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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C028a.jpg

04 C028b.jpg

Both of them answer at the same time.

Kensuke (conc.):“Yeah.”

Toji (conc.):“Yes!”

Toji bows properly. Kensuke looks at Toji, slightly shocked.

Toji:“We're very sorry for causing you so much trouble the other day.”

Reichu: ("Hai! Sono bushi wa tonda gomeiwaku o okakeshimashita.", etc.) Doth my ears deceive me? Toji, speaking standard Japanese?!? Über-polite, no less.

Mr. Tines: She's grown up, she's in a position of authority — and she's hawt! Of course it's best behaviour time. (smarm, smarm)

OMF: Toji does an awful lot of bowing in this scene. You can notch that one up as the new number one reason not to wear tracksuit pants!

Reichu: Okay… I'm going to be very dense again and demand an explanation. :sweating:

OMF: Well… erm… tracksuit pants are rather more baggy and… erm…made of…lighter material… than other pants… sooooo, ummm… Toji may be bowing to disguise… something that would have been… eh… less obvious if he'd had the wits to wear more tightly fitting garments. Trust me: Tracksuit pants are NOT what you want to be wearing when you're fourteen. *triggers*

Reichu: Hmm… I suppose that would mean Kensuke has the advantage here, the Belt Maneuver at his disposal and all… :coughs: But now that we have provided Enlightenment for female viewers, let us merrily be on our way…

Shin-seiki: (026~028) The look on Kensuke's face thru this sequence is the funniest part of this whole episode.

Reichu: What about Kensuke's great solo performance later on? ::D

Soluzar: For some reason I find this scene very chuckle-worthy. Regardless of how many times I've seen it.

04 C028c.jpg

04 C028d.jpg

They begin to speak in unison again, but Toji's momentum wins out. Kensuke looks to be thinking, "That sonuva-"

Kensuke (conc.):“By the way…”

Toji (conc.):“By the way, Ikari-kun has been absent ever since then, so we came to see if he was okay.”