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"Fourth Angel"
The Fourth Angel
Number 4th
Appearance(s) Evangelion 1.0
Defeated by Eva-01
Design Yoshitoh Asari (NGE)
Fourth Angel in New Theatrical Edition

The Fourth Angel appears in Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone, as a nearly-identical reiteration of its anime counterpart Sachiel. The Angel's design and even most of the scenes that it is present in are nearly identical to those from the anime, and its battle against Eva-01 very closely follows the battle in Episode 01 and Episode 02. The Angel makes landfall from the sea in near-identical conditions to Sachiel and enters combat with tanks and artillery in the same manner as Sachiel, culminating in being lured onto an N2 mine. Following the damage, the Angel regenerates a second face, like Sachiel and develops a near-identical energy attack.

It is killed by Eva-01 under the same conditions as the original Sachiel, except that its dying explosion releases a rainbow, as is the case with all Angels in the Rebuild continuity.

There are minor modifications to the Angel's design, since its blood is now red (as opposed to blue). Another addition is that of a halo that appears above its head when it makes an A.T. Field assisted jump. Another is that the eyes in the Angel's second face glow bright red, first when the new face emerges, and again when casting its A.T. Field against Eva-01 and finally before dying.

In the Rebuild 1.11 DVD release, the Angel is depicted with huge red boils/pustules immediately following the N2 mine explosion.

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