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19 eyecatch.jpg



19 C103a.jpg

19 C103b.jpg

19 C103c.jpg

Decisive Battle

The picture goes through the bridge.

MAN (speaker):“All personnel, go to first stage battle positions. Prepare for a surface-to-air interception battle.”

19 C104.jpg

The bridge from below.

Commander Ikari and Fuyutsuki are beyond Aoba.

FUYUTSUKI:“The target?”

AOBA:“It’s currently invading into our perimeter!”

MAN:“Its within where our anti-aircraft interception auto-system is operating!”

WOMAN:“As long as it’s at the Goura defensive line, throw open the armor on our entire air defense!”

19 C105a.jpg

19 C105b.jpg

The angel beyond high voltage wires.

AOBA (OFF):“It has broken through the Komagadake defensive line!”

19 C106a.jpg

19 C106b.jpg

Rapid fire from rocket launchers.

SE <<(launching)>>

19 C107a.jpg

19 C107b.jpg

Missiles firing from a building.

SE <<(firing)>>

19 C108a.jpg

19 C108b.jpg

19 C108c.jpg

19 C108d.jpg

File:19 C108e.jpg

19 C108f.jpg

19 C108g.jpg

19 C108h.jpg

The angel draws near the defensive fighting of New Tokyo 3.

SE <<(firing)>>

There’s a flash from the angel.

SE <<ビッ>>

The group of buildings in front explode.

SE <<(explosion)>>

19 C109a.jpg

19 C109b.jpg

A pillar of cross shaped fire rises from the gap inside the buildings.

SE <<(explosion)>>

19 C110a.jpg

19 C110b.jpg

Monitor closeup.

An alert is displayed for the 18th layer of armor.

MAN (OFF):“The armor layers from 1st through 18th are destroyed?!”

19 C111a.jpg

19 C111b.jpg

The bridge. The emergency elevator door beyond Hyuga opens, there’s a person inside of it (Misato)

HYUGA:“…18 special armor plates in an instant!?”

SE <<(opening)>>

WOMAN:“The air defensive’s armor operation ratio has fallen to 78.5%!”

MAN:“The target is still going strong! Its going inside point zero to attack!”

WOMAN:“We haven’t observed any external injury!”

MAN 2:“Its definitely going to break through the Goura line of defense! (to cut 113)

19 C112a.jpg

19 C112b.jpg

19 C112c.jpg


Hyuga becomes aware of Misato, who comes in with a cast.

MISATO:“The Eva won't make it there in time for a ground level intercept.”

She turns her face from the monitor inside and Ibuki towards Ritsuko.

MISATO:“Deploy Unit Two inside the Geofront!”

19 C113a.jpg

19 C113c.jpg

Misato front. She looks in Ibuki’s direction and speaks.

MISATO:“Put it just next to the headquarters facilities!”

19 C114a.jpg

19 C114b.jpg

19 C114c.jpg

19 C114d.jpg

Closeup of the lock bolts disconnecting.

SE <<ヴァン>>

19 C115a.jpg

19 C115b.jpg

19 C115c.jpg

19 C115d.jpg

Unit Two is shot up in a flash.

SE <<バシュッ>>

19 C116a.jpg

19 C116b.jpg

Unit two ascending.

SE <<ゴーーー>>

MISATO (OFF):“Asuka will shoot at the target the instant that it breaks through the Geofront.”

19 C117a.jpg

19 C117b.jpg

19 C117c.jpg

19 C117d.jpg

Ibuki in front of Ritsuko.

Misato is inside.

MISATO:“(to Ritsuko) What about Unit zero?!”

IBUKI:“Its been deployed in an AT Field neutralized zone!”

Ritsuko looks at Misato.

RITSUKO:“Its left arm hasn’t been regenerated.”

MISATO:“Then it’s impossible for it to fight?”

IKARI (OFF):“Send out Rei in Unit One.”

Ritsuko and Misato face Ikari’s words.

MAN 2:“It was able to absolutely break through the Goura line of defense!”

WOMAN:“The target is invading the green part of area zero.”

MAN:“The self-defensive system is steadily going up inside the battle! There’s still no effect!”

WOMAN:“The target’s drawing near! 60 seconds until the last line of defense!”

19 C118.jpg

Ikari being still. He’s in his usual pose.

IKARI:“Prepare the dummy plug as backup.”

19 C119.jpg

Closeup of the side of Misato.

MISATO:“Yes, sir.”

19 C120a.jpg

19 C120b.jpg

19 C120c.jpg

Being disconnected from the gantry scaffold.

Its head cover part turning back.

SE <<ビーーーッ ビーーーッ>>

WOMAN (SPEAKER):“Entry start.”

19 C121a.jpg

19 C121b.jpg

19 C121e.jpg

19 C121g.jpg

19 C121l.jpg

19 C121m.jpg

19 C121n.jpg


Rei inside the plug.

The monitor changes over and over.

IBUKI (OFF):“LCL injected.”

RITSUKO (OFF):“Commence the A10 nerve connection.”

All of a sudden, Rei is attacked by a feeling as if she is going to vomit.

She bends her head forward somewhat, and holds her mouth.


19 C122a.jpg

19 C122b.jpg

19 C122c.jpg

19 C122d.jpg

Returns to Rei’s head.

Holds her hand to her mouth.

Squints her eyes and talks some more.

REI:“Its not going to work ...anymore.”

19 C123Aa.jpg

19 C123Ab.jpg

19 C123Ac.jpg

Closeup of the displays vanishing one after another.

WOMAN (OFF):“The pulse is rejected.”

19 C123Ba.jpg

19 C123Bb.jpg

19 C123Bc.jpg

The circuit indicators cutting off.

IBUKI (OFF):“Unit One’s nerve connection is being rejected!!”

19 C124.jpg

Ritsuko beyond Ibuki.

RITSUKO:“No way, it can’t be!”

WOMAN:“The LCL electrification ratio has fallen to 2.0!”

WOMAN:“It won’t hold back the regurgitation of the pulse!” (to cut 125A)”

19 C125Aa.jpg

Ikari beyond Fuyutsuki.



19 C125B.jpg

Ikari closeup.

IKARI:“It is refusing me.”

19 C126a.jpg

19 C126b.jpg

Unit One inside the cage.

19 C127a.jpg

19 C127b.jpg

Rei has both hands over her mouth (her face can’t be seen)

IKARI (pre-emptive dialogue):“Stop the activation.”

19 C128A.jpg

Closeup of the side of Ikari.

IKARI:“Sortie Rei in Unit Zero.”

19 C128Ba.jpg

19 C128Bb.jpg

19 C128Bc.jpg

19 C128Bd.jpg

Bridge. Misato and Ritsuko beyond Ikari’s hands.

IKARI (OFF):“Reboot Unit One with the dummy plug.”

Misato objects, but Rei interrupts.

MISATO:“But, Unit Zero is...”

REI (OFF speaker):“I don’t mind. I will go.”

Misato and Ritsuko turns around towards her voice.


19 C128Ca.jpg

19 C128Cb.jpg

Rei inside the plug.

Rei’s words come out in a pessimistic manner.

REI (monologue):“If I die, there is a replacement.”

19 C129a.jpg

19 C129b.jpg

19 C129c.jpg

19 C129e.jpg

A flash is emitted from the angel.

SE <<パウッ>>

19 C130a.jpg

19 C130b.jpg

19 C130c.jpg

19 C130d.jpg

19 C130g.jpg

19 C130h.jpg

There’s standing pillars of fire in the city! They come up one after another.

SE <<(explosions)>>

SHINJI (monologue, pre-emptive dialogue):“:I...”

19 C131a.jpg

19 C131b.jpg

19 C131c.jpg

Shinji looks at the pillars of fire.

SHINJI (MONO):“I decided that I wouldn’t pilot it anymore.”

4, 5 year old children:“(nothing but calls for mother and crying ad libs)

MAN:“Get to the left passage! You had better descend from that place to the number 2 route!”

(background dialogue from a mob escaping)

MAN (OFF right):“You! What are you doing!? Take refuge in the shelter, quickly!”

SE <<(OFF right) (sounds of explosions, etc.)>>

19 C132a.jpg

19 C132b.jpg

19 C132c.jpg

Closeup of a monitor warning.

It flashes on and off.

SE <<(warning sound)>>

AOBA (OFF):“It’s no use!”

19 C133a.jpg

19 C133b.jpg

19 C133c.jpg

Aoba turns around and speaks.

AOBA:“One more hit and”

19 C134a.jpg

19 C134b.jpg

Misato’s serious face.

AOBA (OFF):“the armor will be completely broken through!”

MISATO:“We’re counting on you, Asuka.”

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