FGC:Episode 05 Cut 114

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C114.jpg

The girls' legs. Rei ignores everything around her.

Girl (OFF):“Suzuhara’s got a dirty look in his eyes!”

Other Girl (OFF):“Ikari-kuuuun”

(Other ad libs) Girls making noise at the poolside.:“Ikari-kuuun! and similar lines.”

Xard: This is one of my favourite shots in whole show. Coupled with nigh-identical 123 it beautifully summarizes much of Rei's personality and place in the world. I guess it's not as iconic as various "Rei and the moon" shots throughough the show but for me it's just as classic moment.

Kendrix: Shinji the juniorpimp. I guess being a mecha pilot helps. Still, it speaks for him how he's not intrested in any of the gorgeous chicks he could have at any time, but focuses his attention on the harder to get, pale, sickly looking lonely girl in the corner. A few weeks ago, he used to be all alone as well and he hasn't forgotten it.

Reichu: “Do something about your horny friend!!!“

Additional Commentary  

thewayneiac: Shinji seems to be really popular with the girls. Too bad he can't figure it out.

Sailor Star Dust: Heh. Shinji's oblivious or clueless on how to deal with his fan-club. (At least Asuka has no qualms with ignoring her own fans when she arrives.) I always smirk at the "Ikari-kun~~" line.

NemZ: Or perhaps they're calling out to him because he's staring in their direction? In any case, his complete lack of response should probably be rather off-putting to any of the 'fanclub' paying attention who haven't already started mentally rewritting him as a tragic prince.

thewayneiac: I think we're supposed to contrast it to their "yuck" response to Toji and the others watching them.