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Asuka arrives in Japan

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08 C001a.jpg

08 C001b.jpg

08 C001c.jpg


The camera pans away out of the darkness.
Close-up of Ikari's mouth in silhouette.
He is speaking on the telephone.

IKARI (OFF to begin with):“Correct. I have already reached agreement on that issue with the committee.”

08 C002.jpg


The Commander's Office.

IKARI:“The cargo departed Sasebo yesterday, and is currently traversing the Pacific Ocean.”

08 C003.jpg


Black screen.

SE <<Sound of a helicopter>>

08 C004a.jpg

08 C004b.jpg

08 C004c.jpg


A river in a mountain valley. The camera moves from the upper to the middle reaches. A U.N. helicopter flies past the mouth of the river and out towards the sea.

SE <<Bakbakbakbakbakbak>>

KENSUKE (OFF):“An Mi-55d transport helicopter!!”

UrsusArctos: There is no Mi-55D design in real life. This appears to be entirely fictitious, or based off an concept design that was never built (hard to say from this look at the helo). Note the "UNAF" markings on the stub wings.

08 C005b.jpg

08 C005c.jpg


Kensuke, filming with a portable video camera, with one of the helicopter's front seats in the foreground.

KENSUKE:“If not for this I would never have had a chance to fly on one. Man! It's important to have friends, right, Shinji?”

08 C005d.jpg

08 C005e.jpg

Kensuke turns around to look at Shinji, seeking his agreement, but Shinji can't hear him over the sound of the helicopter.


MISATO:“I was thinking that...”

08 C006b.jpg


The heads of Misato and the pilot, the former smiling, with the three stooges — Toji, Shinji, and Kensuke — in the foreground.

MISATO:“...it's suffocating being surrounded by the same mountains day after day, and, since it's a Sunday, why not invite you out on a date?”

UrsusArctos: Just like Misato to call it a "date"!

08 C007a.jpg

08 C007b.jpg

08 C007d.jpg

08 C007e.jpg


Toji leans forward, pushing Shinji aside.

TOJI:“(Leaning forward) Eh! So today is a real date with Misato-san?
I bought this cap just for today! Misato-san!”

SHINJI:“So, where are we going?”

08 C008a.jpg

08 C008b.jpg


Misato, with a friendly demeanor.
She cuts in where the pilot would speak.

MISATO:“We'll be cruising the Pacific Ocean on a luxurious ship. ♡”

08 C009a.jpg

08 C009c.jpg


A great fleet becomes visible through a gap in the clouds.

KENSUKE (OFF):“Ohh — !!”

08 C010a.jpg

08 C010b.jpg


The three boys looking down. Kensuke is looking through his portable video camera, enthralled.

KENSUKE:“Five aircraft carriers and four battleships! A great fleet!!
Truly, it's important to have friends.”

Shinji and Toji are disappointed.

TOJI:“This is the luxurious ship?”

UrsusArctos: If I were in Kensuke's place, I would be geeking out too! Four battleships and five carriers in one formation...nobody does that any longer! (For good reason, too).

08 C011a.jpg

08 C011b.jpg


The great fleet sailing on the sea, with the helicopter in the foreground.

KENSUKE (OFF):“She's downright gorgeous!
After all, that's the pride of the U.N. forces, the full-scale aircraft carrier...”

SE <<Sound of the helicopter - Bakbakbakbakbak>>

08 C012a.jpg

08 C012b.jpg


The group seen through the canopy of the helicopter.

KENSUKE (ON):“..."Over the Rainbow"!”

SHINJI:“It's huge.”

MISATO:“That relic is doing well to stay afloat.”

The sun and the blue sky are reflected in the glass.

KENSUKE:“No, no —”

08 C013a.jpg

08 C013b.jpg


The perspective from Kensuke's video camera. The aircraft carrier, drawing nearer. On the deck, Sukhoi fighters lined up close to one another.

KENSUKE (OFF):“It's a vintage, pre-Second Impact model.”

UrsusArctos: For the record, Over the Rainbow is actually the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, the last ship of the class to be built before 2000 and the newest carrier in the US Navy at the time the show was produced.

thewayneiac: In addition to the Wizard of Oz reference, Naming the ship "Over the Rainbow" is probably a tribute to Episode 133 of Urusei Yatsura, wherein "Operation Over the Rainbow" is launched from a secret underground base belonging to a character named Asuka Mizunokouji. The association of the Name "Asuka" with the phrase "Over the Rainbow" is not likely to be a coincidence.

08 C014a.jpg

08 C014b.jpg


The view from a pair of binoculars. The helicopter, landing. Lights flash on the helicopter.

CAPTAIN (OFF):“*Humph* What nerve.”

SE <<Noise within the ship>>

08 C015.jpg


The bridge of the Over the Rainbow.
The captain, looking from the captain's seat through a pair of binoculars, and the first officer.

CAPTAIN (OFF):“They've brought the socket for that toy.”

08 C016.jpg


The two, the captain and first officer, looking on. The captain speaks sarcastically, spitting out his words.

CAPTAIN:“This is a child's errand.”

SE <<Weak radio sounds etc. OFF>>

UrsusArctos: It's evident throughout the show that the Captain of the carrier is also in charge of the fleet. In real life, there would be a Rear Admiral on board to command this extended fleet.

08 C017a.jpg

08 C017c.jpg


The helicopter, attempting to land on the ship.

SE <<Sound of the helicopter - bakbakbakbak>>

A girl (Asuka) stands upon a projection of the bridge.

MAN:“Attention flight deck. A U.N. helicopter is landing.”

08 C018b.jpg


Asuka looking below.
She is in silhouette. Her face cannot be seen.

SE <<Bakbakbakbak>>

08 C019b.jpg


The helicopter, having landed.
The rotor has stopped.
Deck personnel are going about their work.

SE <<Sound of the engine stopping — hyuuuuuuuuuu>>

08 C020.jpg



The overwhelming exterior of the bridge.

KENSUKE (OFF):“Ohh — !! Awesome, awesome!”

08 C021a.jpg

08 C021b.jpg

08 C021c.jpg

08 C021d.jpg


A line of fighter aircraft.

KENSUKE (OFF):“Awesome! Awesome!”

UrsusArctos: Awesome is right. Those are Russian Su-33 naval fighters, navalized versions of the mighty Su-27. Only 36 were built, if I remember right, and they're being replaced now due to age. There are a couple of goofs in the beautiful detailing, though - first off, the wings and tailplanes should be folded up on deck because those Sukhois are huge. Also, there is no US-style catapult attachment on the nose gear, which is essential if they have to be operated from an American carrier.

08 C022.jpg


A battery of radar antennas.

KENSUKE (OFF):“Awesome!!”

08 C023a.jpg

08 C023b.jpg

08 C023c.jpg

08 C023d.jpg


The majestic fleet, comprised of a mixture of forces from the former Eastern and Western Blocs.

If you're a man, this has to move you to tears!”

UrsusArctos: You got that right, Kensuke. You got that right.

08 C024a.jpg


Kensuke directs his camera all around in a state of excitement.

KENSUKE (OFF):“(Adlib. In any case he is offering praise.)

The deck crew are smiling in disbelief.

08 C024b.jpg

08 C024c.jpg

Toji's hat is carried off by the wind. Toji chases after it.

Hold it~~~”

08 C024d.jpg

08 C024e.jpg

Shinji stretches, looking bored.


Misato looks embarrassed.

08 C025a.jpg

08 C025b.jpg

08 C025c.jpg


The hat, having fallen to the deck, is tumbling around.

TOJI (p.d. - OFF):“Damn it~~”

08 C026a.jpg


Toji chasing after it.

TOJI:“Stop, stop already!”

08 C027a.jpg

08 C027b.jpg

08 C027c.jpg


The hat, tumbling around, gets caught on Asuka's foot and stops.

08 C028b.jpg


Toji, with a relieved expression.


08 C029a.jpg

08 C029c.jpg

08 C029e.jpg


Her foot stomps, without hesitating, upon the hat.

SE <<Stomp!>>

08 C030a.jpg

08 C030b.jpg

08 C030c.jpg


Toji, stunned.


He clenches his hands, which he had started to reach out with thinking to pick up his hat, into fists.
Toji feels a sudden burst of anger.

ASUKA (OFF):“(German accent) Hello, Misato, how have you been?”

UrsusArctos: Good thing that they never followed through with the "German accent" script direction. Considering how iconic Yuko Miyamura's portrayal of Asuka is, it's hard to imagine her emote with nearly as much of an impact if she had to bother with putting on an accent at the same time.

08 C031b.jpg


Misato and Shinji, with the back of Asuka's head in the foreground. Kensuke is absorbed in recording video. There is a strong wind.

MISATO:“Fine. And you, you've gotten taller, haven't you?”

ASUKA (BACK):“Yeah.”

08 C032a.jpg

08 C032b.jpg


Toji's hands, trying to remove his hat.

ASUKA (OFF):“I've developed into a woman in other places as well.”

He pulls hard at it, but he can't remove it.

TOJI (OFF):“(Adlib)

08 C033a.jpg

08 C033b.jpg


Misato, with Asuka's head in the foreground.
Shinji and Kensuke are on either side of her.

MISATO:“Let me introduce you.
This is the dedicated pilot of Evangelion Unit-02, the Second Child...”

08 C034a.jpg

08 C034b.jpg

08 C034c.jpg

Click for a special treat


Asuka, lifting her chin a little and smiling arrogantly (looking at them with condescension).

MISATO (OFF):“Asuka Langley Sohryu.”

Suddenly there is a strong gust of wind, and the front part of her skirt is turned upwards.

SE <<Woosh flap>>

Asuka's expression doesn't change.

08 C035a.jpg

08 C035b.jpg

08 C035c.jpg


Her skirt rustles and is turned upwards.

SE <<Flap>>

Her thighs become exposed, and on the other side of them is Toji, ogling her.
Shinji looks on, stupefied.
Kensuke, not missing an opportunity to capture footage, has turned the upper half of his body back towards the camera.


08 subtitle b.jpg

08 subtitle c.jpg

08 subtitle.jpg



(The characters appear in time with the sound effects)

Episode #08 “Asuka arrives in Japan”

SE <<(Sound of face-slaps) Slap, slap, slap>>

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