FGC:Episode 03 Cut 152

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C152.jpg

Misato and Hyuga in silhouette; Shamshel in the monitor beyond them.

Man 1 (OFF):“Auto-system for anti-aircraft interception is operating.”

Misato (backside):“They're the type we women hate the most.”

Reichu: She makes it sound like she's ruling the Angels out as possible dating options.

Soluzar: Well, this IS Misato. If Shamshel had called first, and brought a nice bottle of wine, she'd have probably not only dated the Angel, but put out!

Reichu: Oh, cripes, the visual image! Get it out of my head!! "So, Sham-chan, are they tentacles, or whips? Because I'm seeing some interesting possibilities either way."

Soluzar: You know, I love teamwork. I come up with half of a disturbing mental image, and you just furnish the rest.

Incisivis: Yeah, Reichu called it. But it's something I've noticed before, that NGE characters tend to be more forward when it comes to talking about gender roles, such as when Shinji is told to "Act like a boy". A statement like Misato's, while it's jarring to Western ears, might not seem out of place. It might have something to do with Japan being farther behind in sex roles than the West, as discussed back in episode #01, C-306.