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Operation Yashima

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06 C113a.jpg

Nerv Operation Control Room

E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]]

TEXT:“Control Room, General Operations Command Center, Nerv Headquarters”

ANNOUNCER (WOMAN):“Enemy shield has broken through Armored Plate Number 7.”

06 C114.jpg


Hyuga and Misato

MISATO:“How’s the revision of the energy system?”

06 C115a.jpg

06 C115e.jpg


Giant cables run along the city street When the camera pans, they can be seen extending to the power lines in the mountains

TEXT:“New Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture”

WORKER (OFF):“It's 3.2% behind schedule, but we’ll finish it somehow before 23:10 today.”

KnightmareX13: All the cables look like veins because of their red and blue color.

06 C116b.jpg


The control room again. Misato looks to the left.

MISATO:“How's the positron rifle?”

06 C117a.jpg

06 C117b.jpg

06 C117d.jpg


When camera tracks back from the researcher making the phone call, the rifle can be seen disassembled, still under construction

TEXT:“Technology Department Division 3, Nerv Headquarters (In charge of electromagnetic and light wave hardware)”

RESEARCHER:“Technological development Department Section 3 will have it completed in three more hours, no matter what it takes.”

06 C118a.jpg

06 C118c.jpg


Misato turns to the right.

MISATO:“What are we doing for defense?”

06 C119b.jpg

Ritsuko and Ibuki on the catwalk inside the hangar.

TEXT:“Hangar 8, Nerv Headquarters”

RITSUKO (BACK):“The only thing we can defend with now is a shield.”

06 C119c.jpg

06 C119e.jpg

06 C119f.jpg

Along with them, there is a giant shield made for SSTO* leaning against the hangar wall.

*Single Stage to Orbit

TEXT:“Eva Anti-Heat and Light Wave Defensive Equipment (Makeshift Specs)”

IBUKI (BACK)(OFF):“This is a shield?”

RITSUKO (BACK)(OFF):“Yes. A hand-me-down from an SSTO.”

EvangelionFan: Something I always wondered: if the shield has a gap in it for sight, won't excess heat/energy from Ramiel's laser pass through it and severely damage Unit-00?

Fireand'chutes77: I think that is exactly what happened to Unit-00... Though I don't know if that hole is for sight, or just where the landing gear used to be. A model of the space shuttle I used to have had a slot in *exactly* the same position, but I don't know how accurate it was. Here's a nice high-res shot of the underside of Endeavorer.

EvangelionFan: It could be from the landing gear, but given the position of the slot and the indents around it I'd say it was put in there afterwards so it's likely for sight. Also, although the shuttle image is awesome, keep in mind that space shuttles are a two-stage and booster launch system - the transcript for the episode explicitly says the shield is a hand-me down from a single stage booster system.

Additional Commentary  

Fireand'chutes77: Ah. The Ritsuko from my Platinum DVDs says it's "borrowed from the space shuttle," and I hadn't clicked into that part of the episode guide until earlier today.

thewayneiac: Ummm... Is that line about the Space Shuttle from the dub? The Platinum subtitles have:

"Yes. It's a hand-me-down from a single stage to orbit rocket."

Anyway, I had a conversation with Shin-seiki yesterday, and he pointed out something that should have occured to me instantly:

Shin-seiki: That shield couldn't possibly be from the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle's reentry shield is not a single piece; it's made of thousands of individual tiles glued to the shuttle's bottom. Not to mention the fact that a shield designed to deflect the friction heat of reentry would be useless against a beam weapon.

thewayneiac: Wouldn't that would apply to a single-piece shield from an SSTO as well?

Shin-seiki: Yes, the whole idea is ridiculous.

UrsusArctos: With regards to the SSTO's heat shield...

1. It's shaped like the Space Shuttle, bar the slot for vision. While being shaped like the Space Shuttle is no big deal- one assumes that whatever SSTO used that heat shield had a similar aerodynamic configuration, hardly an uncommon thing in and of itself- the slot for vision seems a bit funny. Unless someone knocked out that segment of the heat shield keeping an Eva in mind, there's no reason why that gap should exist. Space Shuttles have no such slot in their Thermal Protection System, or they'd all suffer the same fate as Columbia.

2. The heat shield is obviously not made of tiles like the Shuttle TPS, as you stated. Just for the record, US Shuttles had around 24,000 and the Russian Buran had 38,000. However, both the Americans and the Russians have been looking into the possibility of a metal Thermal Protection System, which would have either been in one piece or would have consisted of overlapping panels that slid over each other with the heat of reentry. The present rate of technological progress in spaceflight means that a metal TPS will take quite a while to arrive, but the idea has been around for a long time. Nothing irrational or ridiculous about the one-piece heat shield we see.

3. The final statement you made is a good point. The Space Shuttle TPS consists of tiles that are 90 percent air, and those tiles withstand both high temperatures and dissipate heat very fast. You can put a blowtorch to those tiles and hold them in an ungloved hand ten seconds later (their interiors will still be glowing red, but the exteriors will be cool enough to hold). A metal TPS should be able to dissipate heat very fast and retain its integrity better than a TPS made of tiles. However, like you said, it won't be of any use against Ramiel's nuclear-powered death ray. The plasma during atmospheric reentry is a consequence of ram, or compression heating, and is spread evenly over the entire surface instead of being concentrated at a point. And judging from what Ramiel did to Eva-01's chest, using that SSTO heatshield really is nonsensical. It'd work, but it'd be a lot less effective than shown, practically speaking.

It's worse in Rebuild. That "Enchanted Shield of Virtue" in 1.0 is plain ridiculous...even if Ramiel's mountain-melting beam took its own time getting through it, how come the heat bouncing off the shield didn't cause Eva-00 to sink into a stream of lava? Both Evas should have been drowning in lava, by rights!

06 C120.jpg


Tilt shot of Ibuki and Ritsuko.

RITSUKO:“It may be ugly, but this model’s originally had a super electromagnetic base coating, so it should be able to withstand that beam attack for up to 17 seconds. Section 2 guarantees it.”

06 C121a.jpg

06 C121c.jpg


Misato turns around towards the camera. Her arms are crossed.

MISATO:“—All right. Where are we sniping from?”

NemZ: Why doesn't she already know all this? As head of tactical operations isn't this exactly the sort of thing she should be supervising?

06 C122a.jpg

06 C122c.jpg


Close-up of the monitor, A map of Hakone is displayed on it.

HYUGA (OFF):“Considering the distance from the target, topography and the need for nearby transformer station, this is the best spot.”

Kendrix: The picture looks almost like a fingerprint.


The two looking at the monitor appear over the map on display.

MISATO:““—Yes, this will do nicely. (To Hyuuga) Our sniping position will be the peak of Mount Futago!”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: The on-screen map being superimposed in the foreground of the character's faces is an old sci-fi trope. In NGE, Anno uses it to visually overwhelm the characters with the current situation being monitored on the screen as they attempt to over come it.

06 C124b.jpg

06 C124c.jpg

Misato straightens up and gives orders.

MISATO:“The operation will begin at 0:00h in the morning. From now on this operation will be known as Operation Yashima.”

HYUGA (OFF):“Roger.”

E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

thewayneiac: Operation Yashima is named after a real life battle which included a conspicuous feat of archery.

NemZ: Is it too soon to mention the Earthquake/Tsunami and it's connection to this episode?

thewayneiac: Probably. But for the record, what exactly is the connection other than Tsunamis and Angel attacks both being catastrophes? The only thing I can think of is comparing bringing power to the positron rifle to trying to restore power to the coolant pumps.

NemZ: The revolving blackouts and energy conservation plan following the quake was referred to as "Operation Yashima" by TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) representatives, clearly referring to this episode's national blackout to defeat the angel.

UrsusArctos: The "Operation Yashima" moniker for the power conservation program was unofficial. It just happened to catch on since it involved a nation-wide reduction in power consumption. The Japanese public really is obsessed with Evangelion for it to catch on the way it did.

06 C125.jpg


Close-up of Misato’s side profile, no lip movements.

MISATO (MONO):“The only problem now is the pilot.”

Missing #

Shinji inside capsule

SE <<Beep beep beep beep>>

06 C127a.jpg

06 C127c.jpg

The monitor display

The meters slowly cross the line and change from red to green.

SE <<pi pi Pi piiiiii--->>

06 C128a.jpg

06 C128c.jpg

06 C128e.jpg

The capsule covering Shinji.

It slides to the side and opens up. Close-up of Shinji’s sleeping side profile His eyes slowly open (half-open)

SE <<pshhhhhhh>>

SE <<shu~~ haa~~ shuu~~ haa~~>>

SE <<sound of telephone being put down – gacha>>

06 C129a.jpg

06 C129b.jpg

A telephone being put down

When the hand moves back, Misato can be seen in the control room with her arms crossed

TEXT:“Cage 7 Control Room”

OPERATOR (MALE) (OFF):“Unit-01’s pilot has regained consciousness. No problems detected in his examination results.”

Xard: Anno has used someone picking up/putting down phone sharply as scene transition device since his Ultraman parody film in 1980s. It is kinda funny how often this happens in Eva.

06 C129c.jpg

Misato speaks in a business-like manner.

MISATO:“Good. Then, the operation will proceed as planned.”

OPERATOR (MALE) (OFF):“Understood.”

06 C130a.jpg

06 C130b.jpg


Misato and Ritsuko Ritsuko speaks lightly while studying the data display

Misato’s face is turned away, and she speaks without meeting Ritsuko’s gaze

RITSUKO:“I wonder if he'll pilot it again...”

MISATO (Does not respond to Ritsuko's comment.):“Let’s hurry to the showdown on Mountain Futago!”

MAN:“No changes in the target’s aerial position.”

MAN:“Operation Yashima will proceed as planned at 0 hours in the morning.”

WOMAN:“Heads of all sections, please report on the progress of stage 1 of the operation immediately.”

Kendrix: Usual Ritsuko nonchalance. As we can see, Misato is in 'business mode' for the entire scene, but she's inwardly worried about Shinji and his willingness to pilot, even if she tries to hide her worry. She doesn't respond to a question that she has been asking herself seconds before.

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