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A Family

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07 C338a.jpg

07 C338b.jpg


Panoramic view of NERV headquarters.

RITSUKO (p.d.):“The recovery of Unit-01...”

07 C339.jpg


Ikari sitting at his desk.
Beside him are Ritsuko and a man.

RITSUKO:“...has been completed without incident. There is no fear of contamination.”

imprimatur13: So... does "the man" have a name? Besides for "That Man"?

07 C340a.jpg

07 C340b.jpg


Ritsuko and the man with Ikari, his back turned, in the foreground.
(The man is expressionless. He seems like someone from the intelligence section.)

RITSUKO:“(Glancing over at the man)
Except for Captain Katsuragi's actions, everything proceeded according to the scenario.”

UrsusArctos: Ritsuko is using a variation on Gendo's classic "everything is proceeding according to the scenario" line. It also says a lot about Ritsuko's character - she's very likely one of the principal saboteurs, if not the saboteur responsible for the incident, but she was willing to let her old friend risk herself in a meaningless stunt rather than reveal that the incident was staged. Gendo, for his part, doesn't seem to be too worried about losing his tactical officer or about the expense of running Eva-01 in a needless operation. If nothing else, he probably judges the good publicity worth the cost, and Ritsuko just goes with him.

07 C341.jpg


The usual close-up of Ikari. Somewhat backlit.

IKARI:“Good work.”

07 C342.jpg


The exterior of Misato's apartment. Morning.

SE <<(Morning sound effects) Chirping– ・ the voices of cicadas>>

07 C343a.jpg

07 C343b.jpg


Browned toast pops out with a “"ding".”

SE <<Ding! Ker-shak!>>

FrDougal9000: And now to reprise the opening scene once more. I enjoy simple bookends like these.

SEELE-01: At this point in the series, reuse of footage began to be interpreted as great storytelling... By the time you get to episode 16, you can see they were clearly scratching the bottom of the budget-barrel.

07 C344a.jpg

07 C344b.jpg

BGM Start: B-16 rhythm only

Close-up of Shinji biting into a piece of toast he's holding in his hand.
(Just the action of biting)

SE <<Chomp>>

07 C345a.jpg

07 C345b.jpg


Likewise, Pen-pen biting into a fish.

SE <<Chomp!!>>

07 C346a.jpg

07 C346b.jpg

07 C346c.jpg

BGM Start: B-16 rhythm only [MISATO]

The kitchen. Shinji, with Pen Pen in the foreground. The two of them eating breakfast. Pen Pen rises up and swallows the fish.

07 C347a.jpg

07 C347b.jpg

07 C347c.jpg


Again the usual sight of Misato.
Her hair unkempt, she scratches her belly.

MISATO:“(Sloppily) 'Morning.”

07 C348a.jpg

07 C348b.jpg


Close-up of Misato's hand pulling open a tab.

SE <<Psshh!>>

07 C349a.jpg

07 C349b.jpg

07 C349c.jpg

07 C349d.jpg

07 C349e.jpg

07 C349f.jpg


Misato drinking her beer once again.
Draining it, she reacts in an exaggerated manner.

MISATO:“*guzzle* *guzzle* *guzzle* Pwaaah! Kuuuuuu~!”

07 C350.jpg


Shinji, with the beer can in the foreground.
His expression is more of disappointment than disillusionment.

MISATO (OFF):“Now, next thing is my morning shampoo, my morning shampoo.”

imprimatur13: Why do I get the feeling that the juxtaposition of the beer shot implies she washes her hair with it?

Ad: "Intoxicate, for women.

Only available at macy's."

07 C351.jpg

He finds something extremely aggravating about Misato's apparent frivolity, but he inwardly restrains himself.

Shinji, wearing a serious expression.
Shinji is like, "I wonder where the emotions I felt yesterday have gone..."

MISATO (OFF):“I wonder where my bra and panties are.”

SE <<(OFF・FROM LEFT) Ding-dong>>

BGM End: B-16 rhythm only [MISATO]

07 C352Aa.jpg

07 C352Ab.jpg

07 C352Ac.jpg

Toji and Kensuke standing before the front entrance.


imprimatur13: Just imagine their faces had they heard what Misato just said...

07 C352Ad.jpg

They notice Shinji's demeanor.

07 C352Ba.jpg

Shinji, highly aggravated, with the heads of the other two in the foreground.

SHINJI:“(Like he is holding back his irritation) Morning.”

Sailor Star Dust: Another scene that made me laugh. Shinji's pissy mood is comedy gold!

07 C352Bb.jpg

07 C352Bc.jpg

He looks back over his shoulder with a dark expression and speaks.

SHINJI:“(To Misato, in a bit of a loud voice) I'M HEADING OUT.”

07 C353a.jpg

07 C353b.jpg

07 C353c.jpg


In preparation for her morning shampoo, Misato is already naked from the waist up.
Only a towel is draped around her neck.
She appears cheerfully unguarded.

MISATO:“Hab a naisshe time. (Not a misprint)”

Sailor Star Dust: Talk about Misato's promises of fan service! Had the cut not pointed it out, I wouldn't have realized.

07 C354a.jpg

07 C354b.jpg

BGM Start: B-7 [When I Find Peace of Mind]

The three boys walking along the sloping road.
Toji, thoroughly impressed, offers up his sincere praise.

TOJI:“...She's just so cool, Misato-san.”

After having formed his own private convictions about her, Shinji feels as though he has been deceived.
Finally, Shinji angrily confesses his true feelings. (As though he is talking to himself and not to the other two)

SHINJI:“I thought so, too, but at home she's disgraceful! She's really a slob, and unsightly, and just a complete mess...”


Missing number.

07 C356a.jpg

07 C356b.jpg


In reaction to Kensuke's unexpected words, Shinji is like, "Huh?”"

SHINJI:“I'm embarrassed, looking at her!”

KENSUKE (OFF):“(In a murmur) I envy you for that.”

Shinji was convinced that he would be contradicted, that he would not be understood.

07 C357a.jpg

07 C357b.jpg

Shinji is puzzled. Unthinkingly he comes to a stop and questions them.

SHINJI:“...Why's that?”

07 C357c.jpg

Kensuke leans towards Shinji. He wears an expression of disgust (an expression that says, “this guy doesn't understand anything at all”), with the sense that he is deliberately making fun of Shinji.

KENSUKE:“Ikari really is a kid.”

07 C357d.jpg

Toji also enters the frame.

TOJI (BACK):“He sure is.”

07 C357e.jpg

Shinji asks them again, a bit irritated.

SHINJI:“Why's that?”

07 C358a.jpg

07 C358b.jpg


Shinji, with the other two in the foreground.
Toji smiles despite feeling scandalized.
Kensuke is also smiling!
These two are adults! They're good guys!

KENSUKE:“That's her real self, something she doesn't show to outsiders like us.”

07 C359a.jpg

07 C359b.jpg

07 C359c.jpg

Shinji, a little shocked.

He doesn't understand the meaning of Kensuke's unexpected words right there and then, but he somehow starts to feel happy, and, smiling, takes a step forwards!

KENSUKE (OFF):“That means the two of you are family...”

UrsusArctos: "Such a cool ending"...if only more episodes ended as happily as this!

Dr. Nick: As Joseki already mentioned, episode 7 is usually ranked one of Evangelion's worst episodes, at least until things get really weird and divisive at the very end. But if this is indeed the worst it gets, the overall product is remarkably solid, especially if you compare it to things like Nadia's filler episodes. This episode is a good Misato showcase, lets us see more of Nerv's shadier side, and allows Anno to flex his satirist's chops decades prior to Shin Godzilla. Storywise it is largely inconsequential, but the idea of a random civilian company butting in with their goofy robot essentially got a non-canon remake in the visual novel Girlfriend of Steel, so there's that.

07 C359d.jpg

This is a metaphor for the distance between Shinji and Misato growing smaller!

SE <<Footsteps!! Step>>

Such a cool ending!


BGM End: B-7 [When I Find Peace of Mind]

TEXT:“To be continued.”

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