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Gym Class ~ The Cage

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05 C102a.jpg

05 C102c.jpg

05 C102d.jpg

05 C102e.jpg

The glittering surface of a body of water. Middle school girls jump inside.

SE <<Splash>>

Dr. Nick: The ratings are falling! Insert a pool episode!

FreakyFilmFan4ever: We're not gonna see too many shots of a girl floating around in liquid in this anime, right?

05 C103b.jpg

It's a pool. After the splash from jumping in, it is calm.

Girl (Ad-lib):“Girl pool background chatter (Until C-106)”

05 C104a.jpg

05 C104b.jpg

Girls in swimsuits play around.

It’s one scene, rather rough.

GIRL:“Go, Hideko!”

GIRL:“Come on, lose!”

GIRL:“You've got to treat us to pizza if you lose!!”

05 C105.jpg

The girls run around having fun.

05 C106.jpg

Rei sits silently in her school swimsuit, indifferent to the excited voices.


Reichu: Originally, Rei was supposed to be sitting in her school uniform. Also, when the storyboard was done, the final girls' uniform design hadn't been decided. Here's the econte for C-114, just because you get a clearer look than in 106.

NemZ: Hmm, that's interesting. Might suggest she's she was intended to still be slightly injured and thus excused from participation.

Kendrix: Again, this anime's uncanny ability to evoke images/scenes everybody has seen... that one kid sitting at the side during PE class while everybody else is having fun and interacting because she's neither good at interacting nor at sports, the latter perhaps because of a disease. This shot immediately called up memories of authentic ppl I know in real life, in fact, I know that situation and what it feels like myself...

05 C107a.jpg

05 C107c.jpg

Shinji keeps turning to look behind him.

BOY (OFF):“Alright! Let’s go, let’s go!””

BOY (OFF):“I won't let you!”

SE <<(Ad-lib)Boys making noise at the basketball court. A chorus of “Yeah!” can be heard in C-111>>

05 C108a.jpg

05 C108b.jpg

05 C108c.jpg

DUNK! A basketball goes into the basket.
NemZ: ...yeah, that isn't a dunk. LoL Japan.

05 C109a.jpg

A slow motion shot of the moment of joy and despair.

Boy C:“Got It!”

Boy A:“So close!”

Other Boys:“(Ad-lib)”

Xard: This type of nigh-static slo mo shot is real anime cliche and especially common in older shows. This is one of the few instances in NGE when tricks like this are used.

05 C110.jpg

Shinji stares fixedly in one direction.

BOY B (OFF):“We’ll get you with the next one!”

Kendrix: It seems like all the activities the background noises suggest are taking place in some other world, I like how Shinji is just staring there, lost in his own thoughts...

05 C111.jpg

Boys sit on the grass. They all face the camera.

All the other Boys:“Yeah!(Ad-lib)”

05 C112.jpg

The girls at poolside look at the boys.

One of the girls strikes a sexy pose.

Girl pool background chatter (Until C-113):“

  • Ew,the boys are looking at us...!
  • Perverts!
  • That’s so naughty!”
Fireball: Jump around in your super wet revealing swimsuits and then have the nerve to actually complain about guys staring. Girls

Kendrix: Was the sexy pose aimed at our dear Shin-chan? Touji certainly wasn't the intended recipient...

05 C113.jpg

Shinji and the boys around him.

Girls:“(Ad-libbed squeals)”

Toji (muttering):“They’ve all got such nice boobs!”

05 C114.jpg

The girls' legs. Rei ignores everything around her.

Girl (OFF):“Suzuhara’s got a dirty look in his eyes!”

Other Girl (OFF):“Ikari-kuuuun”

(Other ad libs) Girls making noise at the poolside.:“Ikari-kuuun! and similar lines.”

Xard: This is one of my favourite shots in whole show. Coupled with nigh-identical 123 it beautifully summarizes much of Rei's personality and place in the world. I guess it's not as iconic as various "Rei and the moon" shots throughough the show but for me it's just as classic moment.

Kendrix: Shinji the juniorpimp. I guess being a mecha pilot helps. Still, it speaks for him how he's not intrested in any of the gorgeous chicks he could have at any time, but focuses his attention on the harder to get, pale, sickly looking lonely girl in the corner. A few weeks ago, he used to be all alone as well and he hasn't forgotten it.

Reichu: “Do something about your horny friend!!!“

Additional Commentary  

thewayneiac: Shinji seems to be really popular with the girls. Too bad he can't figure it out.

Sailor Star Dust: Heh. Shinji's oblivious or clueless on how to deal with his fan-club. (At least Asuka has no qualms with ignoring her own fans when she arrives.) I always smirk at the "Ikari-kun~~" line.

NemZ: Or perhaps they're calling out to him because he's staring in their direction? In any case, his complete lack of response should probably be rather off-putting to any of the 'fanclub' paying attention who haven't already started mentally rewritting him as a tragic prince.

thewayneiac: I think we're supposed to contrast it to their "yuck" response to Toji and the others watching them.

05 C115a.jpg

05 C115e.jpg

Shinji stares fixedly at something. Touji peers at him reproachfully.

Toji:“Hey, boss”


Reichu: Toji's actually saying “sensei” (or, rather, his clipped Kansai version, sense). Now, I'm not quite sure what this implies when used among buddies, but here it's been translated as both “big shot” and “chief”.

Azathoth: Not that I know a damn thing about Kansai-ben, but I always interpreted it as a comment on Shinji's stuffiness, formality - his general sense of not being "one of the guys".

Kendrix: This scene, comic-relief laden as it may be, is quite important in that it shows us that the events of the previous episode really welded the boys together, to the point that they're having silly boy's conversation like friends do. By this point, Shinji is officially part of the pack.

If that line of Touji's actually is meant to poke fun at shinji's mannerisms, note that it's done half-jokingly in a way that shows that Touji is sure he'll get its a joke, a young-male-big-mouth thing that only furtherly underline's that he "got in"

05 C116a.jpg

05 C116b.jpg

05 C116c.jpg

Shinji turns around.

Toji:“What're you looking at so passionately?”

Shinji:“N-nothing, really…”

Reichu: Speak for yourself, Toji.

05 C117a.jpg

05 C117b.jpg

05 C117d.jpg

Kensuke leans against Toji, pushing him forward.

Kensuke:“Could it be Ayanami?”

EvangelionFan: Of course it's Ayanami! If you put 100 Otaku in that scene alongside Shinji, they would have been looking at her too!

Reichu: The storyboarded version of this scene wasn't quite as much fun.

05 C118a.jpg

05 C118b.jpg

Shinji is flustered.

Shinji:“N-no, it’s not like that…”

Kendrix: Of course it is like this XD

05 C119a.jpg

05 C119b.jpg

05 C119c.jpg

Kensuke leans forward against Toji.

Kensuke:“You’re not fooling us…This is sus-pi-cious!”

Touji is getting heated up on his own.

Toji:“Ah, Ayanami’s boobs…”

Shinji looks at Toji.

05 C120a.jpg

05 C120b.jpg

05 C120c.jpg

Toji jerks upright, knocking Kensuke off.

Toji:“Ayanami's thighs...”

05 C120e.jpg

05 C120f.jpg

Touji leans forward, then leans forward some more, heatedly. Kensuke joins in.

Toji & Kensyke:“Ayanami's calves…!”

Reichu: One of Toji's greatest moments. I mean, just look at thumbnail D. That's the face of a true stud-muffin! I wonder, is it really the heat that Toji's sweating over? ;;>

NemZ: Two comments for her legs but no mention of her butt, that which almost all her fanservice-y images seem to focus on? Peculiar.

Additional Commentary  

Fireball: Calves? Really?

thewayneiac: Yes, that's what they're actually saying in Japanese. "Naughty bits" was an asspull from ADV's dub. Aparently they didn't think the scene was funny enough as it stood.

Kendrix: Mind you, judging from their expressions, you'd think they'd like to have fun with her "calves", too XD

05 C121a.jpg

05 C121b.jpg

05 C121c.jpg

Kensuke and Touji close in on Shinji.

Shinji:“I’m telling you, it’s not like that!”

Kensuke:“Then, what were you looking at?”

Touji looks at Shinji disbelievingly.

TOJI:“You can't fool me, you know!”

05 C121e.jpg

Shinji looks a little downcast and he looks straight ahead.


05 C122a.jpg

05 C122b.jpg

Shinji looks in Rei’s direction.

Shinji:“I was just wondering why she's always alone.”

05 C122c.jpg

05 C122d.jpg

Kensuke and Touji stop leaning forward and return to an upright position.



Toji:“Hmmm, come to think of it, she hasn't made any friends since she transferred here in first year.”

Reichu: Just so you aren't confused as to what “first year” is… “Azrael”, author of the (in)famous I am a Japanese School Teacher, describes Japanese middle school levels as follows:

The grade levels are ichinensei, ninensei, and sannensei. Translated this just means “1st years”, “2nd years”, and “3rd years”, and it's equivalent to American 7-9th grades. So the kids are about 12-15 years old.

Well, that explains why Toji mentions “the 7th grade” in ADV's translation.

05 C122 e.jpg

Kensuke folds his arms.

Kensuke:“I dunno why, but she’s kinda hard to approach.”

Kendrix: This is remarkably similar to how real teens will talk about actual socially withdrawn girls. Believe me, I've witnessed it. I think this is part of what made me so attached to Rei...

05 C123.jpg

Rei sits there alone.

Toji (OFF):“Maybe she’s got a bad personality?”

SE <<Beep>>

Sailor Star Dust: I can't help but wonder if the solitude (whether by choice or by peers) doesn't bother Rei even the tiniest amount...

NemZ: To quote "Rei's poem" from ep 14:

All of them the same. All of them useless.

thewayneiac: Could you elaborate on how that applies to this cut? Are you saying that she's sitting apart because she considers her classmates useless?

NemZ: In the sense that they don't have a specific purpose like she has, yes. Even if Rei doesn't understand her feelings of loneliness I suspect she's built a solid rationalized defense against them all the same: a measure of contempt for these normal children, created without purpose or design.

Kendrix: I think the "flowers" comment was more about the clones. She hardly shows any animosity towards ANYONE unless they insult Shinji or Gendo. She even tries to help Asuka in ep 22. It's more that she sees no specific, logical reason to talk to them. No one told her to.

Judging by ep 23, she is lonely, but she can't tell she is.

thewayneiac: Actually, isn't it Rei who perceives that Armisael is lonely?

05 C124a.jpg

05 C124c.jpg

Running feet.

The boys’ P.E. teacher (until C-125):“Class A, teams 2 and 3...”

05 C125a.jpg

05 C125b.jpg

Toji, Kensuke, and Shinji running.

Kensuke:“You’re both Eva pilots, aren’t you? You should know her better than we do.”

Toji looks at Shinji.

Toji:“Yeah, right?”

SE <<The noise of boys’ running feet.>>

The boys’ P.E. teacher:“...assemble! On the double!”

Kendrix: Shinji now gets that he has no clue about the closest thing he has to a comerade in arms...

Reichu: “Since you've both Eva pilots, you'd totally have easy access to the Nookie!”

EvangelionFan: “You’re both Eva pilots, aren’t you? You should ask her awkward questions all the time."

05 C126a.jpg

05 C126b.jpg

05 C126c.jpg

Shinji runs up and stops.

Shinji:“I haven’t really…spoken to her before…”

Kendrix: ...and it leaves him so distraught that he just stops in the middle of the sports grounds.

Unit-00. The sounds in the background suggests its preparing for an experiment.

SE <<Different lines about pre-work inspections can be heard off-screen>>

Female Announcer A (Until C-129):“Eva 01 is entering the third stage cooling phase. In the 6th cage…”

Reichu: In the econte, something about EVA-00 didn't look quite right…

05 C128 a.gif

05 C128 b.gif

Missing Number:

EVA-00 Trail Back + PAN EVA-01 appears, closely overlapping.

05 C129 old.gif

The two Evas, lined up.
UrsusArctos: Eva-00 has pylons in the econte. Interesting.

05 C129a.jpg

The two Evas lined up.

Female Announcer A (from 127):“...please drop each system up to phase 3.”

Reichu: In the stages from storyboard to final, cuts 128 and 129 were visually merged into the 129 we see in the final. I dislike the change, myself… The Cage layout, with the Evas perpendicular to each other rather than arow, is never seen again. Having them side-by-side, as in adjacent Cages, makes a bit more sense to me.

BTW, can you tell what wrong with EVA-01 in this scene? ;;> (And is it just me, or are her pylons really, really long?)

thewayneiac: Have her pylons perhaps been extended to attach them to some sort of restraint device in the ceiling?

NemZ: The pylons stop at the green band. Above that is probably a lighter-weight version of the launching track.

05 C130.jpg

Shinji inside the plug.

SE <<Voices talking over the intercom.>>

Woman:“Starting condensation reactor.”

05 C131.jpg

05 C131 b.jpg

Unit 00 is displayed on the monitor.

A human figure appears from behind the plug (Rei).

Woman on intercom B (left):“No abnormalities with the harmonics and synchronization test. All target figures have been cleared.”

05 C132a.jpg

05 C132c.jpg

Rei opens the plug window and makes adjustments.

Woman on Intercom C (Left):“Roger that. Send the results report to Balthazar.”

Dr. Nick: In the great tradition of Megazone 23, Shinji learns that he can use his mech's sensors for voyeurism.

NemZ: How does he control the view's zoom function, I wonder?

05 C132d.jpg

05 C132e.jpg

Ikari appears behind Rei.

05 C132f.jpg

05 C132g.jpg

Rei turns around in surprise.
UrsusArctos: Rei tends to stretch her arms out when running or jumping, so her body forms a cross, in effect. We see this in Episode 11 when she jumps down from the vent and again with Eva-00 in the Sahaquiel run.

05 C132h.jpg

05 C132i.jpg

She gets down in a hurry and talks to him happily
EvangelionFan: Since we're baffled by Rei's excited appearance, we overlook the fact that Shinji is spying on her and Gendo.

Reichu: This is as bubbly as Rei gets. (Any further than this, and we go into forbidden RIAO territory.)

05 C133a.jpg

Rei UP - chatting away happily.

Woman on Intercom B (right):“Roger.”

Logan Payne: I could never tell if she was pointing to something with her thumb or just holding it there.

05 C134a.jpg

Shinji is somewhat surprised.

Woman on Intercom D (left):“Copying full range of entry plug data to Melchior. Transmitting data now.”

05 C135a.jpg

05 C135b.jpg

Rei smiles cheerfully with a relaxed air, not taking her eyes off Ikari for a second.

Man on Intercom A (right):“Melchior here, roger that. Connecting wires.”

UrsusArctos: She looks positively delighted here. No wonder Shinji's flummoxed.

Ikari’s being nice to her! They’re talking about something.

Woman on Intercom A (middle):“Commencing third stage cooling phase.”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: It's been established already in the series, but it's interesting to point out that Gendo replaced his glasses since his former pair broke in the flash back at the beginning of the episode. This symbolically suggests that Gendo has set up a new barrier, in this instance with Rei. He still lets Rei in more parts of his life than the other characters, but he only does so to make sure she is willing to follow through on certain commands. With the new glasses being a new barrier between him and Rei, it suggests that there still is much that Gendo is not telling Rei.

Galaxy News Reidio: Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of HAL spying on Dave and Frank in 2001?

UrsusArctos: Not creepy enough. Besides, Shinji can't read lips.

05 C137a.jpg

Shinji leans forward without thinking. He can’t believe his eyes…

Woman on Intercom B (right):“Beginning CBL cycle.”

Mr. Tines: The first time when someone looks on jealously at Rei and Gendo getting along in a friendly and informal fashion.

thewayneiac: Shinji is plainly thinking here that Rei gets treated better than he does.

Kendrix: This is probably the first time Shinji saw either of them smiling. He's schocked that they're even capable of such expressions and even more shocked that Gendo is smiling to someone else, but not at him. He just realized that there two aren't people who never smile, but people who reserve their smiles for very few, very special people. Shinji had been wondering why someone like his father who never cared for his own son would get his hands burned to save a stranger - and now, he realizes that HE is the stranger, and Rei is 'family'. He's watching them from afar, like there in a sphere of their own he isn't able to enter.

05 C138a.jpg

05 C138c.jpg

Ikari’s expression becomes even gentler.

Man on Intercom B (left):“Turning on condensation reactor. Sending all waste liquid to the 2nd stage water purifying system.”

Sailor Star Dust: Esselfortium joke: Here, Gendo is explaining to Rei the humor behind "Why did the chicken cross the road".

In all seriousness, I personally find this to parallel the DC 22' scene of Asuka watching Shinji and Rei at the train station. I suppose both Gendo & Rei and Shinji & Rei conversations are idle "how are things going" chatter, but I'm curious on what exactly was being discussed in either case.

thewayneiac: I doubt this is supposed to show the sort of envy we see in the scene with Asuka. This seems to be more about Shinji's utter astonishment that when Rei and Gendo are together he sees a side of both of them that he doesn't see under any other circumstances.

05 C139a.jpg

Rei talking to and looking at Ikari.

Woman on Intercom C (right):“All protein walls are in good condition. No problems in any area.”

Cody MacArthur Fett: That was the most (positive) emotion we'll see out of Rei for the entirety of the series, savor it folks.

thewayneiac: I'm glad you added "positive" there. I've got some ammo saved up for later. There's a comment by Quiddity in a couple of scenes where I can use it.

Azathoth: It's interesting that this is about the only time we see Rei and Gendou interacting so casually - they're certainly on better terms with each other than anyone else is, but not a lot of screentime gets devoted to it. Probably because...well, what are they talking about. "So, have I told you how much you look like my dead wife lately?" "Oh, you, Commander! *giggle*"

Additional Commentary  

Kendrix: That smile is reserved for quiet, troubled men with pretty blue eyes who saved Rei's life and who Rei would give her own life for. Yes, he uses her for experiment-y things/his plans, but he still cares about her as a person/sort-of-daughter.

05 C140a.jpg

05 C140c.jpg

Shinji sinks back weakly into his seat, in a bit of a daze.

Woman on Intercom A (left):“Minus 1050 minutes until Unit-00’s reactivation experiment.”

Reichu: 1050 minutes? Poor Shinji. That's enough time to get subjected to Misato's gawd-awful cooking! Suspense!!! Will he survive?!?
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