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Unexpected Farewell ~ Making Things Even

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04 C183a.jpg

04 C183b.jpg

04 C183d.jpg

04 C183e.jpg

04 C183f.jpg

A machine closeup fills the screen. At the start of the cut, the hole parts sink once, then come back up. Shinji's security card has been punched with holes and rendered void. At the end of the cut, the card is extracted with a swish.

Shinji (OFF):“Um, where is Misato-san? I'd like to say goodbye.”

Man A (OFF):“You are no longer Nerv personnel.”

Missing Number

Missing Number

Missing Number

Shinji inside the car, hand UP.

Man A (OFF):“Therefore, we can't tell you anything.”

SE <<Car noise (diluted)>>

OMF: Shinji's clenching at his knee here reveals frustration with his reinstated powerlessness.

04 C188.jpg

Telephone pole from below.

SE <<Cicada voices — loud!!>>

Otaprince: Tying back to #02/C-034… Notice how, here, the cut focuses on the telephone pole while we only hear the car pulling up to a stop. This is, of course, because animating that car would've cost money. However, in my opinion corner-cutting like this is not necessarily a bad thing, as limits on creativity (such as financial restrictions) lead to the most interesting creative innovations. For example, back when film was in black and white, filmmakers were forced to come up with creative ways of utilizing the limited palette (think film noir).Similarly, budgetary constraints in anime have led to many of Anno's most recognizable techniques, such as his tendency to linger on a single shot (as at the end of this episode) and his "rapid-fire succession of shots" technique (very prevalent in later episodes) in the place of actual animated movement.

04 C189.jpg

The rotary at the front of the station. The car door opens.

04 C190a.jpg

04 C190b.jpg

04 C190c.jpg

Shinji reflected in the door mirror.

He exits the car.

04 C191a.jpg

04 C191b.jpg

04 C191c.jpg

04 C191d.jpg

04 C191e.jpg

Shinji stands up.

Man B closes the door.

Kensuke (OFF):“Ikari!!”

Shinji turns his face.

Toji (OFF):“You forgot this!”

Shinji catches the bag that comes flying.

Incisivis: This scene is where the friendship between Shinji, Toji, and Kensuke is cemented, I think. Often I wonder if their relationship sprang from guilt, at least on Toji and Shinji's account.

OMF: From the sound of it, I think Shinji's laptop is in that bag. It's likely the only item, along with other school gear, that Toji and Kensuke would have a reason to bring.

Reichu: For some strange reason, I'd assumed that they were just returning the duffel he had left in Kensuke's tent — but, uh, yeah, that isn't the same bag, is it? :P So what DID happen to the stuff Shinji was carrying around?

04 C192a.jpg

04 C192b.jpg

Shinji UP.

04 C193.jpg

Toji and Kensuke standing.

04 C194a.jpg

04 C194b.jpg

Overhead shot.

Shinji turns in the men's direction.

04 C195a.jpg

04 C195c.jpg

Overhead shot.

Shinji turns in the men's direction.

MagicianCamille: Why does the intelligence worker look like a 20-year-old Shinji? o_O

OMF: It's Shinji! Sent back in time to save the world from annihilation! However, without Asuka or Misato to boss him about, he does little except get a rather menial job in Nerv intelligence guarding his younger self. He'll only be able to leap once his younger self falls in love with Asuka, though, and, as you've already guessed, even Ziggy won't be able to help him with that one.

(Dr. Nick: Christ!)

Reichu: Do I smell a fanfic? :D At the very least, somebody has to draw a Sadamoto-ized version of Al and doctor him into this scene in or something. ^_^

OMF: Shinji "Al, why haven't I leaped?!"

Al: "Ziggy says Asuka's gotta love you back."

04 C196a.jpg

04 C196b.jpg

04 C196c.jpg

Shinji hangs the bag at his side.

He approaches Toji and Kensuke.

Shinji:“Um… Thank you.”

04 C197a.jpg

04 C197b.jpg

04 C197c.jpg

Kensuke glances at Toji.


04 C198a.jpg

04 C198b.jpg

04 C198c.jpg

04 C198d.jpg

04 C198e.jpg

Kensuke forcibly pushes Toji's body forward.

Kensuke:“Come on, say something!”

04 C199a.jpg

04 C199b.jpg

04 C199c.jpg

04 C199d.jpg

Toji stumbles forward.

He stands before Shinji, slightly tense.


04 C200.jpg

Toji with a glum look.

Toji:“Ikari, I'm sorry for hitting you twice. Please, hit me back!”

Reichu: Toji is so funny! ::D He's really quite nervous here, but desperately trying to keep up his "tough guy' façade.

While he's not my fave, I've always found him to be intensely charming and likable … in that uniquely Toji sort of way. Considering the rather ugly entrance he made last episode, it's amazing how quickly we get to see this lad's heart of gold.

HeWhoPostsStuff: It is easy to label Toji as a "stock" character at a glance, but I wouldn't say that he is one. While most of the time he's portrayed as the stereotypical "goofy tough guy," there are some insights into deeper aspects of his character out there, this scene among them. He apparently has a deep devotion to those who are able to crack his "shell," is willing to make sacrifices for those he cares about, prefers receiving just punishment for wrongs than feeling guilty about them, and, like many of the other characters in Eva, hasn't completely "found himself" yet. There are other aspects to him, as well, but unfortunately he doesn't get much screen time once he begins to really develop…

Incisivis: Everyone's going to hate me for saying this, but both of your descriptions of Toji remind me so very much of Katsuya Jounouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh!, a character I really like. Conversely, I'm not very interested in Toji, but I don't dislike him, anyway. And he deserves points for his quote in 223, though I doubt even he could take 'em all at once. :P

Gundampilotspaz: And on the deeper psychological end of things… Toji is a very physical character. Of the entire main cast, he must be in the best physical shape, and he shows his emotion openly though physical violence, like when he needed to hit Shinji in #03 to "feel satisfied". Here, he NEEDS to have Shinji hit him back because that is the only way he can achieve emotional consumation.

Also, when Hikari is interested in Toji later on, he doesn't notice until she offers to feed him. Hunger is a physical characteristic, and that's how he figures out that she likes him.

04 C201.jpg

Shinji winces.

Shinji:“I can't do that.”

OMF: Shinji cringes at the very thought of violence. Couldn't Toji just write a formal apology or make do with some other non-violent act of contrition?!

Reichu: Well, this IS Toji we're talking about! Is Toji even capable of writing? :lol: (But I kid.)

Incisivis: That Shinji doesn't want to punch Toji is yet another indication that Shinji is not a "typical" teenage boy. He can't understand the connection between punching and atonement, the sort of male-bonding-through-mild-violence that we in the West recognize as a clap on the shoulder, an elbow in the side. It also ties into Shinji's dislike of violence at this point in the series.

04 C200.jpg

Toji is resolute.

Toji:“Please! Otherwise, I won't be satisfied.”

04 C203a.jpg

04 C203b.jpg

Kensuke:“He's a pretty embarrassing guy. But if it'll put an end to this dispute, why don't you go ahead and hit him?”
Reichu: More of Kensuke's characteristic nonchalance, which we saw in #03/C-111 last episode. He certainly knows his friend well, doesn't he? (Perhaps Toji/Kensuke slash is not completely out of the question… >::D)

Man A and B are checking the time.
Reichu: I always loved the interjection of this cut. You see a lot of this wry humor in NGE.

04 C205a.jpg

04 C205b.jpg

04 C205c.jpg

Shinji is perplexed.


Toji leans forward.

Toji:“Hurry up! You don't have the time.”

Shinji seems enthused.

Shinji:“Okay, but only once…”

Reichu: The script comment is surely being sarcastic. Either that, or it's my Engrish hard at work again!

04 C206a.jpg

04 C206b.jpg

04 C206c.jpg

Toji nods and gives it his all.

Toji:“"Right! Bring it on!!”

OMF: Toji's pretty psyched up for this!

04 C207a.jpg

04 C207b.jpg

Shinji puts down his bag.

04 C208a.jpg

04 C208b.jpg

04 C208c.jpg

04 C208d.jpg

04 C208e.jpg

04 C208f.jpg

Shinji straightens up and comes to the ready.

He strikes, sending his hand in front of the camera.

thewayneiac: It's Dr. Tongue's 3-D House of Fist!

Mr. Tines: This episode so reminded me of this scene from Garth Ennis' Preacher — only Shinji doesn't get the professional advice.

Reichu: I'm suddenly getting this craving for ice cream…

04 C209.jpg

Shinji's hand stops.

Toji:“Hold it!!”

OMF: Something tells me Toji's taken martial arts lessons. My instructor used to come out with these exact lines. Same tone and everything! And in Japanese, naturally.

Reichu: Now we just need an NGE fighting game where Toji and Asuka can see whose kung fu is weaker. (Too bad the closest we have to a doujinshi fighting game are a paltry three screenshots.)

OMF: Asuka "I vill break yOu in hAlf puny girly mAn!"


04 C210a.jpg

04 C210b.jpg

Shinji is perplexed. His fist pulls back.


04 C211.jpg

Toji with a straight face.

Toji:“Don't hold back.”

tv33: Is this a good time to bring up the rules of Fight Club?

Reichu: Good idea! I always wanted to see Toji and Shinji engage in a hawt shirtless brawl!

04 C212a.jpg

04 C212b.jpg

04 C212c.jpg

04 C212d.jpg

04 C212e.jpg

04 C212f.jpg

04 C212g.jpg


As he makes a fist again, Shinji's face, too, becomes serious. His hand once again strikes the front of the camera.

Reichu: I love how Shinji closes his eyes this time.

04 C213a.jpg

04 C213b.jpg

04 C213c.jpg

04 C213d.jpg

We don't see Shinji's hand! Toji's already hit.
thewayneiac: One wouldn't think that Shinji could hit that hard.

tv33: The Nerv security forces must be deeply confused by this time. "Kids these days…"

Reichu: Judging from 215, they seem to be at least mildly amused.

04 C214a.jpg

04 C214b.jpg

Kensuke seems to wince in pain.


Man A and B smile wryly. Shinji looks worried.


Otaprince: I like how the Nerv guys are amused…

Gundampilotspaz: Nerv Agent 1: "He punches like a girl."

Reichu: Don't let Misato catch you saying that…

04 C216a.jpg

04 C216b.jpg

04 C216c.jpg

04 C216d.jpg

The three of them resume their former poses and look at each other. Toji and Kensuke smile complacently.

BGM START: "Bay side love story —from Tokyo—"

OMF: Such touching male bonding. This kind of thing never works in real life, though.

Reichu: You'd be surprised. I've heard stories.

Here we have the first of the songs by J-Pop artist Masami Okui that turn up in NGE. (They'll all from her album "GYUU". Incidentally, it was published by King Records. Coincidence? I don't think so. ;;> ) You may have already heard her in Slayers or Utena.

An interesting thing about these vocal insert songs (from either "Lilia", which we met in episode #02, or "GYUU") is that they all occur within NGE's environment — playing on a radio, or Shinji's S-DAT, etc. Actually, this is the case for all of the music in this particular episode. Was there some kind of artistic reason for this lack of true BGM?

04 C217a.jpg

04 C217b.jpg

Shinji smiles again awkwardly.

Shinji:“How did you know I'd be here?”

Perplexed, his smile weakens slightly.

04 C218a.jpg

04 C218b.jpg

04 C218c.jpg

Shot of Kensuke over Toji's shoulder.

Kensuke:“A hunch. We've seen dozens of classmates off.”

04 C219.jpg

Shinji's expression seems to become desolate.


04 C220.jpg

Toji's face is serious. He's pretty slick.

Toji:“If you're leavin', we'll have to leave this city sometime soon.”

04 C221a.jpg

04 C221b.jpg

Shinji's eyes open a little.


Toji (OFF):“But we can't say anything against you. We saw you suffering in the Eva. And if anyone tries blaming you…”

Mr. Tines: Getting nagged by Misato — check. Going ape — check. Suffering? Must have been after we drew back to the still life scene.

Reichu: He vicariously got his torso impaled twice (after the whole palm-scorching ordeal) — not to mention whatever issues he was sobbing over when it was through.

Mr. Tines: I suppose the tenor of his continuous screaming might have given them some feedback as to whether it was to express fury or pain or both.

Incisivis: Kensuke and Toji are a big part of what will keep Shinji at Tokyo-3, though they don't mean to be. At this point, Shinji would gladly put others' happiness above his own, and he stays so Toji and Kensuke won't have to leave.

04 C222.jpg

Having hit Toji, Shinji's hand quivers.
Reichu: Shinji's dangling hand (usually accompanied by his trademark nervous flex) is one of the recurring "hand shots" we'll be seeing.

04 C223a.jpg

04 C223b.jpg

04 C223c.jpg

04 C223d.jpg

Toji takes a practice swing with his fist.

Toji (ON):“I'll give them a good crack to the head!”

Gundampilotspaz: Once again, a physical manifestation of emotion.

04 C224.jpg

Shinji is at a loss for words.


04 C225a.jpg

04 C225b.jpg

Shot of Kensuke and Toji over Shinji's shoulder.

Toji resumes his regular pose, and both of them seem to look at Shinji tenderly.

Toji:“Hey, don't look so gloomy.”

Kensuke:“Take care.”

04 C226a.jpg

04 C226b.jpg

Toji (OFF):“Hang in there.”

Shinji wants to say something, but he can't find the words.


04 C226c.jpg

04 C226d.jpg

The man places his hand on Shinji's shoulder and pulls him back.

Man B (OFF):“It's time.”

04 C226e.jpg

04 C226f.jpg

Shinji hangs his head.


04 C227a.jpg

04 C227b.jpg

04 C227c.jpg

Shinji grabs his bag and lifts it up.
Otaprince: Does "R-55" have some significance?

04 C228a.jpg

04 C228b.jpg

04 C228c.jpg

04 C228d.jpg

Shinji goes, passing by the ticket examination area.

04 C229.jpg

Toji and Kensuke see him off.

BGM END: "Bay side love story —from Tokyo—"

04 C230.jpg

Shinji comes up a narrow set of stairs with Man A and B behind him.

SE <<Footsteps>>

04 C231.jpg

Shinji, Man A, and Man B go up the stairs.

SE <<Footsteps>>

04 C232a.jpg

04 C232b.jpg

04 C232c.jpg

Kensuke and Toji come rushing over.

They see him off.

SE <<Footsteps becoming distant>>

04 C233a.jpg

04 C233b.jpg

04 C233c.jpg

04 C233d.jpg

The men round the corner.

Shinji suddenly pushes his way back through. The men stop him.

Man A, B:“!?”

Man B:“Gah!”

04 C234a.jpg

04 C234b.jpg

04 C234c.jpg

04 C234d.jpg

04 C234e.jpg

04 C234f.jpg

Shinji is restrained by Man A and Man B.

Shinji talks as he struggles.

Shinji:“It's me who should be hit. I'm a scoundrel… a coward…”

thewayneiac: Right. Uhuh.

MagicianCamille: (234~236) I actually felt some pity for Shinji in this scene.

Reichu: It's certainly a very powerful performance by Ogata, IMO.

Incisivis: When Shinji protests that he deserved to be hit, not Toji, he's exempting himself just a little bit, again. Even if he doesn't act on it, I still consider recognition to be better than denial. Also, Shinji is showing some backbone, going against the orders of some big and tough Nerv MIBs to say what he feels needs to be said.

OMF: Shinji couldn't leave Tokyo-3 knowing people had a good impression of him. He feels his actions are undeserving of any respect, and he has to make sure everyone knows it. Really, he doesn't have any self confidence at all.

Reichu: Poor lad. Although my life hasn't sucked anywhere near as much as Shinji's (thank gawd), I can really relate to the sort of mentality being expressed here.

04 C235a.jpg

04 C235c.jpg

04 C235d.jpg

04 C235e.jpg

04 C235f.jpg

Shinji leans forward.

He is pulled back.


Suddenly he loses his vigor.

Shinji "(low voice):“And weak…”

thewayneiac: Yep. Check.

Mr. Tines: We don't really see any evidence of Shinji's self-assessed dishonesty, or indeed anything that would qualify him particularly as a scoundrel. And he misses "impulsive", "indecisive", and "insubordinate".

Reichu: Shinji's self-descriptors (卑怯, 臆病, ズルい, 弱虫) are difficult to translate, being as (I think) three of them can refer to cowardice of some form or another.

Check out those projectile tears! I wish I could do that with my saline orbital secretions!

04 C236a.jpg

04 C236b.jpg

04 C236c.jpg

Missing Number

The men bring Shinji back.

Reichu: Where are they taking him? What're they going to do to him? :shifty:

Magami No ER: There should be an anime law that states that all bodyguards/suits are hardened, quick-to-anger bastards who use intimidation to sound fierce. These guys remind me soooo much of Kaiba's suits from Yu-Gi-Oh. Weird.

Reichu: Still, they sound much more professional (as opposed to stereotypical-badass) in Japanese. The dub really overdoes the stereotype.

Dr. Nick: Looking at the top-most storyboard here, it almost seems as if the MIB on the right used a taser gun on Shinji's back. ZAAAP!!!

Reichu: (Wow, you're right!)

04 C237.jpg

Still without a good hold over anything, Kensuke and Toji see him off. (T.B)

Man B:“Don't give us any more trouble…”

SE <<Footsteps>>

Reichu: "…Or else." "Or else what?" "Exactly."

Mr. Tines: "Or you'll be boarding your train a little ahead of schedule", perhaps ("Whoops, he must have tripped in his eagerness.")

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