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01 C192.jpg

A hovercraft racing over the water.

01 C193a.jpg

01 C193b.jpg

01 C193c.jpg

01 C193d.jpg

It advances up a waterway.
Reichu: Ahhh, our first glimpse of EVA-01. Or her left arm, anyway.

01 C194.jpg

The hovercraft stops up against a partition.
Reichu: This partition is actually the left-hand restraining plate. Keep an eye open for those stairs on the outside in subsequent shots.

felineki: Look at Sho's shoulder here. Anything look amiss? The shoulder has the whole word “EVANGELION” written across it. This is the only time in the show this occurs. Normally, they only have “EVA” written on them, or nothing at all. I first noticed this oddity when looking through Groundwork of Evangelion Vol. 1, and was surprised to find that it was still there in the finished episode.

Keisuke-kun: Shinji needs to be more observant…

Reichu: Probably still reading that pamphlet… Although, considering the total lack of content, one would think he'd have given up by now. ;;>

Hexon.Arq: Again, his preoccupation with the pamphlet could be an attempt to avoiding having to be observant. As long as you keep yourself unaware of the world around you, it cannot directly concern you, no matter how dire it might turn out for you in the end. Maybe his level of discomfort is not so critical at this point, but I'm sure his diligent staring into the pages of the book must have something to do with a desire to sleep throughout whatever situation he might be in. The antisocial have some very strange habits, believe you me.

01 C195a.jpg

01 C195b.jpg

The door closes. Shinji, Misato, and Ritsuko stand in darkness.

Shinji (OFF):“Um, it's pitch dark.”

The sound of a switch.

01 C196a.jpg

01 C196b.jpg

The lights come on and the giant face of an Evangelion appears.


Reichu: I honestly wonder how long they'd left poor Shogouki in that dark cage. As if not being able to move most of the time wasn't bad enough, can you imagine how crappy it must be for the Evas to be sensory-deprived, too?

Ornette: In an interview with Anno and (RahXephon's) Yutaka Izubuchi, they mention how this reveal of Eva-01 was textbook "Combattler-V" . Anno goes on to say "Yeah, the first episode of Con-V is the standard, orthodox way of doing it. All characters are gathered, and the robot is shown from the face first. In the manga Mazinger, beyond the startled face of Koji, there's the face of the robot. You have a robot, and it has a face. That's what the face is there for."

Additional Commentary  

DeepThought: The ADV dub in this particular scene really annoyed me. When the doors close and the room is filled completely in darkness (save a small red light), the following is heard (sub):

Shinji: (slightly startled, curious)
Huh..? It's so dark..?

Then we get the dub:

(Shocked and panic stricken)
Wh…Wh…HEY!! Why's it so dark in here…?

It's not so much the actual translation itself, but the tone in which Shinji reacts. It's nearly hysterical… or maybe I'm just nitpicking.

Reichu: I personally found that the dub changed the tone of characters' lines far too much for comfort. Essentially, the dub exaggerates a lot of lines that were far more subtle in the original to the point where they become, in my mind, far less believable. But my biggest problem is that theADV folks tend to sound like they are either griping or complaining or are simply too “hyper” (a common problem among the ADV crew, it seems!).

But since we are looking specifically at NGE in its original form, we are going to keep “sub vs. dub” comments to a minimum, since it covers such notoriously subjective territory.

Keisuke-kun: “I see you!!!”

Hexon.Arq: GAZE INTO THE OVARIES!!!— oh, I mean eyes.

01 C197a.jpg

01 C197b.jpg

01 C197c.jpg

01 C197d.jpg

Shinji:“The face… of a giant robot?”

He opens the Nerv pamplet.

OMF: At first he is simply surprised, but then he looks a little worried. He suspects something.

Reichu: Perhaps that he has seen this entity somewhere before? :P

OMF: Bingo.

Someone: Interestingly, he looks through the content from the middle of the book instead of looking from the content page or the index…

Reichu: Maybe he remembers something about “Giant Robots” being mentioned there. ::p

Hexon.Arq: If what I suggested is true, he's probably thinking, “Holy crap, I really should have read this thing instead of pretending!”

01 C198a.jpg

01 C198b.jpg

Ritsuko:“You won't find this in the manual.”

Shinji (OFF):“Huh?”

Sharp-kun: He won't find anything in there judging by a previous shot. ;)

Gundampilotspaz: I always wondered why the main focus of Nerv isn't in the manual. Is it that secret?

01 C199.jpg

A Cage used exclusively for the Eva. Only the head of the Evangelion emerges above the water's surface.

Ritsuko:“This is the Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon developed by humanity. The artificial human, Evangelion. That is EVA-01.”

Reichu: One thing that's puzzled me is how the scripts refer to virtually any liquid in NGE aside from potables or (most) bodily fluids as “water” (mizu). (The scripts even describe LCL as water!) It's never actually stated AFAIK, but it was my understanding that this pink liquid is actually coolant used to“refrigerate” the Evas in conjunction with the B-Type Equipment. As for what this “B-Type” stuff is all about, we'll get into that later.

Considering the sheer amount of coolant in this room, I would've expected the characters to exhibit some degree of environmental discomfort. I suppose it would have detracted from the drama to have Shinji whining about the temperature (in addition to everything else he's going to be whining about in a moment ;;> ), but we never hear the characters gripe about this is any other Cage scene, either.

“Artifical human” is a literal translation of jinzou ningen, which I've also seen translated as “android”, i.e., a human-shaped automaton. Since the Evas basically are treated as little more than automatons, I suppose “android” would be a fitting translation, although I prefer the ambiguity of “artificial human” here. “Artificial” is merely the antithesis of “natural”, which EVA-01, being a product of mad science (= human craft), certainly is not; and Ritsuko will refer to the Evas as “human” later on. So, in theory, jinzo ningen could be interpreted either way (unless, of course, such ambiguity does not actually exist in Japanese usage, in which case I'll retract my comment).

01 C200a.jpg

01 C200b.jpg

Ritsuko:“Its construction carried out in complete secrecy, it is our — humanity's — final trump.”

Shinji:“This is my father's work?”

Ikari (OFF):“Correct.”

Keisuke-kun: WTF? I just noticed. Where the hell did Misato get her jacket?

Dr. Nick: You may also notice that she's wearing different earrings now.

Reichu: In 198, we can also clearly see that Ritsuko is in her normal garb. Which prompts the question — exactly when did Ritsuko get changed? When the fate of the world is at stake, does one really have time to change out of cleavage-revealing swimsuits?

HeWhoPostsStuff: A convenient argument used by an innumerable amount of anime creators to justify their “eccentric” wardrobe choices, I would guess.

Reichu: Apparently, between 187 and 190, Ritsuko and Misato made that all-important stop at the Ladies' Locker Room… Too bad that scene didn't make the final cut, eh, boys?

Hexon.Arq: Man, Shinji could have seen two women changing… if he wasn't staring at that damn book all day.

01 C201a.jpg

01 C201b.jpg

01 C201c.jpg

Ikari standing in the Cage's control room.
Sharp-kun: I've always liked the way that Gendo looks down on Shinji during their meeting.

Reichu: Setting the scene up that way helps reinforce the dynamics of their relationship. Like I said in the OP, basically.

Shin-seiki: (200~202) Sheesh, could the Oedipal symbolism here be any more blatant? The sequence starts with Shinji's dismayed reaction to hearing that voice again (200), then the shot pans up a certain enormous phallic symbol (201) and comes to rest on the stern visage of the hated father-figure (202). If anyone has a practical, as opposed to merely symbolic, purpose to propose for Shogouki's horn, I'd love to hear it…

Sharp-kun: Impaling?

HeWhoPostsStuff: To look cool, of course. How're we supposed to explain half the wacky doodads that hang off of pretty much ANY anime mecha?

Additional Commentary  

Reichu: Actually, the theory you hear now and again about her horn being an antenna seems to be correct. I'll elaborate in episode #16 when the evidence occurs.

FYI, the horn and “frill” of EVA-01 are vaguely evocative of ceratopsian dinosaurs such as the ever-popular Triceratops. Dinosaurs are a pretty big thing over in Japan, so I doubt the resemblance is completely accidental.

Hexon.Arq: Add “variation of a kabuto helmet” and I think you've got the complete description. At least, that was my initial impression.

Reichu: To backtrack a little: Personally, I'm hesitant about associating phallic symbolism with something that is made out, throughout the course of the series, to be a feminine entity. The horn in this shot is quite effective compositionally, if nothing else.

Shin-seiki: I dunno, it seems to me that Freud's ideas are referenced quite a bit in NGE; do you really find it radical to suggest that Anno would resort to a little Freudian symbolism at the moment of Shinji and Gendo's first face-to-face confrontation in the show? And I know perfectly well that the Evas are “feminine beings”, but, to be honest, I've always thought that Shogouki looks like a guy. :P

Hexon.Arq: Don't forget about that enormous bulge she has downstairs, eh? And yes, the phallic symbolism was something even I caught the first time. It's classic in its utter appropriateness.

Reichu: As far as I'm concerned, the crotch plate (first visible in Scene 07) is just another “wacky doodad”, part of the overall “body armor”/“mecha” design and not to be read into too heavily. Although some of the artists depicting the Evas have exaggerated it to grotesque lengths (pun intended), perhaps it's worth noting that Yamashita maintains the feature in this rather interesting illustration (“based on my own personal interpretation”, he notes), wherein the Evas are portrayed as being unambiguously female.

And as for the Evas “looking like guys”… As I said to a doubting person at Otakononce, “With the right genetics, a chick can look like anything.” That NGE contains female humanoid entities (the Evas, Lilith, and, ahem, someone else …) that do not conform to the common standards for “femininity” — in having breasts and volumptuous curves, and such — is, if nothing else, refreshing. Go Nagai's “boob missile” mecha they ain't.

01 C202.jpg

Ikari looks down at Shinji.

Ikari:“…It's been a while.”

01 C203a.jpg

01 C203b.jpg


He averts his eyes.

Dream: Shinji seems extremely ashamed in this frame, i guess that's why he ran away from him around... Three years ago i think. He just couldn't stand that high look reminding him how pathethic and "wicked" he is... Well, that's how the scenario is in his head anyway.

OMF: It's important to remember that this scene is NOT about Shinji getting into the Eva.

01 C204a.jpg

01 C204b.jpg

01 C204c.jpg

A leer appears on Ikari's lips. He emits but a single word.


HeWhoPostsStuff: I wonder where the security camera is which captures Shinji's image for the background here… Also, in my opinion, those same multiple screens are used much more dramatically in volume 7 of the manga, while here they look to be more along the lines of simple background filler.

01 C205a.jpg

01 C205b.jpg

01 C205c.jpg


Misato:“Sortie!! Isn't EVA-00 still being frozen? (A quick glance at the Eva.) No, you plan on using EVA-01?”

Dream: And now begins one of my favorite scenes and songs from NGE. I believe this is easily the most Shinji-centered scene in all of NGE (well, maybe) The pacing, the direction, the dialogue, the sheer intensity with this feeling of tragedy and... Fate, what he has to do, an unavoidable sacrifice Shinji has to perform and he has no idea why, why they chose him, why he has to do it, and how they can think this worthless cowardly child (his assumed feelings, yet they are true to a certain extent) can possibly do something, anything, good without fucking it up.

Reichu: The first major Renewal alteration is a musical one. Originally, I. SHINJI starts at 214 and ends at 246. Personally, I think it's a shame that they changed this, if only because of the neat way that the song is “sandwiched” by the same shot. The changes in Renewal will be treated like the default on the commentary pages, but you can see the way things were originally here.

Gundampilotspaz: The song title, I. SHINJI, considering Anno's habit of naming episodes after sci-fi novels and movies, could be a take on Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. Not likely, but possible.

Additional Commentary  

Reichu: Personally, I always thought the “I.” part was “Ikari” abbreviated. Sort of like how I could be referred to as “Rachel C.”, except in Shinji's case the “I.” comes first because he's Japanese. Of course, the Japanese tend to put their surnames last (Western-style) whenever they write their names in the Roman alphabet, which punches a giant hole in my theory.

Incisivis: I. SHINJI (which I used to mistakenly refer to as “Shinji's Theme” for some reason) is a good piece of BGM. It nicely conveys a sense of hopelessness with its slow pace and sad tones. Oddly, it also reminds me of “Taps”.

Reichu: Interestingly, this BGM was originally intended to be the theme of the Angels. I'm not kidding. On the other hand, E-6, which ended up being the obligatory“angel attack” music (hence the title Anno eventually gave it), was composed for “desperate situations!” (zettai zetsumei!).

On a completely random note… I have a strange and powerful desire to see this scene turned into a musical number, with Shinji and the others singing an angsty lyrical version of this BGM. It would be the coolest thing evar.

Sephizim: I always felt like the melody of this song sounds like the song "America" in a minor key. Now that I've said this, you're all going to start singing "My country 'tis of thee..." somberly every time you hear this song from now on.

thewayneiac: Of course, that only works on this side of the pond; on the other side they'd be singing "God Save the Queen".

01 C206.jpg

Ritsuko speaks flatly.

Ritsuko:“…There's no other way.”

Keisuke-kun: (205~206) Interesting how Misato and Ritsuko are both standing by the eyes and Shinji is in the middle.

Reichu: It's a rather effective way, compositionally, to emphasize how Shinji is the focal point and has become the center of the universe all of a sudden.

01 C207a.jpg

01 C207b.jpg

01 C207c.jpg

Misato resists the idea.

Misato:“Now wait! Rei can't do it yet, can she?
(Quick glance at Shinji.)
We don't have a pilot!”

HeWhoPostsStuff: Methinks that the “quick glance” before that line suggests that Misato had suspicions as to why she had to bring Shinji to Nerv, but didn't want to believe them (as I mentioned back in 148)… Now, of course, she pretty much knows that her fears were true.

01 C208.jpg

Ritsuko (quietly):“One has just been delivered.”

01 C209.jpg

Misato:“…Are you serious?”

missing number

01 C211a.jpg

01 C211b.jpg

Ritsuko:“…Shinji Ikari.”

Shinji lifts his head and replies almost reflexively.


Dream: I honestly think that in his head Shinji is thinking "this can't be.." in tears. In this frame he reminds me of an ostrich hiding his head in the sand, don't really know why though.

01 C212.jpg

Ritsuko:“You will get into it.”
InstrumentalityOne: Ritsuko looks pretty pissed in that cut.

You can already see that she doesn't really like Shinji that much.

thewayneiac: I don't know about that. There's no sign that she dislikes Shinji in scenes where they interact, for instance, this scene. She just seems determined to get the job done; it is an emergency after all.

InstrumentalityOne: But her way of telling Shinji what to do seemed almost motherly. Can you see what I'm playing at?

thewayneiac: No, I must be missing something. How does her being motherly square with her not liking him?

InstrumentalityOne: Well, maybe I am looking to hard into this, but I always got the feel that Akagi is kind of jealous of the fact that "Shinji" is not her child she made with Gendo. Her desire to act like his mother and being possessive of him is there IMO. The fun part is that she's doing all that in front of Shogouki, lol.

01 C213.jpg

The full meaning of this doesn't seem to hit home.


01 C214.jpg

Shinji and the others standing on the umbilical bridge in front of the Eva's face.

Misato:“But it even took Rei Ayanami seven months just to synchronize with her Eva. This child just got here — it's impossible for him to do it!”

Ritsuko:“All he has to do is sit inside and try. We don't expect more than that.”

Keisuke-kun: (Re: C-206 ) Again here.

Reichu: Indeed, the interplay between Ritsuko, Misato, Shinji, and EVA-01's eyes helps make this a very compositionally sound shot. The space is divided up in a very harmonious fashion, although I'm sure the virtual symmetry helps.

Gundampilotspaz: This part really illustrates the difference between Misato and Ritsuko. Misato is being far too emotional about the situation, whereas Ritsuko is being far too cold.

MDWigs: Also, here Misato refers to how long Rei took to synch with EVA-00. This, combined with other evidence we are given later, seems to indicate that she only became an “official” pilot and started testing in 2014.

felineki: Sho's exo-dentures look a bit more pointy than usual in this shot…

KnightmareX13: It looks like Unit-01 has a grinning shark's mouth painted on it.

01 C215.jpg

Ritsuko (flatly):“Right now, intercepting the Angel is our top priority.”

01 C216.jpg

Shinji hangs his head as he listens.

Ritsuko (OFF):“To that end, if someone seems to have the slightest chance of synchronizing with the Eva, we have no choice but to put them on board.”

Dream: I guess this is a way for Anno to convey how secretly screwed up or dark is the concept of child pilots or chosen ones.

01 C217.jpg

Misato listens with a very serious face.

Ritsuko (OFF):“You should understand that, Captain Katsuragi.”

HeWhoPostsStuff: Here Ritsuko's no-nonsense, ruthless side is hinted at… I can't say it's so for certain, but it seems like she using Misato's memories of her father and Second Impact (which have, more or less, controlled her life up to this point) as an emotional trump, to get her to agree with the idea of making Shinji pilot the Eva cold. I wouldn't think she'd be referring to the Eva's technical aspects, anyways, since Misato knows little about them.

OMF: The conversation between Ritsuko and Misato here is an interesting one. In a lesser show, it would be Gendo and Shinji having this conversation, with Gendo explaining that even though the situation may seem hopeless, Shinji has to give it a shot, and with Shinji reluctantly accepting his role, stocially, as saviour of the universe. However this is Neon Genesis Evangelion, and such trite performances concerning the mere background details like saving the world are best left to secondary characters. Angels, Geofronts, Evas, Giant Robot Battles, Beautiful Women, Blood, Explosions, and High Tech Sci-Fi Installations: All of these are simply props, pretty background details to whet our appetites between the real meats of Evangelion, among them the cuts that follow now.

Reichu: Wait until #19 before you start talking about “meats”. Kekekekeke... And, erk... “Mere background detail”? I guess I'll save that particular rant for later.

01 C218a.jpg

01 C218b.jpg

Misato (OFF):“…you may be right.”

Shinji finally resolves to speak up.

Shinji:“Father… Why did you send for me?”

Incisivis: (204~236) It's interesting to watch the interplay of ethics in the climax of the episode. Gendo called Shinji on vague pretenses, and thrusts the boy into something fantastic and dangerous with no prior warning. That is wrong. Yet Sachiel is threatening the city, and Shinji is the only one who can pilot EVA-01. Thus, Shinji has an obligation to pilot, for the citizens of Tokyo-3. To reject that is wrong, at least to my way of thinking..

01 C219a.jpg

01 C219b.jpg

Ikari:“You know exactly why.”

Shinji:“So, you're saying I should get into it and go fight that thing?”

Keisuke-kun: Actually, from Shinji's perspective he wouldn't be able to see Gendo. EVA-01's horn is in the way.

Dr. Nick: “Dad, you're such a prick!”

01 C202.jpg


01 C221a.jpg

01 C221b.jpg

01 C221c.jpg

Shinji:“No way! How can you do this to me, after everything!?”
thewayneiac: Um, they seem to have some issues.

Reichu: Nothing some heavy-duty counseling can't fix!

Dr. Nick: Reminds me of that “Dr. Katz's therapy session” picture from the famous Food Court anime parody site.

01 C222.jpg

Shinji:“I knew you didn't want me!”
Incisivis: In 018, Shinji says, “I knew I shouldn't have come”.

161:Shinji says, “Of course. He wouldn't have sent me a letter unless he needed me for something”.

These are both key lines, I think. They display a cynicism that, to me, is not quite in keeping with his reaction to the fact that he's expected to pilot EVA-01 (cuts 221~222, 242, and 252 in particular). Yes, the anger that Shinji displays in those scenes would fit his cynicism, but I think there's an air of disappointment there, too. I think Shinji subconsciously hoped Gendo was showing interest in him at last, even though Shinji's common sense would argue against it. This increases his anger and sadness.

01 C223a.jpg

01 C223b.jpg

01 C223c.jpg

Ikari:“I called you because I have a need for you.”

Shinji:“Why me?”

Ikari:“Because no one else can.”

Gundampilotspaz: Kind of an insult and a complement in one, huh?

OMF: (218~228) Gendo and Shinji seem to be doing some heavily obfuscated bonding here. Both are carefully probing one another. Shinji wants confirmation, which he gets, but when he pushes his luck and seeks support, Gendo won't have any of it.

01 C224.jpg

Shinji (OFF):“But it's impossible… I've never seen or heard of anything like this. I can't do it!”

01 C225.jpg

Ikari:“You will be instructed.”

01 C226a.jpg

01 C226b.jpg

He shouts in desperate defiance.

Shinji:“No … I can't! I can't pilot something like this!”

Sephizim: I like the brief moment of hesitance here. I always felt like Shinji is at war with himself in a way. His nature as a doormat is to just go along with things, just because he prefers to avoid conflict. However, this is something he absolutely doesn't want to do, not only because it is completely unknown to him, but due to his disappointment that Gendo only called him to do a job, not reconcile or anything. However, it's not as easy as saying no. Once he does, everyone starts to fight him on it. He hesitates here, because his natural instinct would be to cave to the pressure and just do it so people won't be mad at him. In this case, however, his disappointment in Gendo outweighs all that. (This is only one of many, many ways where Shinji's life parallels my own...)

01 C227.jpg

Shinji reflected in Ikari's glasses.

Ikari:“If you're going to get inside, do it quickly. If not—”

01 C228.jpg

Gendo (OFF):“—then leave!”
Dream: Sad, cruel, horrible, heartbreaking and true.

01 C229.jpg

Misato stares at Shinji.

01 C230.jpg

As does Ritsuko.
Reichu: The contrast between the facial expressions here is rather telling.

01 C231.jpg

And the workers.
Sharp-kun: Given the amount of maintenance staff around, I do wonder how much of what the Evas actually are is kept secret. You can't very well expect them to maintain something they don't understand. Could they perhaps know more than Misato?

Reichu: I suspect almost everyone knows more than poor Misato. But you're right. I have a very hard time believing that these staff somehow are in the dark about the Evas, or, at the very least, about their organic nature. Their job kind of necessitates knowing "more than the average bear".

And on a completely unrelated note, the right-hand worker here scares me.

01 C232.jpg

And yet more workers.
thewayneiac: (230~232) None of these people look very sympathetic.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, how sympathetic would you be, if you worked on this huge thing for who knows how many years beforehand in preparation for this very moment, and then the vital guy needed to make your work worthwhile refuses to do it? Sort of like that one burnt bulb in a string of Christmas lights that makes the entire thing go out.

Dream: Actually I think some of the workers have the Ritsuko expression and others the Misato expression, I feel it as a nice way of conveying just how much of a central role in the whole Shinji has taken now wether he wants it or not.

Reichu: Perhaps, like Incisivis said, it would've been nice of them to haven given Shinji a little forewarning… But, then, if Shinji knew about this months or years in advance, that would kill most of the dramatic tension.

Missing number:

The same; workers in the water.

Reichu: I suspect the guys in this cut here were the “scuba grunts” we'll be seeing a bit later on.

01 C234.jpg

Shinji hanging his head before the Eva.
HeWhoPostsStuff: Am I the only one who think Shinji's head, positioned as it is, almost looks like a pupil within the Eva's eye? A tad spooky, in my opinion…

DeepThought: If it wasn't for the distracting white top he was wearing, the effect would be just.

Reichu: In this scene, EVA-01's “eyes” flipflop between being white and, for close-up shots like this one, yellow. It's all pretty damn bizarre if you consider what color her eyes are supposed to be, but more on that momentarily.

Dream: A boy and his duty. I really like this shot of Shinji looking down in shame, crushed by pain, and the Eva in the background, giant, covering it all, actually, the final frames of I.Shinji. are all deeply symbolic to me.

01 C235a.jpg

01 C235b.jpg

01 C235c.jpg

01 C235d.jpg

Sachiel's face lighting up.

01 C236a.jpg

01 C236b.jpg

01 C236c.jpg

01 C236d.jpg

01 C236e.jpg

01 C236f.jpg

01 C236g.jpg

Buildings exploding in the night.

A pillar of fire stretches up into the night sky.

MDWigs: Now that's a cross shaped explosion. ^_^

Gundampilotspaz: And the first random religious symbol!

Reichu: The first that's impossible not to notice, anyway. (The fig leaf showed up back in C-133.)

01 C224.jpg

The cage shakes.

01 C238.jpg

Ikari:“Damned creature, it must have figured out that we're here.”
Gundampilotspaz: You mean, “Must have figured out that Lilith is here,” Gendo.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, Lilith's part of the “collective ‘we’”, isn't she? :D

01 C239a.jpg

01 C239b.jpg

01 C239c.jpg

01 C239d.jpg

01 C239e.jpg


Sachiel attacks the city buildings. Another pillar of light rises.

HeWhoPostsStuff: If he really wants to blast down to the Geofront in the most efficient manner possible, why's he blowing up different spots above ground, instead of attacking one spot?

Reichu: The same thought had crossed my mind… I guess poor Sachi just isn't the brightest bulb in the package. Or maybe he's so PO'd at this point he just wants to make big explosions — to hell with efficiency!

HeWhoPostsStuff: Heck, if nothing else he's giving the people what they want.

Someone: Awww, come on, Sachiel knows how the human economy works! He's trying to waste more of the taxpayers' money!

01 C240a.jpg

01 C240b.jpg

01 C240c.jpg

Woman (OFF):“Damage to Layer 1, Armor Plate 8.”

Ritsuko:“Shinji-kun, we don't have any time.”

Man (OFF):“Multiple outbreaks of fire in the D Block. All roads going into the designated area are under emergency lockout.”

Reichu: Shinji looks suspiciously orange here.

01 C241.jpg

Misato:“Board it.”

01 C242a.jpg

01 C242b.jpg

01 C242c.jpg

Shinji:“Ugh!! I didn't come all this way for something like this… This is all wrong!”
Shin-seiki: This darkening over of the eyes (also seen in C-252) is a common anime visual convention, used to indicate a character's mortification or otherwise being totally bummed out. (Another occasion that comes to mind, where it is used in NGE to depict someone's acute mortification, is this.)

Sephizim: Breaking point. He obviously has some affinity for Misato, and seeing that she's now angry at him (or at least that's likely how he perceives that line), he pretty much wants to crawl in a corner and die. He wants nothing more to be away from this situation where people are angry at him, his father is as much of a douche as ever, and they're trying to get him to do things he doesn't want to.

01 C243a.jpg

01 C243b.jpg

01 C243c.jpg

Misato looks Shinji straight in the eye.

Misato:“Shinji-kun… why did you come here?”

Keisuke-kun: “Because you're hot.”

01 C244a.jpg

01 C244b.jpg

Shinji turns away from Misato.

Misato:“Don't run away, not from your father… and above all, not from yourself.”

HeWhoPostsStuff: Ah, the line that leads to one of NGE's most clichéd repetitious catchphrases.

Gundampilotspaz: Sounds like she is speaking from personal experience.

Incisivis: Misato's words to Shinji are the first of several sequences in which she gives him sensible advice, and yet there seems to be a feeling of distance, rather than teaching, between Misato and Shinji. Perhaps these talks are a veiled reference to the division between humans, since Misato's advice never seems to do any good.

01 C245a.jpg

01 C245b.jpg

01 C245c.jpg

Shinji:“I know! But I just can't do it!”
Sephizim: Better to just avoid her than face her perceived disappointment in him. Piloting the EVA is the last thing on his mind right now.

01 C246a.jpg

01 C246b.jpg

The three of them standing on the bridge.

Slowly, Misato stands up.

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