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The Fifth Angel

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The noise of a siren echoes around.

A point of light can be seen beyond lake Ashino

SE <<Siren>>

05 C292a.jpg


A huge Angel floats over the mountains.

SE <<Sound of the Angel flying.>>

thewayneiac: Shin-seiki and I made quite a discovery awhile back. The Angel Ramiel is directly based upon the Super-X mech from Future Police Urashiman. Until we made this discovery, we thought Ramiel was supposed to look like the Blue Water from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

Fireball: For someone who actually watched Urashiman before Evangelion, I instantly recognized the design. Also the reflection on Ramiel's surface of clouds passing by, speaks once again for the richness of details the show offers.

thewayneiac: We recognized it instantly too, except in reverse. We saw Eva years earlier. The thing that surprised us the most was that no one that we knew of had ever commented on it before.

Quiddity: I was quite impressed that in a monster of the week style show, the designers would go the exact opposite route, and rather than make this episode's Angel complex and frightening, they made it about as simple as possible, a giant floating 8-sided diamond. Although with the next Angel in episode 8 the designers would go right back to the more cliche method of monster design, they did rehash the simplistic design later on in episodes 13 and 24. Although the difference being that in both those cases the designs were a necessity of the plot.

Additional Commentary  

UrsusArctos: Good old Ramiel, who auditioned for the part of the Death Star in Star Wars but was turned down due to her habit of bursting into song whenever she moved. Not to worry, unless you've an Eva, since she's big, tough, and armed with the power of SCIENCE! She's got an internal nuclear reactor and creepy howling. What more could you ask from an Angel?

K9Thefirst1: Ya gotta give props to the pre-production team at GAINAX: A giant flying singing blue diamond isn't usually what one thinks of when they think "Giant Japanese Monsters." Plus it's cheap to animate to boot.

Sailor Star Dust: Isn't this sound effect also used in Gunbuster, or am I thinking of the "energy charging" sound that Ramiel has in Eva: 1.11?

Reichu: The energy charging / scream SE is the one that I matched to the fluctuating gravity well (space monster) in Diebuster. Woe!, even SSD can no longer tell the two Evas apart!!

Sailor Star Dust: They've sort of blurred together for me in some ways, but not completely. Thanks a lot for clarifying.

The Flying Fortress: "Finally it's my turn to show up at this show, then? Who is the insolent one who dares defy me?"

05 C293a.jpg

A point of light is shown moving on the Control Tower display.

AOBA (OFF, Speaker):“The target is currently passing over Tonosawa.”

Hyuga (OFF, Speaker):“Preparing to launch Unit 01.”

Woman:“Inpection work complete. Analysis pattern blue. Target confirmed as an Angel.”

05 C294a.jpg

05 C294c.jpg

05 C294d.jpg

The guard in front splits in two and Unit 01 appears!

SE <<Garagaragara>>

AOBA (OFF, SPEAKER):“Remove first level lock bolts.”

05 C295a.jpg

05 C295b.jpg

The lock bolts are taken off.

SE <<Vshhhh, grrrn>>

05 C296a.jpg

The monitor inside the plug.

SE <<Bip!>>

A message appears that the lock bolts have been removed.

05 C297.jpg

Shinji, inside the plug.

SHINJI:“Unlock confirmed.”

Rei is on the monitor.

HYUGA (OFF):“Roger.”

Rei, her face expressionless.

HYUGA (OFF, SPEAKER):“Remove second level restraints.”


Sailor Star Dust: Curiosity on how well Shinji will fare in the battle, perhaps? I sort of get a "existence that gazes upon man" (quote from the Renewal/Platinum booklet and seemingly nowhere else) feel from this shot, despite the fact this isn't Quantum Rei.

Kendrix: Rei is watching Shinji. She has no reason to do this (the test happened somewhere else); she's doing this out of personal interest. Shinji has stared at her from the distance, but now it's the other way around.

NemZ: I’ve lost count of the rainbows, and it’s surely no accident that the new angel is essentially a giant prism.

Xard: How delusional am I if Rei's expression or something about her face reminds me of a frickin' owl?

05 C299a.jpg

05 C299c.jpg

05 C299e.jpg

Shot of the command room looking out in front.

AOBA (OFF):“The target is proceeding towards ---”

HYUGA (OFF):“Eva Unit-01 is ready for launch.”

WOMAN:“No change in speed or altitude.”

WOMAN:“Continuing monitoring. Proceed directly to graviton measurement scans.”

Cody MacArthur Fett: You know, this may sound morbid, but I've always wondered how those holograms are projected. If it's just standard sci-fi magic then there's no problem, but if there's projectors in floor and ceiling combined with some kind of airborne nano particle dust to make the images then anybody who fell off the command platforms would go blind in addition to their broken bones and profuse bleeding. Not fun.

Dr. Nick: By the way, there's another, entirely different scene in ep 24' where the question of "magic holograms" pops up. But all in good time.

05 C300b.jpg

Misato UP


Fireball: Aside from "sābisu", "hashin!" has to be Misato's catchphrase.

thewayneiac: It's a more legitimate candidate too, because it appears in the actual show, not just in the previews.

05 C301a.jpg

05 C301c.jpg

05 C301d.jpg

05 C301e.jpg

05 C301f.jpg

Unit-01 is launched.

SE <<Vwoooosh!>>

Cody MacArthur Fett: And here we go, off to fight the big singing diamond in our unarmed giant robot fired from a supercharged railgun . . . wait.

tehprognoob: OHMYGODOHMYGOD I'm geting @#$%ing electro-... (silence...)

05 C302a.jpg

The Eva moves along the tunnel.

SE <<Gooooo>>

05 C303a.jpg

05 C303c.jpg

05 C303e.jpg

A close up of the Angel’s slot.

A beam of light starts to move.

SE <<Vrvrvrvr>>

UrsusArctos: Ramiel: "Soon you shall witness the power of this fully operational battle station!"

Kendrix: Ramiel was readying it's cannon before Shinji reached the surface. Whatever senses it posseses, they work different than your basic sight.

05 C304a.jpg

05 C304c.jpg

Aoba in front of Misato.

AOBA:“Detecting a high energy reaction within the target!”

Misato looks around and yells.

MISATO:“What was that!?”

Woman:“Eva Unit 01 is passing over linear 83.”

Ornette: It's interesting to note that Ramiel was able to detect a threat even before Eva-01 emerges on the surface, but gets tricked by a balloon.

05 C305a.jpg

05 C305c.jpg

05 C305d.jpg

Monitor UP

AOBA (OFF):“It’s accelerating! It’s gathering mass!”

Cody MacArthur Fett: Wait a second, "its gathering mass"? Is it some kind of black hole, or weird kind of mass accelerator? If that's the case why is it shown to be firing an energy beam just a few seconds later? Explain, Aoba, explain!

UrsusArctos: "Inner Torus Reactor". Ramiel seems to use a Tokamak Reactor to generate her death beam. This is probably the only time we go behind the scenes to see the (pseudo-)science behind an Angel's destructive power. This made Ramiel my favorite Angel, straight out. ::P

Cody MacArthur Fett: Ah! That makes perfect sense, which is a shame. There goes my theory of Ramiel's beam being super-heated molten steel fired from a gravity acceleration cannon powered by micro black holes, which I favor just because it sounds so much cooler then plasma beam or energy pro...ject...tor . . . Holy smokes! Ramiel's a singing Covenant Assault Carrier, we're all doomed!

05 C306b.jpg

Side UP of Ritsuko as she leans forward.

RITSUKO:“It can't be...!”

Woman:“Unlocking final gate.”

05 C307a.jpg

05 C307b.jpg

05 C307c.jpg

The elevator doors open!

SE <<Vrrrrr>>

05 C307e.jpg

Eva 01 appears.

SE <<Grn>>

Nem: Where do the track extensions come from? They seem to just sort of quickly grow out of the top of the ones exposed here, and not in a telescoping manner.

05 C308a.jpg

05 C308c.jpg

05 C308e.jpg

05 C308f.jpg

05 C308h.jpg

A giant body passes in front of the camera.

A super close-up of it!

SE <<Vnn>>

05 C309a.jpg

05 C309c.jpg

Clang! The Eva stops.

SE <<Gan!>>

05 C310a.jpg

05 C310c.jpg

Misato leans forward. She’s very serious!

MISATO:“No, dodge it!”

UrsusArctos: Dodge where? The Eva is still bolted to the launch rails!

jetatomic: How can Shinji gonna dodge it? They didn't release the final safty lock yet.

Xard: Could've happened between 309-310.

05 C311a.jpg

05 C311c.jpg

Shinji is completely confused.

He opens his eyes wide.


05 C312a.jpg

05 C312b.jpg

05 C312c.jpg

A spot on the giant octahedron body (Angel) glints

SE <<Glint>>

NemZ: It isn’t visible in the frames offered on the left, but if you watch carefully at the moment Ramiel fires there’s yet another rainbow effect centered on the point where the blast originates.


05 C313a.jpg

05 C313b.jpg

05 C313c.jpg

05 C313d.jpg

05 C313e.jpg

05 C313f.jpg

05 C313g.jpg

05 C313h.jpg

A building in the old city. The middle appears to swell a bit and then it melts through with a vsssh!

SE <<Vssh!>>

EvangelionFan: This is one of my favourite cuts in the series. The way that building just melts with Ramiel's super-beam is well done.

Cody MacArthur Fett: Complaining about weird lines aside, Ramiel here really is pretty cool. While she and the battle with her is nowhere near as impressive in the original series as it it is Rebuild, the Ramiel in this series still hold a special place in my heart because of just how sniper-like she is in her actions. (I freely admit that I have a bit of a fetish for sniping.)

Fireball: Looking at the Tokyo-3 map you will notice that this is one of the few bigger buildings outside the center, which is most likely not retractable.

05 C314a.jpg

05 C314b.jpg

05 C314c.jpg

05 C314d.jpg

05 C314e.jpg

The beam scores a direct hit on the Eva!

Sparks fly!

SE <<Bsshhhh!>>

05 C315a.jpg

05 C315b.jpg

05 C315c.jpg

The chest plate UP, melting in the white hot heat of the beam.

SE <<Bshrrrrsh>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: Warning: Damage is actually much worse than it appears.

05 C316a.jpg

05 C316b.jpg

The Eva’s face wavers in the heat haze. Sparks fly in front of the camera.

SE <<Shaaaaa!>>

05 C317a.jpg

05 C317b.jpg

05 C317c.jpg

05 C317d.jpg

Bubbles rise inside the plug.

Shinji’s agonized expression.

Shinji: (keeps screaming in agony!)

SE <<Blub blub blub.>>

Azathoth: Yet another glorious Ogata scream. Get used to them. Unfortunately, Shinji's unintentionally comical facial expression (looks less "my lungs are boiling" and more "SUDDENLY, A BANANA PEEL OUT OF NOWHERE") kind of works against it.

UrsusArctos: This is one of those rare scenes in the English dub where Spike Spencer actually did a good job screaming.

Dr. Nick: The ratings are falling! Quickly, insert a hot springs episode!

Fireball: This is how lobsters feel when they get boiled.

Kendrix: Do you like your Shinji medium or crispy?

Additional Commentary  

Xard: This scene was terrific in Rebuild. Yes it does convey Shinji's pain in original too (thanks to Ogata's screaming in large part) but 1.0's take was downright torturous to watch.

Missing Cut.

Noise-filled monitor.

SE <<Tons of interference*!!


Reichu: The thing that looks like a smiley face is shorthand for "Shinji" (back of his head?). All of the other stuff that's written there are technical notes.

05 C319a.jpg

05 C319b.jpg

05 C319d.jpg

A “WARNING” sign appears on the noise-covered monitor.

SE <<Alarm noise!>>

(WARNING characters switch on and off.)

Dr. Nick: What's with the stylish font and the lack of Engrish?

05 C320a.jpg

05 C320c.jpg

Shinji screaming UP
Logan Payne: I would imagine this would be an indescribable amount of pain. He has LCL in his lungs and we're led to believe it's starting to boil.

Sailor Star Dust: The only thing I can say about this cut (besides "Poor Shinji") is Ouch.

Azathoth: Now we shift from banana-peel mode to "CHILI POWDER IN MY JOCKEY SHORTS". At least they got enough practice drawing Shinji screaming that by the end of the show - and certainly by EoE - it looks genuinely freaky.

Cody MacArthur Fett: I could give a long bit of commentary about heat and boiling water, but I think I'll just end my commentary notes of this episode with what I think a lot of us thought upon watching this: Ouch.

05 C321a.jpg

Shot of the command room

Shinji’s agonized screams can be heard echoing through the speakers!! (OFF)

05 C322a.jpg

Misato's face, UP




To Be Continued…
Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: Insert "dun dun dun" sound here.


The Flying Fortress: "Next episode, I will be the protagonist of this anime !!"

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