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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

19 C252a.jpg

19 C252c.jpg

19 C252d.jpg

19 C252e.jpg

19 C252f.jpg

Main Shaft from below.

SE <<ドガーッ (large echo)>>

Circular explosions are come driven out from inside.

They fill up the entire screen.

19 C253a.jpg

19 C253b.jpg

Closeup of the side of Aoba.

AOBA:“The target’s invaded the main shaft!”

19 C254a.jpg

19 C254b.jpg

19 C254c.jpg

19 C254d.jpg

The angel falling, beyond a distorted pipe.

AOBA (OFF):“It is descending!”

19 C255a.jpg

19 C255b.jpg

Marking Time, Waiting For Death (to cut 290)

Misato beyond Hyuga.

MISATO:“What is its destination?”

HYUGA:“It’s going right towards Central Dogma!”

19 C256a.jpg

19 C256c.jpg

Misato from the side; faces the front.

MISATO:“It’s coming here!
All personnel, evacuate, quickly!”

19 C257a.jpg

19 C257b.jpg

19 C257c.jpg

The front of the bridge.

SE <<Siren sound>>

HYUGA (speaker):“All personnel, evacuate! I repeat, all personnel, evacuate!”

The display vanishes.

SE <<simultaneous smashing sound>>

19 C258c.jpg

19 C258d.jpg

19 C258e.jpg

19 C258f.jpg

19 C258g.jpg

19 C258h.jpg

The noise on the main monitor vanishes.

SE <<monitor noise vanishing sound>>

The angel comes through, breaking through the screen by placing its right hand through and leaning its head forward.

SE <<crash>>

SE <<motion>>

19 C259a.jpg

19 C259b.jpg

The control tower in front of the left hand of the angel, approaching in front of it (4 crawl around).

SE <<バガーッ>>

SE <<(footsteps) impact>>

19 C260a.jpg

19 C260b.jpg

Everyone looking.

SE <<ズズズズ>>

Ibuki stands up from her chair.

IBUKI:“Kya! (ad lib)

19 C261a.jpg

19 C261b.jpg

Misato in front of the Angel, spurring on.

SE <<Angel, spurring on>>

19 C262a.jpg

19 C262b.jpg

The angel before her eyes, Misato unconsciously squeezes her father’s cross. (pressing in)

MISATO:“Kgh! (ad lib)

19 C263Aa.jpg

19 C263Ac.jpg

19 C263Ad.jpg

19 C263Ae.jpg

19 C263Af.jpg

The angel’s head approaches

SE <<ヌヌヌ>>

SE <<(footsteps) ズウン>>

19 C263Ba.jpg

19 C263Bb.jpg

19 C263Bc.jpg

19 C263Bd.jpg

19 C263Be.jpg

19 C263Bf.jpg

Suddenly, fragments together with Unit One’s right hand come in from behind, punching the angel.

SE <<ズガッ>>

SE <<ドドドド>>

19 C264a.jpg

19 C264b.jpg

Misato turns her head.

SE <<(smashing sound) until cut 266>>

MISATO:“Eva Unit One?!”

19 C265a.jpg

19 C265b.jpg

Beyond Misato’s should in front, Unit One’s eye can be seen.

(its reaction is moving its head up slightly)

19 C266a.jpg

19 C266b.jpg

19 C266c.jpg

Misato closeup. Gazing at the camera.


19 C267a.jpg

19 C267b.jpg

19 C267c.jpg

Unit One forces back the angel towards the hole in the main monitor beyond the bridge. With power!

SE <<ズドドド>>

19 C268.jpg

Inside the plug. Shinji shouts.

SE <<ドドッ>>


19 C269a.jpg

19 C269b.jpg

19 C269c.jpg

19 C269d.jpg

19 C269e.jpg

The cage, as usual.

Two figures, Unit One and the Angel thrust into this space.

SE <<ズズズズ>>

The two giants collapse.

Smoke and fragments whirl up in a showy way.

SE <<グワワン>>

Smoke also gushes out from the umbilical bridge from where they’ve gone.

SE <<ズズン>>

19 C270a.jpg

19 C270b.jpg

19 C270d.jpg

19 C270e.jpg

19 C270f.jpg

19 C270g.jpg

A figure on the catwalk in front of Unit One.

SE <<(smoke, fragments falling sounds)>>

Unit One raises up its left hand in order to strike, but the angel brings its face near to its shoulder.

SE <<ガキュン>>

SE <<ぐん!!>>

The angel radiates at point blank range.

SE <<(high pitched sound)>>

This blows off the left arm of Unit One.

SE <<バシュン>>

19 C271a.jpg

19 C271b.jpg

19 C271c.jpg

19 C271d.jpg

19 C271e.jpg

The bodily fluids crash into the wall, then an arm!

Bodily fluids spout out of it.

SE <<べちゃ!>>

The man from the bridge is at that spot, unable to avoid it.

SE <<ズドドドドン (bleeds into next cut)>>

19 C272a.jpg

19 C272b.jpg

Half of Ikari is dyed in red.

He has an expressionless face.

19 C273a.jpg

19 C273b.jpg

19 C273c.jpg

Shinji leans forward, enduring pain.

SHINJI:“Ahhhhhhh! (bleeds into next cut)

19 C274a.jpg

19 C274b.jpg

19 C274c.jpg

19 C274d.jpg

19 C274e.jpg

Inside the cage, from below.

SE <<(punches)>>

Unit One raises up the angel and flings it to one side.

Unit One pushes the angel and kicks it to the inside.

SE <<(vigorous action)>>

19 C275a.jpg

19 C275b.jpg

19 C275c.jpg

19 C275d.jpg

19 C275e.jpg

Unit One pushing up the angel, beyond mesh.

SE <<(quick punches)>>

19 C276a.jpg

19 C276b.jpg

Inside the entry plug, Shinji stands firm.

SHINJI:“Ahhhhhh! (bleeds to next cut)

19 C277a.jpg

19 C277b.jpg

19 C277c.jpg

Injected near the catapult’s mouth, the two giants come forth, Unit One pushes the angel into the catapult.

SE <<ドドドド>>

SE <<ガンッ>>

19 C278a.jpg

19 C278b.jpg

19 C278c.jpg

Shinji closeup. He turns back his head and speaks; inside the monitor is the angel and Unit One’s hand.


19 C279a.jpg

19 C279b.jpg

19 C279c.jpg

Misato closeup. In a hurry, she turns and shouts out an order.

MISATO:“Launch number five! Hurry!!”

19 C280a.jpg

19 C280b.jpg

19 C280c.jpg

19 C280d.jpg

19 C280e.jpg

They launch into the catapult’s mouth. Unit One presses the angel up as they launch.

SE <<バシュンッ>>

19 C281a.jpg

19 C281b.jpg

19 C281c.jpg

Unit One presses the body of the angel into the linear rail as they launch.

SE <<チャリリリリッ>>

19 C282a.jpg

19 C282b.jpg

19 C282c.jpg

With all its might, Unit One’s hand pushes the angel’s face into the rail; there are scattering sparks.

SE <<ギャガリリリリッ>>

19 C283a.jpg

19 C283b.jpg

Shinji is enduring inside the plug. (continuing to stare hard at the angel)


19 C284a.jpg

19 C284b.jpg

19 C284c.jpg

19 C284d.jpg

19 C284e.jpg

Inside the Geofront.

The forest is in front of two figures flying up.

SE <<バッ シッ>>

19 C285a.jpg

19 C285b.jpg

Closeup of Shinji.

SHINJI:“Aaaaah! (bleeds into next cut)

19 C286a.jpg

19 C286b.jpg

19 C286c.jpg

19 C286d.jpg

19 C286e.jpg

19 C286f.jpg

Unit One falling, grasping the angel’s face.

It is riding on top of the angel.

SE <<ヒュ~~ン>>

They crash into the forest on the surface.

SE <<ドガッ>>

19 C287a.jpg

19 C287b.jpg

19 C287c.jpg

19 C287d.jpg

19 C287e.jpg

Super closeup of Shinji.


19 C288a.jpg

19 C288b.jpg

19 C288c.jpg

19 C288d.jpg

The forest, in front of Unit One striking the angel furiously many times.


SE <<ガシッ!! ガシッ!!>>

19 C289a.jpg

19 C289b.jpg

19 C289c.jpg

Unit One grasps on to the angel’s face.

SE <<ガッ>>

19 C290a.jpg

19 C290b.jpg

Unit One pulling the head, which is coming off.

SE <<ツギュル!!>>

SE <<ギュルルルル>>

19 C291a.jpg

19 C291b.jpg

Closeup of Shinji.

19 C292a.jpg

19 C292b.jpg

19 C292c.jpg

19 C292d.jpg

Unit One is pulling it even more; it suddenly stops moving and slumps!! Its neck hangs down.

SE <<ギギリギリギギ>>

SE <<ガン!>>

19 C293a.jpg

19 C293b.jpg

19 C293c.jpg

Shinji becomes surprised.


19 C294a.jpg

19 C294b.jpg

The time counter stops at zero.

SE <<(alarm sound) high pitched sound>>

19 C295a.jpg

19 C295b.jpg

19 C295c.jpg

Shinji, beyond the zero counter.

SHINJI:“The energy’s expired?!”

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