruct that would otherwise prevent it from reaching Lilith's chamber.

The Angel demolishes the Nerv pyramid and invades the main shaft, confronting and nearly annihilating the command center crew before being stopped by Shinji in Eva-01. The fight between both proceeds in much the same manner as the original series until Eva-01 runs out of power, at which point the Angel skewers the Eva and throws it against the remains of the pyramid. The Eva soon revives and quickly reaches incredible levels of power: reconstructing its lost arm from its A.T. Field, blocking all of the 10th Angel's overpowered attacks, and finally taking the Angel down with optical energy beams. Shinji recovers Rei from inside the Angel's body, and its blood-like remains are assimilated into Eva-01 as Third Impact is initiated.


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Yoshitoh Asari, designer of Zeruel as well as Sachiel and Shamshel from the original series, was responsible for the design of the Tenth Angel. According to Asari, most of his previous Angel designs had begun based off their specific gimmicks, but the Tenth Angel began with the premise of providing a climactic battle similar to that against the Sixth Angel. It was initially meant to appear similar to Zeruel before transitioning into something very different and terrifying, and the idea that the swallowed Eva protruded from the inside of the Angel was added on during the design process.

The 10th Angel also incorporates Armisael from the original series. See more.

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  1. The appearance of one was storyboarded, however, in the scene where the Angel deploys four arms.