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A nightmare

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08 C065a.jpg

08 C065b.jpg

08 C065c.jpg


Inside the elevator. Misato and the others packed together like sushi. A number of trusses pass by in the foreground.

KAJI:“Accompanying her. I'm on a business trip from Germany.”

Misato's expression is of annoyance and regret.

MISATO:“(Talking to herself) I was careless. This was a fully conceivable situation.”

MISATO & ASUKA:“Hey! Don't touch me!”

KAJI & TOJI:“I can't help it!”

UrsusArctos: How the heck did they manage to cram themselves in that tight? It shouldn't be physically possible. For what it's worth, Shinji's face is squeezed against Misato's chest and he's plainly not enjoying it.

08 C066.jpg


The officer's mess. There is food on the table. Everyone is silent, owing to Misato, who is frowning with her arms crossed and looking away to the side. Kaji is making advances at Misato under the table, poking her feet with his.

IN-SHIP ANNOUNCER (FEMALE - RIGHT CHANNEL):“The 3rd Squadron has taken off as scheduled. Will the squadron on duty, the 7th Squadron, please come up to deck number 2.”

SE <<Background noise, the sound of a television program (LEFT and OFF)>>

KAJI:“Seeing anyone now?”

08 C067.jpg


Misato, disgruntled, with Kaji's head in the foreground. She does not meet his gaze.

MISATO:“Is that any of your business?”

(Dialogue continues up to Cut 77) An American sitcom-type TV program (background noise). Please make it upbeat and fast-paced. Theatrical play-like. (BGM B-17)

MAN:“Ah, why are you so cold?”

UrsusArctos: Pay attention to the TV show dialogue throughout the scene. It gets especially funny towards the end.

08 C068a.jpg

08 C068b.jpg

08 C068c.jpg


Kaji speaks in an exaggerated manner while drinking his coffee.

KAJI:“(Cheerfully) Oh? That's cold of you.”


Underneath the table, he tries to move his foot along her leg. Misato moves her legs away. Asuka, Toji, and Kensuke are suspicious of them. Shinji is uncomprehending.

WOMAN:“Because my feelings for you have gone cold.”

08 C069a.jpg

08 C069c.jpg


Kaji, with Asuka in the foreground. He leans forward and speaks to Shinji.

KAJI:“So you're living together with Katsuragi?”

MAN:“Despite it being another sweltering summer day outside, and the temperature more than 40 degrees... What is this!? This freezing cold!”

08 C070.jpg


Shinji, with Asuka in the foreground.


WOMAN:“My feelings have dipped below freezing. Even this beer has frozen. (Artificially) Oh! It is cold! I need a coat.”

08 C071.jpg


Kaji, his elbows resting on the table, speaks lightly but meaningfully.

KAJI:“Her tossing and turning at night, has that gotten any better?”

— Pause —

SE <<Clatter>>

MAN:“It's only your heart — its air conditioning is too effective. Why don't you turn the thermostat up a little?”

08 C072a.jpg

08 C072b.jpg


Shock. Asuka, Toji and Kensuke are posed in a state of shock and surprise. Shinji, obtuse and uncomprehending, is smiling. Misato leans backwards. She moves back with each stutter.

MISATO:“Wh... wh-!”

WOMAN:“You are that air conditioning. You are like an outdoor unit — you alone become warm. What idiocy. No more — stop cooling my heart.”

08 C073a.jpg

08 C073b.jpg

08 C073c.jpg


Misato bursts menacingly into frame.
(Her face is all red)

MISATO:“Wh-wh-what are you saying?!!”

SE <<The sound of cups colliding - clatter clatter>>

08 C073d.jpg

08 C073e.jpg

Kaji watches Misato's reaction with enjoyment. He asks a question of Shinji.

KAJI:“...She hasn't changed, has she? Shinj-kun.”

08 C073f.jpg

08 C073g.jpg

08 C073h.jpg

08 C073i.jpg

Misato looks towards Shinji with sudden embarrassment.

MAN:“Let us warm your frozen body, the two of us together!”

08 C074a.jpg

08 C074b.jpg


Shinji, with Asuka, frozen in shock, in the foreground. (He doesn't understand the meaning of what Kaji has said)

Huh? How do you know my name?”

KAJI (OFF):“Of course I know it.”

WOMAN:“Too bad. It isn't you who takes a lighter to my heart, who throws on kindling, who pours on gasoline.”

08 C075a.jpg

08 C075b.jpg

08 C075d.jpg


Kaji, with Asuka, still frozen, in the foreground. He speaks with an aloof manner.

KAJI:“Seeing as you're famous in this sphere.”

ASUKA:“... (Looks at Shinji)

Asuka drops her reaction pose, and her face becomes serious.

KAJI:“The one who operated an Eva in actual combat without any training whatsoever, the Third...”

MAN:“Who is it? Who's the lucky man? Don't tell me it's that man...”

08 C076a.jpg

08 C076b.jpg

08 C076c.jpg


Shinji, embarrassed.
Asuka looks at him scornfully.

KAJI (OFF):“...Child.”

SHINJI:“Oh, no... it was just by accident.”

KAJI (OFF):“Accident is a part of destiny.
It was talent, your talent.”


WOMAN:“It isn't. It's this puppy!”

SE <<Yap yap (If possible, have it emulate the sound of the woman's voice)>>

08 C077a.jpg

08 C077b.jpg


Kaji stands up. Kensuke and Toji remain frozen in place.
Misato is out of step with the conversation.

KAJI:“Well, see you later.”


MAN:“What are you saying? Have I lost to this cute little puppy?”

08 C078.jpg


Misato is muttering with her head in her hands.

MISATO:“(Muttering something)”

WOMAN:“Yes, you have. This puppy isn't fussy the way someone I know is.”

SE <<"Wa ha ha ha ha," laughter plays on a television program (an American sitcom).>>

UrsusArctos: The background dialogue in this scene has been a source of nonstop hilarity, but here comes a hidden clue as to why Misato likes Shinji so much. He's not fussy, he's not messy, in many ways he's exactly the opposite of Kaji, and that makes him someone to adore in Misato's eyes.

08 C079a.jpg

08 C079b.jpg

08 C079c.jpg

08 C079d.jpg


Kaji and Asuka on a port side walkway on the outside of the ship. Asuka is playing around on the railing.

KAJI:“What do you think of Shinji Ikari?”

ASUKA:“He's a boring kid. To think that that's the chosen Third Child. I'm disappointed.”

KAJI:“And yet, in a real combat, without preparation, his sync ratio easily exceeded forty percent.”

WOMAN (ANNOUNCEMENT):“5th Squadron has departed. They are expected to return on schedule.”

08 C080a.jpg

08 C080b.jpg

08 C080c.jpg


Asuka, expressing a reaction.

ASUKA:“No way.”

UrsusArctos: This one little reaction hints at the one thing Asuka truly values: piloting. She equates herself to her skill as a pilot, and she extends that assessment to Shinji.

08 C081a.jpg

08 C081b.jpg


An escalator going up.

TOJI:“I just can't stand that captain.”

Seen from below.

MISATO:“He's a man of great pride.”

08 C082a.jpg

08 C082b.jpg

08 C082c.jpg


The scene from above. Misato puffs out her cheeks. When Kaji's name comes up she quickly becomes angry.

MISATO:“That leads him to want to makes a few sarcastic remarks.”

SHINJI:“He's an interesting person, full of life. Kaji-san, I mean.”

MISATO:“He's always been like that, the idiot.”

08 C082d.jpg

Shinji, called by Asuka, turns around.

ASUKA (OFF):“Third Child!”


08 C083a.jpg

08 C083b.jpg


Asuka standing at the top of the escalator, blocking the way.

08 C084.jpg


Close-up of Asuka at a slightly low angle.
She has a domineering manner.

ASUKA:“Come with me!”

UrsusArctos: She is so domineering because she is impressed with Shinji and fearful of losing her status at the same time. Classic Asuka. We'll get to see plenty more of this!

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