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Jet Alone

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07 C148a.jpg

07 C148b.jpg

07 C148c.jpg


An enormous hangar, dividing to the left and right. From within it J.A. (Jet Alone) makes its appearance.

SE <<Ghhhhhhh>>

thewayneiac: Jet Alone is named after Jet Jaguar from Godzilla vs Megalon.

Renewal Liner Notes: The name of JA comes from the robot, Jet Jaguar, which appeared in the special effects film Gozilla vs Megalon (1973). Jet Jaguar was a robot whose design was chosen from submissions from the public, and when it was initially announced, its name was Red Alone. Jet Alone is a name made by combining Red Alone and Jet Jaguar. It is truly a geeky GAINAX-like name.

07 C149a.jpg

BGM Start: E-5 [EVA-00]

The hangar splitting open with the dome in the foreground.


Missing Number

SE <<{{GNNN]NNNN}}>>

The sound of [the mechanism] stopping is a resounding one.

Its image upon the monitor. (Partway through it switches to a side or back view)

The monitor pans upwards. Should this be a bit more of a long shot?

07 C151b.jpg

Shot from inside the bunker.

At the front is an enormous monitor screen.
There are windows directly below that.
The two sides of the bunker are decorated with red and white fabric. There are many people in the galleries.

TOKITA (OFF・SPEAKER):“We will now begin the J.A. activation test.
There is no danger involved.”

07 C152.jpg


Tokita, with the console and controllers in the foreground.
He wears a jacket over a shirt and tie.

TOKITA (ON・SPEAKER):“Please observe from the windows there without concern.”

07 C153a.jpg

07 C153b.jpg


All at once, the group raise their binoculars.

SE <<Clickclickclick>>

07 C154.jpg


Two young women, wallflowers, with the group leaning forwards in the foreground. Misato and Ritsuko.

VOICE (OFF・SPEAKER):“...Ready to activate.”

07 C155.jpg


Shift to close angle. The two beautiful women, their gazes cold.

TOKITA (OFF・SPEAKER):“Begin the test.”

CONTROLLER A (OFF・SPEAKER):“Open all power circuits.”

SEELE-01: You can almost see Ritsuko cracking a rib holding in the desire to cackle wickedly at the upcoming mayhem.

07 C156b.jpg


Shot from inside the bunker.

CONTROLLER B:“Pressure levels normal.”

CONTROLLER C:“Coolant system circulation, no abnormalities.”

MAN:“Dual conduit system, no problems.”

07 C157a.jpg

07 C157b.jpg

07 C157d.jpg


Shift to close angle of the monitor.
The control rods on the unit's back extend.
The slit on the head also changes color.

CONTROLLER A (OFF):“Control rods, full release.”

CONTROLLER B (OFF):“Power levels have passed the critical point.”

CONTROLLER C (OFF):“Output, no problems.”

MAN:“Pressurizer system, no problems.”

imprimatur13: The control rods remind me a bit of wings.

thewayneiac: I can't see control rods without thinking of the nuclear reactor on Voyage to the bottom of the Sea. The bad guys can just walk in, knock out a guard, and pull them out by hand to make the thing run wild.

07 C158.jpg


Close-up of Tokita, slightly low angle.

TOKITA:“Begin walking.”

07 C159.jpg


J.A. with Tokita in the foreground. The foreground is in silhouette.

CONTROLLER A (BACK):“Walking. Slow advance. Forward, right foot.”

CONTROLLER B (BACK):“Roger. Walking. Slow advance.”

07 C160a.jpg

07 C160c.jpg


Lamps on a control panel.
The indicator light changes from “"stop"” to "advance・slow".”

CONTROLLER B (BACK):“Forward, right foot.”

TEXT:“Forward Stop Reverse
Half Speed
Flank speed”

UrsusArctos: That's an awfully limited set of speed settings.

FrDougal9000: When you've got a giant robot walking around with a nuclear reactor inside, I'd rather it NOT have the running speed of Sonic the Hedgehog.

07 C161a.jpg

07 C161c.jpg

07 C161d.jpg


J.A. takes a step forward.

SE <<Rrrrwwwwhhhh>>

SE <<The sound of motors and pumps throbbing>>

07 C162b.jpg

07 C162c.jpg


Close-up of the right foot coming to the ground.


Missing Number

The crowd watching through binoculars (looking toward the camera). They all cry out at once.

Can be done as a still frame. Track up slightly.

CROWD (Impressed):“Ohhhhhh!”

07 C164b.jpg


Shot from inside the bunker.
J.A.'s inspiring figure is depicted on the monitor.

CONTROLLER B:“Balance is normal.”

CONTROLLER C:“Power, no abnormalities.”


Male chatter (emotionally moved):“Ohhhhhhh.”

MAN:“All absorbers normal.”

07 C165b.jpg


Tokita in close-up, in his own way deeply moved.

CONTROLLER A (OFF):“Continuation, forward left foot.
Keep her steady.”

07 C166b.jpg


The perspective from a pair of binoculars. J.A. walking.


07 C167a.jpg

07 C167b.jpg


Misato, with Ritsuko's chest in the foreground.
She's hunched over looking through a pair of binoculars.
Misato glances over at Ritsuko.

MISATO (ON):“It's walking properly. I guess they did have something worth bragging about.”

ath: I kind of remember Team Nerv being a bit more excited back when their own robot was making his first step. As for the "walking properly" part, though...

07 C168.jpg


A pair of eyes coolly feigning indifference.

SE <<(OFF・FROM LEFT) Warning sound・beep>>

07 C169.jpg


Tokita, with the controllers in the foreground.
He reacts only by shifting his gaze.

TOKITA:“(Calmly) What's wrong?”

CONTROLLER A:“It's strange. The reactor's internal pressure is increasing.”

07 C170a.jpg

07 C170b.jpg


Close-up of a monitor.
Red lights are coming on.

CONTROLLER B (OFF):“The primary coolant temperature is also increasing!”

UrsusArctos: The display is identical to those used by Nerv - the same font, the same orange text, the same rainbow pattern.

07 C171a.jpg

Tokita leans forward.

He responds calmly.

UrsusArctos: Of course its no good - a moderator slows down neutrons to speeds at which fission is possible. It would make things worse by increasing the rate of fission!

07 C171b.jpg

TOKITA:“Open the valves. Inject the moderator.”

07 C171c.jpg

Controller A looks at Tokita as he speaks.


Tokita reacts only by shifting his gaze.

MAN 2:“Internal pressure increasing. 10.5. 11.8. 14.6. It's not stopping.”

07 C172a.jpg


Close-up of a monitor. A graph and numerical readings, flickering about at low values.

CONTROLLER A:“Pump output...”


J.A. on the monitor, advancing.

CONTROLLER A (OFF):“...is not increasing!”

SE <<Thud thud thud>>

07 C174a.jpg

07 C174b.jpg

07 C174c.jpg


J.A.'s foot comes down in the foreground before the half-submerged bunker with a thud.


07 C175a.jpg

07 C175b.jpg


Close-up of Tokita. He makes a swift decision.

Shut off the power. Emergency shutdown!”

07 C176b.jpg


Shot from inside the bunker.
J.A. walking on the monitor.

CONTROLLER A:“Shutdown signal, transmission confirmed.”

CONTROLLER B:“It's not being received!”

CONTROLLER C:“The radio circuit has been cut off!”

MAN 1:“Primary coolant temperature continues to rise! It's entered the warning zone.”

07 C177a.jpg

07 C177b.jpg


Tokita, disbelieving. He is dumbfounded.

CONTROLLER A (OFF):“It's out of control!!”

MAN 2:“The reserve water supply system is not functioning!”

TOKITA:“(In a murmur) This can't be.”

MAN 3:“Recirculation pump output has fallen to 20 percent!”

Sailor Star Dust: I almost feel bad for him, here.

07 C178a.jpg

07 C178b.jpg

07 C178c.jpg


With Tokita, facing away, in the foreground, J.A. approaches on the monitor!!

CROWD (OFF):“Uwaa!! Run away!! (Ad-lib other things)”

SE <<The sound of chairs etc. falling over>>

SE <<Footsteps (approaching)>>

Male chatter (through 179):“Uwaaa! Run away! Help! ect.”

07 C179a.jpg

The crowd, fleeing towards the sides and crouching down.
There are folding chairs that have fallen over, and so on.

SE <<(Sound of the ceiling groaning)
Rapidly progressing snaps and cracks>>

Sailor Star Dust: Were there...implied casualties in this shot? I was never quite sure.

07 C179b.jpg

07 C179c.jpg

Pieces of the ceiling and so on are falling to the ground.
The monitor goes out.

J.A.'s foot comes down right through the ceiling.

(Sound of breaking through the ceiling)>>

07 C180a.jpg

07 C180c.jpg

07 C180d.jpg


Long shot. J.A. walking right through the dome!

SE <<(Sound of the motor's roar)

It just goes on walking like nothing had happened.

07 C181b.jpg

07 C181 crop a.jpg


Bird's-eye view of the scene. The ceiling, with a foot-shaped hole in it, is in the foreground. Beyond it can be seen the foot-shaped piece of the ceiling that has come out of it.
Suddenly Misato sticks her head out.

MISATO:“*cough* *cough* *cough*”

Nuclear Lunchbox: Cute shot, but from the way JA was walking, its legs should have kept shearing through the ceiling in a straight line like in cut 183.

07 C182.jpg


Misato reflexively makes a sarcastic remark.

MISATO:“That robot's as badly behaved as the guy who built it.”

Nuclear Lunchbox: Zing!

imprimatur13: Oh, Mitchan... You and your persistent habit of comparing giant inanimate objects/kaiju to men...

07 C183a.jpg

07 C183b.jpg

J.A. walking away, with the half-submerged bunker in the foreground.

Use sliding. Another new warning sound.

SE <<(Footsteps) Thud thud thud>>

A new warning sound - beep

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