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19 C063a.jpg

19 C063b.jpg

19 C063c.jpg

Picture goes from black; the door opens.

SE <<sliding (Door opening sound)>>

Shinji’s hands are below; light shines through.

Part of the light reflects on Shinji’s side; he is inside with a bed and chair. A man’s silhouette is projected gridded mesh.

MAN (OFF):“Come out, Shinji Ikari. The commander wants to meet with you.”

SE <<(pre-emptive) Door sliding open>>

19 C064a.jpg

19 C064b.jpg

Hands up. They are in restraints.

IKARI (OFF):“Violation of orders. Personal occupation of an Eva. Childish intimidation.”

19 C065.jpg

Shinji stands alone in a silent office.

IKARI (OFF):“All of these are criminal deeds.”


19 C066.jpg

Ikari and Shinji confront each other.

IKARI:“Is there something you have to say?”

SHINJI:“Yes. I don’t want to pilot the Eva anymore. I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

IKARI:“Well then, go.”

19 C067a.jpg

19 C067b.jpg

19 C067c.jpg

19 C067d.jpg

19 C067e.jpg

Shinji’s figure and part of his head from behind.

SHINJI:“Yes. I’ll return to where my teacher is.”

Shinji turns his feet around.

SE <<Restraint sound, footsteps>>

Gendou turns and faces him.

IKARI:“You’re running away again?”

Shinji stops at his words.

Translator’s note: One of the harder lines to translate (Shinji clearly doesn’t turn towards Gendou, and you can’t really see what Gendou’s doing. Very well could be wrong. BTW, The script refers to him as Gendou here, Ikari everywhere else)

19 C068.jpg

Shinji stands isolated, with his back turned.


19 C069.jpg

Ikari faces his back and speaks.

IKARI:“You’ve disappointed me. I assume we won’t meet again.”

19 C070.jpg

Shinji stands isolated, with his back turned.

SHINJI (behind):“Yes. That’s my intention.”

19 C071a.jpg

19 C071b.jpg

19 C071c.jpg

Panoramic view of the office. Lifeless footsteps reverberate. There’s footsteps and the sound of a door opening and closing.

SE <<(footsteps) slowly>>

SE <<シュッ ガシュッ>>

19 C072a.jpg

19 C072b.jpg

Exterior scene. One isolated person, Shinji, is seen leaving down the road.

SE <<(TEL) Door opening>>

IKARI (OFF):“It’s me. Delete the third child. Rei will be Unit One’s designated pilot and set the dummy plug as the backup.”

Missing number.

19 C074.jpg

The sun glares, as usual.

SE <<voice of cicadas>>

19 C075.jpg

Outside scene of Misato’s apartment.

19 C076a.jpg

19 C076b.jpg

Shinji’s room. Ceiling, from Shinji’s viewpoint.

SE <<the cicada’s voices are smaller here>>

19 C077.jpg

Shinji looks at the ceiling with his right hand over his face.

19 C078a.jpg

19 C078b.jpg

Picture of Shinji’s room from above.

Shinji laying rolled over on his bed.

SE <<phone ringing>>

19 C079a.jpg

19 C079b.jpg

Ceiling, from Shinji’s viewpoint.

19 C080a.jpg

19 C080b.jpg


Shinji lying down in front of a handheld phone on his desk.

SE <<Phone ringing>>

19 C081a.jpg

19 C081b.jpg

Telephone continues to ring.


SE <<Phone ringing>>

SE <<(taking the telephone)>>

KENSUKE (OFF):“Shinji?”

19 C082.jpg

The picture pulls back to from above.

KENSUKE'S VOICE:“Are you there?! Is it true that you’re leaving? It is true, isn’t it? But why? Why are you running now?”


KENSUKE'S VOICE:“I admired you. I envied you. You were different than us. Damnit! Even Touji piloted an Eva, but I…”

SE <<disconnect>>

19 C083a.jpg

19 C083b.jpg

Shinji is silent and doesn’t move.

WOMAN'S VOICE:“This telephone is being wiretapped. To preserve secrecy, we have terminated this line. Thank you for your cooperation.”

SE <<hanging up>>

19 C084.jpg

Blue sky beyond the telephone poles.

19 C085.jpg

Rotary in front of the station; the car door is open.

19 C086a.jpg

19 C086b.jpg

Station platform.

SHINJI (OFF):“I guess that Asuka won’t come.”

MISATO (OFF):“Yes. She didn’t even say to tell you ‘Best Regards’”

19 C087.jpg

Railtrack stopper

SHINJI (OFF):“That’s just like her. I’m relieved.”

19 C088.jpg

New Hakoneyumoto Station, before the rotary. The car roof is in front of two people confronting each other.

MISATO (OFF):“Its tough to say just complimentary things.”

SHINJI:“That’s your way of life, Misato. I can’t do that.”

MISATO:“I’m sure you know this, but there will be considerable restrictions on your behavior.”

SHINJI:“Yes... Um...”


SHINJI:“Tell me one thing, please.
Why was it Touji? The fourth child?”

19 C089.jpg

Misato slightly from below, standing alone.

MISATO:“The fourth stage candidates, all of them are your classmates.”

19 C090.jpg

Shinji slightly from below, standing alone.

MISATO (OFF):“I too just recently found out that it was all a set up.”

SHINJI:“All of them... all of my classmates?”

19 C091a.jpg

19 C091b.jpg

19 C091c.jpg

Turnstile in front of Shinji confronting Misato. Angle from inside the station.

MISATO:“The Suzuhara matter was a mistake that is not going to be cleared just by apologizing in words. But, Shinji. To be honest, I had put my dreams, desires and goals on you. I know that’s been a heavy burden for you. But, we, everyone at Nerv had no choice but to entrust our future to you.”

19 C092.jpg

Misato slightly from below, standing alone.

The sky comes out from the inside.

MISATO (ON):“Remember that, please.”

19 C093.jpg

Shinji slightly from below.

SHINJI:“It’s a selfish cause, isn’t it?”

MISATO (OFF):“I know that.”

19 C094Aa.jpg

19 C094Ab.jpg

Car in front of the station entrance with the two confronting each other.

MISATO:“Ill leave your passcode to headquarters and your room as they are.”

SHINJI:“That’s pointless. Please do away with them.”

19 C094B.jpg

Shinji front. Shinji stands alone with strength, determination is sensed in his remarks.

SHINJI:“(alone) I’m not piloting the Eva anymore.”

19 C095a.jpg

19 C095c.jpg

The door closes.

19 C096a.jpg

19 C096b.jpg

Inside the official vehicle. Misato sits down.

MISATO (MONO):“He’s speaking assertively. It’s the first time he’s been like this.”

19 C097.jpg

Shinji stands isolated, surrounded inside the platform fence.

19 C098a.jpg

19 C098c.jpg

19 C098d.jpg

Closeup of the side of Shinji.

He is accompanied by a decisive facial expression.

Shinji raises his face with a sudden siren.

SE <<(siren sound)>>

19 C099a.jpg

19 C099b.jpg

19 C099c.jpg

Station platform from above.

TEXT:“Government Only Special Express R-13 Departing 13:38 to New Atsugi”

The destination information plank changes to a mark for emergency passage.

TEXT:“Evacuation Route”

ANNOUNCER (female):“Just now, an official announcement of a state of emergency was declared in the center of the Tokai region. All citizens please take refuge in your designated shelter. Repeat... (to cut 102)

Missing numbers.

19 C102a.jpg

19 C102b.jpg

Closeup of Shinji from above.

SHINJI:“...it's an Angel!”

Eyecatch e.jpg


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