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06 C212.jpg


The shield continues to drill into the earth.

06 C213.jpg


The Angel and Lake Ashino, faint light can be seen on Mount Futago on the other side.

SE <<Bip bip bip biiip~ (sound of a telephone announcing the time.)>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: At this point we can assume Ramy here is alert like Burt Gummer.

06 C214a.jpg

06 C214b.jpg

06 C214c.jpg

06 C214d.jpg


The group of cooling systems and transformers

TIME ANNOUNCEMENT (OFF - TELEPHONE):“It is now 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds.”

TEXT:“Type 14 Large Mobile Command Car”

06 C215a.jpg

06 C215b.jpg

06 C215c.jpg

06 C215d.jpg

06 C215e.jpg


Close-up of the monitor’s internal clock. The clock changes from 23h 59m 57s to 58s, 59s and 00s.

SE <<Po po po po--n>>

TEXT:“Japan standard Time”

06 C216a.jpg

06 C216c.jpg

Hyuuga turns around.


HYUGA:“Operation start.”

TEXT:“Inside Command Car”

06 C217a.jpg

06 C217b.jpg


Top down view of Misato, turning around and speaking after she hears his words.

MISATO:“Shinji-kun. We’re entrusting all the energy in Japan to you.”

06 C218.jpg


Inside the entry plug, a wide tilted shot of Shinji.

MISATO (OFF - RADIO):“Good luck.”


Xard: You would expect hot blooded, low angle shots of the pilot being all manly like those of Kamina in series like Gurren Lagann . With Shinji it's just weird...

06 C219a.jpg


Inside the control van, top down view of the inside, behind Ibuki and Misato are Hyuuga, a woman and Ritsuko.

MISATO:“Begin first stage connection.”

HYUGA:“Beginning transmission of power from districts 1 to 803.”

06 C220a.jpg

06 C220c.jpg


Close-up of the hand pulling a switch.

SE <<Jariririn>>

Leighton: White glove: Gendo reference maybe?

thewayneiac: Doubtful. You'd expect someone throwing a switch controlling that much juice to wear some sort of insulating glove. Frankly, I wouldn't go near it even with the glove.

06 C221a.jpg

06 C221b.jpg


A tournament-style graph, one row changes to red at once.

SE <<Beep>>

thewayneiac: What on Earth is a "tournament-style graph"?

Jayfive: I think it means like kinda like this. In the case of that shot, the energy from various places (i.e. all over japan) are being channeled down to one place (i.e. Shinji's BFG 9000)

Mr. Tines: One of these.

Azathoth: It looks like a tournament bracket. Not sure what it's supposed to represent, possibly how the power relay system works - (if Rebuild has a corresponding cut it might help here).

Trajan: It's in the brackets: each leg would have a competitor / team on it, the winner would then move onto the next bracket to face the winner of another bracket and so on until there's only one left. The graph here is slightly similar to such a "tournament style graph"

thewayneiac: Let's just say I have to squint really hard to see tournament brackets there. I wouldn't have noticed on my own if the script hadn't told me so.

Additional Commentary  

NemZ: I'm going with Duke. Oh... nevermind.

06 C222b.jpg


The transformers on Mount Futago start to hum.

Dr. Nick: Don't tell this to that buttfrustrated autist EvaXephon, but this scene was memorably spoofed in Gear Fighter Dendoh's episode 14. However, because Dendoh's plucky kid heroes had no access to standard energy sources, their beam attack had to be charged up by people pedaling stationary bicycles.

06 C223a.jpg

06 C223b.jpg

06 C223d.jpg


The humming voltage machines Pan up from the foot to the peak of Mount Futago, close-up

SE <<Vwiiiiiii>>

MAN:“First electrical supply system, normal.”

WOMAN:“No problems with hub transformer output.”

06 C224a.jpg

06 C224b.jpg

06 C224d.jpg


The group of humming transformers on Mount Futago.

SE <<Vuoooo>>

WOMAN A (OFF - SPEAKER):“All transmission induction systems activated.”

WOMAN:“Superconducting induction system operational.”

WOMAN:“Maintaining conversion efficiency within planned levels.”

06 C225.jpg


The side of Hyuuga’s face, shot from a little bit behind.

HYUGA:“Set all cooling systems to maximum output!”

06 C226a.jpg


Top down view of the upper part of the cooling machines, they start to spin faster.

SE <<Vuooo crick crick crick>>

06 C227b.jpg


Tilt shot of the spinning cooling machines, mist begins to drift out from below.

MAN (OFF - WIRELESS):“Temperature stabilized, no problems.”

WOMAN:“Electron condensation system nominal.”

MAN:“Auxiliary heat absorption machine, operational.”

06 C228.jpg


Inside the control van, top down view of the inside, Misato gives out orders, her arms folded.

WOMAN:“Positrons flowing. Everything normal.”

MISATO:“Move to second stage connection!”

06 C229a.jpg

06 C229b.jpg


The tournament-style graph, all of the second row goes red.

InstrumentalityOne: I never really understood how that graph worked.

thewayneiac: Yes. On a real tournament graph only half of those red stripes would be advancing each round, not all of them.

06 C230.jpg


Ibuki and Hyuuga, the woman and Ritsuko

WOMAN:“Activate all accelerators.”

IBUKI:“Forced focusing activated.”

WOMAN 2:“Hub compression machine, functional.”

06 C231a.jpg

06 C231b.jpg

06 C231d.jpg


The operation control room, a slow pan.

MAN (OFF - SPEAKER):“Transmit full electrical power to the transformer station on Mount Futago.”

WOMAN:“No problems with positron acceleration.”

06 C232.jpg


Ikari and Fuyutsuki.

MAN (OFF - SPEAKER):“No problems with 3rd Stage Connection.”

06 C233.jpg


Misato, a tilted close up of her face.

MISATO:“Release final safety locks.”

06 C234.jpg


shot of Hyuuga’s face from somewhat behind him.

HYUGA:“Raise the firing hammer!”

NemZ: So much recycled footage here.

06 C235a.jpg

06 C235c.jpg

06 C235d.jpg

Eva Unit 01 raises the firing hammer of the positron rifle.

SE <<Gashan>>

UrsusArctos: In addition to resembling a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, there's a touch of the Wave Motion Gun firing sequence in here.

06 C236a.jpg

06 C236c.jpg


Close-up of the monitor The display changes from “safe” and “empty” to “fire” and “loaded” with a clang.

SE <<Clang!>>

KnightmareX13: Locked and Loaded.

PapalMercenary: I find it interesting that the Kanji they use for "fire" here is the character for a literal fire.

06 C237a.jpg

06 C237c.jpg


Shinji seated inside the plug suit, shot from a distance. The internal viewfinder stretches forward.

SE <<Vwiiiiii>>

OPERATOR (MAN) (OFF - SPEAKER):“Correcting for Earth rotation and gravity...”

Translator's note: "Head Gear” is the term in Japanese for the viewfinder Shinji is using.

06 C238a.jpg

06 C238c.jpg


The viewfinder, the gauge is moving.

OPERATOR (MAN) (OFF - SPEAKER):“...plus 0.0009.”

06 C239a.jpg

06 C239d.jpg

06 C239e.jpg


Unit 01 crouches low in the forest and holds the positron rifle.

OPERATOR (MALE) (OFF - SPEAKER):“0.2 until voltage reaches firing point.”

NemZ: So why do they need an eva to pull the trigger and aim? couldn't all of this have been done directly by computer controls and hydrolics or soemthing rather than rely on a kid who's heart stopped earlier today?

UrsusArctos: At least some of the parts had probably been optimized for an Evangelion, hence the finished weapon was used as a giant sniper rifle. But you're bang on the money...a handful of those things with automated firing mechanisms and nuclear power plants would have helped defend Tokyo-3 against quite a few of the Angels to come.

06 C240a.jpg


Roar! The transformers revolve at full power.

SE <<Vuooooo>>

Sparks begin to fly at the end of the cut.

SE <<Crackle crackle>>

06 C241a.jpg

The cooling machines are working at full power!!

SE <<Vuuuuuuu>>

06 C242a.jpg


Smoke rises from the cords.

SE <<Crackle crackle crackle.>>

06 C243a.jpg

06 C243d.jpg


The tournament-style monitor graph reaches the final part.

HYUGA (OFF):“Stage 7, Final connection!”

SE <<Clack>>

WOMAN 3:“Begin collection of light particle transmission tube.”

06 C244b.jpg


Close up of Eva 01’s face. It aims the positron rifle.

HYUGA (OFF):“Transmit all energy...”

06 C245b.jpg


Shinji gauges the target.

HYUGA (OFF):“...to the positron rifle.”

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: Sniper helmets! Because they're totally needed!

06 C246b.jpg


Misato licks her lips.

SE <<Hyuga (OFF) until 251: Counting down from 10 to fire.>>

06 C247a.jpg

06 C247c.jpg


The Angel and Mount Futago, the slit in front of the angel becomes active.

06 C248a.jpg

06 C248c.jpg


Top down view of the inside of the control car, Ibuki half-turns around and speaks.

IBUKI:“High energy reaction detected within the target!”

WOMAN 4:“Shades removed on light particle transmission tubes.”

UrsusArctos: What's that in the background dialogue? "Light particle transmission tubes"? What the blazes?

06 C249a.jpg

Tilted shot of Ritsuko,

she looks towards the camera.


MAN 2:“Positron acceleration has passed boundary limits.”

thewayneiac: So, Ramiel isn't quite as stupid as they thought?

UrsusArctos: The enormous amount of current flowing to the gun would have created a large magnetic field. Ramiel could have calculated the energy flow needed to cause the disturbance and interpreted it, correctly, as a threat.

06 C250a.jpg

06 C250b.jpg

06 C250c.jpg

06 C250d.jpg


The Eva holding the rifle.

06 C251a.jpg

06 C251c.jpg

06 C251e.jpg


Close-up of the monitor The two pattern marks overlap! The “O.K” to fire mark appears.

SE <<End Hyuga countdown.>>

SE <<Bibiiii>>

06 C252a.jpg

06 C252c.jpg


Extreme close-up of Misato, at the end of the cut there’s a super close-up of her eyes, then she raises her head.


06 C253b.jpg


Shinji in the cockpit presses the trigger.

SE <<Click>>

06 C254a.jpg

06 C254b.jpg

06 C254c.jpg


Light rushes from 10 directions.

06 C255a.jpg

06 C255b.jpg

06 C255d.jpg

06 C255e.jpg

06 C255f.jpg

06 C255g.jpg


Eight beams gather on the positron rifle and then a beam shoots out from the end.

SE <<Zboom!>>

Dr. Nick: I know it's a fantasy weapon, but what are those eight little converging beams?

UrsusArctos: The converging beams entering the back of the weapon sure don't make any sense - where in the world are they coming from? The only thing I can think of is another Star Wars reference to the Death Star, which formed its planet-killer beam from eight converging beams.

06 C256b.jpg

06 C256c.jpg

06 C256d.jpg


The Angel fires in retaliation.

SE <<Biiii>>

06 C257a.jpg

06 C257b.jpg

06 C257c.jpg

06 C257d.jpg


The positron beam moves forward, uprooting trees in the forest.

SE <<Gyuuiiiiin>>

NemZ: Hadoken!

06 C258b.jpg

06 C258d.jpg


The Angel’s beam moves across the surface of the lake.

SE <<Rrummblll>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: It's a bird! It' a plane! It's a deadly beam! Wait, that's not right.

thewayneiac: It's Tinkerbell!

Not plane, not bird, not Tinkerbell! It's little old me, Ramiel!

06 C259b.jpg

06 C259c.jpg

06 C259e.jpg

06 C259g.jpg


The two energies interfere with each other and then slip by each other. The balls and ray of energy draw a spiral on the screen.

SE <<Zugogogoooo>>

Trajan: Of course, things never work like they expect them too.

Mr. Tines: The one bit of the rework that Rebuild managed to not do as well as the original.

Kendrix: This is the only part of the original battle scene that I missed in Rebuild: Ramiel's counterstrike.

The thing about Ramiel is, he may appear mechanical in appearance and behaviour, but he is, in fact, not so different from a human. My best guess is that he's probably a 'cool, composed' individual acting according to a plan, ironically not much unlike Rei. The retaliation shot diverting Shinji's attack shows that he's not only alive, but highly intelligent, as it implies that our dear Laser-y friend could tell that his AT-Field wouldn't be enough to withstand that beam. Also, the spirals were COOL.

Additional Commentary  

ath: I remember that this scene actually surprised me when I was watching NGE for the first time and expecting one of those cliché Beam-o-War fights. They're actually consistent about the positrons being influenced by the gravitational and magnetic fields (including those generated by themselves), as they said a few minutes ago! Unfortunately we can't say the same for a lot of other technobabble in the show...

thewayneiac: I know what you mean. Sort of the same surprise I felt when a first watched Captain Tylor and they actually showed the gravity from a nearby sun interfearing with the weapons' trajectory.

Azathoth: On rewatch I can't help but think of the final battle in TTGL here.

06 C260a.jpg

06 C260c.jpg

06 C260d.jpg

06 C260e.jpg

06 C260f.jpg


Eva Unit 01 lies down! The mountain behind it flies up as if turned inside out.

SE <<Kaboom...!>>

Kendrix: Note that this beam was probably mainly meant to divert Shinji's beam rather than to hit him, and Shinji is STILL barely able to dodge.

This is how precise Ramiel shoots when he is NOT aiming for precision.

thewayneiac: Wouldn't that be impossible to know? If Shinji's beam is aimed directly at Ramiel, then Ramiel's beam would have to be aimed at Shinji in order to deflect it.

06 C261a.jpg

06 C261b.jpg

06 C261c.jpg


Trees fly up!!

SE <<...bm bm bm bm...>>

Xard: Wasn't this recycled from Nadia?

Dr. Nick: It certainly looks that way.

06 C262a.jpg


Long shot of Lake Ashino, two giant pillars of flame rise!!

SE <<: ...bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm...>>

Kendrix: My devastating pillar of light is bigger than yours!

UrsusArctos: Those twin pillars of light look eerily like a miniature version of Second Impact.

06 C263b.jpg


Shinji endures the heavy shaking inside the entry plug.


06 C264.jpg

Eva trying to hang on at the scene;

the shuddering trees.

SE <<Guooooo>>

Kendrix: This scene somehow becomes incredibly more epic if you read the script... I mean, can you imagine gripping the very ground because there's nothing else to hang out to, and a large shockwave is coming your way?

06 C265b.jpg


The control car feels the full force of the shockwave.

SE <<bwoom>>

06 C266a.jpg

06 C266b.jpg

06 C266c.jpg


The front glass cracks.

SE <<smash clink>>

06 C267a.jpg

06 C267d.jpg


Ritsuko falls down inside.


Sailor Star Dust: I'm surprised we didn't get a Ritsuko panty shot here, considering Eva's (usually false or twisted) promises of fan-service.

thewayneiac: As was pointed out in Episode 03, Eva is annoyingly missing that sort of service.

06 C268a.jpg

The inside of the control van, shaking heavily.

06 C268c.jpg

06 C268d.jpg

The lights and the monitor flicker

Misato’s hand grips Hyuuga’s chair Misato stands up beside Hyuuga and Ibuki. She speaks!


MISATO:“He missed!”


NemZ: I must say Maya looks particularly badass in that shot for some reason.
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