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Don't you have faith in your own father's work?

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Rei walking UP. Her hair is still damp. The sunlight is strong.
Cody MacArthur Fett: *reads caption* Really? Rei's hair is damp? Huh, I never noticed that. Perhaps it's a side effect of her hair color that water doesn't show up easily?

Logan Payne: I figured it'd be in the spirit of the commentary to mention this is actually Law #32 of The Laws of Anime.

05 C238a.jpg

Shinji walks behind her.
Xard: If we didn't know Shinji is incredibly awkward socially this sequence would be incredibly creepy. Oh wait, it still is.

05 C239a.jpg

Rei walks through the city.

Shinji walks behind her.

05 C240a.jpg

The underground monorail.

Rei and Shinji sit apart. Shinji glances furtively at Rei.

UrsusArctos: If Rei had simply been walking too quickly for Shinji to comfortably catch up, this would be where Shinji would give her the card. That he doesn't highlights his social awkwardness even more than following Rei across the city does.

05 C241b.jpg

05 C241c.jpg

The entrance to headquarters. Rei walks up to the security gate and passes her card through the machine.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER (off left - Until 244):“Central Dogma is currently open. Group 3, please use the 4th main gate.”

05 C242b.jpg

05 C242c.jpg

Rei’s hand, swiping her card.

05 C243a.jpg

05 C243c.jpg

05 C243d.jpg

The door does not open. Rei looks surprised and tries again.

05 C244b.jpg

05 C244c.jpg

Rei’s hand swiping the card.
thewayneiac: Apparently she wasn't listening to Shinji's inane babbling at all.

Azathoth: Well, would you? Granted, walking out and leaving him there in her apartment after he just kind of molested her may have been a little much.

EvangelionFan: She also payed no mind to him following her all the way there.

05 C244e.jpg

05 C244f.jpg

Another hand behind hers swipes Rei’s new card through the machine.

The LED lights up immediately.

TEXT:“Good morning”

05 C245a.jpg

05 C245c.jpg

The doors open with a shhhh sound.

SE <<shhhhh>>

Shinji offers Rei’s new card to her

SHINJI:“This is your new card, Ayanami. Ritsuko-san asked me to give it to you…”.”

05 C245d.jpg

05 C245e.jpg

Rei snatches it out of his hand.
Cody MacArthur Fett: Rei is not really one for talking, is she? Seems a tad rude though that she'd snatch that ID card out of Shinji's hand without so much as a, "Thank you."

Azathoth: The briskness of Rei's motion here suggests she's a little more put out about what just happened than she lets on. But what specifically is irritating her - the groping? Shinji wearing the glasses? his babbling? him witnessing her looking stupid as she repeatedly swipes a nonfunctional card?

NemZ: I actually suspect that Rei was generally annoyed by Shinji’s existence from ep1 through the end of ep6. Merely by being here he is evidence of her failure to live up to the commander’s expectations.

thewayneiac: That's an interesting point; I hadn't looked at it that way.

Additional Commentary  

arael: I think it was not only Rei thinking about her failure about living to Gendo's expectations. True, she was fully willing to pilot the Eva 01 in Ep. 1, despite being maimed, eye-patched, bleeding and in a lot of pain.

Additionally, I think that she was experiencing that kind of jealousy that children have when their parents have another child. Was she afraid of being emotionally substitued by Shinji in Gendo's heart? Shinji is after all, his son... He should love him...

Kendrix: Look of how gentle-man like Shinji handles her the card after just wordlessly looking at her all the time. He summoned up all his courage, and then THIS XD

IMHO, this cut isn't meant to show any animosity on Rei's part - It's meant to illustrate that she has no idea of the concept of gratitude, something that she will be learning later. Everything is given so her so she can function and fullfill other's goals. It is the most normal thing in the world to her, but why should she feel gratitude if everyone is just furthering their own goals by investing in her? Only after Shinji starts being nice to her without gaining anything from her is it that she uses the word "thank you" for the first time and regrets not having said it to anyone before.

05 C246a.jpg

05 C246b.jpg

05 C246c.jpg

05 C246d.jpg

Rei passes through the gate in front of him.

Shinji peers at her walking through. The doors close again, as if to deliberately interrupt his view.

SE <<Shhhh…bsh>>

05 C247a.jpg

05 C247b.jpg

05 C247c.jpg

05 C247d.jpg

BGM Start: B-1 (Hedghog's Dilemma)

Rei goes down the escalator. Shinji appears behind Rei, also going down. A super long shot. (no lip movements) Shinji moves down one step to get closer to Rei.

Shinji can’t stand the silence.

SHINJI:“I'm sorry about earlier...”

REI:“About what?”

He searches for something to talk about.

SHINJI (pause):“)…Umm…you have a reactivation experiment today, don’t you?”

REI:“...(long pause).”

SHINJI(brightly):“I hope it goes well this time.”


SHINJI:“Aren’t you scared, Ayanami? Of piloting Unit 00 again?”

REI:“Why should I be?”

SHINJI:“…(long pause) I heard you were seriously hurt in the last experiment…I was wondering if you were okay…”

NemZ: Rei may not see a reason to show her nervousness, but her lack of comment earlier betrays her true feelings on the matter.

Kendrix: Notice how he steps minimaly closer to her once she starts replying to him - he's feeling safer/ losing the fear that he might have pissed her off a lot or trying to decrease the distance in between them.

thewayneiac: Elevator, Escalator. Elevator, Escalator. Elevator...(ect.)

jetatomic: The longest escalator I've ever seen.

Dr. Nick: This escalator is actually quite baffling if you start to think about the incline and the support structures (or the lack thereof).

Cody MacArthur Fett: . . . You know, I'm am extremely grateful I don't work in the Geofront. They seem to have every method of personnel transportation possible in that place except a reasonably paced elevator. Don't get me wrong, it provides for some great character interaction moments, but is it so hard to ask for an elevator that moves at a normal speed?

05 C248.jpg

Rei speaks. Her face is impassive.

REI:“...You’re the commander’s son, aren’t you?”

05 C249b.jpg

Shinji looks at Rei.


05 C250.jpg

Rei is still expressionless.

REI:“Don't you have faith in your father's work?”

05 C251b.jpg

05 C251c.jpg

Shinji looks annoyed.

(His lines are heartfelt)

SHINJI:“Of course not! Not in a father like that!”

05 C252a.jpg

05 C252c.jpg

05 C252d.jpg

Rei turns around. She climbs up a stair and looks at Shinji.
Kendrix: Rei has a habit of placing herself directly before people and looking them in the eye when she's angry. We see it again in ep 16.

A bit on this mannerism even survives into Rei III - she minimally tilts her head up when talking to Kaworu or when she betrays Gendo, but it isn't a full body movement anymore, only a faded afterimage.

05 C253b.jpg

Shinji is flustered and turns red.


05 C254a.jpg

05 C254d.jpg

05 C254f.jpg

Shinji and Rei. Rei looks a little more serious. She raises her right hand and slaps Shinji on the cheek.

SE <<Whap!>>

EvangelionFan: Bzzt! Wrong Answer, Ikari-kun.

thewayneiac: Yes!!! Bright himself couldn't have done that better.

K9Thefirst1: Falcon SLAP!!

Mr. Tines: Rei Ayanami is, of course, an emotionless doll

K9Thefirst1: It's not that she has no emotions, just that she lacks the knowledge and ability to express those emotions in a coherant manner. She may show instictive reflex expressions, but as we see in the next episode she has to be told to smile when she wants to let people know that she is fine.

Additional Commentary  

Cody MacArthur Fett: Wait, Rei takes her card without tanking Shinji for his help, and then slaps him when he says that he doesn't trust his father . . . What a jerk! I'm sorry, but you just can't go around slapping people like that. Besides, that slap would have been much better delivered in some later episodes, and we all know which ones too.

thewayneiac: I don't know. She might not be the audience's surrogate here, but she sure is mine.

NemZ: Rei’s faith in Gendo is the only thing keeping her moving, and he’s trying to undermine it right before she faces another possible failure in the commander’s eyes. Hell yes he had that coming.


05 C255a.jpg

05 C255b.jpg

05 C255c.jpg

05 C255e.jpg

Shinji is in shock after being hit.


Rei turns on her heel and walks downstairs. Shinji is still in shock. After a moment he touches his cheek and watches Rei go.

NemZ: So I suppose that confirms that Shinji is left handed?

thewayneiac: Looks that way. He also swipes the card with his left hand in Cut 244.

NemZ: The left hand is considered symbolic in Kabbalah and Jungian psychology of (amongst other things) passivity, the unconscious, the moon, and justice. It is thus perhaps no coincidence that in the licensed Eva tarot deck Shinji is depicted on the Justice card.

EvangelionFan: And now he touches his face with the hand that touched Rei's boob that was also the hand that he stared at intently after Unit-01's corresponding arm was broken by Sachiel that was also the corresponding hand that was burnt by Shamshel in Episode 03 and the same hand that Shinji holds the phone with when we first see him in Episode 01. Conundrum, Conundrums!

Additional Commentary  

esselfortium: Hold the phone!

EvangelionFan: Ha! I knew someone would say that.

05 C256c.jpg

05 C256d.jpg

The locker room. Rei sits on a bench and puts on her plug suit.

05 C257a.jpg

05 C257b.jpg

She presses the fit switch at her wrist.

05 C258a.jpg

05 C258c.jpg

05 C258d.jpg

05 C258e.jpg

The suit tightens with a “shuu” sound.

Rei gets up.

IKARI (OFF):“Rei, are you all right? Rei...”

jetatomic: I like the "shuu" sound, it's really cool

Cody MacArthur Fett: Jerk or no, there's no disputing that Rei looks damn cool in a plugsuit.

Sailor Star Dust: Funny how Rei's remembrance of Gendo's concern is different than how he actually spoke in 054-055. He sounds sweeter here compared to the actual scene. Perhaps a case of Rei hearing what she wants to hear?

05 C259b.jpg

05 C259d.jpg

Rei has a look on her face like she’s remembering something.

RITSUKO (OFF):“The pilot was locked inside back then…”

Fireball: Rei looks really happy here :3

Kendrix: Many people tend to forget that Shinji isn't the only person Rei ever smiled for. As I said before, she shows way more emotion that she is given credit for.

05 C260a.jpg

05 C260e.jpg

She smiles a little.

Fade out.

RITSUKO (OFF):“Commander Ikari forced the super-heated hatch open and saved her. That’s when he burned his hands….”

BGM End: B-1 (Hedghog's Dilemma)

NemZ: They reused the frame(s) from her earlier smile at the glasses.
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