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One Rainy Morning

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04 C001.jpg

Panoramic view of a rainy Tokyo-3.

A gloomy sky. (Sometime past 8 AM.)

SE <<Sound of rain>>

Reichu: Still raining from the end of last episode.

Magami No ER: Rain. For me, this is the most boring and depressive form of weather. There are many people who feel the same way about this episode, but I like it for a few reasons — mostly the character interaction.

Incisivis: For me, this episode continues the early-series winning streak. While there is continuity between all the episodes, episode #04 has the distinct feel of being a "sequel" to episode #03, being that it deals with the aftermath of not only the Angel's attack, but of Shinji's induction into school. It's also very character-driven, which is a big plus.

Ark: In my opinion it's one of the most meaningful episodes in the series. I also appreciate it because it makes it clear early on that this is not some simple mecha vs. monster type show. I don't know why some people still act like the direction of the series changed halfway through even when they've seen this episode.

Quiddity: I agree. This episode was an interesting change of pace compared to what you'd expect from the typical mecha show. For not only the action, but the plot to stop entirely for an episode was quite an interesting path to take. (In saying that the plot stops, I don't mean it's a waste of an episode, but it certainly can't be put on the level of, say, episode #15 or #17, which don't feature new Angels to fight but still are plot heavy episodes.) Focusing entirely on Shinji and his early anguish with the Eva gives us a pretty good result. [Although I have to admit, the typing up/translation process certainly didn't enthrall me as much as the other three episodes I've worked on thus far (#03, #05, #06).]

Ark: I just feel that there is something very mature about this episode. There were hints of this in the first three episodes, but they were balanced with moments of humour. This, on the other hand, is a depressing acid trip through the Hakone countryside.

Reichu: Fortunately, it's not completely deprived of funny moments. Hint: What starts with a "ke" and ends with a "ke"? ;;>

Hexon.arq: With the exception of fleeting glimpses of an Eva and of Ritsuko conducting tests, this episode holds almost no traces of the formalism present in the previous (and subsequent) episodes. Its events are such that one could very well have filmed them in live-action on a starving artist's budget. Were it not for the sights mentioned, as well as a bit of the dialogue, one might not have any idea that this was a mech show at all.

Incisivis: And I suppose here's as good a place to say it as any, even though there's many examples throughout the episode: #4 makes very effective use of silence. That's true for the entire series, but here it stands out particularly.

Nuclear Lunchbox: The first time I watched this, I thought it was weird to have an episode with this mood in the middle of what seemed to me at the time to be a standard giant mecha anime. Of course, it's now one of my favorite episodes. It grows on you.

04 C002.jpg

Exterior of Misato's apartment.

SE <<(OFF) Sound of alarm clock>>

Reichu: And still no new neighbors. They should have just taken over the entire complex. ;;>

Hexon.arq: Misato keeps beer in the vacant apartments.

04 C003a.jpg

04 C003b.jpg

04 C003c.jpg

Inside her room, made gloomy by the rain, Misato has the futon pulled over her head.

SE <<(ON) Sound of alarm clock>>

Apparently unable to sleep well, she wriggles about, her butt sticking out.

Misato (OFF):“Uhhhhhhh…”

Shin-seiki: (003~008) This sequence demonstrates that no one is very beautiful or glamorous when she first gets out of bed… (The foot-scratching is a nice touch.)

Treize X: It also gives us a better look at Misato in her not-so-bouncy state than last episode (#03,030~040).

Soluzar: Yeah, Misato has been presented one way for three episodes, and now comes the contrasting view. This is fun, because it shows that Misato's cheerfulness is (a) not consistent and (b) probably due to alcohol, most of the time.

04 C004b.jpg

She abruptly puts her foot out to stop the clock.
Mr. Tines: As resident technology watcher, I'll say that's a very reassuringly old-fashioned analog alarm. And with a Nerv logo on the dial, too!

Soluzar: Old fashioned? You think? I think some things, such as this alarm are timeless. Why change what does the job peerlessly?

Mr. Tines: Having used digital alarms since 1975 (in time to be one of the folk satirised in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), yes, analogue devices are old-fashioned. Old-fashioned enough to be back in style.

tv33: You would think Nerv has better things to do than manufacture cheap merchandise. Maybe they have LCL lava lamps in the gift shop, too.

Hexon.arq: It's not hard to imagine Nerv being one of those organizations that thoughtlessly tosses a few yen to a small dotcom to print out Nerv logos and plaster them on generic aesthetically-disposeable merchandise. *cough*Eva-R*cough*

Reichu: Don't forget about those Nerv paper cups!

04 C005a.jpg

04 C005b.jpg

04 C005c.jpg

04 C005d.jpg

Her body rises, bringing the summer futon with it. The futon drops, revealing the figure of Misato (with bad hair) from behind.

Misato (behind):“Ugh…”

Reichu: The way Misato groggily slumps forward after rising from bed is very effective. And look at all that stuff she still hasn't unpacked!

OMF: I find it somewhat ironic that Misato is at her most fully clothed when IN bed.

Hexon.arq: One wonders how festively ornamental she actually is, given all the crap she must have stowed away in those boxes. (What practical treasures could they be housing?)

04 C006.jpg

Misato brushes her teeth.

SE <<Sound of toothbrushing>>

04 C007a.jpg

04 C007b.jpg

04 C007c.jpg

Misato's feet. She scratches the side of her leg with the other foot (about twice).

04 C008.jpg

The hand that is brushing her teeth stops; her eyes have a slight seriousness to them.

Misato (MONO):“I wonder if he's going to cut class again today…”

Soluzar: At this point I'm thinking that given what we know about her (alcoholic, irresponsible habits) she should look even grungier in the morning. It's somewhat underplayed. The animators should meet more real people. Then they'd know what to draw for someone who just woke up with a hangover.

Reichu: They probably do, but they can't take away TOO much of Misato-san's glamor… yet.

04 C009.jpg

Misato in front of Shinji's room; the plate "Shin-chan's Room" that Misato had arbitrarily attached.
Reichu: Last time we saw the "Shin-chan no heya" sign, it was just a piece of paper taped to Shinji's door. Misato really went all out soon as she had the opportunity. ^_^

OMF: How wrong is this! A big pink heart on a 14-year-old adolescent's door. Yet another indication that Misato is still clueless when it comes to kids.

Reichu: Oh, come now. Only the border is pink. :P Or "light red", as some might say.

04 C010a.jpg

04 C010b.jpg

Misato knocks on the post 2 times.

SE <<Knock knock>>

She begins to deliver a lecture in front of his room.

Misato:“Shinji-kun! Get up. How long are you going to keep skipping school? It's already been five days! EVA-01 is already completely repaired. Shouldn't the pilot get his act together, too?”

OMF: Misato is using a rather put on tone of voice here. She still hasn't connected with him enough to talk naturally.

04 C011a.jpg

04 C011b.jpg

Misato standing in front of the door.

No response from inside. After a little while, Misato becomes curious. She tries to look in through the gap in the fusuma.

Misato (behind):“Shinji-kun!?”

04 C012a.jpg

04 C012b.jpg

The fusuma opens and one of Misato's eyes becomes visible. Misato is lightly surprised.


04 C013.jpg

The sound of rain resounds throughout Shinji's completely empty room.

Misato remains standing there.

SE <<Sound of rain>>

Soluzar: The emptiness of this room is creepy to the extreme.

An envelope (addressed to "Katsuragi Misato-sama") and a security card are the only things on the desk.
Shin-seiki: Interesting that he used the formal honorific "-sama" here; that's something that I never caught on to before…

Hexon.arq: To lighten the blow, I imagine.

Incisivis: So Shinji leaves without telling Misato to her face. Here I think Shinji's motivation is not fear of Misato (as it will be in episode #24), but a desire to "find himself". Shinji has recently had his first taste of active violence and wonders what it means for himself and his future, and needs to get away from the human world to determine that. I don't think Shinji gets any answers, though.

But leaving the message for Misato shows that Shinji does care to an extent, that he doesn't want to leave without saying something, which points to his redemptive potential. Also, "Misato-sama" may be his way of showing that he "respects" Misato enough to leave that message, or such a respectful honorific may be Shinji's way of asking for forgiveness.

OMF: It's just like Shinji. I'd wager the letter is an elaborate and breathtaking study in written apology, overflowing with deeply considered prose, and inscribed with intricate calligraphy.

Reichu:: "So, you thought you could be my surrogate mom, huh?



Too bad!"

04 C015.jpg

Misato gives off a somewhat serious air.
Reichu: In general, the characters look quite odd in this episode, Misato and Shinji especially. The first two episodes really established the characters' looks, having been worked on by the principal body of animators — guys like Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masayuki, Takeshi Honda, Shinya Hasegawa, Shunji Suzuki, Hideyuki Morioka, You Yoshinari, etc. Entirely different folks worked on this one, and it shows; stylistically, it's quite different. One really can't blame Masayuki for having the final scene of this ep reanimated for inclusion in "DEATH" — but more on that later.

OMF: Seconded. Some episodes have really strange character designs, and this is one of them. It's not that they're bad, so much as, "not quite right".

Treize X: This is a rather odd shot compositionally, IMO, the way it puts Misato off to the side…She wears earrings to bed?

Mr. Tines: There's a reason they call studs like that "sleepers".

04 C016.jpg

The bookshelf is empty and nothing is on the hanger.
Mr. Tines: This shows that Shinji hasn't acquired any significant new personal possessions in the weeks since his arrival, if he's still able to pack everything in the bag in cut 035… (Though that bag is bigger than his rucksack from episode #01.)

Reichu: I'm wondering where on Earth all of his crap from episode #02 (the luggage that arrived before he did) went! Clearly, something is amiss here…

Hexon.arq: Well, you've got his cello, his… um,… cello. Perhaps, like Gendo, he has no sentimental possessions, and to top it off he really hates clothes shopping. What would a 14-year-old boy living with a teacher normally own?

OMF: Perhaps Gendo has confiscated it all, just to be nasty! "Fond memories? No. He won't be needing those. Confiscate them!"

Reichu: Yes, but that would require Gendo to grant even the slightest iota of a thought to Shinji's domestic condition. I mean, cripes, he can't even be bothered to do that for his blue-haired pet. (Okay, I jest — there may actually be a reason for that, but we'll address it next time… And I'll give you plenty of service, too!)

04 C017.jpg

The bed is made up neatly and precisely.
OMF: Shinji just couldn't leave the house without spotlessly cleaning his room and leaving a carefully handwritten explanation. He's far too principled to just storm off.

04 C018.jpg

Misato mutters calmly.

Misato:“He's run away. That's not surprising…”

04 subtitle.jpg

Title A

Episode #04 "Rain, After Running Away"

SE <<The sound of rain, louder, in stereo>>

Reichu: According to Evangelion Original I, the original subtitle was "Samayoeru Third Children", or "The Wandering Third Children".

Shin-seiki: Perhaps this would be an opportune point to quote from the Renewal Episode Comments for #04 included with Platinum 0:1:

In actuality, this episode was once omitted in terms of the series composition and it was planned that what is now Episode Five would come after Episode Three. But as production progressed, staff members voiced their opinion that perhaps there was a need to depict Shinji's relationship with the people around him after Episode Three, and thus, this episode was made, greatly changing the contents from what had originally been conceived. Because of this, the script for this episode was written after the script for Episode Five had already been finalized. This is the one and only episode of all the TV and movie episodes in which Director Anno did not have a direct hand in the plot and script.

Reichu: It seems odd to consider the prospects of episode #04 being altogether absent… if for no other reason that, at the beginning of #05, Shinji would be mysteriously buddy-buddy with Kensuke and Toji. We really do need the events of #04 to explain how the friendships formulate; just letting them into the entry plug in #03 so they can "see Ikari's pain" is hardly enough!

04 C019a.jpg

04 C019b.jpg

04 C019c.jpg

Toji and Kensuke's feet.

The floor is getting wet from the rain. Toji's feet stand firm, then step forward. The chime rings.


04 C020a.jpg

04 C020b.jpg

04 C020c.jpg

04 C020d.jpg

The door opens and Misato leans forward.


Treize X: You'd think that after seeing the letter and security card in 014, she wouldn't expect Shinji to be back right away, if at all. Reveals a little personal weakness on Misato's part, I suppose.

Shin-seiki: Note how, despite her blasé reaction to Shinji running off in cut 018, it is obvious from her demeanor here that Misato is very worried about him.

OMF: (If only he was around to see it… *sniffs*)

Shin-seiki: Throughout the series there are instances like this where what the characters say (even to themselves) is undercut by their actual behavior a scene or two later.

Soluzar: No suprise there. There are many humans with a great talent for lying to themselves.

04 C021a.jpg

The surprising entrance of this beautiful woman startles Kensuke and Toji.


Reichu: Glllrrrmmph!"* Just look at Toji's face!

thewayneiac: I'm surprised their noses aren't bleeding.

Incisivis: (021-031) A recurring theme in the series is Shinji's "difference" from what might be seen as "normal" teenage male behavior, and Toji and Kensuke's presence helps to illuminate that. Consider: Only after a period of time has passed does Toji go to talk with Shinji. Also, even when desiring atonement the boys mark Misato as attractive.

* Reichu: That's supposed to be the "sound" of a guy getting a — well, I'm sure you can figure it out. ;;>

thewayneiac: Toji: Don't let her notice; don't let her notice; don't let her notice...

04 C022.jpg

Missing Number:

A discouraged Misato.

Magami No ER: She doesn't look like Misato, much less "discouraged".

Reichu: It's a bloody storyboard! In some of them, the characters are disfigured blobs with South Park eyes. ;;>

04 C023a.jpg

04 C023a.jpg

In the foreground, Toji's feet stand to attention.

Toji (OFF):“Um…uh…well…”

thewayneiac: I'm going to resist the obvious comment here.

Reichu: Aw, shucks… Now you've gone and ruined my fun!

04 C024a.jpg

04 C024b.jpg

Misato in front of a tense Toji.

Kensuke glances over at Toji as he speaks.

Kensuke:“We're Ikari-kun's classmates, Aida and Suzuhara.”

Toji nods to Kensuke's words.

04 C025.jpg

Misato's peppy smile.

Misato:“Aida-kun and Suzuhara-kun…”

Reichu: She looks like she's just absent-mindedly repeating the names. "Aida and Suzuhara… Am I supposed to know who these kids are…?"

04 C026a.jpg

04 C026b.jpg

04 C026c.jpg

They reply at the same time, but Toji responds with decision, dash, and spirit, startling Kensuke.

Kensuke (concurrently):“Yes.”

Toji (concurrently):“Yes!! I'm Suzuhara.”

Reichu: "Washi… Boku ga Suzuhara desu." This is a good time to point out the fact that Japanese has multiple words for "I" — a subtlety that is impossible to translate into English. The word a person uses depends on various factors like gender, age, social standing, and current situation (who you are with and who you are speaking to). Toji here wants to make a good impression on this hot older woman. He starts off calling himself washi — his 'default' "I", apparently characteristic of males from the Kansai region — but he quickly, and quite tellingly, changes this to the more polite male pronoun boku. Although anime is, obviously, a simplification of the way things work in real-life Japan, paying attention to things like personal pronouns lets you pick up these sorts of cultural subtleties. If you want to learn more, start Googling!

thewayneiac: Strangely enough, AWL claims in Manga (Mangle) Entertainment's EOE commentary that there is no word in Japanese for "I", a total falsehood. We will deal with this later, though.

04 C027.jpg

Misato is surprised

Misato:“Aren't you the ones who got into EVA-01's entry plug?”

Hexon.arq: "Oh, now I remember you kids — you almost died and got us all killed! How're your moms?"

Sharp-kun: I would have thought given the serious security breach there that she would have known straight away.

Reichu: Ah, give the gal a break. She probably hasn't had her coffee yet.

04 C028a.jpg

04 C028b.jpg

Both of them answer at the same time.

Kensuke (conc.):“Yeah.”

Toji (conc.):“Yes!”

Toji bows properly. Kensuke looks at Toji, slightly shocked.

Toji:“We're very sorry for causing you so much trouble the other day.”

Reichu: ("Hai! Sono bushi wa tonda gomeiwaku o okakeshimashita.", etc.) Doth my ears deceive me? Toji, speaking standard Japanese?!? Über-polite, no less.

Mr. Tines: She's grown up, she's in a position of authority — and she's hawt! Of course it's best behaviour time. (smarm, smarm)

OMF: Toji does an awful lot of bowing in this scene. You can notch that one up as the new number one reason not to wear tracksuit pants!

Reichu: Okay… I'm going to be very dense again and demand an explanation. :sweating:

OMF: Well… erm… tracksuit pants are rather more baggy and… erm…made of…lighter material… than other pants… sooooo, ummm… Toji may be bowing to disguise… something that would have been… eh… less obvious if he'd had the wits to wear more tightly fitting garments. Trust me: Tracksuit pants are NOT what you want to be wearing when you're fourteen. *triggers*

Reichu: Hmm… I suppose that would mean Kensuke has the advantage here, the Belt Maneuver at his disposal and all… :coughs: But now that we have provided Enlightenment for female viewers, let us merrily be on our way…

Shin-seiki: (026~028) The look on Kensuke's face thru this sequence is the funniest part of this whole episode.

Reichu: What about Kensuke's great solo performance later on? ::D

Soluzar: For some reason I find this scene very chuckle-worthy. Regardless of how many times I've seen it.

04 C028c.jpg

04 C028d.jpg

They begin to speak in unison again, but Toji's momentum wins out. Kensuke looks to be thinking, "That sonuva-"

Kensuke (conc.):“By the way…”

Toji (conc.):“By the way, Ikari-kun has been absent ever since then, so we came to see if he was okay.”

04 C029a.jpg

04 C029b.jpg

04 C029c.jpg

Misato:“Shinji-kun is at the Nerv training facility right now.”

Toji raises his body and speaks.

Toji:“Oh, I see.”

Kensuke takes papers out from his bag.

Kensuke:“Here are the prints that were collecting on Ikari-kun's desk.”

Misato takes them.

Misato:“You didn't have to do that. Thank you.”

Toji takes a deep, 90° bow. Kensuke bows lightly.

Touji:“Well, we'll excuse ourselves, then.”

Kensuke:“Please give our regards to Ikari-kun.”

Shin-seiki: Misato is quite a facile liar when she needs to be.

Soluzar: I'd say she's a terrible liar. The words "I'm lying" are written all over her face.

Reichu: I smell another doctoring project.

04 C030a.jpg

04 C030b.jpg

04 C030c.jpg

04 C030d.jpg

Misato speaks with a smiling face (a slightly overdone and insincere smile) She grins and waves.

Misato:“Yeah, I will. Bye.”

The door closes.

04 C031a.jpg

04 C031b.jpg

The two of them remain bowing, Kensuke glancing upward. They raise their bodies synchronously and speak.

Kensuke:“This is an unexpected development.”

Toji:“She was a real babe, wasn't she?”

Reichu: And, of course, the moment Misato is out of sight, Toji lapses back into his regular speech patterns. ("Erai bebinsan yatta na.")

OMF: And straightens his back

04 C032a.jpg

04 C032b.jpg

At the entranceway, Misato spins to look in our direction with a sulky face.
Reichu: "PUFF!!"

thewayneiac: Look out! She's going to blow!

Soluzar: Following up on what Wigs said in #01/C-179, This anime is normally rendered in a rather naturalistic style, so when the animators decide to use a more exaggerated, cartoonish style, it can be quite jolting, for me. I'd just as soon they wouldn't do that.

Reichu: Ooo, I can't wait to hear you tear apart some of Misato's expressions next episode!

Shin-seiki: (032~033) Her extravagant reaction here is probably a result of her disgust with herself at having to tell a lie (the credibility of which is undermined by her behavior in cut 020. The head-shrinks call this sort of thing "projection"…

Reichu: I suspect the boys were too preoccupied to put two and two together. ;;>

04 C033a.jpg

04 C033b.jpg

04 C033c.jpg

04 C033d.jpg

The entrance seen from the dining room; Misato kicks the door with all her strength!!

Misato:“Shinji, you idiot!!”

Hanging her head, she grumbles to herself.


SE <<Sound of electric train (intense)>>

Reichu: She's quite emotionally invested in this kid, ain't she?

Mr. Tines: Emotionally and professionally invested. She went out on a limb to get him to stay with her rather than by himself in the first place.

OMF: And her failure in this regard is probably another reason she's so glum here.

Gundampilotspaz: (032~033) NGE's theme about the "masking of the true self" is being developed early on. This is one of the first examples we get of Misato trying to hide her true emotions from the outside world: Her cheery smile becomes anger the second the boys leave.

Magami No ER: BTW, I wonder what Kensuke and Toji thought that loud noise was. They couldn't have gone that far from the door.

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