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08 C119a.jpg

08 C119b.jpg

08 C119c.jpg

08 C119e.jpg

08 C119f.jpg


Missiles being fired from a frigate.

SE <<Splash!! Splash!!
Splash!! Splash!!>>

They pass temporarily out of frame then hit the water and explode!!

UrsusArctos: The weapon that's firing from the vessel in the foreground looks like an ASROC Anti-Submarine rocket launcher, but those have eight barrels, not four, so I'm not sure what I'm looking at here. The vessel seen in the background is an American California-class nuclear powered guided missile cruiser, although I can't tell if it's California or South Carolina without the hull number (It's also missing the "Christmas Tree" antennae at the bow). There appears to be a second California on the left side of the images in 119a and b, which means both the sisters are present for this shot. In real life, their nuclear reactors made them highly expensive to run and the conventional Ticonderoga-class cruisers could do a better job for a lot cheaper, and they were decommissioned in 1999. EDIT: ASW_Canuck corrects me below. Major fail on my part.

ASW_Canuck: Not a California-class nuclear cruiser, since she's got the funnels for a conventional power plant. The superstructure aft of the bridge has the Albany-class cruiser's distinctive dual funnel+mast design, but the bow could be off of an early Spruance-class destroyer with the Mk-112 ASROC launcher in front of the bridge. EDIT: She's one of the JMSDF's Tachikaze-class guided missile destroyers, reference photo here

08 C120a.jpg

08 C120b.jpg


The captain, vexed.

CAPTAIN:“Why doesn't it sink!”

In the back Toji quietly speaks his true feelings.

TOJI:“As I thought, you won't beat it without Eva.”

08 C120c.jpg

08 C120d.jpg

The captain and first officer glare sharply at Toji.
Toji cowers.

08 C121a.jpg

08 C121b.jpg

08 C121c.jpg

08 C121d.jpg

08 C121e.jpg


Asuka's spare plugsuit is thrown into Shinji's hands.
Shini looks at it, dumbfounded.
He lifts his gaze.

SE <<Flomp!>>

08 C122a.jpg

08 C122b.jpg

08 C122c.jpg


A catwalk inside the tanker.
Asuka, domineering, puts her hands on her hips.

ASUKA:“Okay, let's go.”

08 C123.jpg


Shinji, bewildered.


08 C124a.jpg

08 C124b.jpg

08 C124c.jpg

08 C124d.jpg


Asuka speaks angrily, pointing. She is kind of a bad-tempered person.

ASUKA:“You're coming too!”

Line: This Asuka pointing finger moment, many memes will be born because of it. Thank you Eva!

08 C125a.jpg

08 C125b.jpg


Shinji in disbelief.
He looks at the plugsuit in his hands.
(I'm supposed to wear this!?)


Shinji, standing on a pier in the pool, with Unit-02 in the foreground. He is wearing Asuka's plugsuit and his feet are turned inwards.

SHINJI:“Hey, why'd we change into plugsuits?”

ASUKA (OFF):“Are you stupid?”

thewayneiac: Arrrgh!!! That's painful just looking at it.

Javi2541997: The only time we've ever seen Shinji with the red suit.

UrsusArctos: True, we never again see a pilot wear another pilot's plugsuit, and it looks horribly uncomfortable.

08 C127a.jpg

08 C127b.jpg

08 C127d.jpg

08 C127e.jpg


Asuka stands imposingly upon the entry plug hatch.

ASUKA:“It's obvious!
I'm going to beat that thing with Unit-02!”

She pushes a small switch on the hatch and, with an extremely quick movement, the hatch opens and the entry plug emerges.

SE <<Ka-sha>>

SE <<Vashuuu>>

08 C128.jpg


Shinji, bewildered, with a part of Unit-02 in the foreground.

SHINJI:“You're going to — ! What about getting permission from Misato?”

08 C129.jpg


Her hands on her hips, Asuka feels that she's already won.

ASUKA:“I'll get it after I've won.”

08 C130a.jpg

08 C130b.jpg

08 C130c.jpg


Starting with a black screen,
the hatch of the entry plug opens.

SE <<VUSHUuuuuu>>

Asuka and Shinji are about to enter. Asuka shows off.

ASUKA:“Now, I will directly show you my magnificent piloting.”


ASUKA:“Just don't get in my way.”

Sailor Star Dust: Real subtle, Asuka.

08 C131b.jpg


A warship sinking with its stern pointing upwards.

SE <<Rrrrrrrrrrrr>>

The propellers spin uselessly.
There is deep black smoke from the fuel oil!

08 C132a.jpg

08 C132b.jpg

08 C132c.jpg


Ships sinking, one after another.
The Angel's wake speeds onwards.

SE <<Fwsssssssshh>>

08 C133.jpg


Misato on the bridge, looking out of the window.

MISATO:“Strange. It's as though it were searching for something.”

Kensuke is shooting video with great joy.

08 C134a.jpg

08 C134b.jpg

08 C134c.jpg

08 C134d.jpg


Kaji's compartment.
Gathered together is his luggage and an enormous trunk case (radiation resistant).

KAJI (OFF to start with):“An Angel attack in a place like this, that's not quite the deal we had, is it?”

IKARI (OFF - TELEPHONE):“That's what Unit-02 is there for.
I've also supplied a reserve pilot.”

Kaji speaks on the phone while he sits by a window, holding the blinds down and looking on through a pair of binoculars.

SE <<Brackow>>

IKARI (OFF - TELEPHONE):“In the worst case scenario...”

UrsusArctos: Where on a ship do you get a window like that, I wonder? Shipboard inaccuracies aside, the real reason for the giant convoy, Eva-02, Asuka, and Misato and Shinji's visit are in that one Gendo line, and all you need to do is wait for that radiation-resistant case to open for the last piece in this puzzle to dramatically click into place.

SEELE-01: I never really understood what Gendo meant by "a spare pilot". I mean, I know he means Shinji, but what was the contingency he was planning for? Asuka being unavaliable? Eva 02's core would've rejected Shinji, right? Also, it implies that Misato was ordered to take Shinji along, instead of the "date" she said had planned.

UrsusArctos: Interesting observation! Based on Ritsuko's reaction in Cut 297 I'm guessing Gendo and Ritsuko had considered the possibility of cross-compatibility and were willing to risk sending Shinji into battle against an Angel in Eva-02 if Asuka wasn't up to it. The Angels seem to preferentially approach from the south, along the same vector that the fleet is heading, and it would be curtains if an Angel intercepted the fleet and grabbed Kaji's prize. Misato wouldn't have taken Toji and Kensuke if she seriously expected a battle(also see Cut 108), so I'm guessing that Ritsuko suggested taking Shinji out to the carrier for a "date" along with Eva-02's power cable, making an unsuspecting Misato play into Gendo's hands.

08 C135a.jpg

08 C135b.jpg

08 C135c.jpg


Shift to close angle.
Kaji looking outside through the binoculars.

IKARI (OFF - TELEPHONE):“...escape by yourself.”

He removes the binoculars and his face becomes serious.
Kaji, in earnest.

KAJI:“(In a serious tone) I know.”

Sailor Star Dust: Animation-wise, I've always appreciated the nice detail of Kaji growing serious.

08 C136a.jpg

08 C136b.jpg

08 C136c.jpg


The entry plug is injected into the Eva at a high speed.

SE <<Vashuuu>>

SEELE-01: I always wondered just how did Asuka activated the Entry Plug ejection, opening and re-insertion. Chapter 11 states that they needed diesel generators for doing so at Nerv (somewhat implying that the Eva's internal battery could not do so).

UrsusArctos: I'd forgotten about those! Episode 11's diesels were emergency generators used because the mains power was out. Perhaps Eva-02 simply used the Othello's onboard electrical power to operate the entry plug? There are quite a few coolant lines and cables running into the Eva, and it's quite conceivable that there's an electrical circuit that connects to the ship's onboard electrical power for starting up the Eva. Maybe the Othello, like Over the Rainbow, has enough onboard electrical energy installed to start up and operate an Eva, but didn't have an umbilical cable (which Misato ferried in).

08 C137a.jpg

08 C137b.jpg

08 C137e.jpg

08 C137g.jpg

UrsusArctos: The effectiveness of this scene varies widely along the varying dubs, with the first German dub (unsurprisingly) changing Asuka's German dialogue entirely to something that sounded more logical and grammatically correct in German. Shinji's response and choice of food changes too - in the original Japanese dub he says "Baumkuchen", a German dessert that's widely popular in Japan year-round. I must say that the alliteration involved in "Baumkuchen..." and "BAKA!" is funny and doesn't carry over in other dubs I've heard. Oh, and I think this is the start of Asuka's now-legendary "Anta Baka?!" and "Baka-Shinji!" catchphrases.

08 C137h.jpg

When she first speaks, bubbles come out of Asuka's mouth. Shinji is holding his nose and blowing to clear his ears.

ASUKA:“LCL Füllung.”

SE <<Alarm sound>>

08 C137j.jpg

08 C137k.jpg

08 C137l.jpg

Asuka is reciting with her head bowed.

ASUKA:“Anfang der Bewegung.
Anfang des Nervenanschlusses.
Auslöses von Links-kleidung.

SE <<Alarm sound (Warning)>>

08 C137q.jpg

08 C137r.jpg

An error display appears on the monitor, in German. Asuka remains facing ahead, only turning her eyes to Shinji, as she speaks.

SHINJI:“A bug. What happened?”

ASUKA:“Thought noise! I told you not to get in the way.”

SHINJI:“What do you mean?”

ASUKA:“You're thinking in Japanese. Think in German.”

08 C137s.jpg

Shinji is completely clueless.

SHINJI:“O-okay. B-baumkuchen?”

08 C137t.jpg

08 C137v.jpg

Asuka gets angry and shouts at him. She faces the front again and speaks.


ASUKA:“Okay, forget it! Switch the base thought language to Japanese.”

SE <<Alarm sound (indicating acceptance)>>

08 C137w.jpg

The error display vanishes, and the monitor returns to normal (showing the outside).

ASUKA:“Evangelion Unit-02, activate.”

08 C137x.jpg

An expression of relief appears on Shinji's face.

08 C138b.jpg


BGM Start: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

The fleet advancing.

ANNOUNCER (MALE):“Incoming transmission from Othello. Unit-02 is in the process of activation.”

08 C139a.jpg

08 C139c.jpg

08 C139d.jpg


The entire group turns at once to face the camera.
The captain, the first officer, Kensuke, Toji.

CAPTAIN:“What did you say!?”

And Misato, who speaks pressing herself against the window.

SE <<Thud>>

MISATO:“Nice! Asuka!!”

Javi2541997: Misato clearly believes in Asuka and her potential. She cheers Asuka to get into Eva-02 and fight against the Angel.

08 C140a.jpg

08 C140b.jpg


Unit-02 stands up together with its cover!
(Its body is not clearly visible)

SE <<Creeeeeak crack

08 C141a.jpg

08 C141b.jpg


The captain shouts into the microphone (with his little finger in the air).

CAPTAIN:“No! Halt the activation! Reverse the sequence!!”

Sailor Star Dust: Wasn't this a Junichi Sato* episode (under "Kiichi Hadame" for his Eva storyboard work), too? Or was that mainly 9? The fun animation feels like his style.
  • Of Sailormoon fame. Also Aria, Princess Tutu, and many others.

UrsusArctos: Junichi Sato ("Kiichi Hadame") is credited for Episodes 04, 05, 15 and 21. The storyboards for this episode are credited to the original Baka-Shinji himself, Shinji Higuchi. Given the level of naval nerdery involved, I'd say this makes complete sense.

08 C141c.jpg

08 C141d.jpg

Misato suddenly snatches the microphone away
(with her little finger likewise in the air).

MISATO:“It's fine! Asuka, launch!!”

CAPTAIN:“What did you say!? The Eva and its pilot are both under our authority. I will not permit you to just do what you please.”

08 C141e.jpg

The captain and Misato struggle to control the microphone.

MISATO:“What are you talking about? We're in an emergency. Who cares about the procedure!”

08 C142a.jpg

08 C142b.jpg


The group, looking towards the camera.
The captain and Misato are struggling behind them.


When the first officer speaks, both of them turn to the camera in surprise.

1ST OFFICER:“Are you really serious?
Unit-02 is still using B-type equipment.”


UrsusArctos: The Captain and XO, for all their distaste, have paid attention to the operation of the Evangelions and their equipment fits. They may hate what they're doing, but they're professionals.

08 C143a.jpg

08 C143b.jpg


Asuka, with Shinji, wearing a worried expression, in the background.

SHINJI:“If we fell into the sea, that would be bad, wouldn't it?”

ASUKA:“If we don't fall we're fine.”

08 C144a.jpg

08 C144b.jpg

08 C144c.jpg


Misato and the captain.

MISATO:“Shinji-kun is on board as well?”


The captain is dumbfounded.

CAPTAIN:“Two kids are...”

Misato ponders for a second, then decides to send the two out as they are.

MISATO:“(Talking to herself) I can try it out... right?
Asuka, launch!”

BGM End: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

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