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01 C294a.jpg

01 C294b.jpg


Water pouring out.

01 C295a.jpg

01 C295b.jpg

Water draining out of the Cage.

Man A (OFF):“Cooling terminated.”

Man B (OFF):“Right arm has been refixed.”

Reichu: Heh, where did the boat go? Even better question — when they drain the coolant, where does it go? I hope they recycle, at least.

01 C296a.jpg

Display changes to green.

Man C:“Everything inside the Cage in docking position.”

01 C297.jpg

Command Center. Ibuki, Misato, Ritsuko.

Ibuki:“Stop signal plug ejection complete.”

01 C298a.jpg

01 C298d.jpg

An entry plug is inserted into the Evangelion.

Man A:“Roger. Inserting entry plug.”

Woman:“The spinal transmission system is open. Preparing for connection.”

Reichu: :shiver: Entry plugs… The entry plugsystem is very interesting and unique, in a rather icky way. The Evas are living creatures, so they obviously didn't start out being able to house this long, cylindrical object in their upper body. The entry system is, in fact, the most basic (and intrusive) of the “modifications” made to them.

felineki: According to Sore o nasumono: Neon Genesis Evangelion Concept Design Works, a portion of the Eva's upper spinal column is composed of implanted “artificial bone” . The light bone-colored plates you see exposed in Sho's upper back here correspond with a sketch included in the book illustrating the artificial spine section. According to the sketch, this section runs from the base of the skull all the way to past the bottom of the shoulder blades! This section of spine is also partially exposed, whereas the rest of the body still has skin.

Reichu: Speaking of skin, if you look closely here, you can actually see some that is exposed. (Brown, the typical Eva pigmentation.)

felineki: It seems possible that during the “creation” process of an Evangelion, the portion of spine that is to be replaced is simply ripped out and the artificial section shoved in and left exposed.

Reichu: Well, “ripped out” seems a bit harsh… It's done neatly enough that they probably did some kind of precision surgery. Not to mention the phony part would have to be properly articulated with the remaining genuine spine. But there are actually muscles that attach to one's vertebrae; how the hell did they deal with that?

felineki: The artificial section of spine does seem to be composed of “vertebrae” parts and have some degree of flexibility. The strangest feature would have to be the plug hole, which would seem to go completely through the spinal column. The entry plug is inserted at an approximately 45 degree angle (if some of the more accurate Evangelion models are any indication), which would bring the leading edge of the plug into or near the solar plexus region of the Eva, coming into contact with, or possibly even penetrating into, the core. (More evidence of the plug's proximity to the core appears in later episodes.)

Reichu: Additionally, I would guess that there is an interior part to the entry system that actually receives the plug. Otherwise, they'd be sticking it straight into the Eva's thoracic cavity, which could potentially be rather messy…

felineki: The top (or back) of the plug settles flush with the artificial spine at around the base of the neck. The plug likely interfaces with the equivalent of the spinal cord in this region, theoretically allowing control of most of the muscles of the Eva's body.

Reichu: Not to mention the complete mutilation of the Eva's spine is certainly the fundamental means by which Nerv keeps them under control. If your brain is severed from your central nervous system, have a fun time moving the rest of your body. (Would that make the Evas glorified quadriplegics?) But as we saw back around 274, there are ways around this. ;;>

Also notice how the artificial vertebrae are mechanically integrated with the outer armor(the top and bottom entry plug lid, and such)… Speaking of which, is it just me, or is it the plug cap that pushes Shogouki's head forward when it rises?

Z Metalla: To me, the entry plug has always looked a bit like a tampon applicator… And the entry plug's placed in an orifice inside the Eva. Hmm! Isn't that a nice, disturbing tidbit? ^_^

Reichu: Even more disturbing, you're not the only one to have noticed this correlation. Consult ReDeath for one of the more tasteful examples. Consult this (NSFW) for a more direct treatment. (Squeamish people, please stay far away!)

OP C005a.jpg

OP C005c.jpg

The lock bolt disengages and the entry plug is fixed into place.
Reichu: Recycling, anyone? Here's C-005 from the OP.

01 C300a.jpg

01 C300b.jpg

01 C300c.jpg

01 C298a.jpg

The insertion device withdraws. The plug cover pulls back into place.

Man A (OFF):“The plug has been secured.”

Man B (OFF):“Begin the first level connection.”

felineki: As painful as it looks, I always liked this shot and its variants. The subtle articulation of the vertebrae and slight movement of the head make the Eva seem much more like a human body than a stiff robot.

Reichu: It does look awfully icky; a chill runs down my spine every time I watch this scene (or any related ones). Although, in actuality, I doubt the Eva feels any pain from the procedure. This part of her body has been thoroughly cyborgized*, after all. It's kind of like how the characters from The Matrix don't scream in agony every time those pointy rods are inserted into the backs of their skulls.
*I live by the credo, "If no word exists for your purposes, make one up."

01 C301a.jpg

01 C301b.gif

01 C301c.jpg

01 C301d.jpg

Shinji inside the entry plug.

Ibuki (OFF - radio):“Filling the entry plug.”


01 C302a.jpg

01 C302b.jpg

A liquid rises below his feet.

Shinji (OFF):“W-what is this stuff!?”

01 C303a.jpg

01 C303b.jpg

01 C303c.jpg

Shinji:“Wah! Ugh!”
UrsusArctos: He has reason to panic - as we find out later, he can't swim, and drowning would have been a major worry for him. At least the moment passes quickly.

01 C304a.jpg

01 C304b.jpg

Woman (OFF):“Currently filling the plug interior. Complete submersion after two-zero.”

Ritsuko:“It's alright. Once your lungs are filled with LCL, you'll be supplied with oxygen directly.”

Man (OFF):“LCL concentration normal. Pressure at standard value.”

Keisuke-kun: I always wondered… When you're done piloting and get out of the plug, don't you have to vomit up all that LCL from your lungs? Maybe it's just one of those things they leave out (like Shinji sitting on the john).

Reichu: Probably, yeah, they just figured that was something nobody wanted to see. Speaking of the whole “vomiting upLCL” bit, I remember reading somewhere that in real life, no one would be able to endure taking in and subsequently expelling a fluid from their lungs with the frequency that the Eva pilots do, as it would cause permanent pulmonary damage. [Any idea where this idea comes from?]

The Eva Monkey: A liquid breathing system, as per The Abyss, has potential, though it has never been perfected to the levelwhere it can be used on an adult human subject. It is, however, used in some instances involving premature births. You can read more info here .

01 C305a.jpg

01 C305b.jpg

01 C305c.jpg

01 C305d.jpg

Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“You'll get used to it soon.”

Shinji finally loses control and spews the air out.

Shinji:“Ugh, I feel sick.”

thewayneiac: Here Shinji gurgles out “Kimochi warui”, a recurring line whose final appearance will be, unlike here, rather ambiguous and controversial.

Gundampilotspaz: I really can't blame Shinji for feeling sick. The thought of the LCL filling my lungs…. yuck!

01 C306a.jpg

01 C306b.jpg

Misato leans forward.

Misato:“Deal with it! You're a boy, aren't you?”

Incisivis: Misato's line here has always interested me, because it's a lot more up-front about gender biases, in comparision to the real-life criticism of Shinji, which often has passing references to male and female anatomy but doesn't come right out and say, “He's a boy, he shouldn't act that way.”

I think there might be cultural differences at work. Since Japan is, relatively speaking, less advanced in its confrontation of gender roles, references to them would be more direct in normal conversation, while Misato's line doesn't quite sound as natural to a westerner's ears. I have noticed a similar frankness in some older western writing, so perhaps it's the result of cultural change more than cultural difference.

tv33: I don't think it's that uncommon for someone is the US to say something to the affect of “You're boy, not a girl, so act like one.” Of course, I've never heard such a thing directed at me, seeing as how I am such a manly man. :ph34r:

Incisivis: It's usually “Be a man!” or something along those lines. Ergo, the same thing, but just a little more indirect.

01 C307a.jpg

01 C307b.jpg

Shinji looks miserable.
HeWhoPostsStuff: “Shinji looks miserable.” Somehow I just found the fact that they needed to specifically note that in the script, not to mention that here it was put up right next to the image, very funny, in a “Isn't it obvious enough already?” kind of way. Maybe it's just me.

Sailor Star Dust: Pretty funny to me, too. Poor kid.

01 C308a.jpg

A crane moves away from the Eva.

Man A (OFF):“Main power source connected.”

Man B (OFF):“Power being transmitted to all circuits, no problems.”

Ritsuko (OFF):“Roger.”

Reichu: Notice all of the wiring protruding from between the back plates here; it's not unlike what we saw on Sho's arm in the previous scene. (I have some ideas/observations about these wires that I'll share later…) I have to wonder how annoying it must be having to unplug them before every launch, only to replace them all later. They never bother showing us the process, either.

01 C309a.jpg

01 C309b.jpg

Ibuki (OFF - radio):“Entering second level contact.”
Dr. Nick: Ah, the never-explained LCL phase shift sequence! A source of many "How much of this was intentional?" forum threads.

01 C310a.jpg

01 C310b.jpg

01 C310c.jpg

01 C310d.jpg

01 C310e.jpg

01 C310f.jpg

01 C310g.jpg

The display inside the plug initiates. Eventually the outside surroundings are shown.

Ibuki (OFF - radio):“Connecting to A¹⁰ nerve. No abnormalities.”

Man (OFF - radio):“LCL electric charge normal.”

Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“Fixing the thought patterns to Japanese as the fundamental basis for control.”

Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“Initial stage of contact, no problems detected.”

HeWhoPostsStuff: This is the point when the line between LCL and LSD becomes blurred.

Dr. Nick: Another odd tidbit about the LCL : Many people seem to think that “LCL” is an abbreviation of “Link Connect(ed) Liquid”, as it's written in Viz's “dossier” section of manga volume 5), but that's not the case — apparently it's not an abbreviation of anything, it's simply LCL. This is what the The D&R Special Edition Movie Program Book says about the subject:

Incidentally, the widely circulated idea that L.C.L is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid" is incorrect.

Reichu: Interestingly, the script says that “characters and cubes are displayed inside the plug”. This obviously isn't the case in the final episode,but you can see what this might have looked like in Sadamoto's manga .

felineki: For some reason, the trippy stuff seems more effective than “characters and cubes”. I've considered that maybe these trippy backgrounds might be the biological nervous equivalent of noise, since this is going on during the whole “connection”bit.

Reichu: And BTW, the entry plug's interior screens are something that will be discussed in greater detail in a different place, at a different time.

01 C311.jpg

Shinji is taken with curiosity.

Ibuki (OFF - radio):“Bidirectional circuits are open.”

01 C312a.jpg

01 C312b.jpg

01 C312c.jpg

Synchronization graph.

Ibuki(OFF):“Synchronization rate is 41.3%.”

OMF: This is the tidbit of information that bowls Asuka over in episode #08. Interesting that it occurs the moment Shinji first steps into the Eva, not later during combat.

Reichu: Ironically, during the battle, he isn't synchronized at all!

felineki: While this particular graph is not too interesting, many of the monitor displays and graphs that get displayed throughout the series and just get glanced over actually contain some intriguing bits of info if you look at them.

Reichu: Although, it should be said, they're considerably easier to read in Renewal.

01 C313a.jpg

01 C313b.jpg

01 C313c.jpg

Ritsuko and Ibuki watch the monitor.


Ibuki:“All harmonics values are normal. Everything is under control.”

The monitor continues giving OK signs. Ritsuko turns to Misato.

Ritsuko:“We can do it.”

Man (OFF):“Internal voltage holding, charging still ongoing.”

Man (OFF):“Movement of all parts of the linkage system, confirmed.”

01 C314a.jpg

01 C314b.jpg

Misato nods.

Misato:“Prepare to launch!”

01 C315a.jpg

01 C315b.jpg

01 C315c.jpg

The guard doors open on the left and right, revealing the figure of the Evangelion.

Hyuga (OFF - Announcement):“Prepare to launch!”

Man A:“Release the first lock bolt!”

Reichu: Because Renewal has the BGM EVA-01 start earlier, it no longer starts up in synch with the guard doors opening. That had a bit more dramatic effect, but at least in Renewal the song plays considerably longer, which is nice, since this is the only time in the series that it's used.

Sharp-kun: Given that the Eva moves backwards, why remove the cage in front? ;) Most likely it's just meant to represent something like “uncaging the beast”.

Reichu: Well, think about it… The umbilical bridge and restraining plates need to go somewhere.

Sephizim: The shadows and the angle make Unit-01 look pretty weird here...

01 C316a.jpg

01 C316b.jpg

A lock bolt on the shoulder releases.
felineki: The amount of detail on the locks and such in this entire scene is impressive.

Reichu: Now, is there any particular reason why every single piece of Eva-related equipment has to have “DANGER” or “CAUTION” written on it?

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, considering that the thing has a tendency to do stuff, often rather violent stuff, of her own initiative, and that her restraints do pretty much squadoo to actually restrain her…

Reichu: If that's the point, I would have thought it more appropriate to cover the Eva herself with written warnings.

01 C317a.jpg

01 C317b.jpg

The bridge pulls away.

Man B (OFF):“Release confirmed.”

Man C (OFF):“Starting umbilical bridge retraction.”

Man A:“Remove the second lock bolt.”

01 C318a.jpg

01 C318b.jpg

Lock bolts releasing.

01 C319a.jpg

Restraining plate on the right side pulling away.

Man B (OFF):“Restraining Plate No. 1 disengaging.”

Reichu: Here, they use the term kousokuguto refer to these large restraining plates that fit around the Eva's arms in the Cage. Much later on, though, we'll be hearing the term refer to something slightly different.

01 C320a.jpg

01 C320b.jpg

Restraining plate on the left side pulling away.

Man B (OFF):“Also disengaging Restraining Plate No. 2.”

01 C321.jpg

Display. One by one, the plates disengage.

Man C (OFF):“Release safety locks 1 through 15.”

Woman (OFF):“Release confirmed.”

01 C322a.jpg

01 C322b.jpg

The Cage. The entire Eva is now unveiled.

Man A (OFF):“Charging of internal power source complete.”

Woman (OFF):“EVA-01's status is now free.”

Man B (OFF):“External power outlet, normal.”

Man (OFF):“External power connected, no abnormalities.”

01 C297.jpg

Ibuki in front of the monitor.

Ibuki:“Roger. EVA-01 being moved to the ejector pad.”

01 C324a.jpg

01 C324b.jpg

The Evangelion moves behind a mesh.

01 C325a.jpg

01 C325b.jpg

Shinji has a tense look on his face.
Reichu: Nice effect when the lighting changes in this shot.

Sailor Star Dust: I love it too. Very artsy, in my opinion.

01 C326a.jpg

01 C326b.jpg

EVA-01 moving to the ejection portal.

01 C327a.jpg

01 C327b.jpg

The feet are locked in place.
Soluzar: Considering that Sho seems capable of breaking them at need, do those safety locks serve any real purpose?

Reichu: The illusion of safety is what counts! And that way, no one can tell you that you didn't try.

01 C328a.jpg

01 C328b.jpg

The armored shutters open one by one.

01 C329a.jpg

01 C329b.jpg

01 C329d.jpg

Display of EVA-01's transportation route.

Ibuki:“The route is clear, all green.”

Reichu: This diagram is actually kind of interesting... Looky here. A couple of spelling mistakes in there: “Brige,” “staton”, and so on.

Dr. Nick: Nothing incredibly bad, really. If you want to see truly mind-altering Engrish, go watch Blue Gender. I dare you.

01 C330a.jpg

01 C330b.jpg

BGM END: E-3 [EVA-01]

Misato's expression is strained.

Ritsuko (OFF):“Launch preparations are complete.”


01 C331a.jpg

01 C331b.jpg

Misato turns to Ikari.

Misato:“There's nothing to worry about, right?”

Without moving, Ikari replies.

Ikari:“Of course not.”

tv33: I love his confidence.

01 C332.jpg

Ikari:“Unless we defeat the Angels, we have no future.”
HeWhoPostsStuff: “Nope, nothin' to worry about at all. Just humanity's future, y'know, the usual. So how about those Mets?”

01 C333.jpg

Fuyutsuki speaks as if only Ikari can hear him.

Fuyutsuki:“Ikari, can we really do this?”

OMF: As seen here, Fuyutsuki does have his doubts from time to time. I'm always waiting for an "I find your lack of faith disturbing" from Gendo!

Reichu: <Insert obligatory image link>

01 C334a.jpg

01 C334b.jpg

A faint smile turns Ikari's lips.
thewayneiac: This is a look of supreme confidence.Gendo knows that this will work.

Reichu: Of course he does. He's read the script.

thewayneiac: Or he knows who is really going to be in charge of this mission.

Gundampilotspaz: Commander Ikari smiles like this only a few times during the series. Could be only when he KNOWS he is right — or when he is taking a big risk even he isn't sure about.

01 C335a.jpg

01 C335b.jpg


01 C336a.jpg

01 C336b.jpg

01 C336c.jpg

01 C336d.jpg


The locks on EVA-01's feet disengage and sparks scatter.

Reichu: I've wondered why such a spirited song has such an ominous title; “A STEP FORWARD INTO THE UNKNOWN” seems more appropriate to the musical mood conveyed. This is one of those pieces that, for me, perfectly captures the spirit of the anime — the first half of it, anyway, before things turn darker and this BGM is nowhere to be heard. Nerv is sending these grand, majestic Evangelions — piloted by children in their early teens — into uncertain battle with all of the confidence that they can muster. I suppose, despite appearances, there really is an aspect of terror involved, in that they are fighting something they don't understand, using something they understand just as little, and there are no guarantees.

01 C337a.jpg

01 C337b.jpg

01 C337c.jpg

The Evangelion shooting up.
Sharp-kun: I have a manga in which Mazinger Z launches this way. It didn't go well.

HeWhoPostsStuff: You almost expect the Eva to jump up and down, feet smoking, once she gets to the surface, shouting“Owww! Hot! Hot! Ouch! Ooh! Owww!” Then, of course, she'll have to scramble to the nearest large body of water and jump in, and then sigh out a relieved “aahhhhh” as billowing steam rises from her feet.

01 C338a.jpg

01 C338b.jpg

Shinji bears with the extreme acceleration.

01 C339a.jpg

01 C339b.jpg

The Eva moving up through the route display.
InstrumentalityOne: That display implies that the catapult has multiple routes, which is really strange, because it looks like Shogouki has just been sent straight to the surface.

I highly doubt that the catapult shaft is curved, so the lift has to actually brake and come to a halt, transfer the eva onto another lift and then send it to the surface. But something like an "angled lift" was only shown in the Rebuild movies. So, what in the world happened here?

thewayneiac: It's probably just how it looks; the platform can move to multiple exits. Something like a railroad switch, perhaps?

01 C340.jpg

EVA-01 proceeding up the passage.
thewayneiac: (337~340) Gainax should open an NGE theme park; “Eva Launch” would make a great thrill ride.

Reichu: With the combination of the over-the-top acceleration and having my lungs filled with amber-colored stuff that smells like blood, I don't think my system could handle it.

Hexon.Arq: Oh my god, I was at Disneyland on Christmas Eve and I tell you what — the things that came to me in that place made me think, “You know what? If Disney acquired a portion of the Evangelion license, it would be totally worth it!” Yes, when something makes you think that, you know you've stepped into another dimension of imagining shameless spending.

01 C341a.jpg

01 C341b.jpg

A building on the surface. The Angel appears.
felineki: Sachi almost looks like he's peeking around the corner of that building before walking out into the street… Everything he does is just so cute!

Reichu: It really does look like that, althoughI think it's more an artifact of how the old face is positioned… I'd surmise it wouldn't have a separate pair of eyes in it, but I could be wrong.

01 C342a.jpg

01 C342b.jpg

Sachiel takes a stand in the corridor. In the foreground, a light above the passage turns on.
HeWhoPostsStuff: “Hmmm…big flashing warning lights…there couldn't be anything here that could possibly threaten me, could there?”

Keisuke-kun: I like how Sachiel looks in this scene. The long arms that go down to the knees actually look cool on him, whereas they'd look comical on almost anyone else.

01 C343A1.jpg

01 C343A2.jpg

01 C343A3.jpg

01 C343A4.jpg

The launch portal opens. A humanoid form emerges with great force.
Keisuke-kun: How secret can the Evas be when Nerv has elevators this big and signs that say “Warning: Umbilical Cable”?

01 C343B1.jpg

01 C343B2.jpg

01 C343B3.jpg

01 C343B4.jpg

01 C343B5.jpg

01 C343B6.jpg

Close-up of it as it ascends.

01 C344a.jpg

01 C344b.jpg

01 C344c.jpg

01 C344d.jpg

The Evangelion continues ascending. Sachiel stands beyond.

01 C345a.jpg

01 C345b.jpg

With a loud clang, EVA-01 finally stops.
OMF: Although the movement of her head is from the inertia of the launch, it gives the impression of the Eva waking up or standing to attention.

01 C346.jpg

Her silhouette stands before the

dark city.

Keisuke-kun: Naw, no one will see this. It's secret, right?

HeWhoPostsStuff: Or is everyone supposed to be underground in shelters by now?

Reichu: Well, you know, inevitably there willbe a couple of people hanging around to capture the entire fight on digicam so they can post it on the Internet later. (Oh, wait, wrong episode…)

Here is probably a good place to make an important point about the Evas. When “Caged” (or anytime a human is available as a point of reference), their height is relatively stable at around 50 meters. (I actually calculated this based on C-214, using Misato's height of 163 cm.) But as soon as you send them out there — boy, things get outta control!

MDWigs: Originally, the Gainax staff never settled on an exact height and weight for the Evas. They “modified” them according to the situation, in some cases making them much bigger (taller than the buildings), in some cases smaller. The reason for this is that they didn't want to be tied down, and so this variation allowed for more dramatic scenes. (Asuka in EVA-02 climbing up a building, for instance.) The same applies to the Angels; they change size relative to how large the Evas happen to be during that episode.

After the series had finished, Gainax were asked if the Evas could be featured in Super Robot Wars(a strategic video game that has a lot of anime mecha in it). For this game the Gainax boys finally specified some “definite” dimensions for the Eva and these are listed in the encyclopedia for Super Robot Wars, as follows:

Official height: 40 ~ 200 m
Official weight: 700 ~ 96 000 t

Reichu: “‘Consistency’? What's that?” Speaking of size issues: Despite the inherent futility of it all,I've thrown together a size comparison chart showing approximately how large the various Angels are compared to Eva. Obviously, given Eva's variable height, it is not very useful for showing how large the Angels would be compared to one another. About the only thing we “know” is that Sahaquiel is the biggest, EoE's Giant Naked Rei notwithstanding.

01 C347.jpg

Closeup of the Eva's front.
felineki: The way Sho is enveloped in shadow in this shot is very effective, especially with the glowing eyes.

01 C348.jpg

Shinji, uneasy.
OMF: A classic case of Buyer's Remorse.

01 C349a.jpg

Shinji faces Sachiel in the monitor.
Dr. Nick: *sigh* “It's one of these days, I guess…”

Reichu: I'm probably just weird, but this shot cracks me up.

felineki: I think poor Sachi's a little turned on by Sho…

Reichu: Well, that's probably a less conventional (but ultimately more fun) way to interpret it… There is some evidence much, MUCH later on that seems to imply that the core is an erogenous zone for Evas (and, by extent, Angels), so a glowing core could possibly indicate… Er, I'd better stop right there.

01 C350.jpg

The Command Center personnel observe the battle between Evangelion and Angel.

01 C351.jpg

Misato, with her brows knitted slightly.

Misato (MONO):“Shinji-kun… Don't get killed out there.”

Dr. Nick: “Damn, woman, it's easy for you to say that…”



To Be Continued

thewayneiac: Hey! You mean it's over?! We have to wait until next week to see the fight? I want to see it now!
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