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Misato's Plan

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06 C053a.jpg

06 C053b.jpg

06 C053d.jpg

Antennae on top of buildings, and the bright summer sun

The Eva slides past.

SE <<Fuiiii~ mechanical sounds of the balloon moving around.>>

FreakyFilmFan4ever: The visual focus on the sun in the beginning of this episode is a direct contrast to the heavy use of the moon in the last half of the episode.

06 C054a.jpg

06 C054b.jpg

06 C054c.jpg

06 C054e.jpg


It’s actually a balloon. It’s a dummy. The camera pans downwards to reveal that it is being carried along by a medium-sized boat.

TEXT:“1/1 scale Balloon Dummy”

Sailor Star Dust: The documentary-like feel for this episode is a nice touch. The Renewal booklets translated for the Platinum release go somewhat into this.

KnightmareX13: During World War two the allies used inflatable tanks to confuse the Nazi's into thinking that the D-day invasion would take place somewhere else in France rather than the beaches of Normandy. And more recently the Russian military has begun to invest in full scale inflatable missile launchers, tanks, transports, and fighter jets. With the idea of confusing satellites and making their forces appear larger than they actually are. And these inflatables are rather life like to. Also note the boat pulling the decoy.

Dr. Nick: Balloon decoys are also a staple of Universal Century Gundam series.

Additional Commentary  

Kendrx: They have the money and the material to make livesized EVA balloons?! Heck, who cares. I want to buy an EVA balloon for my little sister, so her sponge bob ballon gets some company.

thewayneiac: They came up with it awfully fast too. Did they have this balloon lying around because they anticipated they'd need it to measure an Angel's firing range, or was it for the Thanksgiving Day parade?

06 C055a.jpg

06 C055c.jpg


The Angel can be seen on the other shore of Lake Ashino from the Eva, above Neo Tokyo 3 At the end of the cut, the dummy holds up something resembling a gun.

06 C056a.jpg

06 C056b.jpg

06 C056c.jpg

06 C056d.jpg

Close-up of the Angel. Its slot begins to shine again.

SE <<Vuu>>

NemZ: It's really odd that Ramiel seems to react in response to hostility, yet was prepping it's first shot before 01 even reached the surface. More evidence that the angels talk to each other somehow?

thewayneiac: Or perhaps it can see light outside the visible spectrum (X-Ray Vision).

06 C057b.jpg

06 C057c.jpg

06 C057d.jpg

A super long shot of a giant column of water rising.

SE <<Kaboom!>>

06 C058a.jpg


The control tower

AOBA (OFF, SPEAKER):“The enemy accelerated particle cannon has scored a direct hit!”

06 C059.jpg


Top-down shot. Misato, from the point of view of the camera.

AOBA (OFF, INTERCOM):“Dummy vaporized!”

MISATO (In a business-like tone):“Next.”

ath: Let's see... Kotono Mitsuishi shouting tsugi! "in a business-like tone"? I could swear I've heard that a lot of times. Too bad nobody was crazy enough to create a similar Commentary project for that series, it would have been amazing.

06 C060b.jpg

06 C060c.jpg

06 C060e.jpg

06 C060f.jpg

A giant laser shaped like a mortar cannon emerges from a tunnel.

TEXT:“Automated Model 12 Self-Propelled Mortar”

PapalMercenary: Gainax has used tokusatsu references before and since Eva, so it makes me wonder if this scene here with the self-propelled mortar was inspired by a similar scene from the second film in the Gamera series, Giant Monster Duel: Gamera vs. Barugon (1966). In the film, the monster Barugon attacks Osaka with a freezing mist it sprays from its tongue. The JSDF can't get close enough to attack Barugon, since they'll just get frozen by his mist, so they prepare to fire a bunch of missiles at him from the opposite side of a lake. Unfortunately for them, Barugon also has a long-distance rainbow beam that shoots out of his back, which he uses to completely destroy the missiles before they even fire.

UrsusArctos: What kind of real-life applications would such a thing have in the 21st century? Rail-mounted siege weapons have been built before, but they've never really been worth the trouble because of their limitations. Furthermore, this is a laser, so it can't arc its shots. The only logical explanation is that this was a rejected Evangelion weapon of some sort, rebuilt into an automated laser for situations like this.

The Flying Fortress: These little details that show how NERV works to try to defeat the angels make episodes like this some of my favorite episodes of Eva. You can see more of this sort of thing in episodes 10-13. These are the episodes where you can see more traditional weaponry (that is, other than Evangelions) being used, which I like.

06 C060g.jpg

06 C060h.jpg

The mortar fires.

SE <<Vshhhh>>

06 C061b.jpg

06 C061c.jpg

06 C061e.jpg

06 C061f.jpg

A beam of light runs across Lake Ashino!

It streams towards the Angel on the other shore, but it’s deflected! The light disappears meaninglessly into the sky. The Angel starts to glint again.

SE <<Kiiiiiiii...>>

Ornette: This A.T. Field is of the octagon variety.

06 C062b.jpg

06 C062d.jpg

06 C062e.jpg

06 C062f.jpg

The rail cannon explodes in a flash.

SE <<Kaboom!>>

chazthesilencer: Not a lot of love goes to the sound effects department; but if you listen really closely here, just for a split second, you will hear the mortar SCREAM in pain.

That's one powerful looking- and sounding shot.

UrsusArctos: Hold on, the mortar screams? What the hell is that thing?!?

06 C063a.jpg

06 C063b.jpg


Misato with a serious look on her face.

AOBA (OFF, SPEAKER):“Type 12 self-propelled mortar vaporized!”

She gets the picture.

MISATO:“I see.”

EvangelionFan: ...and what is it exactly that you see? All we see is that it shoots anything that looks like an Evangelion or a tank. So the obvious solution is to disguise an Evangelion as something that isn't a tank or an Evangelion, and then, Ramiel won't shoot it at.

06 C064a.jpg

06 C064b.jpg

Close up of Misato’s right hand as she plays with the pen in her hand.

BGM START: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Strategist A (OFF):“Based on the data we have gathered so far, it appears that the target automatically eliminates any enemy that comes within a certain range of it.”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: This is the beginning of the whole "come up with a plan" montage. notice how the quick cutting to various people throughout this montage contrasts from the lingering shot of Misato standing alone in shot 49.

NemZ: "It's never going to roll a 1... must be loaded."

06 C065a.jpg


Tilt shot of the strategy room. Misato sits with her legs crossed, with Hyuuga standing behind her.

HYUGA:“If there’s a 100% chance of it being attacked by a particle cannon as soon as it’s in range, then a direct attack on it with an Eva is too dangerous, isn’t it?”

MISATO:“What about its AT field?”

TEXT:“Department of Operations, Nerv Headquarters Analysis Room 2”

Xard: "Using lots of captions to create a war movie feel or a documentary feel is one of Hideaki Anno’s fortes, which hasn’t been seen since Aim for the Top!" (Platinum Booklet) - I recently watched the original Space Battleship Yamato tv series from 1974 and the captions used there are very similar. I suspect that's where Anno got this habit from. Other option would be Ultraman I guess: I also watched Ultraseven episode directed by Akio Jissin recently and it featured some similar use of captions in similar font...

Dr. Nick: The Yamato connection seems quite plausible. After all, Anno is a huge Yamato fan.

06 C066.jpg

06 C066b.jpg

06 C066c.jpg

06 C066e.jpg

06 C066f.jpg


The monitor displays the rail cannon firing. The image immediately changes to an explanation screen of the A.T. Field.

TEXT:“Replay Image”

Strategist B (OFF):“It’s active. It has developed into a version strong enough that the phase transition space can be seen with the naked eye.”

InstrumentalityOne: This cut shows nicely how the A.T. Field totally disregards the laws of physics/reflection.

Dr. Nick: This field is also disregarding the laws of continuity. Now it's hexagonal, whereas it was octagonal just five cuts ago! Also, the angle of the deflected shot is somewhat off. It's not the biggest unambiguous blooper in the series, but it's among the top candidates.

ReiAyanami25: The A.T field changed somewhat. The primary shape is still the same, but it does not have the smaller hexagons inside the shape. Perhaps the A.T field's shape varies depending on the distance between the angel and the attacker, or perhaps the shape depends on the strength of the field.

A.T. Fish: An example of how much reflection NGE demands.

06 C067a.jpg


A wide-angle top-down shot of the strategy room. Misato and Hyuuga from the point of view of the monitor.

HYUGA:“Sounds like guided missiles, artillery, bombs and other half-hearted efforts will only end in tears.”

MISATO:“It’s practically perfect at both attack and defense. A virtual floating fortress. So what about that shield?”

Kendrix: Ramiel the "Floating Fortress" (I love that term) is definitely one of the tougher angels. It will take quite some time before our protagonists will have to face one of that caliber once again.

06 C068a.jpg

06 C068b.jpg

A birds-eye view map of Neo Tokyo 3 is on the monitor.

The light representing the Angel moves towards the center, flickering on and off.

Strategist C (OFF):“The target is currently right above us, invading Neo Tokyo 3’s 0 Area. A giant shield 17.5m in diameter is drilling downwards heading for Nerv’s headquarters inside the geofront.”

06 C068d.jpg

The image changes suddenly to show the Angel’s shield. The shield stretches down from inside.

06 C068e.jpg

Close-up of ground and the shield.

The shield’s movement slows down once it enters the ground.

06 C069a.jpg


Tilt shot of the strategy room. Misato and Hyuuga.

Misato is at ease

HYUGA:“Looks like the enemy is planning to make a direct attack on us here at Nerv Headquarters.”

MISATO:“How cheeky. So how long till it gets here?”

06 C070.jpg


Close-up of the time counter.

TEXT:“Japan Standard Time Remaining Estimated Time”

Strategist C (OFF):“Tomorrow morning at 0 hours 06 minutes and 4 seconds.”

06 C071a.jpg

06 C071b.jpg

06 C071d.jpg


Close-up of the monitor. It scrolls slowly downwards.

TEXT:“Approximated graphics”

Strategist C (OFF):“We expect it to pierce through all 22 armored defense layers and reach Nerv Headquarters by then.”

Image of the shield piercing through all 22 armored plates and arriving at the geofront.

UrsusArctos: At the rate at which that thing was turning, you'd have expected Ramiel to break through in minutes rather than the hours shown here. Zeruel and even Sachiel breached the armor layer in a couple of shots, and Ramiel's death ray is no slouch. The unusually slow entry is thanks to plot armor more than anything else.

06 C072a.jpg


Misato’s side profile UP

MISATO (MONO):“...So we’ve got less than 10 hours, huh…””

06 C073a.jpg

The shield continues to drill into the ground

The sound changes to a sharp metallic noise.

SE <<Gyuuiin...skree skreee.>>

06 C074.jpg


The monitor. The shield makes contact with the armored plate.

AOBA (OFF, SPEAKER):“Enemy shield has made contact with Armored Plate 1.”

TEXT:“Present Time”

06 C075a.jpg

06 C075c.jpg


Close-up of Misato turning around.

MISATO:“What’s Unit-01’s condition?”

06 C076a.jpg

06 C076b.jpg

Inside the cage. Ritsuko is holding a cup of coffee. Close up of her side profile as she speaks (lightly).

RITSUKO:“The chest was melted right down to the 3rd armored plate.”

She has the cup to her lips up to this point.

RITSUKO:“That it didn’t hit the machine’s central control is the silver lining in a very dark cloud.”

TEXT:“Cage 7, Nerv Headquarters”

Xard: Machine's central control" = the core?

I really love the creative play with "camera pans" and fields of focus in this episode as well as the bold framings which are characterized by lots of empty space and often stay surprisingly far away from characters (esp. in these early scenes) with some quite non-standard closeups thrown in for variety. Given that animation quality of episode really isn't the highest it is stuff like this that make it still rather enjoyable watch.

06 C076d.jpg

Ibuki, who was blocked from view by Ritsuko, comes into view halfway through as the camera pans

Ibuki, too, speaks as if this does not concern her.

IBUKI:“If it had stayed under attack for 3 more seconds it would have been all over, though.”

Sailor Star Dust: The sense of perspective (particularly the moving cat-walk with Maya and Ritsuko on it) never fails to visually trip me up somehow. Certainly makes for a fun watch.

06 C077a.jpg


Ibuki and Ritsuko on top of the catwalk. The melted chest plate of the Eva is further inside in the shot.

WORKER (OFF - SPEAKER):“We expect replacement work to be completed in 3 hours.”

EvangelionFan: Is there anything outside of the show that says how the armor plates were prepared?

UrsusArctos: Nope. In any case, that's actually not armor, although it'll take till the end of Episode 19 for that to come out.

06 C078a.jpg

06 C078c.jpg


Misato UP as she turns around again.

MISATO:“...Understood. What about Unit 00?”

06 C079a.jpg

Inside the cage again. Ibuki looks at the data.

IBUKI:“There were no problems with the reactivation, but there are still errors in the feedback.”

06 C079b.jpg

06 C079d.jpg

When the camera tracks back after Ibuki speaks, Ritsuko enters the shot. She speaks with the coffee cup pressed to her lips.

RITSUKO (Monotone):“Which means an actual battle...”

InstrumentalityOne: Are my eyes failing me or is that the same Ritsuko as in Cut #076?

thewayneiac: It certainly looks that way.

06 C080a.jpg

06 C080b.jpg


Close up of Misato, taken from a little above. She turns around and finishes Ritsuko’s line

MISATO:“...Would be impossible for her, huh? What’s the status of Unit 01’s dedicated pilot?”

06 C081a.jpg


Shinji sleeping inside the capsule.

HYUGA (OFF):“No problems physically. His nerve pulse is 0.8...”

TEXT:“Emergency Room, Central Hospital, Nerv Headquarters.”

06 C082.jpg


Side profile of Rei looking down She’s wearing a plug suit.

HYUGA (OFF):“...and rising, but...”

Kendrix: I never realized that this was supposed to be Shinji's treatment room.

EvangelionFan: Colour-wise, this is a fairly cool shot, and it fits the tone of the episode so far.

UrsusArctos: Rei's expression looks strangely maternal.

ReiAyanami25: The maternal expression could be another hint of Rei's identity.

06 C083.jpg


Rei, Gendo’s warped glasses are on her knees.

HYUGA (OFF):“...it’s still within acceptable limits.”

Kendrix: The way she's holding the glasses, which have been shown to be a source of security to her, might suggest that she is unsure about something. I would even say that she appears to be a little worried.

She can't already have been ordered to inform him about the schedule since the NERV people haven't thought it up yet. Her only reasons real reason for staying by Shinji seem to be worry and/or curiosity(See #05 298).

06 C084.jpg


Shinji’s capsule, seen through the warped glasses.

AOBA (OFF - SPEAKER):“9 hours and 55 minutes until the enemy shield arrives.”

Kendrix: Another elaborate perspective cut with the glasses. This time, Shinji isn't behind, but in front of them. Maybe this time, it's not Shinji trying to see Rei, but Rei trying to see Shinji, through Gendo's perspective. At this point, the main connection between the two is Gendo.

NemZ: The presence of Gendo's glasses here tells me Rei is actually thinking more of the commander than Shinji. Specifically, she's probably wondering what it means that Gendo didn't come running to pull him out of the plug when his son was injured. Should she be glad that this confirms she is more important to the Commander, or upset at the lack of consideration for her fellow pilot? There's much to ponder here.

06 C085a.jpg


Inside the strategy room. Misato is seated looking at the monitor. Hyuuga is further within. The two of them seem at ease.

MISATO:“---This doesn’t look good.”

HYUGA (Grinning):“Should we just surrender?”

MISATO:“Before that...”

06 C086a.jpg

06 C086b.jpg

06 C086c.jpg

Close up of Misato face.

Her gaze moves from Hyuga a little downwards towards the camera. At the end her expression changes to a confident (and somewhat naughty) smile.

MISATO:“...there's a little something I'd like to try.”

BGM END: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Szmitten: One of the things I really dislike about Evangelion is the inconsistent art style in the first half of the series. Last episode and the next look fine, but this one suffers from oddly proportioned faces, weird shading and shoddy animation. I find that from this shot onwards it becomes very noticeable. It's understandable to have A and B teams of animators to keep up the workflow (ask anyone who watched Dragonball Z where it often alternated on an episode by episode basis), it's just unfortunate that the B team does a poor job with what is the climax of the story arc.

Sailor Star Dust: While this shot certainly reeks of QUALITY!, I still love Mitsuishi's confident delivery of the line.

06 C087.jpg


The extremely spacious commander’s office Misato stands by herself.

FUYUTSUKI (OFF):“An ultra long distance shot directly at the enemy from outside its range, you say?”

ath: Gendo's office looks different here from all the other times we see it in the series, starting just as soon as next episode. Were did all these lamps go? There's a good thread on the topic (OVERANALYSIS WARNING!), complete with "moving office" theories and Galileo quotes.

Kendrix: Either Gendo, Fuyutsuki or Anno & co noticed that it would look much cooler/more surreal without the lamps and quickly removed them, hoping that no one would notice. Or maybe the office, like the infamous B-Wing, was not finished yet when the angels attacked, and the reflective surfaces with the symbols had yet to be placed there? Perhaps the lights remained beneath them and serve to illuminate the symbols.

06 C088.jpg


A pulled back shot of the office Ikari and Fuyutsuki face Misato.

TEXT:“Nerv Commander's Office”

MISATO (BACK):“Correct. Unless we can neutralize the target’s A.T. field, the only way to destroy it is to pierce through it with a pinpoint shot from a focused high energy beam.”

FUYUTSUKI (BACK):“What do the Magi say about it?”

MISATO (BACK):“The Magi super computers gave two positive answers and one conditional positive answer.”

FUYUTSUKI (BACK):“An 8.7% chance of success, huh?”

thewayneiac: Fuyutsuki calculated that just from hearing two yesses and one maybe? Wow he's good!

KnightmareX13: thewayneiac: Misato probably had to submit a preliminary report that outlines the details of the plans so Fuyutsuki has already read it, and it may even be on Gendo's desk during this scene. He could have just asked Misato for the odds just to make sure she is confident or aware of the risks.

Kendrix: Wow, the sucess rate is actually above 1% for once!

06 C089.jpg


Misato with a confident smile. Close up of her profile.

MISATO:“It's quite a high percentage.”

That was the highest number we could get.

06 C090.jpg


Close up of Ikari, with Fuyutsuki.

IKARI:“I see no reason to oppose it. Do it. Captain Katsuragi.”

Azathoth: You know, I usually try not to let the off-model episodes get to me, but how hard is it to just draw Gendou's glasses properly?

06 C091a.jpg

Extreme close-up of Misato.

After Misato’s lines, there is a pause before Ritsuko starts to speak off-screen.

MISATO:“Yes, sir.”

---short pause ---

RITSUKO (OFF):“You’ve come up with yet another...”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: This is either a graphic match technique being used to transition between scenes, or Misato is finishing recounting her discussion with Gendo to Ritsuko. I'm inclined to think the former is true every time I watch it.

Leighton: I can't help but notice the character design fluctuations even occuring between scenes. I mean compare this scene to 086. Her nose has seemed to have dropped down / her face is longer.

NemZ: That nose looks like a pair of sinus cavity holes. Did it spite your face, Misato?

06 C091c.jpg

The camera tracks back after Ritsuko starts to speak

Ritsuko is behind Misato on the escalator, looking exasperated.

RITSUKO (ON):“...reckless plan, I see. Operations Chief Katsuragi-san”

Translator's Note: Operations Chief (sakusen buchou 作戦部長) is highlighted in the original.

Kendrix: Ritsuko addressing her with her rank creates a feeling of distance, emphasizes her disapproval.

There's always that little subplot with Misato, about just how far she'll go to defeat the Angels as her rather creative plans become more and more of a gamble. There was always a certain Ahab-ish undertone there, mostly in the action arc. Usually, Ritsuko is the one to call her out, following the rationality vs emotion/"gut feeling" contrast that's was built up between them in the beginning.

06 C092b.jpg


She retorts. Misato looks over her right shoulder and speaks.

MISATO:“How rude, it’s hardly reckless. It’s something we can do within those remaining 9 hours.”

Woman:“Shield drilling speed unchanged. Estimated values are within a 0.002% range of error.”

06 C093a.jpg


The two of them go down on the escalator.

MISATO:“And it’s the most certain course of action.”

RITSUKO:“This is...?”

06 C094a.jpg


The rifle in the machine storehouse. The camera pans to show Misato and Ritsuko.

RITSUKO (OFF then BACK):“...our positron rifle, but it can’t handle such a high output. So what are you going to do?”

TEXT:“Eva Positron Rifle (Prototype 20 with Toroidal Accelerator)”

InstrumentalityOne: I always wondered why they didn´t just build a self-propelled positron rifle, like that mortar thing earlier.

Dr. Nick: Various energy weapons do exist in the Eva universe, but they're all rather unwieldy and have slow rates of fire. As such, they're used throughout the show far less than more conventional weapons, like kinetic kill rifles and bazookas. In this respect the show reminds me of Metal Armor Dragonar.

06 C095b.jpg


Ritsuko’s chest and Misato. From the point of view of the camera she turns around and speaks matter-of-factly.

MISATO:“Obviously, I’m going to borrow one!”

06 C096a.jpg


Ritsuko behind Misato, looking doubtful (she appears to get what Misato is saying)

RITSUKO:“Borrow one? You mean...”

06 C097b.jpg


Misato, smirking, goes “heh” (there is some naughty intent mixed up with the smile).

MISATO:“That’s right, the Battle Research department’s prototype!”

Kendrix: Clearly, for Misato, the best part of working to ensure the survival of the human race seems to be that she always has a good excuse to steal or demolish things. Think of the battery packs in ep 01.

06 C098a.jpg

06 C098b.jpg

06 C098c.jpg


Close-up of the requisition order It slides downwards to show a close-up of Misato’s face.

MISATO:“—accordingly, as of 15 hours today, this self-propelled positron gun has been requisitioned by the Nerv Special Forces.”

TEXT:“Requisition Order”

thewayneiac: So, why did the requisition need to be the size of a poster?

NemZ: Nerv's 9th branch (Kinko's) has to have something to contribute now and then, doesn't it?

06 C099b.jpg


Researchers in white coats stand in the background The soldier is flustered.

TEXT:“Tsukuba Technology Laboratory Headquarters, Strategic SDF”

SOLDIER:“Even if you say that, this is just…”

06 C100a.jpg

06 C100b.jpg

Tilt shot of Misato

She speaks in brisk tones.

TEXT:“Special Units Hangar 4”

MISATO:“We will endeavor to return it to you in its original state as much as possible. We appreciate your cooperation. (she looks upwards) Okay, Rei. Take it away!”

Dr. Nick: They're setting up a Little Irony Bomb here. The positron gun reappears in Episode 22, with a Nerv-sticker slapped onto it.

06 C100d.jpg

The ceiling opens up with a creaking noise and Unit 00 looks in.

SE <<Creak rip rip rip creak>>

KnightmareX13: two things to note about Unit 00 removing the ceiling, one, that the lights remain on even though the wires should have snapped when the roof was lifted off, and the second is that the roof remains in one piece.

Azathoth: That doesn't seem remotely legal. Also, Unit 00 has apparently gone from having too many errors for safe usage to being able to waltz all the way over to Tsukuba? Come to think of it, how did Unit 00 even get out of the Geofront?

EvangelionFan: Unit-00: "Hey, what's going on in here?"
JDSF: "Nothing much, but can you put the roof back when you're done?"

NemZ: I guess it's just the angle, but in this shot 00 looks a lot like a recolored Transformers Shockwave toy.

06 C101a.jpg


Top-down shot of Misato and Hyuuga.

MISATO:“It’s a precision machine so be ve~~ry gentle with it, okay?”

SE <<Creaking noises and the sound of bolts flying>>

HYUGA:“But still, by my estimates we’ll need an output of at least 180 million kilowatts to produce enough energy to pierce the A.T. Field. Where are you going to get that much electricity?”

Kendrix: One of, if not THE earliest instance of Hyuuga acting as Misato's preferred right hand man. Maybe because they somehow specialize in the same areas - or because she trusts/prefers him because he's a similar, emotional kind of person. He also develops a crush on her as the story progresses.

06 C102a.jpg

06 C102b.jpg

06 C102d.jpg

06 C102e.jpg

With Unit 00’s fingers behind her, Misato turns around and speaks to the camera happily, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Behind her is a giant container being pulled up by Unit-00.

MISATO:“There’s only one place. From all of Japan!”

SE <<The container going up ‘klang’.>>

NemZ: ...and now she's got a chin that could punch holes in leather?

06 C103.jpg


Close-up of a TV screen (news flash)

TEXT:“Giant Power Outage Today All Across Japan”

NEWS ANNOUNCER:“We interrupt this program to bring you this...”

06 C104a.jpg

06 C104b.jpg


Kensuke’s room Kensuke and Touji play the Saturn and listen absent-mindedly to the announcement. They blink once

TEXT:“Suzuhara Residence”

NEWS ANNOUNCER (OFF):“...special news Bulletin.”

Azathoth: The constant location titles are probably the episode's most notable feature to me. Is this some kind of reference that I'm missing, like an aping of the style of old newsreels or something?

thewayneiac: Xard makes some suggestions in Cut 65

NemZ: How did the emergency broadcast inturrupt them while playing a game, not watching tv?

Kendrix: Lol They were obviously at the local McDonalds. I feel a sudden craving right now.

But there's one thing I'm confused about: The script says "Kensuke's room", but the text say's "Suzuhara residence". Whose room is it, then?

imprimatur13: I think we can assume that Toji and Kensuke live together. Unless, he just has a designated bedroom there?

06 C105.jpg


Hikari’s room Hikari and the TV A hand PC [lit. handy pasokon] is on the desk

TEXT:“Horaki Residence”

NEWS ANNOUNCER (OFF):“From 11:30 tonight...”

Kendrix: One of the two occassions where wee see Hikari's private clothes. She looks cute and much younger with that yellow, not as strict and commanding, as if she had taken off a military rather than a school uniform.

06 C106.jpg


The newscaster displayed on a giant monitor on a skyscraper.

In front of it are people watching the screen.

TEXT:“New Tokyo-2”

NEWS ANNOUNCER (Partially from speaker):“...until before dawn tomorrow morning, there will be a large scale...”

06 C107a.jpg

06 C107b.jpg

06 C107c.jpg

06 C107d.jpg


A helicopter flies over the city

TEXT:“New Makurazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture”

WOMAN (OFF - Helicopter Speaker ):“...power outage. We kindly request your cooperation in this matter.”

06 C108a.jpg

06 C108b.jpg

06 C108c.jpg


City buildings in front of the train station, with trains setting off. In front of the camera, the announcement is scrolling on an electronic display board

TEXT:“Betsukai, Hokkaido”

TEXT:“At dawn today, a large-scale power outage all across the nation.”

ANNOUNCEMENT VAN (OFF - Speaker):“We repeat, from 11:30 tonight...”

Trajan: This scene always brings back nostalgic memories of the Godzilla series for me. The radio bulletin, TV announcement, emergency vehicles solitary moving across the foreground is very atmospheric.

06 C109a.jpg

06 C109b.jpg


A small town across the sea The announcement van drives down the road along the breakwater

TEXT:“Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture”

...The announcement fades out...

Ornette: Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture was where Anno grew up and is featured in the "Extra Curricular Lesson" episode that features Anno by NHK.

06 C110.jpg


A cityscape somewhere. The announcement is the only thing that can be heard.

Xard: oh look! Powerlines! Never seen these in Anno's anime before, no siree.

06 C111.jpg


The evening sun sinks behind power lines.

TEXT:“Mitaka Ward, Old Tokyo”

Neo Tokyo-3 at sunset

The Angel shines in the sunlight, a beautiful scene The sound of the shield drilling changes to a louder grating noise halfway through.

TEXT:“New Tokyo-3”

SE <<(At the end of the cut) garigarigarigari>>

FreakyFilmFan4ever: I love how the orange sunset lighting illuminates through Ramiel and even effects the Angel's color. Golden hour animation at its best in the series.

Kendrix: Beautiful shot indeed. I like the way Ramiel's body reflects the evening sun here. If he had human shape, this would probably be some sort of epic bishonen sparkle shot, assuming that he is indeed male. I feel unconfortable calling an Angel 'it' since one of them became my fav char in ep 24.

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