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"Welcome Home"

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04 C238a.jpg

04 C238b.jpg

The Eva in her cage, submerged in a translucent aqueous solution.

The sound of Shinji's footsteps bleeding over give the impression that the Eva is seeing him off, but before long the fact that they belong to Misato and Ritsuko becomes apparent.

Woman (OFF):“EVA-01 will be entering Stage 2 refrigeration in preparation for activation system reconfiguration.”

Ritsuko:“He's gone, is he?”

SE <<Footsteps (now of Misato and Ritsuko)>>

Reichu: I never made the particular connection the script speaks of here… Oh well.

EVA-01 is reduced to a mere cameo in this episode. Why must they be so cruel to me?!? ;_;

04 C239a.jpg

04 C239b.jpg

04 C239c.jpg

Woman (OFF):“Please hurry with the modification of all programs up to Phase 2.”

Misato stops. She seems to be in a bad mood. The Eva is behind her. Ritsuko catches up. She seems to look in Eva's direction.

Ritsuko:“Was it for the best?”

Misato murmurs.

Misato:“The Hedgehog's Dilemma…”

tv33: I feel like it's watching me!

Reichu: And Misato makes the obligatory reference to one of the episode's titles. ^_^ It's interesting that this episode is called "Hedgehog's Dilemma", considering we hear much more about it in #03. I suppose it's because it is the premise of this entire episode, with Shinji running away from Misato (as his surrogate mother, the person whom he is now closest to) and all.

04 C239d.jpg

04 C239e.jpg

Ritsuko glances at her.

Misato:“The closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other.”

Ritsuko turns around and looks at Misato.

04 C240a.jpg

04 C240b.jpg

Side of Misato's face UP.

She brings her eyes up a little.

Misato:“Now I understand…”

04 C241.jpg

Shinji talks in a self-deprecating manner (flashback).

Misato (OFF):“That boy…”

thewayneiac: (240-242) Note how Shinji and Misato have the exact same expression on their faces in these shots.

04 C242.jpg

Side of Misato's face UP.

Her expression is somewhat solemn.

Misato:“He can't let others know how he feels in any other way.”

OMF: Misato's figured out that, in his own introverted little way, Shinji was really just crying out for a hug.

Reichu: Misato "C'mere, Shinji. Lemmee give you a hug…"

Shinji "Stop it, Misato-san!"

Mr. Tines: :lol:

04 C243a.jpg

04 C243b.jpg

Station platform. There's nobody there.

Station Announcer (Female Recording - left):“The express linear train bound for Atsugi is presently arriving on Track 2.”

04 C244.jpg

Shinji surrounded by the platform fence.

Station Announcer (Female Recording - left):“For your safety, please step back to the area inside the yellow lines.”

Reichu: So where did the MIBs go? One can't trust Shinji to not zone out and miss his train.

04 C245.jpg

Missing Number:

Zoom in on him.

04 C246.jpg

The train comes sliding into the platform.

Station Announcer (Station Attendant - Middle-aged Male - Center) (until C-249):“The train arriving on track 2 is for special government use only and departs at 4:20 for Atsugi.”

04 C247.jpg

Missing Number:

Chainlink fence in the foreground. The train enters in front of Shinji.

04 C248.jpg

Shinji hanging his head.

SE <<Train approaching>>

04 C249.jpg

His hands holding the bag.

Station Announcer (Male Station Attendant - Middle-aged - Center):“The general public are not allowed inside the fence.”

Treize X: This is a government train, yes? I've always wondered why he rides this one rather than just taking a civilian one. Since he's technically no longer Nerv personnel, that would make more sense.

Mr. Tines: That and why a whole empty train for just him? Perhaps they were actually intending to whisk him off to the local Camp X-Ray equivalent, so he'd be out of circulation for the duration of the emergency, but available for the draft if needed.

thewayneiac: Or maybe they'd send him to someplace more like The Village.

Reichu: So was he going to have a prolonged visit to Atsugi's military facilities, I wonder?

04 C250a.jpg

04 C250b.jpg

04 C250c.jpg

The train coming in.

Station Announcer (Male Station Attendant - Middle-aged - Center) (until C-251):“Furthermore, please be aware that the boarding of this train by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited.”

04 C251a.jpg

04 C251b.jpg

04 C251c.jpg

With Shinji in front, the train pulls in.

The door stops in front of his eyes.

04 C252A a.jpg

Cut to inside the train car.

The door opens, but Shinji doesn't move.

tv33: That must be the most pathetic pose every imagined.

Reichu: I imagine Shinji will have chronic back pains when he's older. But actually… totally random thought here… perhaps his dumpy posture here is meant to evoke a bow?

04 C252B a.jpg

04 C252B a.jpg

Zoom in on him.

Misato (OFF):“Hang in there.”

Shinji to raises his head to the voice.

Reichu: Misato's last line in episode #02, in case you forgot.

OMF: Her most supportive one so far, at that. This won't be the last time Shinji remembers these kind words, even if he didn't really seem to be paying attention at the time.

04 C253.jpg

Pantagraph super-UP.

SE <<Loud vehicle departure bell>>

04 C254a.jpg

04 C254b.jpg

04 C254c.jpg

Insert of a moving road surface.

SE <<Sound of a car running>>

04 C255.jpg

Tightly connected coupler, UP.

Kensuke and Toji sitting.
Reichu: That doesn't look like the most comfortable place to sit.

OMF: My posterior aches at the memories of long hours spent sitting on such fiendish contraptions.

04 C257a.jpg

04 C257b.jpg

The train door closes.

04 C258b.jpg

The coupler is pulled.

04 C259.jpg

Kensuke and Toji watch steadily.

SE <<(OFF) Sound of roaring motor>>

04 C260a.jpg

04 C260b.jpg

Wire screen in front; departing train UP.

SE <<Add in the sound the motor running atop the rail>>

04 C261a.jpg

04 C261b.jpg

04 C261c.jpg

04 C261d.jpg

04 C261e.jpg

04 C261f.jpg

Toji's legs in front; Misato's car pulls in.

SE <<(OFF) Sound of the train>>

Reichu: More of that 1337 driving we've come to expect from her.

Dr. Nick: The blood of a street ricer flows thick in her veins, I can see.

Mr. Tines: Just as well the weather is drier than it was in the first scene.

OMF: I'm surprised the whole Tokyo-3 traffic squad isn't in hot pursuit, sirens blazing, with Hyuga leaning out the side window of the lead car with a megaphone, begging her come back to the command center so they can work all this out. (Couldn't resist that one.)

04 C262a.jpg

04 C262b.jpg

04 C262c.jpg

It suddenly brakes to a stop!

SE <<Brake sound mixed in>>

The door opens.

Reichu: Looks like she was able to get that body work done after all.

Mr. Tines: Plastic padding and spray paint work wonders.

04 C263a.jpg

04 C263b.jpg

Misato's face appears from behind the car.

She's not in time…

Quiddity: Here's a blooper that's not too hard to catch. In Japan people drive on the right side of the car, as we've already seen when Misato was driving Shinji around in Episode #01. Yet here, Misato's getting out from the left side of the car even though she came by herself.

04 C264a.jpg

04 C264b.jpg

04 C264c.jpg

Misato in front of the train.

It has already left.
You're a little late, Misato!
The train cars cut off the screen. Misato sees it off.

Mr. Tines: The camera angle with the special enclosure cut off on the left hand side of the frame is a serious tease.

04 C265a.jpg

04 C265b.jpg

04 C265c.jpg

04 C265d.jpg

Kensuke:“Hey, look!”

Toji turns his head in response to Kensuke's words.

04 C266.jpg

Misato in a daze, from Toji and Kensuke's point of view.

Toji (OFF):“It's that babe!”

04 C267a.jpg

04 C267b.jpg

Misato's point of view. The train leaves.
Reichu: Toji sure turned around quick.

04 C268a.jpg

04 C268b.jpg

Misato's face from the side UP, seeing it off.

She accepts the fact that she is not in time. She hates herself for it.


Mr. Tines: And that framing means that we just know what's going to happen when the PoV changes…

04 C268c.jpg

04 C268d.jpg

04 C268e.jpg

04 C268f.jpg

Misato faces our direction, but, further in, a human figure can be seen.
thewayneiac: Ah, darn, he's still here.

Reichu: Again, I'm surprised his escorts took off.

04 C268g.jpg

Misato looks up. She raises her body.

04 C269a.jpg

04 C269b.jpg

04 C269c.jpg

04 C269d.jpg

04 C269e.jpg

04 C269f.jpg

She slowly turns her face.

She's still looking down. When she finishes turning, it hits her!
Someone came into her field of vision.

04 C270.jpg

The platform from Misato's point of view.

A human figure stands alone.

04 C271a.jpg

04 C271b.jpg

04 C271c.jpg

It is Shinji. He notices Misato, as well.

04 C272.jpg


Pull out to the two of them — one on the road, the other on the platform — standing face-to-face.

SE <<Station background noise>>

Reichu: Our second Masami Okui song for the episode.

And, wow! 50 seconds of no on-screen action!

tv33: And yet, it feels like so much longer.

Reichu: They're being sure to establish this notorious trend early on, while they still have a budget to speak of. >::D

04 C272.jpg

04 C272.jpg

SE <<Announcers in the left channel; it's about 10:00>>

04 C272.jpg

Station Announcer (Recorded Female Voice):“The local train bound for Gora is presently arriving on Track 4.

For your own safety, please stay behind the yellow lines.

If you are accompanying small children, please be especially careful.”
OMF: The announcer's reference to small children simply has to have deeper meaning with regard to Misato and Shinji. You could possibly take it as alluding to the new mother and child relationship between Misato and Shinji: He's the small child accompanying her who she'll have to keep an eye on from this point forward.

04 C272.jpg

04 C272.jpg

Station Announcer (Station Attendant - Middle-aged Male):“The train arriving on track 4 is the local train returning to Gora, departing at 4:32.

If this is your train, please step inside and wait until departure.”
Magami No ER: It makes the other instances later on seem more "artistic" (as opposed to being merely cop-outs). The Platinum 0:1 booklet says that the reason for the silence was that Shinji could not find the words to convey his feelings about what he was seeing: Misato, coming back for him. So, why not say what comes to mind first? "Tadaima!" Special words that follow the course of NGE.

Reichu: We won't see the next iteration until very near the End, though.

04 C272.jpg

Male Announcer:“Attention, the train will be arriving soon.
Please stay behind the yellow line.”

04 C272.jpg


04 C273a.jpg

04 C273b.jpg

04 C273c.jpg

Side of Shinji's face UP. In his bewilderment, the only word that enters his mind leaves his mouth, a little awkwardly.

Shinji:“I… I'm home.”

Reichu: Hopefully, you haven't forgotten that this exact same exchange happened in Episode #02. Cripes, Shinji even stutters the same way in both.

04 C274a.jpg

04 C274b.jpg

04 C274c.jpg

Side of Misato's face UP. She accepts his words with an open heart. With a kind, smiling face, here she again returns two words.

Misato:“…Welcome home.”

OMF: Such a touching little exchange. I may weep openly.

Incisivis: The reunion with Misato suggests a rebirth of sorts, being that Shinji and Misato repeat the same greetings as when he first entered her apartment. But there is also a darker suggestion: that Shinji can't escape even when he wants to. It is the right thing to do in this circumstance, but the notion still remains, and it will be revisited in episode #19.

Gundampilotspaz: But when he says it here, he does so with conviction, unlike in episode #02. I think it implies that he really has begun to form emotional bonds with Misato, Kensuke, and Toji, and, also, that he more genuinely regards Tokyo-3 as "home". Before, it was mostly just a place to live, but now he begins to feel as though he belongs. Such powerful emotion backing those two little words. In my opinion, this exemplifies the true power of the first four episodes: the way that Shinji is built up from an emotional wreck to the rather changed person we meet in the next episode.


To Be Continued…
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