FGC:Episode 04 Cut 020

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The door opens and Misato leans forward.


Treize X: You'd think that after seeing the letter and security card in 014, she wouldn't expect Shinji to be back right away, if at all. Reveals a little personal weakness on Misato's part, I suppose.

Shin-seiki: Note how, despite her blasé reaction to Shinji running off in cut 018, it is obvious from her demeanor here that Misato is very worried about him.

OMF: (If only he was around to see it… *sniffs*)

Shin-seiki: Throughout the series there are instances like this where what the characters say (even to themselves) is undercut by their actual behavior a scene or two later.

Soluzar: No suprise there. There are many humans with a great talent for lying to themselves.