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You never know unless you try

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08 C185a.jpg

08 C185b.jpg

08 C185c.jpg


The Angel leaps up, breaking the surface of the water.



The perspective of the Angel as it plunges in a straight line towards Unit-02.

08 C187a.jpg

08 C187c.jpg

08 C187d.jpg


The Angel having leapt into the air, it swoops down on Unit-02, burdening the flight deck.


UrsusArctos: *Roy Scheider voice* "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Line: ...But, observing it better, it really is a huge, and beautiful fish...Love his color scheme.

08 C188a.jpg

08 C188b.jpg

08 C188c.jpg


The fighters lined up on the deck.
The fin of the Angel flops down there.

SE <<Craaaash>>

08 C189a.jpg

08 C189b.jpg

08 C189c.jpg

08 C189d.jpg


The deck of the carrier. Unit-02 and the Angel are in the background. In the foreground, the knife is stuck into the deck. It topples straight over, slicing through the nose of a Sukhoi.

SE <<Fwooosh

08 C190b.jpg


Overhead angle. On the deck of the carrier, Unit-02 is holding the Angel down by its neck.

SE <<Creeeeeeeak>>

UrsusArctos: WWE-style wrestling doesn't work well when one of the opponents is larger than the wrestling ring.

08 C191.jpg


Misato, leaning forward and looking out of the window. Her left hand holds a microphone, and her right hand is pressed against the windowpane.

MISATO:“Asuka! Well done stopping it.”

CAPTAIN:“This isn't a joke! The flight deck is completely wrecked!”

BGM End: E-4 [EVA-02]

UrsusArctos: The Captain's lucky that Gaghiel didn't capsize the entire ship!

08 C192a.jpg

08 C192b.jpg

08 C192c.jpg


On the flight deck, pushed by the Angel, Unit-02's feet slide backwards.

SE <<Screeeee...>>

At the end of the cut, it steps onto an elevator, which gives way.

SE <<...CRASH>>

08 C193a.jpg

08 C193b.jpg


Asuka and Shinji suffering the impact.

ASUKA (conc.):“*shrieeeek*

SHINJI (conc.):“Waaaaaaah!”

08 C194a.jpg

08 C194b.jpg


The glass shatters in the room where Misato and the others are. The members of the group are ducking down.


SE <<Shatter>>

Male Chatter:“Uwaaa!”

08 C195a.jpg

08 C195b.jpg

08 C195c.jpg

08 C195d.jpg


Unit-02 loses its balance.
Pushed back by the Angel, it falls into the sea.


The long body of the Angel forms a circle above the aircraft carrier.

08 C196a.jpg

08 C196b.jpg


The captain and the others lean out through a shattered windows.

CAPTAIN:“They've fallen!”

Misato tries to establish contact with the microphone.


08 C197a.jpg

08 C197b.jpg

08 C197c.jpg

08 C197d.jpg


The Angel and Eva-02 sink, trailing white foam.
Unit-02 clings to the neck of the Angel.

MISATO (OFF):“It's impossible to fight underwater with B-type equipment!”

UrsusArctos: This shot of Gaghiel descending reminds me of one of the shots of the New Nautilus from Nadia, and Gaghiel's overall design is fairly reminiscent of it too.

08 C198a.jpg

08 C198b.jpg


Asuka, confident, inside the entry plug.

ASUKA:“We won't know...”

08 C199a.jpg

08 C199b.jpg


Misato, a little worried.

ASUKA (RADIO):“...unless we try.”

08 C200a.jpg


Cable being sent out. There is a fighter that has been knocked over on the flight deck.

SE <<Wsssh wsssh wsssh>>

08 C201c.jpg


The ruins of a city under the sea.
The Angel and Unit-02 sink.
They crash into the ocean floor!!

SE <<Glubglubglub>>

Mr. Tines: From mid-ocean, we're suddenly very close to land (even if nothing shows on the horizon here).

08 C202a.jpg


A cloud of silt fills the screen.

SE <<Rumblerumble>>

UrsusArctos: You go, cowgirl! Ride that Angel! The in-script rodeo reference and the superhero stunts seen previously seem to be Anno's way of signaling Asuka's American heritage as blatantly as possible to his Japanese audience.

08 C202b.jpg

It suddenly shifts offscreen, and Unit-02 is riding on the Angel's back rodeo style.

SE <<Fwoosh>>

08 C202c.jpg

08 C202d.jpg

They plunge into an area where many large buildings line the ocean floor. They become obscured by a cloud of dust.

SE <<Whrooooooar>>

08 C202e.jpg

08 C202f.jpg

Near the end of the cut they send elevated highways etc. flying.

08 C203a.jpg

08 C203b.jpg

08 C203c.jpg


The Angel speeds through the sunken city.
Clouds of silt rise up, forming a trail behind it.

SE <<RumbleRUMBLE>>

The power cable remains connected. The cable, which had been arcing, becomes tightly stretched and extends.

Line: So there is a city engulfed in the deep seas? Is it because of Second Impact, right? Incredible!

UrsusArctos: Episode 14 identifies the sunken city as Ito off the Izu Peninsula, but the map shown later is that of Yokohama. There's an old forum discussion on the sunken city here [1].

ASW_Canuck: Anno's used a lot of creative license with the water depth, because melting all of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps would only increase ocean depth by ~70 m, not the hundreds of meters shown here. Would be rather anticlimactic for them to go overboard, panic about not having the B-type equipment for aquatic operation, and then realize that the water only comes up to Eva-02's chin.

08 C204a.jpg

08 C204b.jpg

08 C204c.jpg

08 C204e.jpg


The cable moves all around the deck of the ship.
It sweeps away the remaining fighters,
knocking them into the sea.

UrsusArctos: That sweeps the deck clean of those beautiful fighters. If you look closely, you'll realize that the fighters are actually about half the size of what they should be.

SEELE-01: Compared to Nerv's operative budget, those sunken planes were pocket change...

UrsusArctos: So were the sunken ships, but that doesn't make the tragedy any smaller.

08 C205a.jpg

08 C205b.jpg


The trio leaning out of a shattered window. Kensuke shoots video of the scene with chagrin.

KENSUKE (His mouth cannot be seen):“...what a waste.”

Misato directs her words towards the interior of the bridge.

MISATO:“What is the cable length?”

08 C206a.jpg

08 C206b.jpg


Thick, robust umbilical cable spills out from a bobbin attached to a transformer on the deck.

SE <<Whirrrrrrrrrrr>>

08 C207a.jpg

08 C207b.jpg


Shot looking into the bridge from outside.
The captain, first officer, and — in the background — Misato.

FIRST OFFICER:“We have another 1200 remaining!”

CAPTAIN:“What will you do?”

Misato sticks her chest out, brimming with self-confidence.

MISATO:“We'll manage somehow.”

08 C208a.jpg

08 C208b.jpg


Inside the entry plug, the two endure the effects of the speed and water pressure.

SHINJI:“W-we've got to do something......”

UrsusArctos: The script comment is interesting, I wonder how the pilots feel water pressure inside the Entry Plug?

08 C209a.jpg

08 C209b.jpg

08 C209c.jpg


The sunken, pre-Second Impact city. Upon the waters surface above, the undersides of the ships of the fleet can be seen next to one another. Drawing a trail of air bubbles behind it, the Angel plunges into the city! Sedimented earth and sand scatter explosively in all directions. The bursts continue in succession. (Unit-02's cable stretches out further and further.)

SE <<Glubglubglubglubglubglub
Vshoooom brakowbrakowbrakowbrakow>>

UrsusArctos: The rodeo goes on, and in true Tokusatsu fashion rampaging monsters continue to destroy cities, even when said cities are underwater and for all practical purposes completely destroyed...

08 C210.jpg


The three leaning out of a window with no glass.
Misato speaks instructions into the microphone.

MISATO:“The cable is going to run out! Brace yourselves for a shock!”

08 C211a.jpg

08 C211b.jpg

08 C211c.jpg


The small remaining amount of cable. The reel is rapidly wound off. Finally it stops. There is a jolt.

SE <<Fwshwshwshwshwshwshwsh

UrsusArctos: That's a helluva strong umbilical cable.

08 C212a.jpg

08 C212b.jpg

08 C212c.jpg


The cable, heavily arcing as it extends. It stretches taut. The cable strains with tension.


The Angel slips away from Unit-02, at the cable's end. Having lost its tension, the cable goes limp, undulating.

08 C213b.jpg

Asuka clicks her tongue.


08 C214a.jpg


The three looking down anxiously towards the surface of the water. Kensuke is feeling about in his pocket, searching for a video disk.

SPEAKER (OFF):“Eva has lost the target!”

KENSUKE:“Change disks now, while I have a chance.”

SE <<Vshooooo>>

UrsusArctos: That video disk stays glued to Kensuke's tongue while he's yelling, instead of falling to the floor. Anime physics at their finest.

SEELE-01: Oh Kensuke... Maybe you'd have memory left in your camera if you hadn't recorded the frikkin' elevator!

08 C214c.jpg

Kensuke is the first to notice.

KENSUKE:“Aaaaah! A Yak-38 Custom!!”

08 C214d.jpg

08 C214e.jpg

He scrambles trying to get his camera ready, but the compartment won't close.
Belatedly, the other two turn to see.

08 C215a.jpg

08 C215b.jpg


A Yak-38 is lifted up to the deck on an elevator.
It comes to a halt.

(OFF - SPEAKER):“Hey, Katsuragi.”

UrsusArctos: Even over the radio, Kaji should be inaudible with the noise of the engines operating. The choice of a Yak-38 is unusual, because that plane was, well...a piece of junk. Anno and company should've chosen a Yak-41 "Freestyle", it's a lot cooler and it has a stylishness Kaji would appreciate. ;;>

Alaska Slim: Given the "widowmaker" notoriety of the Yak-38 and that its engines suffered in the hot, humid environment of the ocean (and we know it's hot because, Endless Summer and all), I would think Kaji would be safer riding the bow of one of the ships with a sign saying "bite me".

08 C216a.jpg

08 C216b.jpg

08 C216c.jpg


Misato, delighted. But a little uneasy.


(She is mistaken, thinking that Kaji is going out to provide support for the Eva, but...)
Kensuke is still fiddling with his camera.

08 C217a.jpg

08 C217b.jpg

08 C217c.jpg


Close-up of the two-seater cockpit, with Kaji inside.
He is wearing a [flight] jacket over top of his [shirt and] tie, and an irresponsible smile.

KAJI:“I've got something to deliver, so I'll be going on ahead.”

08 C218b.jpg


Misato's expression turns to one of rage.
Kensuke is still fiddling with his camera.


08 C219a.jpg

08 C219b.jpg


Kaji indicates to his pilot.
The pilot nods.

KAJI:“Take us out.”


08 C220a.jpg

08 C220b.jpg

08 C220cc.jpg

08 C220d.jpg


The Yak-38 lifts off, reversing (as though blatantly escaping).

SE <<Vreeeeeeeeeee>>

KAJI (SPEAKER):“Well, I'll leave it to you~~~...”

UrsusArctos: I'm not sure any (real life) Yak-38 model was capable of flying backward in the manner depicted or doing so from atop an aircraft elevator. The heat of those exhausts can cause serious damage to a flight deck or an elevator, and Russian Kiev-class carriers needed water cooling to stop Yak-38 exhaust from overheating the deck. But visually, it sure does scream "running away" better than accelerating forwards like in real life.

08 C221a.jpg

08 C221b.jpg

08 C221c.jpg


The pair watch him as he goes, aghast.

KAJI (SPEAKER):“...Captain Katsuragi.”

Finally Kensuke resumes shooting with his camera.

TOJI:“H-he's run away.”

SPEAKER (OFF - RIGHT):“The target is again approaching Eva!”

UrsusArctos: She is so miffed that Kaji ran away that she didn't think of why he chose to run away. Just like the sabotage of Jet Alone in the previous episode, Misato overlooks the obvious signs that Nerv is up to no good.

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