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19 C001a.jpg

19 C001b.jpg

19 C001c.jpg

Inside Nerv Headquarters.

Unit One is still in the cage gantry scaffold lock.
There is an ominous silence in the air.

19 C002a.jpg

19 C002b.jpg

19 C002c.jpg

Shinji closeup.

Shinji’s face is sinked in anger.

19 C003a.jpg

19 C003b.jpg


Inside the bridge.
The Eva in the cage is being projected.

IBUKI (behind):“Unit One’s interlocking circuits have been cut!”

19 C004a.jpg

19 C004b.jpg

Bridge, Ibuki in front of Fuyutsuki.

FUYUTSUKI:“What about the ejection signal?”

IBUKI:“It’s being locked from the plug’s side.”

19 C005a.jpg

19 C005b.jpg

19 C005c.jpg

Hyuga turns, looking toward’s the camera’s view (at Shinji) and speaks.

IBUKI (OFF LEFT):“There’s no reception.”

HYUGA:“But, Shinji, had we not done that you’d have died.”

19 C006a.jpg

19 C006b.jpg

Inside the headquarters.

The Eva is being projected.

SHINJI (OFF SPEAKER):“That is not my concern!”

19 C007.jpg

Front of Hyuga closeup.

HYUGA:“That’s the truth, though!”

19 C008a.jpg

19 C008b.jpg

19 C008c.jpg

View of the entire bridge.

SHINJI (OFF):“Don’t try to make me angrier by saying that. Unit One has (OFF) 185 seconds remaining.”

19 C009a.jpg

19 C009b.jpg

Time counter closeup.

19 C010a.jpg

19 C010b.jpg

An exterior view of Nerv Headquarters.

SHINJI (OFF):“There’s enough here to destroy at least half of headquarters.”

19 C011a.jpg

19 C011c.jpg

The bridge. Aoba is sitting in a chair in front of a bitter faced Fuyutsuki, and Ibuki on the other side gets up.

AOBA:“The way he is now, he’ll do it.”

IBUKI:“Shinji, listen to our words!”

19 C012a.jpg

19 C012b.jpg

Ikari doesn’t move even slightly.

(He has the same expression and pose as always)

IBUKI (OFF):“If Commander Ikari hadn’t made that decision,”

19 C013a.jpg

19 C013b.jpg

A closeup of the side of Ibuki, whose stood up and is appealing to Shinji.

IBUKI (ON):“everyone could have died!”

19 C014a.jpg

19 C014b.jpg

19 C014c.jpg

19 C014d.jpg

19 C014e.jpg

A closeup of an angry Shinji, he raises his head, it goes from his bangs to his mouth.

SHINJI:“I said that’s not my concern!”

19 C015a.jpg

19 C015b.jpg

19 C015c.jpg

Induction lever closeup.

Shinji angrily slams down his right hand.

SHINJI (OFF):“My father, he tried to kill Touji! (shouting)”

There is a thud on the lever as Shinji’s right hand slams into it.

SE <<Thud>>

19 C016a.jpg

19 C016b.jpg

A closeup of the side of Shinji, scowling. He squints his (partially closed) eye and speaks.

SHINJI:“With my hands!”

19 subtitle.jpg

SUBTITLE:“Episode #19 A Man’s Fight”

19 C017a.jpg

19 C017b.jpg

19 C017c.jpg

View of the entire bridge.

SHINJI (RADIO - OFF):“Father, you’re there, aren’t you!? What are you gonna say, answer me!”

19 C018a.jpg

19 C018b.jpg

19 C018c.jpg

Ikari is inside the shot above Ibuki, who is in front of him.

IKARI:“Raise the concentration of the LCL’s pressure to its limit.”

Ibuki turns in reaction to Ikari’s words.


19 C019.jpg

Ikari closeup.

IKARI:“We don’t have the free to waste on an impossible child.”

19 C020a.jpg

19 C020b.jpg

19 C020c.jpg

Inside the plug.

The LCL changes color.

SE <<ガシャン>>

19 C021a.jpg

19 C021b.jpg

19 C021c.jpg

19 C021d.jpg


An angry Shinji inside the plug from below.
It changes into a bizarre, rosy red color.
This causes Shinji to tremble and gag, as the LCL returns to water.

SHINJI:“I still have a direct connection with the circuit remaining -”

SE <<ゴン(moving sound)>>

SE <<ウッ>>

SE <<ツハッ>>

19 C022a.jpg

19 C022b.jpg

19 C022c.jpg

Shinji’s hands open.

Shinji loses consciousness and it turns to black.

SHINJI (RIGHT):“Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit… (fade out)”

19 C023.jpg

There is destruction and bodily fluids scattered around the streets (traffic light, telephone poles)

MALE ANNOUNCER A (RIGHT):“The dissolving process for the right breast has completed.”

Background dialogue at the spot of the disaster (until cut 029)

19 C024.jpg

Fallen on the top of a private home is what is remaining of Unit Three’s right hand.

SE <<ジャリ>>

FEMALE ANNOUNCER (LEFT):“We’ll start the cleansinig of the bodily fluids from 03 as planned.”

19 C025a.jpg

19 C025b.jpg

19 C025c.jpg


Ruins on a mountain road.

Ritsuko is standing there with a bandage on her head.

Misato comes in front of her, with her left arm in a cast.

MALE ANNOUNCER B (RIGHT):“The number 6 parts are being heat treated. Laborers in the Eva, please evacuate.”

RITSUKO:“Are you alright?”

19 C026a.jpg

19 C026b.jpg

Looking up at Ritsuko’s breasts, which is front of Misato.

Her left arm is in a cast.

MISATO:“I’m able to work, it shouldn’t be a problem. I couldn’t rest”

19 C027a.jpg

19 C027b.jpg

Misato and Ritsuko stand at the intersection of the road.

They face a fallen telephone and the neck of Unit 3.

MISATO:“(behind) with this emergency. So what happened to Shinji?”

MISATO:“(a slight pause) What about Shinji?”

RITSUKO (behind):“They used the emergency laser cutter”

19 C028.jpg

Men wearing protection clothes take Shinji out of the cut open entry plug.

RITSUKO (OFF):“to cut into the hatch”

19 C029.jpg

Two people stand in front of Unit 3’s neck.

RITSUKO (behind):“and remove him.”

MISATO:“This is bad. Now…”

FEMALE ANNOUNCER:“Make your object the recovery of all large scale living parts. Are you working on the head. And the side? Make that your priority.

MALE ANNOUNCER:“Number 5, 6 converter ring refrigeration, roger.”

FEMALE ANNOUNCER:“Disposing of the crushed vertebrae, roger. Please start working on neutralizing the LCL in the number 3 section at once.”

19 C030.jpg

Hospital greeting sign.

ASUKA (OFF):“…it may be hopeless for him.”

19 C031.jpg

Hospital lobby.

Asuka, resting against the wall (bandages are on various wounded parts of her) and Rei sitting in a chair (bandages on her left shoulder and hand). The two are in their plug suits.

ASUKA:“That idiot surely won’t be able to recover from this.”

REI:“How is Ikari?”

19 C032.jpg

Rei in front of Asuka, who is by the wall.

ASUKA:“He wasn’t injured,”

19 C033a.jpg

Hospital room. Closeup of the side of Shinji, sleeping.

SE <<<Monitor sound)breathing>>>

ASUKA (OFF):“so he should come to.”

19 C034.jpg

Rei’s breasts in front of Asuka.

ASUKA:“About now he should be dreaming.”

19 C035a.jpg

19 C035b.jpg

Asuka’s breasts in front of Rei.


ASUKA:“Yes. Don’t you dream? (bleeds into next cut)”

19 C036a.jpg

19 C036b.jpg

19 C036c.jpg

Side of Rei. Her sideward glance returns to in front of her.


Translator’s note: There is an error in the storyboard here. It says Asuka in the storyboard, but it’s clearly Rei in this cut, which is what I have switched it to)

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