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The Briefing

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C131.jpg


Shinji is sleeping in a hospital room. The western sun shines on the bed.

TEXT:“Surgical Ward 3, Central Hospital”

Kendrix: "Western Sun", heh? I've always been as bit confused as to whether the hospital is in the Geofront or on the surface, tough the former would make more sense, since transporting the EVAs to the cake to then transport the pilots back to the surface seems like quite some waste of time to me.

06 C132a.jpg

06 C132b.jpg

06 C132e.jpg

The hospital room door opens

A cart with casters under it rolls in.

SE <<sound of the door opening. Shhuu>>

SE <<Gyurugyurugyuru>>

06 C133a.jpg

06 C133c.jpg

06 C133e.jpg

Shinji can be seen sleeping over the top of the cart

Rei comes in pushing the cart Shinji notices and looks in Rei’s direction

SE <<...gyurugyuru>>

Kendrix: Note that she instantly looks at him and keeps doing so throrough the conversation, much unlike their encounters in the previous episode. She is probably doing this because talking to him/informing him is the objective of their orders, but it also foreshadows that this conversation will lead to way more 'communication' than the ones before.

Rei looks at the camera

Shinji’s point of view

SHINJI (OFF - a little monotone):“Ayanami...”

REI:“I am here to brief you on the schedule for Operation Yashima, to begin at 00:00 hours this morning.”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: This is obviously Shinji's P.O.V. I like how unwavering and transfixed it seems to be on Rei.

06 C134b.jpg

06 C134c.jpg

Rei takes out a memo and reads it in businesslike fashion.

REI (Takes out memo.):“Pilots Ikari and Ayanami will assemble at the cage at 1730 today. At 1800 Units 01 and 00 will activate. At 1805 they will move out. At 30 in the same hour they will arrive at the temporary base at Mount Futago. They will stand by until they receive further orders. The operation will begin the following morning, as soon as the date changes.”

Kendrix: She immediately starts off with stating the facts, without any greetings, routine questions or decorations. Note that her tone of voice is not described as "cold" or "monotone", but as "businesslike". She is adressing/treating Shinji like a coworker here - if she was in his shoes, she'd probably also like to simply have her informations delivered to her.

EvangelionFan: Is Rei reading it because she can't say it in her own words, because she has a respect for authority, or because she likes the official nature of the text? All of the above, I believe.

Kendrix: ...This plan has just been thought up. Rei is reading it because she didn't really have any time to learn it by heart. She has probably only just been told herself.

Additional Commentary  

EvangelionFan: Hey now, I wasn't criticising her. Yeah, she has only recently been told the plan, but she doesn't have to read from the text: as she read it she could have paraphrased with 'We' instead of 'Pilots Ikari and Ayanami', but she doesn't, likely for any one of the reasons I said above - and script-writing point of view, it reinforces her impassive/stoic nature.

Azathoth: More importantly, I would say, it emphasizes the sense of alienation from herself which will be hammered home at the end of the episode, where she genuinely doesn't know how the entity Rei Ayanami should be behaving in this situation. Of course that alienation will become even more significant later, as Rei becomes aware of the Lilith-self within her and its increasingly powerful will to death.

Kendrix: How about Rei not paraphrasing the lines because she simply doesn't see any logical reason to/ is unaware of the fact that this would sound odd to most people?

06 C134e.jpg

06 C134f.jpg

She speaks after fumbling under the cart

She throws a plug suit in a pack towards him

REI (She brings out a vinyl bag from under the cart.):“This is a new one.”

06 C135a.jpg

06 C135b.jpg

06 C135c.jpg

06 C135d.jpg

The new plug suit falls on top of the top of the blanket covering Shinji’s stomach

Camera pans to reveal Shinji’s still-sleepy face

SE <<Thump>>

Azathoth: Since they presumably cut him out of the original one. Something that's never actually addressed in the show is whether plugsuits are considered disposable or not - one would think you'd replace them after every usage but nobody ever brings it up.

Sailor Star Dust: Well, the pilots are seen stripping naked to go au natural in the plugsuits, so I'd assume for sanitary reasons they'd be given new suits each time... Especially if there's an accident or two in the midst of a stressful battle. >_> (Cue ReDeath joke.)

Kendrix: Also, note the "Nerv" written with lower-case letters.

06 C136b.jpg

06 C136c.jpg

06 C136d.jpg


Shinji raises the upper half of his body and the blanket drops up to his waist Shinji, looks blankly at the plug suit Rei speaks, coldly Shinji does not know what she is talking about

REI:“Make sure you don’t accidentally show up like that.”

EvangelionFan: Rei has no reaction to Shinji's bare-nakedness. (If I recall correctly, this little gag is not included in Rebuild 1.0.)

Sailor Star Dust: You're correct, 1.0 and its variations didn't include this gag.

Kendrix: She is as unfazed by seeing naked people than she is by being seen naked herself - She even assumes that Shinji might just causually forget to wear clothes.

arael: I never really got that line form Rei... "To show up like that"... Like what? Naked? Gloomy? Waitaminit... Was that Rei humour?

thewayneiac: I always took it as deliberate sarcasm. Maybe she's a little ticked off over his absurd behavior that morning after all, and that line is a subtle payback.

Additional Commentary  

Sailor Star Dust: That wouldn't surprise me. Rei was concerned about making sure the Commander's glasses were safe and that Ikari kid wouldn't stop yapping. (It seems she didn't hear him at all, like the later scenes indicated.)

NemZ: Perhaps he was still suffering a bit of thermal expansion? :P

thewayneiac: Of Course! Morning wood, it all makes sense now!

06 C137a.jpg

06 C137b.jpg

06 C137d.jpg

06 C137e.jpg

06 C137f.jpg


Shinji, seen from behind Rei, is still out of it. When he looks blankly downward, he finally realizes he’s stark naked!


Trajan: And now a little something for the ladies...

Sailor Star Dust: Shinji needed more fan-service shots, damnit. Gotta keep his fangirls (okay, I'm one of them, so sue me) happy.

Kendrix: Yeah, so many hot males, so little naked time...

06 C138a.jpg

06 C138b.jpg

06 C138c.jpg

Shinji grabs everything including the plug suit and hugs them to his chest in a hurry

Rei’s expression does not change

BGM START: B-1 [Hedghog's Dilemma]]


Kendrix: How about covering your backside?

Note the "can't act perverted/embarassing towards/close to a proper love intrest"-behaviour here. It implies a sort of respect that is later absent from the S/A relationship.

esselfortium: What about the time he accidentally fell on her and squeezed her tits? That one was pretty embarrassing.

Kendrix: He had not much control over that one! What is more relevant is that he can't quite seem to keep himself from sneaking glances at Rei when she puts on her clothes but whenever he catches himself doing so, he immediately looks away.

Now, whenever Asuka showes her boobs into his face, he NEVER looks away.

Feel free to evaluate this however you want, but it's a fact that Shinji shares somewhat different relationships with these girls which certainly differ in the amount of respect involved.

Additional Commentary  

esselfortium: I'm pretty sure this (never looking away) is inaccurate.

In any case, this theory doesn't exactly reflect well on Mr. Shinji. I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want to support getting Rei or whichever girl of choice together with someone you claim to be so selectively disrespectful to his female peers.

Kendrix: It's not that simple, it has to do with the way the S/A dynamic established itself.

Lets not start a shipping war - both girls are part of the story, you have to look at both to get answers... and even the triangle is only a small part of the greater whole.

thewayneiac: Re: Never looking away from Asuka's hooters: In Magma Diver he stares directly at them from the end of Cut 051 to the end of Cut 059, looking away only when she flaunts them even more blatantly by deliberately cupping them and asking her thermal expansion question. I think Kendrix is on the right track here. If it were Rei (not that she would behave that way) he would likely have realized he was staring and looked away much sooner.

06 C139a.jpg

06 C139c.jpg

Close up of Shinji.

SHINJI:“—I’ve been doing nothing but apologize since yesterday….”

06 C139d.jpg

Shinji turns around at the SE.

SE <<Sound of the cart being locked down – gachan.>>

06 C140.jpg


The food on the cart from Shinji’s point of view.

REI (OFF):“—Food.”

thewayneiac: Ah, hospital food. They must really not want him to show up.

Leighton: Probably a result of lighting, but the bread is GREEN!

06 C141a.jpg

06 C141c.jpg


Shinji looks at the food He looks down and averts his eyes

SHINJI (Looks down –pause-):“I don't want to eat anything...”

thewayneiac: Maybe she should have served it in a maid costume and addressed him as "goshujin-sama".

06 C142a.jpg

06 C142b.jpg

Rei, standing beyond Shinji’s side profile

Shinji keeps his eyes averted from Rei’s gaze throughout

REI:“We leave in sixty minutes.”

SHINJI:“Do I... to pilot that thing again?”

REI:“Yes, you do.”

Azathoth: Shape of things to come for Shinji, really: his lack of social awareness driving him to seek comfort from those who won't provide it.

Kendrix: He is looking away because he's ashamed. Something at the back of his mind, probably his male protector's instinct, must be kicking the rest of his brain for more or less telling the pale, fragile looking girl over there to go and fight the horible monster alone.

06 C142c.jpg

06 C142d.jpg

Shinji buries his face in his knees

He spills words out to comfort himself without thinking.

SHINJI:“I don’t…want to. Ayanami, you’re only saying that because you haven’t had any scary experiences piloting that thing. I don’t want to – go through something like that ever again.”

REI (OFF):“Then sleep.”

NemZ: How quickly he forgets that she absolutely HAS been in life-threatening situations because of eva. I'm actually a little suprised she doesn't correct him, but maybe that's because she didn't actually understand the feeling of fear at the time?

Kendrix: Note that he, unlike the many who say that their relationship is "too distanced" would suggest, feels pretty comfortable spilling his inner feelings and fears to Rei. And this is before they were really close.

06 C142e.jpg

Shinji responds to that line

He lifts his head a little, opens his eyes and looks at Rei (Shinji was certain she would be sympathetic, so from his point of view, Rei’s words were completely unexpected…)

SHINJI (Back -surprised):“What do you mean ‘sleep’…?”

thewayneiac: The description of Shinji's reaction is unsusally detailed. The writers must have felt it vital for the animators to get this cut exactly right.

06 C142f.jpg

Rei, looks at Shinji and speaks bluntly.

REI:“I'll pilot Unit-01.”

Kendrix: Rei says this "just sleep" line because that's simply the way it will be, she doesn't accuse him of sending her to fight the monster alone because she was created to fight it, but this line has a much greater meaning to Shinji: It means he has a choice.

Mr. Tines: Not for a minute wondering how come the first time he met Rei, their positions were revered...

06 C143b.jpg


Close-up of Shinji He looks dumbfounded.


REI (OFF):“Doctor Akagi is prepared to rewrite Unit-01’s personality data.”

He blinks once and speaks.

SHINJI:“Ritsuko-san is...”

NemZ: I get the feeling this is actually Rei essentially telling him off, dismissing his whining and preparing to step up to the 01 piloting role she was meant for.
Additional Commentary  

Captain Button: This scene gives me a feeling that part of Shinji's reaction may be territorial jealousy because Unit 01 is HIS Eva. Rei can't play with his stuff!

I also wonder if Rei is deliberately trying to prod him in that area as a trick to get him to stop moping around. But I can't really see Rei playing that kind of head game. But I can see Dr. Akagi trying to do so indirectly.

Kendrix: I doubt he sees EVA 01 as "his toy" like Asuka does, he finds it very frightening and calls it a beast once - It's more that he feels useless and lost when stuff works out perfectly fine without him. His Dilemma is that while he is very afraid of the battles awaiting him, on some level, he wants them to need him (so he can keep his place in Tokyo 3).

06 C144a.jpg

Shinji and Rei

Rei is expressionless to the end.

REI:“Well, Captain Katsuragi and Doctor Akagi are waiting at the cage.”

Kendrix: Rei's lack of concern for her own person tends to inspire lots of it in both Shinji and the audience, like they wanna take care of her because she can't. I think most of her fanboys are in it for the fragility appeal. The "fun" in "cold" characters is not the coldness itself, but the defrosting process. We all want to feel needed. We all want to hope that we can earn someone's love and dedication if we "find" them and are nice to them, and we all hope that people will find us... "The hope that people can understand each other", as EoE puts it.

06 C144c.jpg

06 C144d.jpg

06 C144e.jpg

After her line she moves out of view, covered by Shinji’s back.

Shinji leans forward, as if to follow Rei as she withdraws.


SE <<Sound of the door opening off-screen.>>

Kendrix: His sudden movement here also shows how much that line affected him. This is completely new to Shinji - she isn't doing anything to urge him to fight in EVA, and she isn't angry or at very least displeased.

There's also his protector's instinct kicking in here, when she says she's going to prepare for the battle and he shows that almost instinctive "following movement".

06 C145a.jpg

06 C145b.jpg

06 C145c.jpg


Rei is already standing beyond the exit.

REI (Back):“Goodbye.”

The door closes, as if to cut Shinji off.

SE <<Sound of the door closing – shuu.>>

Kendrix: She departs with words of farewell, not assuming to see him again.

06 C146b.jpg


Pulled-back shot of the hospital room Shinji’s body is turned towards the door He looks down slowly

06 C147a.jpg

Close-up of Shinji’s serious side-profile (determined).

BGM END: B-1 [Hedghog's Dilemma]]

Kendrix: He has decided that he does not want this. He does not want EVA 01 to be reprogrammed, nor does he want Rei to go into the battle alone.

Eyecatch e.jpg


Eye-catch (Type A)

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