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15 C155a.jpg

15 C155b.jpg


MISATO:“What're you saying after all this time?”

15 C156a.jpg

15 C156b.jpg

15 C156c.jpg


MISATO:“I'm ducking out to the restroom.”

15 C157a.jpg

15 C157b.jpg


KAJI:“Don't ditch me now!”

15 C158a.jpg

15 C158b.jpg

15 C158c.jpg

15 C158d.jpg



15 C160a.jpg

15 C160b.jpg


15 C161a.jpg

15 C161b.jpg


KAJI (MONO):“High heels...”

15 C162a.jpg

15 C162b.jpg

15 C162c.jpg

15 C162d.jpg

15 C162e.jpg

15 C162f.jpg


KAJI:“How many years has it been since the three of us last drank together?”

RITSUKO:“Isn't Misato drinking too much? She's acting a little giddy.”

KAJI:“And you drink some more to keep your high spirits in check. Or vice versa, today.”

RITSUKO:“As someone who lived with her, your words carry the weight of truth.”

KAJI:“Well, I did live with her, but that was before she started wearing heels and things.”

RITSUKO:“It was unimaginable when we were back in school.”

15 C163a.jpg

15 C163b.jpg


KAJI:“I was a brat too. That wasn't really sharing a life. It was just living together, playing house. Reality isn't that easy.”

15 C164a.jpg

15 C164b.jpg


KAJI (OFF):“Oh yeah, here. A cat souvenir.”

15 C165a.jpg

15 C165b.jpg

15 C165c.jpg


RITSUKO:“My, thank you. You're very thorough.”

KAJI:“Only with the ladies. When it comes to work, I'm sloppy.”

15 C166a.jpg

15 C166b.jpg

15 C166c.jpg


RITSUKO:“I somehow doubt that. What about for Misato?”

15 C167.jpg


KAJI:“I lost once before. I make a point of not fighting when I can't win the battle.”

15 C168a.jpg

15 C168b.jpg

15 C168c.jpg


RITSUKO (OFF):“I think you have a chance at victory.”

15 C169a.jpg

15 C169b.jpg


KAJI (OFF):“What about you?”

RITSUKO:“I make a point of not talking about myself, because it's no fun.”

15 C170a.jpg

15 C170b.jpg

15 C170c.jpg

15 C170d.jpg

15 C170e.jpg

15 C170f.jpg

15 C170g.jpg


KAJI:“Katsuragi's sure taking a long time. Maybe she's fixing her make-up?”

RITSUKO:“What were you doing in Kyoto?”

KAJI:“Huh? That's from Matsushiro.”

RITSUKO:“It's no use playing dumb. Your fingers will get burned if you get involved in this too deeply. That's the advice of a friend.”

KAJI:“I'll take it seriously, but if I have to get burned, I'd rather be burned while playing with fire along with you.”

MISATO (OFF):“Shall I go buy you some fireworks?”

KAJI:“Welcome back!”

MISATO:“You haven't changed, have you, you player?”

KAJI:“Of course I've changed. To live is to change.”

15 C171a.jpg

15 C171b.jpg

15 C171c.jpg


RITSUKO (OFF):“Homeostasis and transistasis.”

15 C172a.jpg

15 C172b.jpg


MISATO:“What are those?”

RITSUKO:“One is a force for the status quo, and the other's a force for change. A living thing is something that has both of these conflicting qualities.”

15 C173a.jpg

15 C173b.jpg

15 C173c.jpg


KAJI:“Like men and women.”

RITSUKO:“Well, I'll be leaving now. I've still got some work to do.”


KAJI:“Sorry to hear it.”

15 C174a.jpg

15 C174b.jpg

15 C174c.jpg

15 C174d.jpg



15 C175a.jpg

15 C175b.jpg

15 C175c.jpg

15 C175d.jpg


MISATO (PHONE - OFF):“Hey, Shin? It's me. I'm drinking with Kaji right now. Right, we're on the third after-party.”

15 C176a.jpg

15 C176b.jpg

15 C176c.jpg


SHINJI:“Yes... Okay, later.”

ASUKA:“Was it Misato?”

SHINJI:“Yes, she said she'll be late, so don't wait up for her.”

15 C177a.jpg

15 C177b.jpg

15 C177c.jpg

15 C177d.jpg


ASUKA:“What? Don't tell me she's coming back in the morning!”

15 C178a.jpg

15 C178b.jpg


SHINJI:“No way, she's with Mr. Kaji.”

15 C179a.jpg

15 C179b.jpg


ASUKA:“What are you, stupid?”

15 C180.jpg


ASUKA:“That's WHY!”

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