FGC:Episode 05 Cut 317

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C317a.jpg

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05 C317c.jpg

05 C317d.jpg

Bubbles rise inside the plug.

Shinji’s agonized expression.

Shinji: (keeps screaming in agony!)

SE <<Blub blub blub.>>

Azathoth: Yet another glorious Ogata scream. Get used to them. Unfortunately, Shinji's unintentionally comical facial expression (looks less "my lungs are boiling" and more "SUDDENLY, A BANANA PEEL OUT OF NOWHERE") kind of works against it.

UrsusArctos: This is one of those rare scenes in the English dub where Spike Spencer actually did a good job screaming.

Dr. Nick: The ratings are falling! Quickly, insert a hot springs episode!

Fireball: This is how lobsters feel when they get boiled.

Kendrix: Do you like your Shinji medium or crispy?

Additional Commentary  

Xard: This scene was terrific in Rebuild. Yes it does convey Shinji's pain in original too (thanks to Ogata's screaming in large part) but 1.0's take was downright torturous to watch.