FGC:Episode 05 Cut 132

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C132a.jpg

05 C132c.jpg

Rei opens the plug window and makes adjustments.

Woman on Intercom C (Left):“Roger that. Send the results report to Balthazar.”

Dr. Nick: In the great tradition of Megazone 23, Shinji learns that he can use his mech's sensors for voyeurism.

NemZ: How does he control the view's zoom function, I wonder?

05 C132d.jpg

05 C132e.jpg

Ikari appears behind Rei.

05 C132f.jpg

05 C132g.jpg

Rei turns around in surprise.
UrsusArctos: Rei tends to stretch her arms out when running or jumping, so her body forms a cross, in effect. We see this in Episode 11 when she jumps down from the vent and again with Eva-00 in the Sahaquiel run.

05 C132h.jpg

05 C132i.jpg

She gets down in a hurry and talks to him happily
EvangelionFan: Since we're baffled by Rei's excited appearance, we overlook the fact that Shinji is spying on her and Gendo.

Reichu: This is as bubbly as Rei gets. (Any further than this, and we go into forbidden RIAO territory.)