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Something to Prove

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03 C276a.jpg

03 C276b.jpg

Misato leaning forward.

Misato:“Now! Retreat!”

missing number

03 C278a.jpg

03 C278b.jpg


Slouching, Eva gets up.

The burnt suit. Steam comes off its bare hand.
Hexon.Arq: What happens when a marshmallow has a baby? The baby is a giant black woman, of course.

Reichu: :lol: Shhhh — you're going to confuse the n00bs!

My, what pretty, manicured nails you have! After showing us EVA-01's face in the last episode, they're subtly beating us over the head by exposing her bare hands this soon after. Unlike her face, however, the hands are spot-on human. Hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say-no-more.

thewayneiac: The human hand under the armor always creeps me out for some reason.

Reichu: Well, what were you expecting?

Mr. Tines: For those who haven't yet figured out that these aren't giant robots, what more data do they need? EVA-01 doing a strip-tease?

HeWhoPostsStuff: That would actually be rather funny… Though I guess trying to be "slinky" is tougher with reinforced metal plates than with cloth… which would make it all the more amusing. "Hang on a sec…just trying to…grrgh…dag nab it… I KNEW the solid titanium thong was a bad idea…"

Reichu: Eva strip-teases could have actually had practical combat-related applications. For example, one Eva strips to distract the Angel (with sexy saxophone music and everything), while the other two sneak up and rush the enemy. Although the matter of getting the armor off without serious dermal damage would be quite a challenge — the stuff is somewhat unpleasantly affixed.

Soluzar: That's OK; assuming that they are stuck on with some kind of a glue, she'll just have to take a nice sexy dip in a hot-tub full of solvent to loosen the adhesive before easing the armour off. I expect it all adds to the moment for the Angel. :lol:

Reichu: Well, here you can see that there are these artificial structures apparently BOLTED directly on the skin of the knuckles, below the blue "dusters". (I don't know why they are flesh-colored, though.) Functionally, they might serve to hold the "dusters" in place, although Nerv certainly doesn't go out of their way to be humane about it.

Looking closely at the edges of her fingers, you can see signs of the heavy burning — the ruddy areas where the skin is melted away. I love shots this detailed.

03 C280a.jpg

Toji holds onto the interior. Shinji has his head down.

Misato (OFF - radio):“Recovery route 34, retreat to the east side of the mountain.”

Toji (talking over the second half of Misato's line):“New kid… She said, 'Retreat'.”

Reichu: And what makes her think Shamshel wouldn't just pursue and screw things up?

OMF: With Shinji being consumed by pain and teenage angst, and Kensuke overwrought with desire to keep filming, Toji really is the last sane man left in the cockpit.

Reichu: Kensuke looks more puzzled to me, as if he's checking out the effects of LCL on his camera. I'm willing to bet he ends up losing his 1337 footage.

Mr. Tines: Contrast the black background when we're looking at Toji and Kensuke with the active background when focus returns to Shinji in the next cut.

Reichu: Yeah, looks like they completely forgot to composite those wraparound side-screens.

03 C281a.jpg

03 C281b.jpg

Shinji side UP.

Toji (OFF):“New kid!”

Shinji (whispering):“I mustn't run away, I musn't run away.”

He raises his face, revealing his languishing expression.

Shinji:“I mustn't run away.”

Reichu: Well, when your Eva is going to go limp in a little over a minute, it might be a good idea.

Mr. Tines: Here he's doing something that he couldn't do when facing Toji earlier.

03 C282a.jpg

03 C282b.jpg

03 C282c.jpg

Shoulder plate. It opens up and the Progressive Knife emerges from within.
Reichu: Gah. Now they're calling it a shoulder plate. We can't even hope for consistency in the damned script.

This is the first appearance of the famous Progressive Knife. Any ideas on why it's called that, BTW?

Watch the upper-left corner when this cut starts and you can see a weird smudge, like a fingerprint or something. DOH!

thewayneiac: Oh no! That's no smudge, it's the Tree of Life! Run!!!!

HeWhoPostsStuff: I might guess that its vibrating qualities and whatnot help it cut more efficiently, and thus "progress" into its target. 'Bout the best I can come up with.

Reichu: Reichu: Interesting. Although about the "cutting", I think technically the knife doesn't really do that… Here's what Ye Olde Platinum Booklet says:
[Progressive Knife]
The close-quarters combat weapon that is standard issue for the Evangelions. It is normally stored in the shoulder and is ejected and used when necessary in combat. The abbreviated name is prog knife. Unlike an ordinary knife, which cuts apart the target object with its hardness and sharpness, the prog knife uses a blade made of particles oscillating at high frequency and separates and severs any matter it comes in contact with at a molecular level. From EVA-02 and onwards, a box cutter-type (even if the blade is damaged, it can be made useful again by pushing out more of the blade) is adopted for the units.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, "cut", "atomize", whatever, it basically amounts to "make a really big owwie". I think my idea for the origin of the term "progressive" is at least a possibility either way.

Reichu: Of course. I was just quibbling. ;;>

03 C283.jpg

Misato says nothing.

Hyuga (OFF):“Progressive Knife engaged!”

03 C284a.jpg

03 C284c.jpg

Eva extracts the knife and comes to the ready, back hunched.
Reichu: Wow. Sho is really badly drawn here. Are those torso segments dodgy or what? (But at least they have the correct number…) Also, she suddenly seems to be wearing white nail polish.

OMF: The Eva's left shoulder pylon is the one that houses the prog knife; this must be to accommodate all the right-handed pilots. The right-hand pylon houses the diabolical spike launchers, which are only ever used once in combat (in episode #25'). A spare prog knife, or extra batteries, would have been a better investment, methinks.*

Reichu: I don't think an extra battery would have fit. It's my guess that the so-called "internal battery" is located in that rather sizeable mass on an Eva's backs; I can't imagine what else they'd be hiding in there.

Mr. Tines: That's my thought as well. When we do see under other bits of armour, there's no sign of a distributed power system.

Soluzar: Think of the size of the Eva. Think of the size of the battery. Think how much mass could be added to the battery by filling the pylon. Not much? Right. It wouldn't be worth their while, IMHO. You'd give the Eva 5:03 active time, instead of 5:00. Big whoop. :P

Dr. Nick: Well, they do use pylon-attached extra batteries once, in episode #11.

* Reichu: On an aside, at least one of the actual Evas is a dexter herself. And just to be anal, the official name of the right-pylon doodad is actually "needle gun". Not very groovy, but there you have it.

03 C285a.jpg

03 C285b.jpg

Her battered hand holding the knife UP.
tv33: "That's not a knife. "That's" a knife."

Mr. Tines: Seventh degree burns, and she can still hold it!

Reichu: I had never even heard of anything beyond third degree burns. Apparently "seventh degree burns" don't even exist, but they do go up to six:
Burns of the fourth degree, which follow the prolonged application of any form of intense heat, involve the total destruction of the true skin… In burns of the fifth degree the underlying muscles are more or less destroyed, and in those of the sixth the bones are also charred. (Source)

Since they only mention "damage to the epithelium" in C-263 — and judging by here hand here, that's what it looks like — they seem to be employing a burn-severity system different from what we're used to. Either that, or they're just pulling the numbers from thin air.

03 C286a.jpg

03 C286b.jpg

Shinji UP.

Misato (OFF - radio):“Shinji-kun, please obey my command. Retreat!”


Reichu: Here they're recycling "Robo-Shinji" from C-025.

03 C287a.jpg

03 C287b.jpg

The energy display. Less than one minute remains.

Misato (OFF - radio):“Shinji-kun!!”

03 C288a.jpg

03 C288b.jpg

Shinji screams.


Dr. Nick: Law of Anime #42 (Law of Juvenile Omnipotence)

Always send a boy to do a man's job. He'll get it done in half the time and twice the angst.

Reichu: Okay, now that we're in the last minute of power, the plug interior turns red and stays that way. But again, this isn't any sort of scheme they actually plan to be consistent about in the future.

Mr. Tines: (286~288) From more robotic than Rei to screaming amok in seconds. Presumably this is why he's still functional come 299. So far both combats have been won when someone loses it completely like this.

Reichu: Following fast on the heels of Shinji's little scare at the end of episode #02, Ogata-san once again demonstrates her inhuman lung capacity. Starting with 299, we'll actually be hearing a prolonged screaming session — not quite as bone-chilling as some of the Bloodcurdling Cries Of The Damned she'll be giving us later, but unsettling nonetheless.

On an aside, I wonder what technicality prevents the Eva from roaring in unison with her pilot. There has to be some measure in place that determines what neural feedback from the pilot (whether 'imagined' or actually performed, as with the gun triggers and turns of the head to survey the surroundings) is to be replicated by the pilot and what isn't, such as speech. Can you imagine the Evas repeating everything the pilots say in the cockpit? That would have been hi-larious.

On a related note, I wonder if there is any kind of synchronicity with physiological/psychological changes? For instance, pilot gets adrenaline rush and so does Eva, or vice versa. The pilots react to the Evas' pain, but would the opposite happen, if, say, Shinji stubbed his toe on the interior? But I'm getting way off topic.

03 C289a.jpg

03 C289b.jpg

03 C289c.jpg

03 C289d.jpg

In a single dash, Eva starts sliding down the slope.
Reichu: Following up on Mr. Tines' comment from 281… How nice of Shinji to transfer all of his personal aggressions to the innocent Angels as opposed to taking it out on the people who really deserve them, eh? It seems like Shinji only makes any real progress in this area after he's exhausted the supply of Angels To Be Slain.

03 C290a.jpg

03 C290b.jpg

Eva goes towards Shamshel.

03 C291.jpg

Misato spits out the words in disgust.

Misato:“———— That idiot.”

Reichu: An increasingly common sentiment as the show goes on… ~_^

03 C292.jpg

Eva rushes down the slope.
Reichu: Wheeeeeeeee!!!

03 C293.jpg

Eva side UP.
Soluzar: Did I ever mention just how much I love Sho's helmet design. They're all good, but Sho just looks sooooo cool!

03 C294a.jpg

03 C294b.jpg

03 C294c.jpg

The Angel draws near.

At the end of the cut, the whips buzz.

03 C295a.jpg

03 C295b.jpg

03 C295c.jpg

The whips pierce through Eva's abdomen. They melt the armor plating instantly.
Reichu: Doh! Looks like you missed your mark, Shammy! Twice!

03 C296a.jpg

03 C296b.jpg

The charge halted, her body stretches out.

SE <<Sound of creaking metal and straining muscle>>

Reichu: …Does straining muscle make a sound?

Soluzar: Duh! It makes the sound of straining muscle, can't you read? ;)

Reichu: Smartass. ::P

Hexon.Arq: When it's as big as her neck, it sure does. It sounds a lot like a really thick rope being pulled and swayed really hard, then slowed down. Go to a dock and see.

Reichu: By that logic, shouldn't we be able to hear her every movement? Seems like they only throw in SE when it suits them.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Now who'd a thunk that Gainax would ever do something like that? :P

Reichu: Well… Perhaps, in this case, it's a blessing. It brings to mind robots (or other mechanical or semi-mechanical constructs) whose every movement is accompanied by the sound of … whatever the relevant parts are called; I personally find this quite annoying. (Coldstone of Gargoyles is one of the guilty.)

OMF: Now might be a good time to mention that, in a creature the size of Eva, not only would the muscles make straining noises, they'd also generate massive amounts of heat due to the incredible internal friction. It's a miracle the Eva's insides don't melt during extreme combat. Maybe they're equipped with heat sinks a la Battletech?

Reichu: Well, keep in mind that the Evas are not exactly made out of matter as we know it. Maybe Angel Stuff responds differently to heat. Perhaps a better question would be why the pilots are not boiled alive without the aid of Ramiel's Heat Ray of Death?

03 C297b.jpg

Eva stopped dead in her tracks. The whips that had pierced her wriggle about. Eva sinks down, as if all her strength has been spent
Reichu: In the top shot, it looks like Sho is reaching to scratch her rear end. Makes me wonder: If the Eva gets an itch, will the pilot be similarly irritated until it is scratched…?

thewayneiac: Perhaps she's contemplating a chimpanzee-style assault.

03 C298.jpg

Everyone in the Command Center. All except Misato have faces of shock.

03 C299a.jpg

03 C299b.jpg

03 C299c.jpg

03 C299d.jpg

03 C299e.jpg

03 C299f.jpg

Shinji lets out a vigorous scream (half-crazed). He leans forward, tears flying.


He has abandoned himself to recklessness — the strife of a child.

Reichu: I would have expected Shinji to be a little more distracted by the vicarious sensation of two burning tentacles stabbing his innards…

Magami No ER: He does seem to be tearing because of that, but still. Probably all the adrenaline has clouded his mind of the pain.

03 C300a.jpg

03 C300b.jpg

03 C300c.jpg

03 C300d.jpg

03 C300e.jpg

03 C300f.jpg

03 C300g.jpg

03 C300h.jpg

As if tracing his movement, Eva dynamically thrusts the progressive knife up from below.
Soluzar: It's a nice touch the way that Shinji's face is overlayed with Shogouki's "face" (the faceplate of her helmet, at any rate).

Reichu: Cuts 299~301 really flow together. I love these kinds of transitions.

OMF: Definitely emphasises the unision between pilot and Eva.

Reichu: Incidentally, this cut will also be gratuitously mirrored later on…

03 C301a.jpg

03 C301b.jpg

03 C301c.jpg

03 C301d.jpg

It thrusts into Shamshel's core from below. The blade, oscillating at high speed like a grinder, sends sparks scattering.

Inside the entry plug, Shinji pushes on the lever as he screams.

SE <<Warning and grating sounds>>

OMF: Maybe Toji and Kensuke really are feeling some of Eva's pain here? Or maybe they're just bracing against the impact.

Reichu: Cripes, you got me.

03 C303.jpg

Closeup of Shinji's hands pushing on the lever.
Reichu: As we see in 319, Shinji is actually leaning to the side and focusing all of his angsty wrath onto the right-hand lever.

03 C304a.jpg

03 C304b.jpg

The Progressive Knife digs into the core. Sparks scatter.

03 C305a.jpg

03 C305b.jpg

Shinji continues to scream.


03 C306.jpg

Ibuki speaks as she looks at the monitor at her fingertips..

Ibuki:“EVA-01's remaining operation time is…”

03 C307a.jpg

03 C307b.jpg

Ibuki (OFF):“…30 seconds.”

Digital countdown.

03 C283.jpg

Misato sternly looks at the countdown screen.

Ibuki (OFF):“28, 27…”

OMF: Misato seems too PO'd at Shinji to even care about whether or not they're going to win.

the wayneiac: Or else she's confident that they're going to win and thus feels the luxury to be P.O.'d.

03 C309.jpg

Toji and Kensuke are shocked speechless by Shinji's frenzy.


Ibuki (OFF):“26, 25…”

Reichu: Toji: "Holy crap! The new kid is nutzoid!"

Mr. Tines: I think Toji's just glad that he didn't get this reaction back in 118.

03 C310.jpg

Eva UP. She is showered by sparks.

03 C311.jpg

Eva's backside, pierced through by the tentacles.

03 C312b.jpg

Inside the entry plug. Kensuke and Toji cling to the interior. Beyond them, the entire screen fills with noise.

Ibuki (OFF):“14, 13…”

Reichu: Are their feet in reality propped against the wall of the entry plug, or are they actually hanging?

Mr. Tines: Hadn't spotted this before — looks like they're floating in the LCL, hanging on to whatever meagre anchorage there is around the seat.

03 C313.jpg

Shinji with his face down, still screaming.


Ibuki (OFF):“12, 11…”

03 C314.jpg

Eva, pierced by the tentacles. Sparks fly from Shamshel's core.

Ibuki (OFF):“10, 9…”

Reichu: You'd think Shamshel might be a little more proactive about saving her patootie, right? Like, you know, withdraw her tentacles and lop off the Eva's hands or something. Oddly, most of the Angels stop fighting back once their core start to take a beating (but presumably before they've reached The Point of No Return).

…maybe they secretly like it. ::P

Mr. Tines: Given some of the other evidence we have, that may not be quite as off beam as it at first seems. ;) I think anyone who's seen that "naughty harpy" picture will have had it brought to mind by the wording of your comment.

03 C315a.jpg

03 C315b.jpg

The light of the core flickers on and off.

Ibuki (OFF):“8, 7…”

03 C316.jpg

Eva UP. She is showered by sparks.

Ibuki (OFF):“6, 5…”

03 C317a.jpg

03 C317b.jpg

Command Center. Backwards-counting clock. The numeral changes from 5 to 4.

Ibuki (OFF):“4…”

03 C318a.jpg

03 C318b.jpg

03 C318c.jpg

03 C318e.jpg

At the end of the cut, cracks finally form. The core's light weakens, then turns grey. The Progressive Knife stops.
Reichu: OH MY GOD! You killed Shamshel! And the second before Eva's power runs out, too. Don't you just love how that works?

thewayneiac: This is one victory where Reichu can't give the credit to you-know-who. This was 100% Shinji going bousou.

Reichu: Bah. Shinji just doesn't do it with style! Sho — heck, she don't need no stinkin' knife. Knives are for whiny children. Real warriors use their hands, feet, and, when primeval rage demands, teeth. ;;>

Odd how there seem to be fewer cracks at the end of the cut, when we transition from a cel to this airbrushed-looking rendering of the core. Another problem is the way that Shamshel's core mysteriously becomes red again the next time we see it, two episodes down the road.

Also, can anyone see the problem with EVA-01's arms here? Hee hee.

03 C319a.jpg

03 C319c.jpg

02 C256e.jpg

Inside the entry plug, we can hear the sounds of suspension, and the power shuts down. Shinji is still clutching the lever and drooping his head. The monitors inside the plug vanish, revealing the metal plates behind them.


Soluzar: I can't help but think that Suzuhara and Aida should be so terrified by what they've just been through that they'd have to spend the rest of the school year in therapy.

OMF: (Therapy!? Tokyo-3 does not know the meaning of the word! Let everyone bottle it up inside I say! What could possibly go wrong?)

Magami No ER: Nah, I don't think it would suit their personality types. Kensuke, while scared at first, I would think would have considered this one of the best days of his life (probably one of the events that made him want to be an Eva pilot. ;) ) Toji is a pretty tough kid, and probably felt more bad than anything. ("Seeing you [Shinji] suffer like that.")

03 C320.jpg

Command Center. The clock remains stopped at 0.

Ibuki (OFF):“Eva Unit 01 has reached the operational limit.”

Hyuga (OFF):“The target is completely…”

03 C321.jpg

Hyuga (OFF):“…silent.”

Misato continues to glare at the screen.

Soluzar: Shinji isn't somebody's favourite anymore.

tv33: Yeesh! Some people are impossible to please!

Reichu: He's fulfilling her vendetta; what more could she want?

HeWhoPostsStuff: A new frame or two of animation, maybe. :P

03 C322a.jpg

03 C322b.jpg

The faint light of reserve power. His hands, still grasping the lever. We can hear the indistinct sound of something.

Shinji (OFF):“……”

03 C323a.jpg

03 C323b.jpg

Toji and Kensuke say nothing.

Shinji (OFF):“……”

03 C324.jpg

Shinji's shoulders tremble. Toji's point of view.

03 C325.jpg

Toji's face is cheerless.

Shinji (OFF):“(sobbing)”

Mr. Tines: Clearly, piloting this thing is not fun for at least this particular pilot. And cue the foreshadowing

Reichu: That's my cue to insert the obligatory reference to Thumbnail Theater:

Shinji: No, I have to fight. This is an amazing coincidence that will allow the person who hates me to understand my pain.

Toji: Wow, thanks to this amazing coincidence, I understand Ikari's pain.

Shinji: Strangely, I still hate my life.

Incisivis: On Reichu's comment for 289, I thought the same thing. For a while I was confused by this scene, wondering what was Shinji's reason to cry. I eventually decided it was because he fears his own capacity for violence. Intellectually he knows it's an "Angel" he's defeated and not a "human" (because at this point in the series, most characters think there's a difference), but the connotations of the violence and rage remain with Shinji and overwhelm his "rational" understanding. It's quite a contrast to episode #19 and EoE.

OMF: I think you're overanalysing this. Fear of violence and of his capacity for it might be part of it, but basically Shinji is a scared kid who's just been through hell. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but a lot of people seem to be puzzled by the fact that he's crying here! It's obvious why: He's a human being, and quite a gentle and caring one at that. It's a pity that, for some reason, so many see his qualities as negative. Shinji really isn't cut out for all this. He should be arranging flowers in breakfast nooks, not risking life and limb in brutal combat.

Eva and the Angel within an evening scene — towering silhouettes like objet d'art.
Mr. Tines: After all the frantic kinetic scenes, a final still life tableau of the aftermath, almost in a different style to the preceding artwork.

Reichu: "Still life", eh? I guess that explains the script's objet d'art comment.

Here we can finally see that the whips are, beneath the energy that they channeled in life, physical structures.

On an aside, notice how, for the third time, an Eva is able to maintain a ridiculous pose when no power is being supplied to her muscles. I guess I'll just have to take it as a given.

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