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19 C135a.jpg

19 C135b.jpg

19 C135d.jpg

19 C135e.jpg

Angel Attack (to cut 170)

Emitted from an opening in the angel.

SE <<パウッ>>

19 C136a.jpg

19 C136b.jpg

19 C136c.jpg

19 C136e.jpg

19 C136f.jpg

An explosion spreads into the Geofront.

SE <<(explosion)>>

19 C137a.jpg

19 C137b.jpg

19 C137c.jpg

Unit Two with a rifle; it is prepared with other rifles and sonic rifles that surround it, sticking out of the forest.

19 C138.jpg

The picture is of Unit Two’s monitor. Fumes from the explosion spread out.

ASUKA (OFF):“Here it comes.”

19 C139a.jpg

19 C139b.jpg

Asuka inside the plug.

She talks with courage.

ASUKA:“Even though Shinji has gone, this will be a cinch for me.”

19 C140a.jpg

19 C140c.jpg

Buildings from the ceiling in front of smoke, the angel’s face is inside, being revealed.

SE <<ヴズズズ>>

19 C141a.jpg

19 C141b.jpg

Unit Two is firing with a rifle to its side.

There is flashing!

SE <<(firing)>>

19 C142a.jpg

19 C142b.jpg

19 C142c.jpg

Lights facing the angel which is descending down the middle.

SE <<(blams, firing)>>

19 C143a.jpg

19 C143b.jpg

Closeup of flashes from the rifle’s muzzle.

19 C144a.jpg

19 C144b.jpg

19 C144c.jpg

Asuka inside the plug, yelling!

SE <<(firing sound)>>

ASUKA:“Damn you! (bleeds into next cut)

19 C145a.jpg

19 C145b.jpg

19 C145c.jpg

The angel, beyond Unit Two.

With direct hits, there’s circles of light.

Flashes are emitted from the muzzle.

SE <<(shooting, impact)>>

19 C146a.jpg

19 C146b.jpg

19 C146c.jpg

Beyond the trees, the angel descends.

Closeup of its legs. (stops)

Wind in the trees.

19 C147a.jpg

19 C147b.jpg

19 C147c.jpg

Flashes from the muzzle as Unit Two fires.

The shots stop.

ASUKA (pre-emptive dialogue):“Shit!”

19 C148a.jpg

19 C148b.jpg

19 C148c.jpg

Closeup of Asuka saying bad language.


Translator’s Note: She doesn’t say anything offensive, but that’s what the storyboard says!

19 C149a.jpg

19 C149b.jpg

19 C149c.jpg

19 C149d.jpg

19 C149e.jpg

Unit Two takes things from outside of the frame with both hands, and holding onto them, fires.

SE <<(shooting)>>

19 C150a.jpg

19 C150b.jpg

19 C150c.jpg

Unit Two in front of the angel.

SE <<(shooting)>>

The angel is quiet.

19 C151a.jpg

19 C151b.jpg

19 C151c.jpg

Asuka, being still.

ASUKA:“Aren’t I neutralizing it’s AT field?!”

SE <<(firing sound)>>

19 C152a.jpg

19 C152b.jpg

The picture pulls out.

Unit Two is confronting the angel.

We see Nerv Headquarters inside them.

SE <<(shooting, impact)>>

19 C153a.jpg

19 C153b.jpg

Asuka inside the plug.

Regrettably she’s being reckless!

ASUKA:“Why won’t it collapse!?”

19 C154a.jpg

19 C154b.jpg

19 C154c.jpg

Unit Two swiftly grabs the next ones with its hands.

SE <<(grab)>>

19 C155a.jpg

19 C155b.jpg

19 C155c.jpg

19 C155d.jpg

19 C155e.jpg

19 C155f.jpg

The things Unit Two has grabbed are bazookas. It fires those its holding!!

SE <<(grab, launching)>>

19 C156a.jpg

19 C156b.jpg

19 C156c.jpg

Closeup of Asuka yelling.

ASUKA:“I can’t lose another time!”

19 C157a.jpg

19 C157b.jpg

19 C157c.jpg

Unit Two firing!

SE <<(launching)>>

19 C158a.jpg

19 C158b.jpg

19 C158c.jpg

19 C158d.jpg

19 C158e.jpg

19 C158f.jpg

The angel is engulfed in circular explosions; when these vanish, both of the angel’s arms drop down.

SE <<(explosions, extending)>>

19 C159a.jpg

19 C159b.jpg

19 C159c.jpg

Asuka becomes surprised.


19 C160a.jpg

19 C160b.jpg

19 C160c.jpg

19 C160d.jpg

19 C160e.jpg

The angel extends its arms!

SE <<バッ>>

19 C161a.jpg

19 C161b.jpg

19 C161c.jpg

19 C161d.jpg

Asuka front.

ASUKA:“No way!”

19 C162a.jpg

19 C162c.jpg

19 C162d.jpg

Closeup of the tip of Unit Two’s shoulder, which the angel’s arm goes through!

SE <<(slicing)>>

19 C163a.jpg

19 C163b.jpg

19 C163c.jpg

19 C163d.jpg

19 C163e.jpg

19 C163f.jpg

The picture pulls out (beyond the lake).

Both arms gone through Unit Two’s shoulder are blue.


The arms wave up and down, which causes Unit Two’s arms to disappear.

SE <<(slice)>>

The right arm, holding a rifle, falls into the lake. Water splashes up.

SE <<(splash)>>

Translator’s note: There is a mistake in the storyboard that says the color is red, but Unit Two clearly has blue blood in this scene.

19 C164a.jpg

19 C164b.jpg

19 C164c.jpg

Blue fluid spouts out of both of Unit Two’s shoulders!

SE <<(spraying)>>

Translator’s note: As in the previous cut, the storyboard has an error, saying it is red.

19 C165a.jpg

19 C165b.jpg

Asuka squats and holds both her shoulders in intense pain (we can’t see her face, her hair is in front of it).


19 C166a.jpg

19 C166b.jpg

19 C166c.jpg

19 C166d.jpg

The angel’s hand returns like an accordion.

SE <<バシュン>>

19 C167a.jpg

19 C167b.jpg

19 C167c.jpg

19 C167d.jpg

19 C167e.jpg


ASUKA:“You damn bastard!! (bleeds into next cut)

19 C168a.jpg

19 C168b.jpg

19 C168c.jpg

Unit Two, having lost both its arms charges! In a suicidal manner!

19 C169a.jpg

19 C169b.jpg

19 C169c.jpg

19 C169d.jpg

Misato tries to stop Asuka’s charge. She shouts at Ibuki!!

MISATO:“(shouting in a hurry) Asuka!! Cut all of the nerve connections! Quickly! (bleeds into next cut)

19 C170a.jpg

19 C170b.jpg

19 C170c.jpg

19 C170d.jpg

The angel’s left arm extends again!

SE <<バツユッ>>

19 C171a.jpg

19 C171b.jpg

19 C171c.jpg

19 C171d.jpg

19 C171e.jpg

Closeup of Asuka’s eye.


19 C172a.jpg

19 C172b.jpg

19 C172c.jpg

19 C172d.jpg

19 C172e.jpg

From a black image to Unit Two’s neck revolving in midair.

SE <<バツユッ>>

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